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Creating One Business from Multiple Passions - Zanetta Kok

Classy on the Outside

As human beings, we typically have more than one thing we're interested in or super passionate about. It can seem impossible though to create one business or one brand out of those multiple interests--especially when they're not really related. But here's some good news: combining multiple passions into one successful business is totally achievable! Today's guest, Zanetta Kok, who founded Kitty Town Coffee is a shining example of this. She joins us to talk about her entrepreneurial journey in bringing her two passions to life in one fabulous business. Grab the links in the show notes to easily connect with her.


22 Oct 2019

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From Tech To Coffee With Zanetta Kok

The Amaury Abreu Show

Hello! Welcome to Kitty Town Coffee. Kitty Town Coffee was founded by me, Zanetta Kok. I wanted to roast coffee the first time I saw a shiny red coffee roaster sitting in a coffee shop window when I was just 15-years-old. I got the chance after graduating from college when I bought my first popcorn popper from the 1970's off of eBay--the ideal type for roasting coffee.The inspiration for the cat theme was my first cat, Sydney. She was a stray who came to my doorstep one cold night in October of 2014. The two of us were inseparable right away. As a stray she needed a home, but what I didn't realize at the time was that I needed her more. She taught me to take care of myself by making sure that that I took time to be present with her. Her love kept me sane and gave me the strength to accomplish my personal goals.In 2016 we adopted Albert. Sydney taught him everything she knew and the two of them completely took over the house. That's when our house got the nickname, Kitty Town. I was starting to make plans to turn my coffee roasting hobby into a business when Sydney passed away suddenly. When I lost her I knew that I had to start Kitty Town for her. Part of our mission as a company is to find ways to partner with and support the efforts of local animal shelters to make sure that special kitties like Sydney can always find a home.At Kitty Town, we believe in supporting our community and doing things right. We pride ourselves in being a brand that is easy to connect with. We create high quality coffees and offer them at a price that you can afford, because that's the right thing to do. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/amauryabreushow/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/amauryabreushow/support


13 Apr 2019

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Craving Freshly Roasted Coffee, Confidence, and Building a Brand Inspired by Cats with Zanetta Kok

Creative Cravings

How did a craving to live a more fulfilling life and the resurfacing of a distant memory lead our guest, Zanetta, to be the founder of Kittytown, her own coffee company, inspired by cats? This episode is one part “coffee masterclass,” one part words of wisdom for how to take action on your entrepreneurial creative cravings, and one part sharing our love for cats. You’ll be so motivated to start brainstorming more ways to do what you love! Zanetta talked with us while at her coffee roasting industrial manufacturing facility (wow, so legit!). Tune in to hear her 3 ingredients for living life to the fullest, to participate in our creative challenge (hint: it involves setting up a coffee date!), and to learn how you can support the making of this podcast. Love coffee? Love cats? Love creativity? This episode is purrfect for you! Zanetta Kok is the founder of Kitty Town Coffee & KT Coffee (wholesale). Her cat, Albert, inspired The Albert Blend, their most popular coffee that is “a little nutty, a little sweet, and so smooth you'd swear we added cream.” Go to https://www.kittytowncoffee.com/and http://ktcwholesale.com/ to order some, or a sampler of all blends! Food for Thought mentioned in this podcast episode:  Sari & Lauren have a way for you to support the show! Head to ko-fi.com/sariandlauren to buy each of us some coffee (you bet we both need that caffeine for late nights of editing!) What came first — Zanetta’s love of coffee or love of cats? Ever wanted to take a Coffee MasterClass? Here’s a taste of what there is to know! How something new and exciting is happening in her business that allows her to express her culture through coffee Thoughts on how who you spend your time with, (including cats!) greatly impacts who you are and your personal growth Tips and ideas for building a consistent, creative brand We pitched a creative idea to Zanetta to see if she would create a coffee blend inspired by our cat, Gracie (@gracietheprettycitykitty) How building a business and building confidence go hand in hand (or paw in paw) What happens when consumers forget that actual humans run businesses The “lemons to lemon bars” story that helped Zanetta realize what kind of honorable business-woman she is Can you build a company and binge-watch Netflix at the same time?! What is a day-in-the-life like? What is a coffee tasting party? Where is she craving to travel next, and where does she recommend you travel next? She shares some powerful and empowering words of wisdom to encourage all of us to share our unique gifts with the world! Loving what you’re learning (about us, our guests, and yourself)? Leave us a rating & review! Join our email list here at creativecravingspodcast.com (scroll to the bottom) for exclusive info and fun surprises Join an awesome group of people on Facebook at Creative Cravings Community — grab our free 1-page download with a 3 part creative challenge for you there! Enjoy some food photos & recipes, inspiration, and behind the scenes @creative.cravings on Instagram Thanks so much for listening & being a part of this “tribe”! Subscribe so you never miss a 'beet', and connect with us on Facebook to meet other like-minded, entrepreneurial people! If you have any questions for us or comments for the show, click here. Share this episode right meow!

1hr 6mins

8 Apr 2019

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How Cats & Coffee Inspired a Thriving Business - Zanetta Kok

Don't Keep Your Day Job

How did coffee resurrect confidence and courage in a failed entrepreneur? Zanetta Kok, founder of Kitty Town Coffee was feeling lost in a sweet corporate job, a side hustle that had no sales, and a yearning to find fulfillment in her work. She shares how her generosity led to a viral moment, how to trust yourself amongst the doubters, and how raw vulnerability transformed a mob into a supportive community.- Support Zanetta & your coffee fix at KittyTownCoffee.com! Use code Cathy15 for 15% off- Come to our Dreamtopia Workshop for just $99! Use code FLASHSALE at dreamtopiaworkshop.com (code expires January 31 at midnight!)- Join a local DKYDJ meetup group! dontkeepyourdayjob.com/meetup-groups


31 Jan 2019

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