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13. Assisted Senior Living with Brandon Schwab

Westside Investors Network

ABOUT BRANDON SCHWAB Brandon is a brilliant business entrepreneur who started his first company detailing boats and RVs. He had grown that business and turned his creative energy to learning real estate acquisition, development, finance and recruiting incredible partners to offer a fresh alternative to senior care in the Midwest.  WHAT YOU WILL HEAR [01:15] How he got started in Real estate Industry [02:40] His observation on Conditions of Nursing homes  [06:00] The hustle that he did prior to having a passive income [07:50] Club of Investors that he opened up and how he builds his network [14:45] How he looks for property to open up as a nursing home [17:25] Process of Converting a house to a Nursing Facility [19:00] How he found a partner to operate the facility [19:38] Ways to raise the capital to open up and start the business [22:50] How he dealt with Business partners [27:34] Challenges of a Service-driven Industry [29:20] Recent deals and properties converted to nursing homes [35:13] How Typical Deal looks like for him [38:20] Ways to Level up Home-care using Technology [40:50] Advice to his 25-year-old self [43:37] First Entrepreneurial Endeavor [45:17] His Formal and Informal Training that shaped his journey [47:02] His Moby Dick or The Deal that Got Away Key Quotes: [25:42] That property taught me a ton. It was a deal that if I ought to have bought it early but at that time, I couldn’t get a bank financing that would give me a capital to buy it on our own.  [42:15] Have I gotten into a business that always pays into actual assets over time, that would have been the best thing that could have happened.  If I could only take back 14 years ago, I would be doing things differently.  [45:40] The best education I have is joining groups and meeting other people. As I join different groups like collective genius back then, it started opening up doors for me that I don’t even know possible.   Summary of Business: Shepherd Premier Senior Living offers a fresh alternative to Senior Care in the Midwest. Residents are attended by trained and qualified caregivers at a rate of 1 caregiver to 5 residents, Brandon’s vision has become a reality. Their homes are exactly that – renovated homes that are upgraded with sprinkler systems, state-of-the-art keypad entry systems and HD video monitoring in common areas and outdoors. Boutique Senior Living Fund is the financing arm for Shepherd that provides investors the ability to diversify into senior living with a twist. Our fund only invests in boutique senior living homes (10-20 bed) throughout the Midwest. Our funds Offering both debt and a unique hybrid of debt/equity for investors to pick from.    ABOUT THE WESTSIDE INVESTORS NETWORKThe Westside Investors Network, is your community for investing knowledge for growth. For real estate professionals by real estate professionals. This show is focused on the next step in your career... investing, for those starting with nothing to multifamily syndication.      The Westside Investors Network strives to bring knowledge and education to the real estate professional that is seeking to gain more freedom in their life. The host's AJ and Chris Shepard, are committed to sharing the wealth of knowledge that they have gained throughout the years to allow others the opportunity to learn and grow in their investing. They own Uptown Properties, a successful Property Management and Brokerage Company. If you are interested in Property Management in the Portland Metro or Bend Metro Areas please visit www.uptownpm.com. If you are interested in investing in multifamily syndication please visit www.uptownsyndication.com.  #brokers #investments #wholesaleproperties #entrepreneurs #thinkandgrowrich #businessopportunity #earnmore #beyourownboss #additionalincome  #propertymanagement #passiveincome #realestate #investmentproperties #realestaterecap #undercontract #listings #realtors #investor #motivation #assistedliving #seniorliving #seniorcare #memorycare #eldercare #elderlycare #homecare #healthcare #alzheimers #caregiver #independentliving #retirement #caregiving #elderly #seniors #seniorlivingcommunity #caregivers #homehealthcare #health #care #caregiversupport #dementiacare #nursinghome #family #homehealth #assistedlivingfacility    You may contact Brandon via: Email: brandon@shepherdpremierseniorliving.com Online Calendar: http://www.brandonschwab.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonschwab/ Website: http://www.boutiqueseniorlivingfund.com/ Biggerpockets: https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/BrandonS432 Social media:  • Facebook: @brandonschwab  •  Instagram: @brandonschwab99 • Twitter: https://twitter.com/brandonschwab CONNECT WITH USFor more information about investing with AJ and Chris: ·       Uptown Syndication | https://www.uptownsyndication.com/·       LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/company/71673294/admin/ For information on Portland Property Management:·       Uptown Properties | http://www.uptownpm.com·       Youtube | @UptownPropertiesWestside Investors Network·       Website | https://www.westsideinvestorsnetwork.com/·       Twitter | https://twitter.com/WIN_pdx·       Instagram | @westsideinvestorsnetwork·       LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13949165/·       Facebook | @WestsideInvestorsNetwork·       Youtube | @WestsideInvestorsNetwork


26 Feb 2021

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Episode #14: Innovating Senior Care with Brandon Schwab, Shepherd Premier Senior Living

The Healthcare CEO Podcast

Brandon got involved in the senior living business after watching his loving Grandpa receive sub-par care in a large institutional building. Many years later he witnessed a new way of providing boutique senior living in near Orlando, FL that OPENED his eyes on the industry. He knew immediately that he would change the senior living industry by duplicating this wonderful model for many seniors to enjoy. https://symphonyagency.com/healthcare-ceo-podcast/


13 Nov 2020

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Member spotlight interview with Brandon Schwab from Shepherd Premier Senior Living

Family Office Podcast - Private Investor & Investment Insights

Brandon Schwab founded BoutiqueSeniorLivingFund.com after 5 years of operating Shepherd Premier Senior Living, a boutique senior living style homes with 10-16 assisted living beds per home. He realized the biggest limiting factor to helping more seniors and expansion is access to capital. Brandon Schwab has been an entrepreneur since he was 15 (now 38) with 4 years of real estate wholesaling and built rental portfolio of 23 homes from 2010 to 2014. After visiting father in law in near Tampa FL playing the piano in a 5 bed senior living Shepherd Premier Senior Living was created. Now today Shepherd has 5 boutique senior living homes with 58 beds and plans to develop 144 ground up beds in Huntley, IL. BoutiqueSeniorLivingFund.com was born out of necessity when our ground up construction financial pulled out on our 144 bed development due to COVID with March 15th closing. Boutique Senior Living Fund is a $25M fund specifically designed to provide needed capital initially complete the 144 bed assisted living project then funds will borrowed out to open an additional 83 Boutique Senior Living homes throughout the Midwest. 


17 Jul 2020

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880 » Lease Options for Boutique Senior Living with Brandon Schwab – Part 2

Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast

A lot has changed since Brandon Schwab introduced us to his senior boutique living portfolio. The pandemic has swept through large senior living facilities, and Brandon predicts that that will make retirees turn to these more intimate, clean, and personal homes instead. Brandon’s most recent purchase is a 15 bed home on 43 acres in Illinois. He talks about the numbers in this deal, and he gives us a tour of the remodeled home at the end of the interview.The homes that Brandon is looking for have very specific criteria because they’re serving a very small segment of the population. Ranch style homes, with most of the bedrooms on the main floor, are one of the minimum requirements.Just like any real estate deal, there is still room for creative financing. Many of these homes sit on the MLS for years, so the owners are more than happy to provide some kind of owner financing, or take an all cash offer. The current property Brandon is showing cost $750,000; with the remodeling budget, Brandon is all-in for $1.85 million.One of the special considerations for these properties is the operating costs. A key point of pride for Brandon is that every one of his caretakers works with only 5 residents, which increases the quality of care available. While the property is grossing $104,000 each month, he has expenses of about $50,000 a month. But his expenses include debt coverage, taxes, food, and all of the staff costs.Brandon likes to purchase a group of these houses in an area because it helps him reduce the operating costs. If you know of any homes in your area, he is paying a finder’s fee for anyone who can bring him similar deals.What’s Inside:—As a purpose-driven business, Brandon makes the bedrooms smaller for a reason.—Carry back financing or owner financing means Brandon can give the owner exactly what they want.—Brandon’s guidelines for homes are very specific, but if you find a home like this, he’ll pay a bird dog fee.—On the video, Brandon walks us through the current remodel of his newest home.


1 Jun 2020

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Episode 35: Brandon Schwab

A Passion For Real Estate Investments

We are back for another episode of the @passion4rei Series! Today’s episode with @fuquanbilal focuses on a powerful investment strategy that very few people have heard of, senior living homes. But after hearing what Brandon Schwab, a wholesaler turned owner of a boutique senior living business, has to say, you might reconsider. Brandon shares why he believes the senior living market offers the potential for massive passive income with compassionate care, how he got started, and the math behind the big success his business is performing. Brandon covers the ins and outs of the business, from funding to operation. Listen in if you’re looking for a real estate investing strategy that pays consistently big in profits and heart, without needing a lot of our time or even a lot of buildings to maintain. Highlights from the Interview * Why investing in senior housing is a better way to achieve MASSIVE real estate income * Brandon’s path from active real estate to passive real estate owner * Providing compassionate senior living care * Apartment units vs assisted living real estate - which one gets better profit? * How a 10-bed home outperformed an apartment complex * The “numbers” behind Brandon’s success * The biggest challenge in Brandon’s business


7 Apr 2020

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844 » Lease Options For Boutique Senior Living with Brandon Schwab Pt. 1

Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast

If you remember visiting your grandparents in a senior living facility, you probably have a lot of the same ideas about it that Brandon Schwab did. On a trip to Florida, Brandon accidentally stumbled on a quietly successful part of senior living: boutique senior homes. He shares how he sold off every rental in his portfolio to move into boutique senior living homes, what his numbers are, and how he balances the ethical implications in this business. After realizing the huge amount of cash flow potential in smaller senior homes, Brandon set about finding the perfect home for his first investment property. He describes how he structured the deal, his average profit, and how he filled the house. Because he didn’t want to be the owner/operator, Brandon had to partner up with someone. He shares why he chose an RN, what he looked for when hiring one, and how many hours he has an employee on site. He also shares what that includes, and how much he can charge per client. The sweet spot for senior boutique homes are ranch homes, and he can usually fit 10-16 beds in a good-sized ranch home. By offering a caregiver ratio of 1:5, he does give up some of the profit, but he gives great care. And he still ends up with a profit margin of 38%. Instead of chasing dollars, he has pivoted and become a purpose-driven business. He shares how experiencing end-of-life care changed the mission of his business, and how it’s shaped his employees. If this idea intrigues you, Brandon’s actively looking for deals for 5,000+ square foot homes across the country. If you’ve got a deal for him, book a thirty-minute call with him on his website. What’s Inside: —What kind of home you’re looking for to open a boutique senior living home. —Who you should partner with so that you’re not the owner/operator. —The limitations for 2 story homes, and commercial regulations for these homes. —The ethical considerations that Brandon’s had to think about. —How Brandon still uses lease options for financing senior homes. —Brandon breaks down his monthly numbers for us, holding nothing back.


9 Mar 2020

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Brandon Schwab on Senior Housing Solutions and Investments #23

Passive Income, Active Wealth - Hard Money for Real Estate Investing

Until Shepherd Premier Senior Living came to Illinois, the alternative for senior living was primarily confined to large homes where one caregiver might have responsibility for caring for 20 residents. But, in July 2014, founder Brandon Schwab watched his father-in-law play the piano in a 5-bed boutique senior living home in Orlando, FL. The difference was dramatic. In a senior home in Florida, Brandon saw seniors living active lives, safe, secure, comfortable and with dignity. He understood that those are qualities that are universally desired by seniors in all parts of the country, including in Illinois. Brandon has partnered with Steve and Theresa Maskrey to bring that alternative to rural Northern Illinois. Beginning with an Assisted Living home in Ringwood, where residents are attended by trained and qualified caregivers at a rate of 1 caregiver to 5 residents, Brandon’s vision has become a reality. Their homes are exactly that – renovated homes that are upgraded with sprinkler systems, state-of-the-art keypad entry systems and HD video monitoring in common areas and outdoors.  https://shepherdpremierseniorliving.com/ Brandon Scwab is a brilliant business entrepreneur who started his first company, detailing boats and RVs, when he was only 15. By 2008, he had grown that business to a $750,000-a-year success. He then turned his creative energy to learning real estate acquisition and built a rental portfolio of 23 sandwich lease options from 2011-2014. As the visionary for Shepherd Premier Senior Living, his responsibilities include real estate acquisition, development, finance and recruiting that includes the incredible leadership team below. https://boutiqueseniorlivingfund.com/ "When people get good care, they don't die. There is less turnover, which is good for business and good for the family of the residents" Consult with Brandon: http://brandonschwab.com/


2 Mar 2020

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52. Unique Ways To Find Capital with Brandon Schwab (Part 2)

Investment Fund Secrets

If you missed our last interview, it was part 1 with Brandon Schwab, a student here at IFS who started a fund in the world of Assisted Living! In part two, we dive into unique ways to find capital, specifically how Brandon has done it. If you are having trouble getting capital, or you're worried about that when you do start, then this is a must-listen-to episode. P.S. here are links to Brandon's stuff: Boutique Senior Living One on One Call www.BrandonSchwab.com, Landing Page for Fund www.BoutiqueSeniorLivingFund.com, Service Company www.ShepherdPremierSeniorLiving.com P.P.S. if you want to learn how to start your own fund, go to www.investmentfundsecrets.com today! **We are not selling or soliciting a security in any way, shape, or form. This content is for entertainment purposes only and is not financial or legal advice**


10 Jan 2020

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51. Part 1: Unique Senior Assisted Living Fund With Brandon Schwab

Investment Fund Secrets

Brandon is one of our students in the Investment Fund Secrets course, and we were on a 1 on 1 call recently and I said... "Brandon, you NEED to share what you're doing on the podcast!" So here we are :) Brandon has a brand new take on senior assisted living centers. He is converting old one-story homes into 5-10 bed senior assisted living centers.  If you're into real estate, you'll love this episode.  Boutique Senior Living One on One Call www.BrandonSchwab.com,  Landing Page for Fund www.BoutiqueSeniorLivingFund.com,  Service Company www.ShepherdPremierSeniorLiving.com **We are not selling or soliciting a security in any way, shape, or form. This content is for entertainment purposes only and is not financial or legal advice** ... By the way, if you want to start your own fund, go to www.investmentfundsecrets.com today!


8 Jan 2020

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70: Ben's Assisted Living Home Update and Brandon Schwab Flashback

Millennial Real Estate Investor


31 Oct 2019