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Ep 08 - Money Relationship Healing: Come Out Empowered with Kayley Robsham

Speaking 4 Profit Podcast

“And the biggest thing is...feeling that sense of freedom and having freedom with time and energy. What people don't realize is that money is generative and your time and energy are not.” - Kayley Robsham Welcome to Speaking 4 Profit, where your voice is your power! I’m Evolve Benton and for this Speakers Room Live episode, Kayley Robsham talks about the struggles of maintaining a good relationship with money in this capitalistic society, the self-limiting beliefs surrounding it, and how to come out empowered. Hello! I’m Kayley (she/hers) - I help intuitive entrepreneurs create powerful businesses aligned to who they are and their community. My business began as a blog in 2011 and I’ve been building it/them since! [00:01 - 05:18] Who is Kayley Robsham? Introducing Kayley Robsham Making an impact Your impact comes from your story. The system taught us not to value ourselves and that is not our fault. [05:19 - 18:41] Fixing Your Relationship with Money Kayley talks about facing student loans Realizing the need for assets Build on assets and pinpoint your liabilities. The caveat of being an employee It can be more expensive than you think. The employment period is the best time to start a business. Uncovering guilt in generating income and debt Debt is a reflection of your self trust. Learn investments. [18:42 - 30:10] Learning Our Attachment Styles and Setting Boundaries A closer look at the environment Are you anxious or secure? It is less about the money and more about security. Setting boundaries Money is generative. Your time and energy are not. Earning money brings a sense of belongingness and this is wired to our survival instinct. Pinpoint your self-limiting beliefs in money. [30:11 - 36:20] Final Thoughts Be empowered and become an advocate for yourself Connect with Kayley Robsham – leave a review and comment (links below) Closing thoughts and advice from Kayley and Evolve  Key Quotes: “I personally believe that the momentum of abundance is consistently healing your relationship with money because we've all been raised around this capitalistic society.” -  Evolve Benton “I'm using my voice to help people heal their relationship with money. Otherwise, we're not really working on our, you know, our self worth. So the people and the systems who have taught us not to value ourselves. That's part of it right? Forgiveness, self worth, and realizing that it's not our faults.” - Kayley Robsham Connect with Me! Join our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/speaking4profitacademy Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/speaking4profit/ Visit my website https://www.evolvebenton.com/ Follow me on Instagram @EvolveBenton LEAVE A REVIEW + and help someone discover the power in their voice by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a 5-star review!


30 Sep 2021

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E #176: healing money trauma & discussing privilege with Coach Kayley Robsham

living in fierce alignment

Today's episode is SO POWERFUL! In this episode Healer & Coach Kayley & Kehla chat about: How manifestation, without consideration of privilege, can actually cause harm to people mentally/physically/emotionally & spiritually The raw reality & deep layers of healing to explore The different 'lenses' we have as human beings from all walks of life How learning about the barriers in the world actually creates access points for people to have a more abundant life & coaches to have a more abundant business The deep truth about healing money wounds from our upbringing & childhood We decided to have a part II + maybe even part III as this episode will definitely be causing a major impact with our listeners & a ripple effect in the coaching industry! Kayley's Instagram Kayley's website Like Kehla’s facebook page Follow Kehla on Instagram Check out Kehla's websiteThank you for tuning in, liking, subscribing, leaving a review & sharing!


4 Apr 2021

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Ep. 33 | Strategic Spirituality, Feminine Energy and Social Justice in Business with Kayley Robsham

Woke Witches Podcast

Today's episode brings a whole new perspective to running a business. We spoke with our new friend, Kayley Robsham, and touched on strategic spirituality, feminine energy, wealth consciousness and social justice in coaching. A truly amazing, completely unique conversation that you will not want to miss. Connect with Kayley: Instagram: @authentically.kayley Facebook: Kayley Robsham Facebook Group: Strategic Spirituality ---------------------- We also announced the opening of our UNLEASH Retreat!!  Our 4 day, 3 night UNLEASH Retreat in downtown Morristown, New Jersey from October 3-6. Alecia and I have put so much thought and planning into this and cannot wait to bring this experience to you! We will be treating you to all of your meals, your stay in a hotel, champagne, goddess makeovers and photoshoot, plus in person coaching, breakthrough and healing sessions…and lots of sisterhood bonding and relaxation time. PLUS automatic access to the next round of UNLEASH Reloaded which will run from August 19-September 29. For details, send us your email here and we will get the information to you ASAP. 8 spots available. Connect with us: Instagram: @lilynicolcoaching  and  @msaleciaharris Facebook Community: Manifest More Society ---------------------- Manifest More Monthly Membership  ENROLLMENT IS OPEN! $33 per month for exclusive business trainings (4 per month) and an intimate community of business women, cancel at any time for no fee. Visit bit.ly/manifestmoremembership to register! We'll see you inside!


9 Jul 2019

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Kayley Robsham & Life and Entrepreneurship

Life, Leadership, and Laughs

This week I talked with my new friend, Kayley Robsham.  I've been connected with Kayley for the last couple of months now on social media and have gotten to read and listen to her story about the journey into entrepreneurship. I've also had the opportunity to see firsthand how supportive and empowering she is to aspiring entrepreneurs. It was great to have her on the show talking about her theme for 2019 and all things entrepreneurship.  If you're looking for someone to help you build your own business, connect with Kayley using the links below! Kayley's instagram Kayley's facebook Kayley's website As always if you want to be on the show, you can contact me by email at jakemclean@jakespeaks.org or by visiting my website. Don't forget to submit your questions for the show segment "Ask Jake" Music by: Camilo GP - MasterService on Fiverr.com Art by: Sumon on Fiverr.com


27 Jan 2019

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22: Leaving Higher Ed to Build your Online Brand with Kayley Robsham

The Energetics of Business

As some of you might know, I use to work full-time in Student Affairs/Higher Ed before I left to build my online coaching brand. Today, I chat with Kayley Robsham who is another Higher Ed Entrepreneur that broke free from the burnout to build her own business online and now helps other student affairs pros build their now side hustle and full-time businesses online. Follow Kayley here on Instagram: www.instagram.com/authentically.kayley/ Check out her Higher Ed Group Here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/299962847197493/


28 Jun 2018

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Episode #22: Kayley Robsham on Life Coaching & Authenticity

The Higher Ed Geek Podcast

Our guest this episode is Kayley Robsham; life coach, former higher ed professional, and authenticity advocate! Subscribe and listen via iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play. Find the full show notes at higheredgeek.com/podcast Check out our sponsor, Swift Kick, and if you mention Higher Ed Geek, you'll get $500 off their speaking fee. Our podcast is a proud member of the ConnectEDU Podcast Network. Music by pond5.com


11 Apr 2018