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How to Deal with High Conflict People feat. Bill Eddy

Broken Families: Conversations with Barbara La Pointe (Canada) and Andrew Folkler (USA)

In this episode, Barbara and Andrew dive deep into high conflict personalities and who better to lead the discussion than the mind who pioneered The High Conflict Personality Theory, Bill Eddy. Bill Eddy is the co-founder of the High Conflict Institute and the author of powerful books like The Biff Strategy, 5 Types of People who can ruin your Life, Don’t Alienate the Kids!, and Its all your fault: 12 tips for managing people who blame others for everything. Not only has Bill been a family mediator and family lawyer for 15 years, he has also been a licensed clinical social worker for over 12 years.  To access the helpful downloadable document be sure to visit https://www.barbaralapointe.com/podcasts (there is a downloadable document after every episode).  For any inquiries feel free to reach us at barbaralapointe.com To learn more about Bill Eddy, be sure to visit his website at https://www.highconflictinstitute.com/  Be sure to also check out these bonus resources…..How To Write A BIFF Response — High Conflict Institute What to Tell the Kids About a High-Conflict Co-Parent — High Conflict Institute Barbara La Pointe, a Divorce Coach that specializes in high conflict relationships, Narcissistic Personalities and Inherited Family Trauma. Andrew Folkler is a professional writer, Associate producer for Erasing Family documentary and actively volunteers as a guest speaker on Parental Alienation. Andrew experienced PA as a child, he shares his story to help other parents struggling with being estranged from their children.


4 Apr 2021

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196 - Bill Eddy and His Newest Book - BIFF for Co-Parent Communication

Divorce Team Radio - Your Source for Divorce and Family Law Matters

Leh and Todd are excited to have author Bill Eddy back on the show to discuss his new book, BIFF for CoParent Communication. At the time of recording the show, it was  number 1 on Amazon under “Divorce & Separation Family Law.” Check it out by clicking here: BIFF for CoParent Communication.   There are some people that are simply high conflict personalities.  They are difficult to deal with and can make your co-parenting life a living hell, especially when you do not know how to communicate with them.  Apart from being an author and speaker, Bill Eddy is a lawyer, counselor, and mediator.  He started the High Conflict Institute and has written and co-authored sixteen books as of 2020.  In his informative and practical new book, he gives you practical advice on how to handle a high conflict co-parent and what you can do to improve your communication with that person.    If you would like a transcript of this show, you can find it on our website.     If you are enjoying the show, please take a moment to post a positive review about it.  Not sure how? You can read about it here.


22 Mar 2021

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DSG Abuse Mini-Series: How to Communicate with a High-Conflict Co-Parent with Bill Eddy

The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast

This week we are discussing how to communicate with a high-conflict co-parent. Joining me is my guest Bill Eddy. Bill is an attorney, therapist, mediator, author, and the co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of the High Conflict Institute. He pioneered the High Conflict Personality Theory (HCP) and is a leading expert on managing disputes involving people with high conflict personalities. Bill is also the author of BIFF™: Quick Responses to High-Conflict People, and the just-released, BIFF For Coparent Communication. If you are in any kind of high-conflict situation, you need this book. Seriously.  During our conversation, Bill shares his expertise along with tips and techniques to help maneuver difficult co-parent texts, emails, and social media posts. Whether you are in a high-conflict co-parent situation or simply co-parenting with an ex, this episode is full of valuable information you can put to use immediately. Show Highlights High-conflict personalities and keeping high-conflict divorce out of the courtroom. How Bill developed the method of communication he uses in high-conflict situations. Why it is important to be brief when writing emails or written correspondence with a co-parent.  Why you should avoid labeling a co-parent as a blame speaker, high-conflict person, or as someone who has a personality disorder. Plus, what you can do instead.  Some techniques to help turn a high-conflict situation around or at least defuse one. The art of learning how and when to take a PAUSE. How to get information to a co-parent, in a friendly tone, and then end the conversation.  Learn More About Bill: Bill Eddy is an attorney, therapist, mediator, author, and the co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of the High Conflict Institute. He pioneered the High Conflict Personality Theory (HCP) and is a leading expert on managing disputes involving people with high conflict personalities. He was the Senior Family Mediator at the National Conflict Resolution Center for 15 years, a Certified Family Law Specialist lawyer representing clients in family court for 15 years, and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker therapist with twelve years’ experience. He serves on the faculty of the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at the Pepperdine University School of Law in California and is a Conjoint Associate Professor with the University of Newcastle Law School in Australia. He has been a speaker and trainer in over 30 U.S. states and 10 countries and is the author or co-author of sixteen books (as of 2020) and has a popular blog on the Psychology Today website with over 4 million views. Resources & Links: High Conflict InstituteBill on Instagram High Conflict Institute on Facebook The Thrive Fund


4 Mar 2021

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Get Ready to BIFF Your High Conflict Ex with Bill Eddy on The Divorce & Beyond Podcast with Susan Guthrie, Esq. #160

The Divorce and Beyond Podcast with Susan Guthrie, Esq.

In this very special episode, Susan Guthrie speaks with the leading high conflict divorce expert in the world, Attorney, Mediator and Therapist, Bill Eddy, who shares the fundamentals of his BIFF Method for managing communication with a high conflict ex! Whether you are divorcing a narcissist or are embroiled in any difficult relationship, a hallmark of a high conflict case is the flood of hostile calls, emails and texts that are repeatedly sent by one or both of the parties.  This barrage often flows over into social media and into conversations with others.  The constant cycle of conflict is crazy-making and seemingly impossible to control but that was until Bill Eddy and his BIFF method arrived!  With the release of the third book in the BIFF series, "BIFF for Co-Parent Comunication," Bill Eddy helps you to regain a sense of control and peace that will benefit both your life and that of your children.  The BIFF method will help you to craft responses to the hostile communications from your ex that will defuse the conflict and remove you from the cycle.  Simply put, being Brief, Informative, Friendly and Firm (BIFF) is your key to freedom and there is simply no better guide out of the darkness of a high conflict relationship than Bill Eddy! In this episode Bill shares: The simple logic of being brief, informative, friendly and firm and why it works. How YOU decide what kind of response you will receive from your ex. Why you need to absolutely avoid the 3 A's. A simple substitute for saying "I'm sorry . . ." Why Bill says you should get Miranda Rights before you go on social media. AND SO MUCH MORE! This episode is absolute GOLD for anyone experiencing difficulty in communicating with a volatile ex so listen today and start taking your life back one BIFF at a time! Get your copy of "BIFF for Co-Parents: Your Guide to Difficult Coparent Texts, Emails and Social Media Posts" here:  https://amzn.to/3omR1bz More about this week's very special guest:  Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. Co-Founder | Chief Innovation Officer San Diego, California Bill Eddy is a lawyer, therapist, mediator, best-selling author, co-founder, and Chief Innovation Officer of the High Conflict Institute. He pioneered the High Conflict Personality Theory (HCP Theory) and has become an international expert on managing disputes involving high conflict personalities and personality disorders. He provides training to lawyers, judges, mediators, managers, human resource professionals, businesspersons, healthcare administrators, college administrators, homeowners’ association managers, ombudspersons, law enforcement, therapists and others. He has been a speaker and trainer in over 30 U.S. states and 10 countries. Visit the High Conflict Institute to find out more about Bill, the Institute's wealth of resources for managing high conflict relationships and more of Bill's books!  https://www.highconflictinstitute.com/ ********************** SUSAN GUTHRIE, ESQ., the creator and host of The Divorce and Beyond Podcast, is nationally recognized as one of the top family law and divorce mediation attorneys in the country.  She is one of the Co-Chair's of the American Bar Association's DR Section Mediation Committee and is the Founder of Divorce in a Better Way which provides a curated selection of resources and information for those facing divorce and other life changes.  Susan has created a website of curated resources for those facing divorce.  Find out more at www.divorceinabetterway.com. ***************************************************************************** ********************************************* THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSOR! DTOUR.LIFE dtour.life is an easy to navigate system that finally brings much needed technology to an inefficient system. Spouses and family law professionals can now collect the endless data, manage the piles of documents, explore various settlements, detail budgets and most importantly, collaborate with the entire team with a single click. And we built this from the ground up with industry best practices and the most advanced security and encryption technology available.  Be sure to check it out today! SPECIAL OFFER:  Sign up for the FREE TRIAL here:  https://www.dtour.life/sign-up and then use special code "SUSAN20" to receive 20% off the cost of a subscription! *************************************** SIGN UP NOW FOR EARLY ACCESS TO THE DIVORCE & BEYOND MEMBERS ONLY COMMUNITY! Those who register for early access will be able to lock in membership at only $5 per month and one lucky early access member will receive a FREE year of membership! D & B Members Only will receive a number of benefits including: Ad and Interruption Free Podcast Archive BONUS Members Only Podcast Episodes monthly Downloadable Worksheets, Spreadsheets and Other Forms  Access to the "Ask Susan Anything" Forum where you can ask your questions and learn from the answers to others. AND MUCH MORE - SIGN UP FOR YOUR EARLY ACCESS NOW! https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/3MfSy98/earlyaccess ***************************************************************************** SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE! If you would like to sponsor the show please reach out to us at  divorceandbeyondpod@gmail.com for pricing and details!!! ********************************************************************* Remember to follow Susan Guthrie and THE DIVORCE AND BEYOND PODCAST on social media for updates and inside tips and information: Susan Guthrie on Facebook @susanguthrieesq Susan on Instagram @susanguthrieesq Susan on Twitter @guthrielaw Divorce & Beyond Podcast on Instagram @divorceandbeyond Divorce & Beyond Podcast on Twitter @DivorceBeyond If you want to see the video version of the podcast episodes they are available on The Divorce & Beyond YouTube Channel!  Make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss a single episode! Finally, we'd really appreciate it if you would  give us a 5 Star Rating and tell us what you like about the show in a review - your feedback really matters to us!  You can get in touch with Susan at divorceandbeyondpod@gmail.com.  Don't forget to visit the webpage www.divorceandbeyondpod.com and sign up for the free NEWSLETTER to receive a special welcome video from Susan and more!! ***************************************************************************** DISCLAIMER:  THE COMMENTARY AND OPINIONS AVAILABLE ON THIS PODCAST ARE FOR INFORMATIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY AND NOT FOR THE PURPOSE OF PROVIDING LEGAL ADVICE.  YOU SHOULD CONTACT AN ATTORNEY IN YOUR STATE TO OBTAIN LEGAL ADVICE WITH RESPECT TO ANY PARTICULAR ISSUE OR PROBLEM


25 Jan 2021

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#9: Why We Elect Narcissists & Sociopaths | Bill Eddy

Truth Junkie Podcast with Kevin Bates

Today I’m speaking with Bill Eddy who pioneered the High Conflict Personality Theory (HCP). He is both a therapist and a lawyer, practicing law in family court for 15 years and as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for 12 years. He has been an international speaker, has a popular blog on the Psychology Today website with over 3.5 million views, and is the author or co-author of sixteen books including the book we discuss today, Why We Elect Narcissists and Sociopaths And How We Can Stop.In this interview he shared the 4 characteristics of High Conflict Politicians,  why they need  targets of blame, why today’s media is perfect fuel for these personality types, lessons to learn from High Conflict Politicans of the past, how to spot High Conflict Politicians when you vote, and much more....Would love to hear from you! Let me know what you like about the podcast, what you don’t, etc:Email: truthjunkiepodcastwithkevin@gmail.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/truthjunkiepodcastYoutube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIma3aXx3l6UfjvTNM2Bg2A...Go to Bill’s website, The High Conflict Institute.Get his book, Why We Elect Narcissists & Sociopaths And How We Can Stop! on Amazon.

1hr 2mins

27 Oct 2020

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Bill Eddy and Michael Lomax Riffcast

On Conflict Podcast


8 Oct 2020

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Bill Eddy and Michael Lomax on High-Conflict Personalities

On Conflict Podcast

1hr 12mins

23 Jul 2020

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Divorce Dialogues

If you divorced someone with a high-conflict personality, you may be concerned about repeating the same cycle in your next partnership. What steps can you take to reflect on the dynamics of your relationships and develop radar for people with high-conflict personalit


11 Mar 2020

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Divorce Dialogues

Traditionally, alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation and collaborative divorce are seen as a good fit for couples who are civil to each other and simply need a professional to support them in the legal aspects of the process. But Bill Eddy argues that the non-adversarial processes are crucial for high-conflict people navigating divorce.


10 Mar 2020

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Episode 19: Bill Eddy

Figure of Speech

Bill Eddy is teaches speech and debate courses at Magnet Learning Academy, in Irvine, California. A graduate student at Gonzaga University, "Coach Bill" as he is known to his students served as a consultant, professor, research fellow and speech & debate coach for several prestigious universities and academies. While working in the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Korea, his students won NSDA-Korea's national tournament three years in a row. He has earned numerous distinctions as both a competitor and as a coach.•In this episode, Robert and Eddy discuss the joys of coaching in another country, dealing with unethical approaches to forensics, and the fact that debate, once in your blood, never truly leaves.  Listen for free through Apple Podcasts, GooglePlay, Overcast, Podbean, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Bill Eddy on his tropical vacation to Hawaii.

2hr 2mins

5 Feb 2020