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EP 102 - Chase Williams and Ryan Klein - Insight on Podcasting and Discussing 100 Episodes and Beyond

Legal Mastermind Podcast

Podcast co-hosts, Chase and Ryan, are back for a special episode to discuss the first 100 episodes of the Legal Mastermind Podcast and how they got to this point. If you have any questions regarding podcasting or how to do any of the aspects that were discussed on today’s episode, please reach out to chase@marketmymarket.com or ryan@marketmymarket.com.On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Establishing Your Why of the Podcast• Follow-Through and Consistency is Key• Finding Your Niche to Motivate You and Get You Excited• Ensuring Your Guest Feels Comfortable


26 Apr 2021

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EP 91 - Chase Williams and Ryan Klein - The Transparency of Marketing

Legal Mastermind Podcast

On This Episode, Chase & Ryan Discuss ...- The Only Secret in Marketing is the Process- How Is Tracking So Easy These Days?- Is Keeping Track of Hundreds of Keywords That Important?- Keeping Track of Content Marketing and Content Plans- Honesty and Transparency in Reporting and StrategiesIf you are interested at a deeper look of how you can implement transparency in your marketing process or what it looks like, check out Ryan's article with additional examples here - https://www.marketmymarket.com/seo-and-transparency-10-ways-digital-marketing-progress-can-easily-be-tracked/


8 Feb 2021

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EP 87 – Ryan Klein and Chase Williams – How Law Firms Will Win in 2021 PT 2

Legal Mastermind Podcast

Ryan and Chase are back to discuss what your law firm needs to be doing in 2021 to be set up for success. On part 2 of this podcast episode, the topics include: • Perfecting Your Intake and Follow-Up Process• Having a Plan in Place for Reviews• Optimizing Local SEO• Finding Where You Fit in Social Media• Staying on Top of Website Trends• Continuing to Educate Yourself


11 Jan 2021

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Cross training, injury prevention, and fueling tips with Chase Williams

The Houston Running Zone

How to stay injury free Trick and strengthen your muscles at home Core exercises Body weight training Weak glutes can cause knee injuries Figure out your bucket and what you want Nutrition hacks Fueling your workouts Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1053908695033392 Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TrainerChaseWilliams Insta: @chaselynn252


7 Jan 2021

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EP 74 - Chase Williams & Ryan Klein - Strengthening Your Content Strategy to Be Consistent and Excel in Performance

Legal Mastermind Podcast

On This Episode, We Discuss ...• How to Find and Write Great Content Topics• Understanding What People Are Searching For• Revitalizing and Re-Optimizing Previous Content


5 Oct 2020

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EP 63 - Chase Williams and Ryan Klein - Why You Need to Start the Approval Process for the Biggest Google Update in Years

Legal Mastermind Podcast

On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Why Are the Legal Local Service Ads Important to You?• Where You Should Begin with Google Screened Local Service Ads• Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Google Local Service AdsTo view the screen share video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNM578QyCDM&feature=youtu.beIf you are interested in learning more, check out Ryan's blog post - https://www.marketmymarket.com/google-screen-local-service-ads-expands-into-more-practice-areas-and-cities/ and if you would like to schedule a video consult with Ryan, use the following link to select a date and time - https://calendly.com/market-my-market/1-on-1-set-up


7 Aug 2020

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The Secret To Retaining Clients with Ryan Klein and Chase Williams

The Lawman's Lounge

EP15 - In this week's episode of The Lawman's Lounge, Bill "The Lawman" Umansky of the Umansky Law Firm hosts Ryan Klein and Chase Williams from MarketMyMarket.com to talk about best practices in marketing and the insider tips on keeping your clients! Listen as they unpack the secret to their booming success and how you can not only keep your current clients but also attract new ones. Tune in every Tuesday morning for a new episode!


21 Jul 2020

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EP 54 - Chase Williams & Ryan Klein - Staying Ahead of the Curve and Implementing the Best SEO Tactics

Legal Mastermind Podcast

On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Importance of Tracking and Transparency in Reporting• Thinking Outside the Box When It Comes to Content Plans• The Latest SEO Trends


2 Jul 2020

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EP 48 - Chase Williams & Ryan Klein - Optimizing Your Tech Stack & Creating the Best Experience for Your Customers When They Visit Your Site

Legal Mastermind Podcast

Digital marketing is always evolving and there is always a new piece of software that you could be implementing in your site to make it run faster, have a better customer experience, or just to one-up your marketing game. Software is likely a solution to some of the issues or gaps that you may be struggling with. On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Reviewing Website Speed and Ways to Make Your Website Load Faster• Chase and Ryan's Go-To Marketing Tools to Implement in Your Website• What Things You Can Be Testing On Your Website and Content Refreshes


12 Jun 2020

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EP 34 - Ryan Klein & Chase Williams - Dispelling Overly Optimistic Marketing During A Crisis

Legal Mastermind Podcast

In this weeks episode The Legal Mastermind Podcast hosts sit down to speak about some of the misinformation being spread on the internet by people deeming themselves as expert marketers during crisis management. We look at raw data and actual surveys to determine how COVID-19 is affecting the legal marketing world and what you should be doing.Resources discussed during the podcast https://www.marketmymarket.com/gauging-intent-across-marketing-channels-during-covid-19-and-any-future-crisis/spyfu.comhttps://www.facebook.com/ads/library/


10 Apr 2020