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PJ Nestler: Impact Over Significance

Invictus Mindset

Host Bryce Smith sits down with the Director of Performance for XPT Life, PJ Nestler. Listen as PJ talks about XPT and practice of performance breathing. We can follow along as PJ walks us through his journey to finding coaching and XPT. He talks about the power of consistency and how the ability to make something simple can be the ultimate sophistication. Breath, move and recover as you listen and learn with PJ Nestler.

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7 Jul 2021

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AH185: PJ Nestler

Alpha Hippie Podcast

Coach PJ is a human performance specialist with over 13 years of experience preparing top athletes from the UFC, NFL, and NHL for competition. Outside of training top athletes, Coach PJ is devoted to education, sharing his knowledge and experience with the purpose of elevating the fitness profession. In his role as Director of Performance for XPT, Coach PJ's focus entails researching & developing educational curriculums around XPT’s Breathe-Move-Recover pillars and teaching certification programs for health & fitness professionals around the world.Connect with PJInstagram: @xptlife | @coachpjnestlerWebsite: www.xptlife.comWhat to expect:In this episode, PJ and Angelo dive into a bunch of different areas of training that include the power of breathing, the power of mentorship and ways to reach your full potential. With PJ’s background as a high performance athletic coach, he gives different perspectives on these topics that are relatable and can be implemented into your everyday life.(1:42 - 7:36) PJ walks us thru a breathing exercise (Warning: DON’T DRIVE)(10:25 - 13:07) PJ unveils his discovery to power of breathing(13:50 - 16:22) The main focus and mastery when it comes to breathing for training. (50:22 - 58:36) PJ talks about his vision in creating an athletic pyramid.(1:08:55 - 1:15:15) The biggest challenge we face as humans to reach our potential.(1:18:30 - 1:24:20) Finding the fine line between properly using technology in the fitness world.Connect with Angelo & Alpha Hippie:WebsiteInstagramFacebookFree Facebook GroupSubscribe to the Alpha Hippie Podcast:Apple PodcastsSpotifyIf you are called to support the podcast, please share the show with a friend!!! This is the best way to spread the message ❤️🙏🏼

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15 Mar 2021

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Use Breath Awareness To Bust Stress, Improve Performance, and Enhance Recovery with PJ Nestler

Mi-Fit Podcast

This week on the show I chat with Human Performance Specialist PJ Nestler. PJ has trained dozens of athletes from the UFC, NFL, NHL, and MLB and he has become a leader in combat sports performance training having worked with over 100 professional fighters. He is currently the Director of Sports Performance for XPT Life where his role entails researching and developing educational curriculums around XPT’s Breathe-Move-Recover pillars and teaching certification programs for coaches and trainers. What I admire most about PJ is his holistic outlook towards training clients. PJ does a phenomenal job looking at the athlete/client through a lifestyle lens and helps to guide them towards living a healthy and active life. Topics-Understanding the XPT lifestyle-Being a curious coach-5 Pillars of health and wellness-The importance of connection-Breath Work-Down regulating post workoutFollow PJIG @coachpjnestlerYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/coconutpete24Website: https://www.xptlife.comIf you enjoyed this show be sure to leave a rating, review, and refer a friend. Your feedback and ratings energize me and help boost our numbers the rankings. Thank you for listening!

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26 Jan 2021

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#103 with PJ Nestler – Director of Performance @xptlife, breathwork expert and FitLab Head of Performance

Sleep Eat Perform Repeat

Today we spoke with PJ Nestler – Director of Performance @xptlife, breathwork expert and FitLab Head of Performance Coach and educator PJ is a human performance specialist with over a decade of experience of preparing athletes for competition and optimising athletic potential in the mind and body. He has become a leader in combat sports performance training, and has worked with pro athletes from the NHL, MLB, NFL and UFC. He now identifies himself as a teacher and enjoys educating and developing through XPT Life, a performance programme created by Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece. XPT Life is a performance lifestyle system that focuses on breath, movement and recovery methods - and we highly recommend you checking out their content and app. In this episode PJ opens up on his fascination with the training process, and his S&C and performance coaching career to date, which is fascinating and inspiring. PJ tells us what makes great coaches to create buy-in and communicate with athletes - and why adaptability and curiosity is so important. We talk programming, exercise selection and specificity, mindset and efficiency of habits. It is fascinating hearing PJ's transformation from 'coach' to education with XPT, and why systemisation is crucial for success. Also - how he differentiates between performance and high performance. Thanks for joining us PJ, elevating and educating the fitness profession consistently...and good luck with your future projects.


18 Jan 2021

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46 | PJ Nestler, Director of Performance at XPT Life & FitLab

The Momentous Podcast

Our guest today is performance-expert, PJ Nestler. PJ is the Director of Performance at FitLab and at XPT Life.  XPT is a performance lifestyle company, founded by Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece, which uses the pillars of Breathe, Move, Recover to help people become more versatile and resilient humans.  PJ brings well over a decade of experience training athletes ranging from the UFC, NFL, NHL, MLB and is a regular speaker on subjects in human performance. In this episode, PJ and Matt discussed PJ’s career in the fitness industry, training UFC athletes, what it takes to keep a fighter prepared, and what makes a good coach.  They also talked about PJ’s role at XPT and FitLab.Find PJ:InstagramYoutubeFacebookTwitterFind Momentous:LiveMomentousInstagramFacebookTwitterYoutube


9 Sep 2020

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Making Physical Performance Accessible with XPT's Pj Nestler and Mark Roberts

The Gabby Reece Show

Today's show is with two talented and successful Human Performance Coaches Mr. PJ Nestler and Mr. Mark Roberts.  I have been working with both of them for several years, and their ability to take elite and high end information and break it down for everyday use is exceptional. They walk the walk, talk the talk and care about finding ways to make being more high performance achievable for a wider group more people.  These two are smart, funny and i love them both as people. Enjoy! XPTLife.com Sakara is offering our listeners 20% off their first order when they go to Sakara.com/gabby or enter code gabby at checkout. Go to ​oseamalibu.com/​gabbyreece for $10 off your first purchase of $50 or more. Free shipping for US orders orders of $75+, and free samples with every order. Check out Clean Cause and take 20% off your next purchase at cleancause.com using code GABBY Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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7 Sep 2020

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441 PJ Nestler - Director of Performance, XPT

The WODcast Podcast

PJ is a leader in sports performance training. He has trained dozens of athletes from the NFL, NHL and MLB and has worked extensively with over 100 fighters, including multiple Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champions and Top 10 ranked UFC fighters. Through the application of his progressive training philosophy and unique approach to every situation, Coach PJ continues to raise the bar for fitness professionals. He has emerged as a sought-after expert in human performance and trainer education. Exclusive to WODcast listeners, From our friends at Ritual Zero Proof Beverage: Crafted of all-natural blended botanicals, Ritual whiskey, gin and tequila alternatives deliver the flavor, aroma, and burn of classic spirits -- but without the alcohol. Go to ritualzeroproof.com and use the promo code wodcast for 20% off your first purchase. NATIVE: Switch to Native Deodorant today by going to NativeDeo.com/wodcast or use promo code wodcast at checkout, and get 20% off your first order. EAT THE 80: Get delicious prepared meals delivered to your door with Eat The 80's healthy meal plans. Preservative Free, All Natural Protein, Gluten Free, Farm to Table Fresh We're running a Whole30 special all month. We have a bunch of new Whole30 approved meals on the menu and all new subscribers get 25% off their first meal. Go to eatthe80.com and use code SEPTWHOLE30.

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2 Sep 2020

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#60 - PJ Nestler

Pardon Me with Christian Lucero

Guest - PJ Nestler, XPT coach stops by to talk to Christian about contrast therapy and the science behind it all.

1hr 18mins

26 Aug 2020

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The Cutting Edge On Breath Work & Recovery ft. PJ Nestler

The Michael Caz Podcast

PJ Nestler is the Director of Performance at Extreme Performance Training (XPT), otherwise known as the breath guy. Breathing is the foundation of life. It is also the first step in enhancing health, performance, and longevity. In this episode we’re talking about how correcting your breathing habits can help you reach new levels in health and performance for any activity or application. PJ shares some of his proven breathing methods that he’s used while training UFC fighters, as well as some of his favorite breathing techniques to help you kick start your day. Take a deep breath, find somewhere comfortable, and enjoy the show. Topics: 09:40 - XPT 18:36 - Getting into breath work 22:00 - Breathing for performance  28:10 - Sympathetic vs parasympathetic  29:55 - Breathing protocol 51:10 - Parasympathetic down regulation protocol  57:30 - Mindful meditation vs. breathing protocols  69:20 - Breathe and emotions 73:30 - Mouth tape Books: The Oxygen Advantage - McKeown Resources: XPT Website  MyoTape XPT Life App PJ’s Instagram Reviews:  Click here to leave me a review Follow us: Instagram Facebook Website YouTube

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27 Jul 2020

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E64 | PJ Nestler: The Role of Breath in Performance

The Art Of Coaching

2020 Apprenticeships: These are highly interactive 2 day workshops where professionals of all kinds can rehearse for and refine their strategies for life's biggest moments. Whether it is a contract negotiation, interpersonal conflict, hiring new staff or leading a team in general The Apprenticeship™ is focused on creating a new type of educational experience for today's leaders that is execution focused. We will be hosting our Apprenticeship's in the following cities: Atlanta, GA:  April 18th & 19th Chicago, IL: May 2nd & 3rd Perth, Australia:  May 16th & 17th Renton, WA: June 13th & 14th Santa Monica, CA: June 27th & 28th Charleston, SC: July 25th & 26th Please see these links below for more details! Have more questions about The Apprenticeship™? Check out our FAQ page: https://artofcoaching.com/the-apprenticeship-faqs/ Want to host an Art of Coaching Apprenticeship™? visit https://artofcoaching.com/apprenticeship/ and fill out the form and we will get right on it! This information is kept free by our partnership with Momentous. To learn more about Momentous and what they do to help our community go to livemomentous.com/brett. As part of the Art of Coaching audience, you can receive $20 off your 1st order of Momentous by using code BRETT20 at checkout. (Minimum purchase amount of $50). Coach PJ is a human performance specialist with over a decade of experience preparing top athletes for competition, and a life mission to help athletes and coaches realize their true potential. Over the past ten years, Coach PJ has trained dozens of athletes from the UFC, NFL, NHL and MLB. His passion for combat sports and commitment to excellence, has driven him to become a leader in combat sports performance training. He has worked extensively with over 100 fighters, including multiple Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champions and Top 10 ranked UFC fighters Outside of training top athletes, Coach PJ is devoted to sharing his knowledge and experience, with the purpose of elevating the fitness profession. Topics discussed with PJ today: How PJ evolved early in his career and developed his own system of educating coaches & trainers Understanding how PJ invests his time and resources into developing his educational courses The difficulty of helping clients understand the psychological side of PJ's training The breathing tools given to athletes to down-regulate fear and anxiety Discrediting the early adopters of every new fad and understanding the context of peer-reviewed research Reach out to PJ: Via website: xptlife.com Via Instagram: @coachpjnestler Via YouTube: XPT Life Don't forget to check-out and download our new free resources.Join our exclusive group of fellow Art of Coaching Podcast listeners and have your voice heard!https://www.facebook.com/groups/artofcoachingcommunity Podcast Reflection Sheets: https://artofcoaching.com/podcastreflections How to Find a Mentor Guide: https://artofcoaching.com/findamentor Sign up for my course: https://courses.artofcoaching.com/signup Follow me on social media: Via Instagram: @coach_BrettB Via Twitter: @coach_BrettB Subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChxkPJr4WMhAeQUlOu6ld-w Learn More About My Courses, Clinics, and Live Events At: artofcoaching.com

1hr 17mins

20 Feb 2020