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Ep 94 - How To Boost Your Organic Reach on Social with Guest Expert David Doyle

The Digital Marketing Scoop

This week on the Digital Marketing Scoop we speak to local expert David Doyle all about how you can grow your local business and boost your organic reach on social. David has worked with two fantastic local brands and has been instrumental in growing the business through organic social. You can connect with David on any of his social handles:LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/doyle12david/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/doyle12david/Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Doyle12DavidThis episode of the Digital Marketing Scoop is brought to you by the team in Cliq Media & Marketing. For more marketing tips follow us on Instagram @cliq.ie or LinkedIn, Cliq Media & Marketing. 


18 Feb 2021

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From Microsoft to Open Data Manager in Local Government with David Doyle

When Science Speaks

David Doyle is the author of a new book, "Ask What You Can Do", a valuable resource for anyone thinking about entering public service, particularly local government and especially if you’re a scientist, engineer, or technologist coming from the private sector.  David is a passionate believer in the power of data and technology to help us understand and solve the world’s biggest challenges. He’s fascinated by issues at the intersection of technology, data and public policy and generates new knowledge that he shares through public speaking, teaching, and writing.  In this episode of the show, Mark and David discuss a range of topics, including: The career growth and networking benefits of working in government How gaining public and private sector experience can position you in the key role of translator between government and corporate decision-makers Why David believes local government may be entering a prolonged phase of technological transformation. How David thinks the leadership responsibilities performed by local governments during the pandemic will impact the pace of technology adoption in local government and also the level of interest of technologists in entering public service The types of scientific and technology training that is particularly needed within local government and where in public service he sees exciting and meaningful career development opportunities for scientists and engineers


9 Oct 2020

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David Doyle ( Personal) The Magic Carpet

" I'm Telling "

David Doyle tells a story during a Personal Storytelling class at South Mountain Community College. If you want to learn how to be a storyteller, please visit our website at https://www.southmountaincc.edu/academics/storytelling


14 May 2020

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David Doyle, Renal Warrior from Canada. Living with T1D and overcoming battle with ESRD.


David Doyle, kidney transplant recipient on the May of 2018. David has been T1D patient for the last 37 years, which lead to the development of Kidney Disease and eventually Kidney Failure. In the podcast David shared his experience facing ESRD, going through dialysis for 8 years and overcoming all the struggles and complications of kidney failure.  In his experience with PD, David went through the difficult times and multiple hospitalizations. After three years on the peritoneal dialysis David went through the severe infection which lead to the serious setbacks in this preparation for the transplant.  David had to shift to Hemodialysis and allocated much more time community to a dialysis clinic. This necessary change in shifting from PD to HD had an overall positive impact on David's Recovery. Even Hemodialysis was the right choice for David at that time, still it took him almost 5 years to get qualified for the Kidney Transplant. David felt very grateful and blessed receiving the kidney transplant as his quality of life had significantly improved overnight.  David felt especially appreciate of this caregiver sister, who played an active role in his health and appointment management. His sister was his motivation and a support system that kept him fighting for life! After Post Transplant David Started support group on Facebook: " Kidney Advocate 2019 and Frank"   Find us by name: " Kidney Health Interview" on •iTunes Podcast •Spotify• Facebook


8 Feb 2020

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Episode 151: David Doyle, Gay Latter-day Saint, RM, Stake Executive Secretary, Age 48

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler

My friend David Doyle calls in from the Tampa Florida area to share his story as a gay Latter-day Saint. It a beautiful and sometimes difficult story. David talks about the years before his mission, the years after his mission until age 40, and then coming out to his Ward/Stake leadership and family. David shares some of the wonderful things his Stake President has done to help LGBTQ members feel welcome. David also shares his positive interaction Elder Joaquin E. Costa (see https://nerdygaymormon.tumblr.com/post/159164583009/so-do-you-remember-the-guy-in-yesterdays-general) David is one of my new heroes for all his is doing to Come Unto Christ and navigate a very difficult road. David has very helpful insights that will give our LGBTQ members hope and help all of us better minister to our LGBTQ members. At 1:17 David has some helpful insights into Temple Recommend Question #7. Thanks for sharing your journey David. You are a great man and I’m glad to have you on the podcast.

1hr 30mins

13 Jul 2019

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Episode 78: Executive Producer David Doyle is About to Break over Winning Emmys , Performing Comedy Clubs & Rediscovering Magic as an Adult.

Chasing Wonder

David Doyle is a four-time Emmy® Award-winning producer with a depth of experience in a variety of genres having developed and produced original factual and entertainment projects with numerous broadcast and cable networks. In addition he spent years working the road as a Stand-up Comedian before making the switch to TV Production. In this episode David and I discuss: David is the only magician I know who loves sports Being Dodger fans as kids Having a shop teacher that did magic The Magic Castle junior group was amazing for kids like us Getting to meet Steve Martin Making 60 Grand when he was 17 Giving up Magic for Stand-Up Giving up Stand-up for TV Working the Road, Working for Dick Clark, Working for Michael Seligman Printing business cards for the job you want to have … and realizing there is still more to do. Love the show? Why not become a producer? For $1 or more a month you can become a part of the team
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20 Jun 2018

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Ep. 34- Entertainer, Jester, & Acrobat David Doyle

The Gingerosity Podcast

"I got rid of shame a long time ago." After a much needed break last week, this week Daniel sat down one on one with the man behind "Pester the Jester" and "High Flying Fools"- David Doyle! They talk about going pro, living life in a tent, performing for children, and why deer suck!Go visit David Doyle's website at: DavidDoyleEntertainment.comOr Find High Flying Fools on Facebook HERE.---------------------------------------------------- This episode was brought to you by the Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire, going on for 3 weekends from June 21st to July 6th in Ansonia, CT. A plethora of vendors, great food, live entertainment and an immersive fantasy environment that will Inspire Imagination in all Ages. Go to www.MFRenFaire.com for info!This episode is also brought to you by Pi-Con! June 27-29, 2014 in Enfield Connecticut, is a friendly little scifi convention featuring guest of honor Allen Steele. It is like a pleasant weekend vacation with a couple hundred geeky friends, featuring panels, performances, board game room, ConCardia and more. Preregistration is only $40 for the full weekend, and you can find more info at www.pi-con.org This episode is also brought to you by Phoenix Swords! Make your next event amazing with live sword combat, fire shows, and arms demonstrations. Go to PhoenixSwords.com for info and tell them a Ginger sent ya!  And please follow us on Facebook and Twitter @TheGingerosity and don't forget to subscribe to us and review us on ITunes!


28 Jun 2014