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17. How to Go Viral | Brian Breach

Stuck to Unstoppable

Brian Breach is a Ted Talk speaker, independent artist, and entrepreneur who found a unique way to grow his social media network. Now known as That Viral Guy, Brian has been able to produce consistent viral videos such as The Miami Heat Proposal Prank, and master the path to get verified on social media with a massive audience. For More Content on Going From Stuck to Unstoppable, we invite you to stay connected. Follow Us On... FaceBook Twitter Youtube Instagram LinkedIn  Journey Principles Stephen Scoggins


13 Apr 2021

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How This Hip-Hop Artist Became An Entrepreneur And Launched Some MASSIVE Businesses? | BRIAN BREACH #129

Millionaire Secrets

From overcoming a troubled childhood to becoming an internet sensation - This Is Brian Breach’s Story. 💰 Claim Your Free 'Millionaire Shortcut' Book Here 👉 https://millionairesecrets.com/BrianB Welcome to another episode of Millionaire Secrets! For today’s episode, I was joined by the wonderful Brian Breach. The list of Brian’s talents is endless...entertainer, ted talk speaker, influencer, content creator, entrepreneur, and an overall expert of virality. If anyone knows how to break the internet with their content, it’s Brian. Growing up from humble beginnings with a troubled childhood and a series of seriously unfortunate events, Brian learned how to become a hustler from day one. From selling paper airplanes at school and making bracelets at aftercare for hours to getting his first job at 11 years old, Brian is no stranger to hard work. Brian is one of those entrepreneurs who make us take a good hard look at ourselves and realize that no adversity and no excuses are worthwhile. Brian is living proof that you can succeed no matter what but it wasn’t without trials and tribulations. Brian was fired from his last 9-to-5 job in 2008 and he never looked back. He went into entertainment as a hip hop artist, formed a record label representing artists, and hosting shows with big names like Ghostface, Mobb Deep, N.E.R.D, and Pharrell. After that he started a printing business and then a clothing line before starting the social media business, Brian really has done it all. Since starting in social media, Brian has made a few viral videos - his most famous prank so far was when he disguised himself as a homeless man and then gave $100 to anyone who stopped to help him. The video went viral, he got calls from major news stations, and many opportunities arose from that, the rest is history! Discover How To Go Viral With Brian Breach! Check Out More of Brian’s Content Here 👇    📺 TEDx: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8UhhB6TX7g 📺 AGVTV: https://www.instagram.com/americasgoneviral/ ℹ️ LinkedIn 👉 https://www.linkedin.com/in/brianbreach 📺 YT 👉 https://www.youtube.com/user/brianbreach03 🖥️ FB 👉 https://www.facebook.com/brianbreach03/ ⌨️ Twitter 👉 https://twitter.com/brian_breach 📲 IG 👉 https://www.instagram.com/brianbreach/ 


26 Feb 2021

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032. Brian Breach: Growing and Pivoting

Humble Podcast

Brian and Ben talk about working hard in business and life to reach all of your goals. Brian explains that you may need to pivot multiple times and adjust your strategies but if you keep pushing and changing, it will work out.


28 Jan 2021

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Brian Breach | That Viral Guy, Host of Americas Gone Viral

Sweat It Out

Anthony & Josh talk with the host of “America’s Gone Viral,” Brian Breach. Brian gets into the mental adjustments he made to cope with the current lockdown, the importance of practicing what you preach, what it takes to get accepted in the Instagram verification process, and the future he sees for TikTok. After, he shares some helpful tips to build your following on TikTok and his experience when he first started creating content. You can follow Brian on Instagram @brianbreach


1 Dec 2020

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Brian Breach Social Media guru on Going Viral - Episode 28

Break Away from the Rat Race

Checkout my new book "Stop Trading your Time for Money" on Amazon.  Brian Breach is an entertainer, social media influencer, recent TEDx speaker, content creator and entrepreneur. He tells us about his childhood, not being able to find after being fired and decided to become an entrepreneur. We discuss  the independent mindset,  the importance of  social media for everyone including you the real estate investor, and  about going viral.  You can find Brian on instagram @brianbreach.


20 Oct 2020

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Brian Breach - Entrepreneur, Influencer and recent TEDx Speaker

Morning Fire for Entrepreneurs

Brian shares his difficult childhood and the journey to entrepreneurship, going viral and speaking at a TEDx event.


14 Oct 2020

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Changing The Direction of Your Life with Brian Breach

What Are You Made Of?

In this episode, we talk about:• Brian’s childhood’s traumatic experiences• What it takes to turn your past experiences into fuel for your future success• How Brian became known as “That Viral Guy”• Brian’s process in creating social media “experiments” that go viral • Why it is never too late to changeFind out more about Brian’s clothing company on his website and connect with him on LinkedIn and Facebook.You can also follow Brian’s personal Instagram account. For more information and to explore other episodes, go to themikecroc.com. You can also follow Mike on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube at Mike C-Roc Ciorrocco.The views and opinions expressed on the “What Are You Made Of?” podcast are solely those of the author and guests, and should not be attributed to any other individual or entity. This is an independent production of Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco. The podcast production and the book "What Are You Made Of?" are original works of the author. All rights of ownership and reproduction are retained. Copyright 2020.


25 Aug 2020

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How to go Viral With Brian Breach. EP.037

The CEO Process

Today i interview Brian Breach, he is a very interesting guest who has been on the news several times due to his viral pranks, plus other viral videos he has created. Brian is an expert in teaching people how to create viral content and today we talk about exactly that. The formula to going viral, plus a couple of tips and tricks he has used in the past! This weeks episode is something your not gonna wanna miss. Also if your interested in Supporting the show then check out the shop for our new mech at www.themfceoprocess.com

1hr 14mins

6 Jul 2020

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HOW TO WIN with Brad DeMint

This episode I have comedian,speaker, musician and social Media guru Brian Breach. We go deep into his story and talk about many things including what to do if you don’t want a 9-5 and using comedy in life.


10 May 2020

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Brian Breach - Unlocking The Power Of Instagram

Disrupt Podcast With Tony Delgado

Brian Breach is a Ted Talk Speaker, independent artist, Co-Owner of GTPS Independent label, President & Owner of Sikey clothing, Co-Owner of GetThatPaperSon.com & a social media builder (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, & SoundCloud)


13 Apr 2020