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Bethel and Bill Johnson’s Bridge to the New Age and Spiritual Fakery.


I have been wanting to make this video for quite a while. It's based on the teaching in the book The Physics of Heaven, which is very much a "Bethel book." It is sold in their bookstore, it's endorsed by their leaders, it's written by people from Bethel, including their two lead pastors, Bill Johnson and Beni Johnson. The book is a very open appeal to Christians to embrace New Age beliefs and practices. I truly wish I was exaggerating. In today's video, I'm going to share quotes from the book to demonstrate the problems with its teachings and show its dangers. I'll address the way they misuse Scripture to support these teachings. I'll also be sharing content from a physicist who has weighed in to demonstrate how fake the "science" of the book is. Finally, I'll share some shocking details about the deceptions in the book related to the supposed credentials of the "quantum physicist" who they lean on as an expert. Spoiler: he's not. Bethel Church in Redding, California has presented itself to the worldwide body of Christ as a guide for deeper and more miraculous spiritual experiences. Since they have such a wide impact and reach, and their teachings on these issues are, I am sad to say, not only reckless but dangerous and unbiblical, I feel this video is worth making. A physicist reviews the wacky science claims in The Physics of Heaven. Special thanks to Dr. Martin Krause for providing this analysis for free. Do you want my notes from today's video? Here they are, with all book references. CLICK HERE for my video showing that James Goll (used a source in the book) pretended to prophesy while just reporting commonly held political speculation. CLICK HERE for my original video on Bill Johnson and Bethel Church's theology and practice. I would be harsher today, though I will leave this video up because I believe it has a good analysis of problems.

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31 Jan 2023

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Bethel Church & Bill Johnson

The Doxology Podcast

Would it be heresy month if the guys did not ruffle some feathers? On the final episode of Heresy Month 2022, Jens and Lukas explore Bethel Church and their lead pastor, Bill Johnson. What should we make of this mega-church? What's the deal with some of their more wacky and controversial teachings? Tune in and try not to get too spooked. Find us on: Email: doxologypodcast@gmail.com Twitter: @doxologypodcast Instagram: @doxologypodcast

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25 Oct 2022

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How to build a product made for your specific community? With Jim Abel and Bill Johnson

The Uncaged Clinician

Many therapists like you look for ways to develop other revenue streams for their business, but how can RangeMaster and Portable Finger Ladder help you increase your revenue? Range Master and Portable Finger Ladder are known for building successful products. What do you need to think about when developing yours?  This week Uncaged Clinicians, David Bayliff goes solo to interview our guests, Jim Abel, and Bill Johnson. Jim will be talking about what products RangeMaster is offering and providing the best and what to consider when developing a product that can help your clients and the community. Bill talks about how he developed the idea for the ladder.  He also shares tips on what should be considered when developing a product. Jim Abel is a field sales coordinator & Therapeutic Dimensions/RangeMaster. His goal at RangeMaster is to deploy and scale a reliable, medical-evidence-based global solution to shoulder pain without the use of opioids, injections, or surgery, that has been clinically proven to resolve 75-80 percent of specific shoulder problems. We help your shoulder even after surgery too. Bill Johnson Graduated from Shenandoah Univ PT Program in 1994. He is the former owner of ADVANTAGE PHYSICAL THERAPY & SPORTS PERFORMANCE in Harrisonburg, VA. He now is a Senior Therapist at Drayer Physical Therapy/Upstream Rehab Institute and clinical instructor with the Institute of Advanced Musculoskeletal Treatments teaching continuing education classes around the country. Bill created the portable finger ladder when he saw a need for such a device to be easily transportable amongst his shoulder rehab patients. He and his wife, Tina, continue to live in their hometown of Harrisonburg. Together, they have branched out into the restaurant business, and are proud owners of a VILLAGE JUICE & KITCHEN specializing in healthy, farm-to-table, gluten-free products They will touch on such topics as:  When there is a problem, there is always a solution for that. If you want to have a product, think of what problem you can solve for people that maybe there isn’t much solution out there right now. If you want to pursue a level that you have, it has to be something you are passionate about because it takes a lot of time, effort, and money. If you have an idea, implement it, even if it is a crude model. Just try it and see if it works.  When you are building your business, people have to know, trust, and like you, and then you have to show them the value you provide. The licensing agreement is not that big of a deal. It may take shorter or longer than expected because the developer can easily find someone who they think can do a better job.  A person who can take science and turn it into art is what makes a phenomenal clinician. If you're ready to join our community of Uncaged Healthcare Professionals and would like to know more about the Pathway Program Book a call with us www.calendly.com/coachingacademy Additional Resources: When you are ready…Here are ways that we can help you to grow your practice: Grab a copy of our books. The Concierge PT Success Formula is your roadmap to a six-figure mobile physical therapy practice. The Winning Mindset for The Mobile Entrepreneur is the perfect complement to dominate your own mind in order to grow and scale your business: https://www.uncagedclinician.com/offers/ba8hem4N Join the UNCAGED Clinician Facebook community. YES, you have a community that you can immediately plug into where you can learn to grow a six-figure practice: https://facebook.com/groups/113576786080229


21 Sep 2022

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DEALING with Loss and Grief - Bill Johnson

Jesus Christ is Alive

After a long battle with cancer, Beni Johnson went to be with Jesus on July 13, 2022. She is now fully alive and free. Bill Johnson shares this honest message on dealing with pain and loss, and the importance of grieving with hope. https://heavenscatalyst.org/witness/yeshua-is-eternal-life/ https://heavenscatalyst.org/encounter/encounter-god/


19 Sep 2022

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Health, Happiness and the Joy of Being - with Bill Johnson, Chairman, The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers

The Insurance Coffee House

“I have this thing that I like to say which is ‘Remember to do your job. Job - J.O.B - stands for ‘Joy of Being’, says Bill. Bill shares his career journey from working as a Farmers Agent to launching and growing his own Insurance Agency for 10 years, before heading off to make movies. “I wanted to be getting out of bed with passion because I love what I do. To me it needed to have a creative component to it.” Working with some of Hollywood’s biggest names – Brad Pitt, Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson and The Rock, producing 34 films over 15 years – Bill explains how working alongside such high-performing talent has impacted his return to taking the reins at Liberty and the stark differences between the two industries. “The film business is very transitory. You make a movie, pull a big team together then everybody goes their separate ways.  Here in this business, it’s a community of long-term relationships. For me, it’s the opportunity to give service to that community and focus on creating a special culture and a special environment.”Bill says that being a place that feels good to be a part of, has translated into attracting talent to the company and fuelled Liberty’s commission revenue increase from $11m to $125m and driven the team’s growth from 50 to 650 over the past 3.5 years. Bill talks about his biggest achievements and how he’s dealt with setbacks along the way.  “One of the great things about getting knocked back is it's a great opportunity to observe the people around you and see how people behave, to really observe other people’s character.”He shares what he perceives to the challenges ahead for the Insurance Agencies, maintaining, “It’s a people business. People want a relationship and so as we look at this company and we look at this industry, taking care of your people and then having your people taking care of the clients seems paramount.” Bill highlights the importance of health, happiness, how he leads regular company mediation sessions and the company’s dream circles as well as the key characteristics Liberty seeks when recruiting. Forecast to have a 1000-strong team by the end of 2022, Bill explains the leadership opportunities on offer and the challenge of scaling the culture. “The way we approach that challenge is just continuing to live it and breathe it every day from top to bottom, ultimately creating opportunity and an environment where people can thrive.” “We have a thing that we call HABU - highest and best use - which is another way of saying ‘Do what you love’”, concludes Bill. Connect with Bill on LinkedIn, email bjohnson@libertycompany.com or find out more about Liberty. The Insurance Coffee House Podcast is hosted by Nick Hoadley, CEO, Insurance Search, the Executive Search Consultancy for growing Insurance and Insurtech businesses across the globe.To discuss identifying & attracting the very best talent to your team or being a podcast guest, reach out to Nick via nick.hoadley@insurance-search.com or connect on LinkedInCopyright Insurance Search 2022 – All Rights Reserved.    


13 Sep 2022

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Bill Johnson is the Guest

Tow Professional Podcast

Bill Johnson who is a candidate for Senate joins Darian Weaver to talk towing .


29 Aug 2022

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Apologetics by Sandy Simpson | False Teachings of Bill Johnson

Moriel Ministries

This week is taken from the archives of Sandy Simpson as wee begin a four part series regarding false teachers in the church.  In this episode, Sandy discusses the false teachings of Bill Johnson. There are some audio clips of Johnson's teachings included in this episode.


6 Jul 2022

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Risk taking, commercial tech, and the ARCI program with Bill Johnson

Acquisition Talk

I was pleased to have Bill Johnson on the Acquisition Talk podcast to talk about how he helped bring commercial technology, open architecture, and continuous delivery to the sonar community in the 1990s with the Acoustic Rapid COTS Insertion (ARCI) program. Bill was the deputy program manger and pioneered many of the techniques DoD is still trying to go after today, and the results speak for themselves. ARCI achieved a 60-fold decrease in real processing cost, a seven-fold increase in sensor performance, and reduced false alarms by 40 percent.Bill explained that after the Cold War, the RDT&E budget fell by 70 percent for undersea sonar systems. Around the same time, John Walker sold information to the Russians about how the United States detected and classified enemy submarines. Suddenly, their submarines became very quite. Acoustic superiority became a national security imperative.The typical reaction for the defense acquisition system is to demand more money to solve the problem. The general manager of the prime contractor at the time IBM, which later merged into Lockheed Martin, told Bill that they’ve “got deep pockets.” The contractor could keep R&D going while the program office searched for more money. “Hey, we’re part of this problem,” Bill recalled thinking. “We had to leverage the commercial side.”I’d like to thank Bill Johnson for joining me on the Acquisition Talk podcast. There’s a ton more information on ARCI and the case study details of what made it an acquisition success. Important papers and other resources are at the acquisition talk website. Be sure to check them out!This podcast was produced by Eric Lofgren. You can follow me on Twitter @AcqTalk and find more information at https://AcquisitionTalk.com

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30 Jun 2022

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bill johnson part 1

Pump Panel Podcast with Skip

bill johnson--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/skip97/support


11 Jun 2022

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Bro. Bill Johnson- "Mote hunters"

Holiness Preaching Online

Bro. Bill Johnson- "Mote hunters"


6 Jun 2022