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Tom & Jerry, Freddy Kreuger, And Deadpool


Chris and Tim are back and together in studio for this jam packed episode. They talk about everything from local connections to the Fatman movie, Tom & Jerry are going to the real world, and so much Disney news. They also go over the HBO Max issues that they have now resolved with Amazon and are close to finishing with Roku.

1hr 41mins

23 Nov 2020

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Let These Attack Ads Help You Decide Who's Scarier: Michael Myers or Freddy Kreuger!?

Spicoli’s Morning Fiasco

Who gets your vote?


30 Oct 2020

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Curiosidades de Freddy Kreuger y Pesadilla en la Calle del Infierno

Va de Retro, el Podcast

El especial Octubre de Terror de Va de Retro inicia con este magnífico personaje del cine de horror. Freddy Krueger, descubre con nosotros de las curiosidades y la historia detrás del hombre del suéter de rayas. #VadeRetro #OctubredeTerror #FreddyKruegerSigue a Checo Ortiz en sus redes sociales y suscríbete a su podcast.https://linktr.ee/chex7Síguenos en nuestras redes sociales.Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vaderetroel...Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VaDeRetroElP...Instagram Raúl: https://www.instagram.com/raulretro90s/


25 Oct 2020

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Superhero Barfight - Episode 33 - Casey Jones VS Freddy Kreuger - feat. Geoff Nicholson

USUK Podcasting Network

What do you get when you have a wonderfully chatty guest and a inebriated scotsman? This really long episode!On this weeks 33rd episode of Superhero Barfight we welcome you back to Big Dicks Halfway Inn, we chat to our wonderful special guest Geoff Nicholson about his podcast the 'Brewgooders Podcast' and his amazing debut comic 'The Spirit of Enki' in a really fun conversation.We talk about 90s rock and metal and of course there is a lot of singing!WTF Moments in comics....Professor X does what now!?!?Of course we have our Barfight as TMNT Hockey mask hero Casey Jones takes on the dream warrior himself Freddy Kreuger.....join us for this nightmare....but not on Elm StJoin us.....wont you?

2hr 47mins

17 Jun 2020

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Episode 53 - Sports Video Games, Essential Wrestlers, and Freddy Kreuger: American Hero

Oh, Dear

Comedians Nick Whitmer, Cristian Duran, and Bret Raybould hang out every week and occasionally someone will say something so horrible that all the others can say is, "Oh Dear." Oh Dear is basically if your group chat was a podcasts. @Nick_Whitmer @Cristianduranduran @Bretraybould--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ohdear/support

1hr 14mins

15 Apr 2020

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S2 E1: Freddy Kreuger vs Tinkerbell: What happens when you become a critic of your s/o


We're backkkk...and we decided to get right into the nitty gritty as we tackle one of the biggest shifts in our marriage: going from cheerleader to critic of the person you once "admired" most.  It's messy...and it happens without you meaning to, but HOW do you handle this shift? How do you re-learn to communicate and see again with a grace-filled lens? Well, we are still working it out, but let's chat about it. Dive in with us for this little REALationship chat. . Like it? Give us 5 stars. Why would I ask for less ;) ?!  Love it? Share it. . Follow us over on the socials @RiaRambles & @Matt87Granados or shoot us an email Maria@LifePulseInc.com with any questions.


17 Jan 2020

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EP. #02 Freddy Kreuger is the New Mr. Tumnus

One Thing Led to Another

On our second episode, Evan and George talk to Josh Franz about corn fields and avocados. Plus our scariest halloween stories (spoiler, there are none) and Evan regrets not having snow.2019, One Thing Led to Anotherby George Kroeker & Evan LangfordProduced by G&H


13 Oct 2019

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Fake Detectives, Freddy Kreuger, and a McDonald's Hashbrown | S3 E17

Idiots With Opinions

How's the weather up there? Your head is in the clouds and it's always a little more turbulent when you've got no grounding on planet earth. While you're up there, say hi to the Idiots. They pretty much live there. Here's another edition of their incoherent ramblings from the castle made of clouds. <3


5 May 2019