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Love, Forgiveness, and Healing with Danielle LaPorte

Mark Groves Podcast

Themes: Virtuosity, Self-Love, Self-Awareness, Virtue Signaling, Cancel Culture, Transformation, Boundaries, Forgiveness, Narcissism Summary:  Back for the second time is my good friend, Danielle Laporte. Danielle is an author, speaker, podcaster and a member of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100, a group who, in Oprah Winfrey’s words, “is uniquely connecting the world together with a spiritual energy that matters.” In this episode, Danielle and I chat about allll the things, including true, embodied virtuosity, virtue signaling, cancel culture, boundaries, narcissism and how to be loving in a world that’s waking up. Danielle is the author of The Fire Starter Sessions, The Desire Map, White Hot Truth, and producer of dozens of meditation kits and online programs for spiritual support. Her most recent book, How To Be Loving…when your heart is breaking open and the world is waking up, is also an Audiobook + ebook, with a companion deck and journal. Danielle is the creator of the Heart Centered Membership and the Heart Centered Leadership Program with 400+ leaders in 30 countries hosting conversation circles, retreats, and workshops in all kinds of communities and businesses. Her podcast, With Love, Danielle, often ranks in iTunes’ top 10 for wellness. Most of her offerings—from the Heart Centered Membership to her online classes—are on a pay what you choose basis. Named one of the Top 100 Websites for Women by Forbes, millions of people a month visit DanielleLaPorte.com. Discover: Having reverence for your shadow and the parts of yourself you dislike Our thoughts on virtue signaling and what it truly means to be virtuous The absurdity of cancel culture A theory on why there’s tyranny and evil in the world Setting boundaries from a loving and healed place Forgiving yourself and others (even if you feel like they’re unforgivable) Things to reflect on if you’ve been with a narcissist 00:00 Intro   03:45 The turning point in Danielle’s work  07:51 Loving what you hate about yourself 11:52 Psychological virtue 15:04 Virtue signaling 22:08 Cancel culture 27:07 Theory about tyranny 31:57 How To Be Loving 37:59 Boundaries 43:18 Forgiving the unforgivable 46:27 Narcissism 48:28 Overidentification 51:22 Becoming radiant Links: Website | daniellelaporte.com Instagram | @daniellelaporte Book | How To Be Loving... when your heart is breaking open and the world is waking up Podcast | With Love, Danielle Sponsors: LMNT | LMNT is a tasty electrolyte drink mix that replaces vital electrolytes without sugars and dodgy ingredients found in conventional sports drinks. Get a FREE LMNT Sample Pack with any purchase at drinklmnt.com/createthelove Create the Love Cards | Use code CTLCARDS15 for 15% off at createthelove.com/cards See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


9 Jan 2023

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[LOVE] Ep.285 How to Be More Loving with Danielle LaPorte

You Turn Podcast w/ Ashley Stahl

How loving are you to yourself? This week Ash talks with an incredible guest, Danielle LaPorte. Danielle is a member of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100, author, Creator of the Heart Centered Membership, and Podcast host with immense value to share. Life can be stressful, high stakes, and leave you feeling exhausted. But it doesn't have to be that way! Danielle is here to share how to be more loving towards yourself, others, and life in general.  Danielle and Ash talk through spiritual bypassing, shadow work, stepping out of judgment, and so much more. This episode is equal parts soulful, spiritual and practical. Tune in to turn your heart on.  In This Episode, You’ll Learn: How to remove spiritual snobbery and step into living with love. How to step out of judgment and projection and into compassion. Shadow work: what it is, why it matters and how to work with this aspect of yourself.  Understanding spiritual bypassing. Connect with Danielle LaPorte: Get Her New Book: How To Be More Loving by Danielle LaPorte @daniellelaporte https://www.instagram.com/daniellelaporte/?hl=en Sponsors: Do you want luscious hair, dewy skin and strong nails? Get the Collagen Ellixer Beauty Bundle Visit ashleystahl.com/collagen and subscribe for 15% off + Shipping perks! Athletic Greens: Ready to reclaim your health and arm your immune system with nutrition? Visit athleticgreens.com/YOUTURN to get a FREE 1 year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase.  SOUL CBD Here is something just for you to sleep more deeply, reduce stress and heal anxiety.  Visit ashleystahl.com/soul and use the code YOUTURN at checkout for 15% off your order! Connect with Ash: https://www.instagram.com/ashleystahl/ Take a FREE Quiz to Discover Your Most Authentic Career Path: https://www.ashleystahl.com/freequiz/

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21 Dec 2022

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Danielle LaPorte: How To Be More Loving

A Life of Greatness

Is love a single source of expression, or can it move us in ways beyond our comprehension? Joining Sarah Grynberg is author and spiritual teacher of love, Danielle LaPorte, who regularly speaks about the intelligence of the heart and what happens when we have the courage to tune into it deeply and let go of our social conditioning. In this wholehearted conversation, Sarah and Danielle discuss using suffering to get to joy; how to move through betrayal and wrongdoing by another; and how to pour more of our own light onto the world. If you wish to learn the ins and outs of how love’s energy truly works; and how to think and practice love in a brand-new way, then let this genuine chat and Danielle’s honest words not only help you cultivate the levels of love you wish to manifest in your life; but serve as a reminder: that authentic healing, transformation, and freedom are always within you if you dare to look inwards. Follow Sarah for more wisdom and inspiration: Instagram: instagram.com/sarahgrynberg Website: https://sarahgrynberg.com/ Facebook: facebook.com/sarahgrynberg Twitter: twitter.com/sarahgrynberg YouTube: youtube.com/sarahgrynberg See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


12 Dec 2022

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Danielle LaPorte on Breaking Your Heart Open, Self-Acceptance, + Embodying Love

Your Own Magic

"Spirituality is the practice of thinking with love" - just one of the many nuggets of gold from today's special guest, Danielle LaPorte. Danielle is a bestselling author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and blogger. She's also one of the few magical humans I had on my "YOM manifestation list" before the podcast launched in 2017. I fell in love with her work from the Desire Map, and now I'm feeling blessed and honored to talk with her about her new heart-opening book, How to Be Loving: as your heart is breaking open and our world is waking up. In this episode, we talk about self-acceptance, self-compassion, the 7 virtues, letting go of resistance, the world waking up, the world as a reflection of ourselves, holy anger, shame, reverence, inner child work, breaking our hearts open, embodying love, and - of course - how to be loving. Enjoy Danielle's Magic!SPONSOR'S SPECIAL OFFERS herenew sponsorship system - may not have been addressed in the introCONNECT WITH DANIELLEdaniellelaporte.comig @daniellelaportetw @daniellelaportefb Danielle LaPorteyt Danielle LaPorteNEW BOOKHow to Be Loving: as your heart is breaking open and our world is waking up.CONNECT WITH RAQUELLEig @raquellemantra (taking an ig break rn)Spotify shakti playlist tiktok @raquellemantrafb page /yourownmagicfb group your own magicYOM Retreat III with Raquelle + Bree apply hereSubmit a topic/question hereMY NEW SHOPeyesofaspen.comJOIN THE Your Own Magic Private Facebook GroupJOIN ‘YOUR OWN MAGIC’ yourownmagic.lifeMembership site with guided meditations, journaling prompts,+ more spiritual toolsHas YOM helped or inspired you in any way?If you feel the nudge, leave a rating and review.Your support helps us and means so much. Thank you!Create your podcast with the same host I use - RedCircleYOUR OWN MAGIC SPONSORS~ 2022 ~SPONSOR'S SPECIAL OFFERS herenew sponsorship system - may not have been addressed in the introSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/your-own-magic/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


24 Oct 2022

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327 - How to Be More Loving with Danielle LaPorte

The Marie Forleo Podcast

What if those negative feelings you try to suppress could actually set you free? In this emotionally-rich episode, Danielle Laporte will guide you through two practical exercises to shift your vibration, fast. Listen now and learn why “positive thinking” does more harm than good, the unexpected antidote to conflict and stress, and how to love yourself and others — no matter what.


18 Oct 2022

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552. How Heartbreak Opens Our Experience with Danielle LaPorte

Almost 30

An established, respected voice in our space and major personal inspiration for the show, author and speaker, Danielle LaPorte, drops in for this, her second appearance with K+L. Fresh off her latest book release, How To Be Loving, the chat is free-flowing – bursting with love, wisdom, and all of the divine forgiveness in between (catch a thoughtful deep dive on that concept within).Danielle touches on Krista’s recent theme of empathic living, the depth and meaning of feelings and how to best process them, and her spiritual practice of simplicity. As ever, Almost 30 is honored to share the airwaves with a personal hero and so happy to hear that she joins us from a place of strength and clarity as her newest work hits bookshelves. Danielle has so much positive energy to share; you’ll want to soak up as much as you can from this one.We also talk about:Inspirations for her new bookFeeling great is not the end goalAsking ourselves a new questionFeeling the feelingsThe divine power of forgivenessLove as a virtueHow heartbreak opens our experienceUnconditioning the mindSimplifying your lifeResources:Read: How To Be Loving by Danielle LaPorteRead other work by Danielle LaPorteInstagram: @daniellelaporteWebsite: daniellelaporte.comJoin our community:almost30.com/membershipfacebook.com/Almost30podcast/groupsPodcast disclaimer can be found by visiting: almost30.com/disclaimer. Find more to love at almost30.com!Almost 30 is edited by Crate Media.Mentioned in this episode:Modern Fertility | Get $30 off your fertility test when you go to ModernFertility.com/ALMOST30.De Lune | Leave bad periods behind with De Lune. Get 23% off your order and free shipping with code 'ALMOST30' at cyclehealth.com/almost30.Native | Go to NativeDEO.com/ALMOST30 or use promo code 'ALMOST30' at checkout for 20% off your first order.Athletic Greens | Visit athleticgreens.com/almost30 to take control of your health.SriMu | Use code ALMOST30 for 20% off all single orders, and 20% off your first 4 orders when you sign up for a subscription, at SriMu.com.

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11 Oct 2022

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Danielle LaPorte: Only You Can End Your Suffering – How To Be Loving, Despite Adversity & Pain #433

The Life Stylist

Danielle LaPorte is back on the show this week, having experienced a (failed) cancellation attempt and living to tell the world of her learnings from it. The truth is, as much as the cult-like mentality wants to paint things as black and white, they almost never are.  In this one, Danielle distinguishes between the hard truths and hypocritical falsehoods that made themselves clear during the process – and where she acknowledges gray areas in between. As a global thought leader on spiritualism and personal evolution, there’s no one better to break down this toxic new appendage on modern society. The topic brings us, inevitably, back to the cycle of trauma and healing, which unearths another deeply personal story I had yet to share on the podcast before today. Heads up, this episode was conducted more in the spirit of a dialogue rather than a classic Q&A interview, but I think you’ll enjoy the, at times, very raw back and forth that Danielle and I share. You can access her many teachings via The Heart Centered Leadership Program and Heart Centered Membership. And be sure to pre-order her new book, How To Be Loving, which expands upon many of the important themes we discuss today. 00:09:47 — Teaching the World How To Be Loving Pre-order How To Be Loving The current global colonic  Resilience vs. toughness  Hypocritical nature of cancel culture  False power of virtue signaling  Commenting on the work of Anita Roddick Dealing with a cancellation attempt 00:42:55 — Karma, Forgiveness & Spiritual Evolution Danielle’s POV on karma The power in asking for forgiveness Luke shares a story of amends  The love and harmony of forgiveness  Forgiving the seemingly unforgivable  Wound-to-healing sequence Support victims of trafficking: AllyGlobal.org Considering a world with no contrast  01:19:43 — Honoring the Inner Battle Field Reckoning with the virtue of harmlessness Acquiring the tools to dissolve inner torture  Loving our neurosis  Honoring the map that we came in with  Heal Thyself! Don't Let Your Trauma Become Your Drama with Mastin Kipp #201 01:30:56 — Ceremonial Psychedelic Substance Use Luke’s introduction to iowaska  Making a distinction between medicine and miracle  Small moments of enlightenment Integrating lessons from all methodologies into your daily experience  Recalling the journey of Byron Katie Recalling the journey of Eckhart Tolle 01:46:54 — Danielle’s Latest Book & Programs Pre-order How To Be Loving The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte The Heart Centered Leadership Program Exercises for dissolving polarization and living in reflection Heart Centered Membership  Choose your own adventure spiritual tools DanielleLaPorte.com More about this episode. Watch on YouTube. Don’t miss the Off-Grid Homestead Bundle. I’ve partnered with dozens of fellow creators to put together the ultimate one-stop shop for learning how to start a homestead, go off-grid, and cultivate a sustainable life for you and your family. For a limited time – September 16-25 – get the Off-Grid Homestead Bundle for a wild 99% OFF. That’s only $50 for 100+ handpicked courses, available at LukeStorey.com/OffGrid. THIS SHOW IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: INSIDE TRACKER. When you do what you love – like running, like racing, like enjoying the great outdoors – you want to do it for life. InsideTracker can help. InsideTracker was founded in 2009 by leading scientists in aging, genetics, and biometrics. Using their patented algorithm, InsideTracker analyzes your body's data to provide you with a clear picture of what's going on inside you and to offer you science-backed recommendations for positive diet and lifestyle changes. Then InsideTracker tracks your progress every day, every step of the way toward reaching your performance goals and living a longer, healthier life. You can get 25% off the entire InsideTracker store for a limited time by going to: insidetracker.com/luke. AND... SLEEPME. 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Resources Heart Centered Membership: Choose your own adventure spiritual tools The Heart Centered Leadership Program: Exercises for dissolving polarization Read: How To Be Loving Read: The Fire Starter Sessions Read: The Desire Map  Podcast: With Love, Danielle White Hot Truth Book Club Are you ready to block harmful blue light, and look great at the same time? Check out Gilded By Luke Storey. Where fashion meets function: gildedbylukestorey.com Join me on Telegram for the uncensored content big tech won’t allow me to post. It’s free speech and free content: www.lukestorey.com/telegram Related Episodes Lessons Of A Lightworker: From Illumination To Liberation with Danielle Laporte #161

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20 Sep 2022

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DANIELLE LAPORTE: Bestselling author shares her heart and talks seeing life through the gaze of love!

Get Real with Caroline Hobby

This week, I get real with Danielle LaPorte. Danielle is a bestselling author and exudes such a loving and calming nature. She is all about self acceptance, love, and inclusiveness. In this episode, we talk all about:• Her book, "How To Be Loving," and the inspiration behind it• Life's smoke and mirrors• The importance of peace• Learning to simplify your own and life's complexities• How to figure love outDanielle has such a pure and deep sense of knowingness and I just know you will love her spirit and soul as much as I already do. I cannot wait for you to listen to this episode and stay tuned for our How-To Minisode on Thursday!You can preorder her book, "How To Be Loving," HERE: https://daniellelaporte.com/howtobeloving/See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


5 Sep 2022

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Danielle LaPorte on How to Be Loving & Open the Portal to Your Higher Consciousness

The Cathy Heller Podcast

How can you unlock the door to your vast consciousness of love for yourself and others? Danielle LaPorte, bestselling author, entrepreneur, speaker, and blogger is back to guide you through the biggest lessons from her upcoming book, How to Be Loving. She teaches you how to find out what your inner child needs, how to place loving boundaries on negative people, how to make the most of the powerful tool that is your heart, and how to enter the infinity loop of giving and receiving. - Join Cathy for her retreat in Malibu, August 1-3! Cathyheller.com/retreat - Preorder Danielle's new book, How To Be Loving! https://daniellelaporte.com/howtobeloving/ - Danielle's website https://daniellelaporte.com/ - Follow Danielle on Instagram @daniellelaporte - Join Danielle's Heart Centered Membership https://daniellelaporte.mykajabi.com/heart-centered-2021 - Listen to Danielle's podcast With Love, Danielle https://daniellelaporte.com/listen-podcasts/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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7 Jul 2022

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The Sam Skelly Show

If you’ve ever wondered how to heal when you feel lost or disconnected from yourself or your purpose, then this episode with Danielle LaPorte is for you! Especially if you resonate with being a leader or heart-centered entrepreneur who wants to be of service and feel fulfilled. I was honored to have Danielle (a fellow Vancouverite!) join me to jam on all things divinity embodied, living your purpose, and finding peace through simplicity.  In this conversion, she was brave enough to share her biggest lessons from overcoming her Dark Night 4 years ago and why she believes doing more and more self-help work isn’t always the answer. Danielle is a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100. Over 5 million people a month visit DanielleLaPorte.com, which Forbes named one of the “Top 100 Websites for Women”. Her podcast, With Love, Danielle ranks in iTunes’ Top 10 for wellness. She is also the creator of the Heart Centered Membership + Leaders Program, and has a new book coming out in Fall 2022 called “How to be Loving”. In this episode, Danielle LaPorte also shares: What’s “Swadharma” and how it’s different from Dharma The anatomy of a “Dark Night” and what she learned from hers The intersection between business and spirituality For full show notes, resources, and links: https://www.hungryforhappiness.com/episode-237 Now accepting applications for the next Pause Breathwork Facilitator Training! Go to https://www.pausebreathwork.com/ to apply today. Get the Pause Breathwork App: https://pausebreathwork.com/app The Sam Skelly Show combines personal development, deep conversations, and comedy to shake up the way you connect with yourself and the world. Be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, so you don't miss an episode!


12 May 2022