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Practice #1 - Calming Breath with Artur Paulins

The Human Potential Project

Welcome to the brand new Practice series at The Human Potential Project. In Practice 01, join podcast guest and breathwork teacher Artur Paulins for a 10 minute guided breath practice. This simple and beginner-friendly exercise will leave you feeling calm and restored and ready for whatever is next in your day.See episode #15 for the full conversation with Artur.


21 Apr 2021

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#15 - Artur Paulins on transformational breathwork and meditation practice

The Human Potential Project

In Episode #15 of The Health Club, Tom McAdam speaks with Artur Paulins, a breathwork teacher and mindfulness coach.Creator of Breathwork Academy and the explorer of human equanimity, Artur is working internationally to transform our access to daily calm through breathwork.In his early years, Artur became one of the first instructors trained directly by Wim Hof. This was his first training in breath mastery, which now spans a variety of breath-based approaches to wellbeing, resilience and inner-strength.Artur has been practicing and teaching in the breath / meditation space for a long, long time and serves as the perfect guide for anybody who wants to learn more about these approaches.We speak about:Getting into meditation as a way to enhance performance for martial artsArtur’s knee dislocation which lead him to Wim HofTraining with Wim Hof himself in the NetherlandsBeginner’s guide to Wim Hof breathingArtur's broad range of breath training spanning Wim Hof, pranayama and yoga teacher training as well as Oxygen Advantage and moreArtur’s exploration of effort and strictness in practiceWhat is effortless meditation practice and what did Artur learn doing it?How to get started with meditationHow to get started with breathworkArtur’s Breathwork Academy3 top tips for starting an effective breath practiceAmong many other things. We hope you enjoy the conversation! You can find Artur on instagram @arturpaulins and you can find out more about Breathwork Academy and working directly with Artur at his website here


13 Apr 2021

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Do More Movement presents Why We Move #7 Artur Paulins

Do More Movement presents Why We Move

For this the penultimate episode of the first series of Why We Move, I sat down and spoke with Artur Paulins, a breathwork and mindfulness coach. Artur entered the world of breathwork through his love of martial arts and has made the practice central to everything he now does. Artur is also a qualified yoga instructor and continues to practice martial arts alongside his coaching. In the episode we talk about the physical and mental benefits of a breathwork practice and how it has helped Artur in his own life. We talk about why it has become so important to him, how it has supplemented his physical training. Artur has also been working to break down the boundaries around mental health, especially with men and we talk about his work in this area as well. ***** You can get in touch with Artur via Instagram @arturpaulins and learn more about his Breathwork Academy here. ***** In the episode Artur talks about James Nestor's book Breath as a good place to learn more about the world of breathwork. ***** If you enjoyed the episode please do leave a review and share with your friends and family. Until next time, peace, good vibes and whatever you do, Do More Movement


3 Nov 2020

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#0 - INTRODUCTION with Artur Paulins

EQUANIMITY FORUM with Artur Paulins

The concept for this podcast is that its recorded live as a webinar. You can join in with the conversation as it's happening, and also contribute with your questions to steer that discussion. Sign up to the live webinars on my website - www.arturpaulins.com/podcast and receive notifications of the new dates for these recordings through my newsletter. instagram.com/arturpaulins arturpaulins.com


15 Jul 2020

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A conversation with Breathwork Academy founder Artur Paulins

YT - On The Same Page

Series 1 - EP 6 / Founder of Your Town Mark White had a great conversation with Arthur. Creator of Breathwork Academy and the explorer of human equanimity, Artur Paulins is working internationally to transform our access to daily calm through breathwork. “An access to equanimity (calm, stillness, contentment) should be available to everyone.”​In his early years, he became one of the first instructors trained directly by Wim Hof. This was Artur’s first training in breath mastery, which now spans a variety of breath-based approaches to wellbeing, resilience and inner-strength. He’s tested each method rigorously and adopted a unique approach that is accessible for all across a range of formats: Mark & Artur spoke about his journey & what brought him to where he is today. Thank you Arthur for doing what you do. For information about Arthur's work please visit https://www.arturpaulins.com ​


15 May 2020

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#126 Why changing how you breathe will change your life with Artur Paulins

The Unconventionalists with Mark Leruste

In this week's episode of The Unconventionalists podcast I sit down with Artur Paulins who became one of the first certified Wim Hof instructors, has toured around Europe with Wim Hof and recently introduced 800 people to meditation at The Roundhouse in London. He's been featured in Men’s Health magazine and appeared on The Russell Howard Hour TV series and Lululemon brought him on as a partner to spread awareness around how breathing can improve your performance as an athlete. What I loved about our conversation is that Artur ditched a promising career in architecture for a life of adventure and experience as a personal trainer, breathwork teacher and martial artist.  We talked about his journey to leaving his native Latvia to pursue his passion and becoming a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, what he thought of Wim Hof the first time he met him over dinner and why we can all do a little bit better when it comes down to breathing more efficiently.  You'll also get an insight into why cold therapy goes far beyond just the concept of overcoming being cold, but rather, how it's about changing your mindset, which will in turn change your life. As always, if you enjoyed this week's episode please leave a rating and review over on iTunes and share it with a friend. Than you. Enjoy this powerful conversation. Mark x SHOW NOTES Episode show notes: www.theunconventionalists.com/episode/126 Podcast Bootcamp:  www.theunconventionalists.com/podcasting-bootcamp GET IN TOUCH Website: www.theunconventionalists.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/markleruste YouTube: www.youtube.com/markleruste Facebook: www.facebook.com/markleruste Twitter: www.twitter.com/markleruste LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/markleruste 


21 Aug 2019

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Thoughts on Ice Baths and Breath with Artur Paulins

weMove Podcast

This weeks thoughts on we wanted to get into the nuts and bolts of the cold exposure we are so passionate about and we are fortunate enough to know Artur Paulins here in London. Artur is one of the first international teachers and instructors trained by Wim Hof and this ignited his interest in the power of the breath leading him to explore the various methods and modalities of breathing whilst integrating them with his work as a yoga teacher and movement coach. With a background in BJJ and the martial arts Artur is becoming a go to resource for breath and cold in London and beyond. And have you registered for the Complete Human Experience? This is our inaugural symposium where we will be co creating with The Rewire Project an immersive experience taking you out of our comfort zones, and into a world of growth and learning to upgrade how you perform in your practice and beyond.This isn’t like any retreat, festival or workshop out there, this is a culmination of the wisdom we have learned over the last 4 years from the worlds innovators in movement, health and adventure. Register your interest by clicking the link in the bio or visit our website at weMove.world


5 May 2019

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Flowcast m/ Artur Paulins


Denne gang har vi besøk av Artur Paulins, en sertifisert Wim hof instruktør, kettlebells instruktør og yoga instruktør. Sammen med han har vi også med oss eier av 7 fjell crossfit Martin Ingvaldsen som selv har deltatt på en av Arturs mange kurs.  Vi snakker om kuldeeksponering, Pusten, mobilitet og mye annet. Dette blir den første engelsk språklige podcasten, så litt ordleggingsfeil må dere regne med.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1hr 1min

4 Feb 2019