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EXCLUSIVE. X Day Paris. What's next for ELROND? With: Beniamin Mincu - co-Founder + Sergiu Biris - Head of Product

UPGRADE 100 by Dragos Stanca

A special edition addressed to a global audience. Our guests today are Beniamin Mincu - co-founder, Elrond Network - and the new head of product officially announced less than an hour ago, the well-known Romanian entrepreneur Sergiu Biris. You can also watch this talk on our Youtube Channel @Upgrade100


25 Oct 2022

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IN MINTEA LUI BENIAMIN MINCU | The Stakeborg Talks cu Vlad Mercori

The StakeBorg Talks

Primul invitat din seria noua a The Stakeborg Talks este CEO-ul Elrond, Beniamin Mincu. Subiectele discutate au fost diverse si incitante:0:00 Intro 3:31 Rutina si doza zilnica de fericire pentru Beniamin5:42 Before Elrond: Prima conexiune cu blockchain-ul; punerea umarului la dezvoltarea proiectului NEM; pasii catre Elrond15:17 Network Effects: Exista o cursa a inarmarilor intre Layer 1s? 18:51 Logica strategica a achizitiilor Utrust si TwistPay 22:11 Mai este de parere ca Elrond va depasi PIB-ul Romaniei?26:38 Unde va fi Elrond peste 5 ani?30:58 O decizie buna care ar fi schimbat complet istoria Elrond35:42 Colapsul Terra Luna48:06 Ce reglementare in Romania ar creste adoptia crypto?52:38 Antreprenorul pe care il admira57:39 2 carti importante pentru antreprenorii din tech58:35 Daca ar fi Satoshi in 2008 ce ar schimba pentru ca istoria sa fie alta?1:03:50 Cel mai important pas pentru dezvoltatea unui business in Web31:05:07 Functionalitatile BTC/ETH/EGLD1:07:06 Stablecoin nativ pe Elrond/ tokenomics MaiarDex1:11:02 Wallet-ul lui Satoshi1:13:27 Umorul copilaresc al lui Elon Musk1:19:36 Outro

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28 May 2022

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Personalități din cripto: Beniamin Mincu - Elrond



24 May 2022

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FAST REPLY | Beniamin Mincu: Ce înseamnă pentru ELROND aprobarea achiziției TWISPAY de BNR

UPGRADE 100 by Dragos Stanca

BNR - Banca Națională a României - a aprobat achiziția Twispay de către Elrond. Compania are posibilitatea de a emite carduri VISA si Mastercard in UE, Islanda, Liechtenstein si Norvegia.  Elrond, care a debutat cu informările publice la Upgrade 100 intr-un special story exact acum 2 ani - reminder: - https://bit.ly/36aD64G - a mai cumpărat si operatorul de plăți hibride fiat - crypto UTrust – pornit din Portugalia. Despre evoluția proiectului și semnificația momentului - într-un dialog live realizat la Radio Guerrilla de fondatorul Upgrade 100 Dragoș Stanca. Plus intervenții din partea Irinei Scarlat - ex Revolut și Uber - acum chief growth officer al platformei Bitpanda. #elrond #egold #mex #twispay #bnr #beniaminmincu #benimincu #crypto #blockchain #bnr #bancanationalaaromaniei


17 Mar 2022

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elrond Talks - Episode 10 - Powering the next DeFi Supercycle! (with Beniamin Mincu)

Elrond Network Podcasts

Welcome to #episode10 of #elrondTalks!Casual conversations with Elrond partners and community members about the past, present and future of Elrond Network.We are extremely exited to have a very special guest for this milestone episode #10: BENIAMIN MINCU, Founder & CEO of Elrond Network!This was Streamed LIVE on Thursday, September 23rd on Youtube here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJE7G8ARgLM

1hr 40mins

23 Sep 2021

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We Will See Several Trillion Dollar Networks Beyond Bitcoin & Ethereum | Beniamin Mincu, Elrond

The Wolf Of All Streets

Beniamin Mincu is building Elrond to serve a billion users and beyond, with plans to create an entire global financial system. It is Beniamin’s belief that crypto networks, and Elrond in particular, will have more influence on the lives of humans than countries over the next decade and that several networks will surpass a trillion dollars in value. Beniamin Mincu: https://twitter.com/beniaminmincu Elrond: https://twitter.com/ElrondNetwork--Sorare:Where fantasy meets reality. Collect, trade and earn weekly prizes on https://thewolfofallstreets.link/sorare. #OwnYourGameーーーIf you enjoyed this conversation, share it with your colleagues & friends, rate, review, and subscribe. This podcast is presented by Blockworks. For exclusive content and events that provide insights into the crypto and blockchain space, visit them at: https://www.blockworks.coーーーJoin the Wolf Den newsletter:►►https://www.getrevue.co/profile/TheWo...


21 Sep 2021

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#042 Beniamin Mincu - AMA Elrond Network

The Layah Heilpern Show

The founder and CEO of Elrond Network, Beniamin Mincu discusses the EGLD token, the maiar app and maiar wallet and when we can expect further launches. He tells us about his recent meeting with the Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez and he even addresses the centralisation FUD.


5 Jun 2021

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BILLIONAIRS and the new financial order to the power of the internet. With BENIAMIN MINCU.

Andi Moisescu

The truth is that after the already known success of Daniel Dineș, with UiPath and his Robotic Process Automation, which sounds to most, let's be honest, SF, I can practically expect at any time to see a new Romanian start-up reaching the value of 1 BILLION dollars. Even if again, for some, it may still sound SF.   And here I am not necessarily referring to technology, but to the stake itself. A new global digital financial system. This is proposed by Beniamin Mincu, Founder and CEO of Elrond Network.  Details about Elrond and Beniamin Mincu, here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRLKQHcjuWW_-JOZ-DqQTXw https://elrond.com/​  Within the available stock, you can also find me here:  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andimoisescu/​ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andi.moisescu​ Twitter: https://twitter.com/andimoisescu​  #andimoisescu​ #elrond​ #beniaminmincu


22 Mar 2021

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The New Internet Economy with Beniamin Mincu (CEO Elrond)

Generation You with Catalin Matei

About the Guest: Beniamin Mincu is a tech entrepreneur, particularly focused on Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence. He is the founder & CEO of Elrond.com, where he spends most of his time. He worked at NEM as part of their founding core team, which is a blockchain technology that delivers a world-class platform for the management of almost any kind of as. In this conversation we talked about: The impact of having access to basic financial infrastructure What is the promise of Elrond / Decentralized Finance How is Elrond different? What is Maiar, the cash app on the blockchain? How Elrond was built & how an effective team works together to make such great progress. Time Stamps: 00:00 - Introduction 02:18 - What is Beniam Mincu’s Mission 06:12 - The Importance of The Financial System in The World 11:37 - The Impact of Having Access to Basic Financial Infrastructure 18:58 - What is Elrond and How is Different 22:59 - What is the Performance Criteria for Elrond Transactions 28:27 - What is the Innovation that Allows doing 10,000 Transactions per Second 35:08 - What is Maiar - the Cash App on Blockchain 38:40 - How Romania Would Look Like if it Would Run on Elrond 45:48 - What are Beniamin's Thoughts on GameStop / Robinhood Situation 48:15 - What are Some other Top Fundamental Problems That Blockchain Could Solve 52:12 - What is the Differentiator Factor That Allowed to Make Great Progress so Fast 57:22 - What Was the Initial Founding Team 59:22 - How Can People Contribute Resources: Twitter - https://twitter.com/beniaminmincu LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/beniaminmincu/ Website - https://elrond.com/

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12 Mar 2021

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Scaling and sharding with Beniamin Mincu, co-founder of Elrond Network

Beyond the Chain

In episode four of Beyond the Chain, Chris and Nash co-founder Ethan Fast speak with the Beniamin Mincu, the co-founder and CEO of Elrond, a distributed transactional computation protocol that relies on a sharded state architecture and a secure Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. They discuss scaling, sharding, user experience and more!


17 Sep 2020