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How William Gibson's 'Peripheral' made the leap to video

Fiction Science

Scott B. Smith, the co-creator of Amazon Prime Video's version of "The Peripheral," talks about the challenge of turning William Gibson's cyberpunk sci-fi novel into a streaming series.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/fiction-science/support


20 Oct 2022

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#350 William Gibson's BLADE RUNNER: THE FINAL CUT (1982)

A Quality Interruption

EPISODE #350-- For this most hallowed of three-hundred-fiftieth episode we tackle the influntial cult class, BLADE RUNNER from 1982. Directed by Sir Ridley Scott and staring Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer. It's a great one. We also talk about HOUSE OF BAMBOO (1955), FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX (1965), and SHAFT (1971). Nice little spread there, right? Donate to the cause at Patreon.com/Quality. Follow the show on Twitter @AQualityInterruption, and James on Twitter @kislingtwits and on Instagram @kislingwhatsit. You can watch Cruz and show favorite Alexis Simpson on You Tube in "They Live Together." Thanks to our artists Julius Tanag (http://www.juliustanag.com) and Sef Joosten (http://spexdoodles.tumblr.com). The theme music is "Eine Kleine Sheissemusik" by Drew Alexander. Listen to DRACULA: A RADIO PLAY on Apple Podcasts, at dracularadio.podbean.com, and at the Long Beach Playhouse at https://lbplayhouse.org/show/dracula And, as always, please leave us a review on iTunes or whatever podcatcher you listened to us on!

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30 Jul 2022

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Episode 112: Plastic problems, with William Gibson

Our Opinions Are Correct

Plastic was once a symbol of our shiny future, and now it represents our trashed, polluted present. What's the future of this fossil-fueled polymer? We talk about what makes plastic so scary -- in science and fiction. And then we call up William Gibson, who has thought a LOT about plastic, in fiction and real life.  Show notes: www.ouropinionsarecorrect.com/shownotes


28 Jul 2022

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William Gibson Ulster Revival of 1859

The Narrated Puritan

The Narrated Puritan features weekly readings from Puritan history read by Tom Sullivan. You can find more readings by Mr. Sullivan at PuritanAudioBooks.com Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary is a Confessional Reformed Baptist Seminary Providing affordable online theological education to help the Church in its calling to train faithful men. To learn more about CBTS, visit https://CBTSeminary.org.


22 Jun 2022

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Speculative Fiction, Paying Attention to a Weird Leaf and William Gibson | Eliot Peper | #02

Lit Visions

Today, I speak with someone whom I discovered through my previous guest, James Yu, the co-founder of Sudowrite. Back in May, James tweeted about a new novel called Reap3r, which he described as "cerebral near future sci-fi grounded in reality". I was pretty intrigued so I bought the book and messaged the author, Eliot Peper - who was kind enough to reply and be present for this podcast. Eliot is based in Oakland, California and is the author of ten novels! His works have received amazing reviews from people and organisations like Seth Godin, The New York Times Book Review and Popular Science.  And his latest book, Reap3r has again captured imaginations around the world. The story follows a quantum computer scientist, virologist, podcaster, venture capitalist, and assassin - who all collide and change the course of future history. It's a gripping adventure that weaves a number of complex themes in wonderful tapestry - themes like ambition, secrecy, transgression,  the price of progress and how technology shapes our lives and world. Now in our conversation, Eliot shares his inspiration for Reap3r but we mainly discuss other topics such as: How speculative fiction can be a tool for social change The future's relationship with the present What are the best ways to sell novels And the role of place in storytelling, looking specifically at his home city, Oakland, in California We also reflect on Eliot's creative influences like William Gibson and towards the end, we even speculate on the future of fiction. This is a long conversation but I highly recommend listening to it in full. Eliot has a fascinating perspective - on almost everything - and it's a pleasure to see him think. I hope you enjoy it. --- Say hi to Eliot on Twitter: www.twitter.com/eliotpeper Say hi to Dhru on Twitter: www.twitter.com/dhrupadkarwa --- Mentioned: Lit Visions Substack - for essays, podcast summaries, novel suggestions and discussions on the future of literature Reap3r by Eliot Peper The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth 1984 by George Orwell Star Wars (Original Trilogy) The Martian by Andy Weir Pattern Recognition by William Gibson Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler

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20 Jun 2022

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All Tomorrow's Parties (William Gibson) In-Depth Book Discussion

A Phil Svitek Podcast - A Series From Your 360 Creative Coach

Marisa Serafini (@serafinitv) and I are book lovers and we've decided to do a monthly in-depth book discussion. Our third book is All Tomorrow's Parties by William Gibson and next month we'll be chatting about Jane Langton's The Diamond in the Window.   What's All Tomorrow's Parties about?    "Colin Laney, sensitive to patterns of information like no one else on earth, currently resides in a cardboard box in Tokyo. His body shakes with fever dreams, but his mind roams free as always, and he knows something is about to happen. Not in Tokyo; he will not see this thing himself. Something is about to happen in San Francisco.    The mists make it easy to hide, if hiding is what you want, and even at the best of times reality there seems to shift. A gray man moves elegantly through the mists, leaving bodies in his wake, so that a tide of absences alerts Laney to his presence. A boy named Silencio does not speak, but flies through webs of cyber-information in search of the one object that has seized his imagination. And Rei Toi, the Japanese Idoru, continues her study of all things human. She herself is not human, not quite, but she’s working on it. And in the mists of San Francisco, at this rare moment in history, who is to say what is or is not impossible..."   Thanks for tuning in. Also, feel free to ask questions or offer opinions of your own, whether down in the comment section or by hitting me up on social media @PhilSvitek. Lastly, for more free resources from your 360 creative coach, check out my website at http://philsvitek.com.  RESOURCES/LINKS: -Coach or Consultant Services: https://philsvitek.com/lets-work-together/ -Podcast Services: http://philsvitek.com/podcastservices -Love Market Film (available now): https://www.amazon.com/Love-Market-Amy-Cassandra-Martinez/dp/B09DFS3FTZ/ref=sr_1_14 -Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/philsvitek -Merchandise: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/phil-svitek---360-creative-coach/ -Instagram: http://instagram.com/philsvitek -Facebook: http://facebook.com/philippsvitek -Twitter: http://twitter.com/philsvitek -Financially Fit Foundation: http://financiallyfitfoundation.org -Master Mental Fortitude Book: http://mastermentalfortitude.com -Elan, Elan Book: http://philsvitek.com/elan-elan -In Search of Sunrise Book: http://philsvitek.com/in-search-of-sunrise -A Bogotá Trip Film: https://philsvitek.com/a-bogota-trip/


11 May 2022

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Neuromancer by William Gibson

The Drunk Guys Book Club Podcast

The Drunk Guys jack some Neuromancer by Finback into their bodies this week while they discuss Neuromancer by William Gibson. Join the Drunk Guys next week when they read The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.The Drunk Guys now have a Patreon and merch!The Drunk Guys Book Club Podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, PlayerFM, Overcast, and where ever fine podcasts can be found. We are also part of the Hopped Up Network of independent beer podcasters.  If you’re drunk enough to enjoy the Podcast, please give us a rating. To save time, just round up to five stars.  Also, please follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. There’s no excuse to miss another Drunk Guys episode, announcement, or typo!

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3 May 2022

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Episode 21: William Gibson’s Alien III

The Hive Mind: A Xenomorphing Podcast

Devan, Michael, and Ryan wear their best cyberpunk cosplay and discuss William Gibson's Alien 3 script, the first of many failed attempts by multiple writers during the film's tumultuous production process.  The crew talk about what they liked in the script, areas where it fell short, and whether it would've worked if 20th Century greenlit it into a feature length film.  They also discuss how studio interference, budget concerns, and lack of faith in the project in general ultimately contributed to the demise of the Gibson's attempt.  We hope you enjoy this episode as we continue our 30th anniversary celebration of Alien 3.  Thank you so much, once again, for your continued support.  Stay frosty! 

1hr 16mins

13 Apr 2022

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Ep. 61: Neuromancer by William Gibson


Neuromancer and Wintermute (both superintelligent A.I.s) manipulate a ragtag, drug-addled crew of console-cowboys to take down a corporate dynasty and unite as our world's first sentient matrix. 


4 Mar 2022

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William Gibson & the Ulster Revival of 1859 | The Narrated Puritan

The Man of God Network

In this episode, learn about William Gibson and the Ulster Revival of 1859 on the Narrated Puritan. The Narrated Puritan features weekly readings from Puritan history read by Tom Sullivan. You can find more readings by Mr. Sullivan at PuritanAudioBooks.com Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary is a Confessional Reformed Baptist Seminary Providing affordable online theological education to help the Church in its calling to train faithful men. To learn more about CBTS, visit https://CBTSeminary.org.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/cbtseminary/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cbtseminary/support


9 Feb 2022