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Lyndall Farley, Sabbatical: Beyond a Break

Unlocking Your World of Creativity

Lyndall Farley offers a very different "key" to unlocking your creativity: a sabbatical.She says, "When we’re stuck in a rut it feels impossible to climb out. Motivation vanishes. I've been there. In fact, 85% of employees globally don’t enjoy their work. We resort to short term solutions to address the pain – a new job, a promotion, a few days off to escape – only to find that in no time, we’re back to where we started."​This endless cycle comes at a huge cost to our health, our careers, and our organizations. Left unchecked, it can spiral to complete burnout. ​In today's episode, Lyndall shares her expertise in going beyond just breaks. Pause. Reflect. Recharge.​She helps people and organizations use the power of an intentional break to make the most of the sabbatical experience.​Slow down. Recharge. Design the life you want to live.Lyndall offers a Sabbatical Pitch Pack and other resources at -- https://www.beyondabreak.com/Connect with her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/lyndallfarley/


26 Jan 2021

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how to get the most recharged value from your time-off, Lyndall Farley - 097

TIPS - Travel, Education, Growth, Study


14 Jan 2021

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The importance of taking a break, Lyndall Farley - 094

TIPS - Travel, Education, Growth, Study


8 Jan 2021

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Why taking a break from work will help you succeed with Lyndall Farley (LIVE WITH LEADING THINKERS)

Purpose Driven

Absolutely wonderful to be chatting with my good friend Lyndall Farley about the benefits of taking a break and the opportunities we can seize in this strange year.If you've felt like you've been stuck in a hamster wheel and you want to look at how you can design your life differently for the future, this episode will be a great listen for you!Lyndall shares the power of reflection and the things we need to think about in order to make the most of the challenges that have come our way in 2020.Lyndall is a sabbatical specialist, wellbeing coach and Founder of Beyond a Break.Find out more about Lyndall and the work she does with individuals and corporates at https://www.beyondabreak.com/You can also get in touch with her via LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lyndallfarley/Today I also shared that I'm opening up more interview opportunities in the form of branded content, sponsored interviews and partnership packages.You can find out more about what this involves at https://www.laurenkress.comTo support the show head to https://ko-fi.com/laurenkress


6 Oct 2020

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Episode 026: Lyndall Farley, Sabbatical Specialist

Global Nomad Hacks

Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste interviews Lyndall Farley, Sabbatical Specialist from Beyond a Break. Lyndall is a Sabbatical Specialist, helping people and companies thrive using the power of time off to boost wellbeing. Lyndall has taken 10 sabbaticals and now helps people navigate the logistical and emotional process. She left her corporate career to create Beyond a Break as a location independent business to fuel her sabbatical lifestyle. She believes that we can all get more out of our breaks – whether it’s a short break or a transformational sabbatical – It’s a chance to pause, reflect, recharge, then return to build your best life. Lyndall is Australian and has travelled to over 60 countries on all 7 continents. She’s lived in the US, London and now lives in Amsterdam, married to a Dutch/American. Website: https://www.beyondabreak.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/beyondabreak Twitter: @lyndallfarley Instagram: @beyondabreak_ LinkedIn: @lyndallfarley


28 Aug 2020

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Entrepreneurs response to the coronavirus, Sophie Den Hartog, Lauren Kress, Margriet Busman, Robert Westerhuis and Lyndall Farley

Innovator Diaries. A show about creativity, problem solving, growth and leadership.

In today's episode we will learn how these entrepreneurs are responding to the COVID-19 situation. The changes they have implemented, how they have pivoted their business and the challenges these changes have brought into their business. Guests today are: Sophie Den Hartog, Lauren Kress, Margriet Busman, Robert Westerhuis and Lyndall Farley.


1 May 2020

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Discover The Power Of Time Off With Lyndall Farley, Founder Of Beyond A Break

The Oyster

Lyndall Farley started Beyond a Break to solve a problem. The people who need it most, are not taking the breaks they need to recharge and thrive at work. Our brightest minds are tired, uninspired, disengaged and burning out.


27 Dec 2019

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Ep 081 Expert in Sabbaticals and Corporate Change, Lyndall Farley

Innovator Diaries. A show about creativity, problem solving, growth and leadership.

Today’s guest has always been passionate about two things: travel and creating strategies. These two passions came together during her “mini life crisis” at 20 years old where she took a year off work, her first sabbatical, that would end up sparking her lifelong career. Now, Lyndall has taken a total of ten sabbaticals and has founded Beyond A Break, a company dedicated to allowing people to live their best lives by taking purposeful breaks from work. Meet Lyndall Farley.


25 Nov 2019