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The Choreographic Mindset of Marketing with Dani Kimble

99MPH with Perci Garner

The Choreographic Mindset of Marketing with Dani Kimble


1 Jun 2021

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3. HR Like a Boss with Dani Kimble

HR Like a Boss

About HR Like a Boss In late 2018, John began working on a presentation centered around the key concept that the best human resources professionals he knows have a unique understanding of the financial and business side of their organizations. In fact, some of the best are business people first and human resources professionals second. After delivering the fourth presentation to a local SHRM chapter the idea for writing a book was born. And everyone knows the best way to write a book about gaining expertise is to talk to the experts. These chats build the foundation for "HR Like a Boss" the book while providing game-changing advice from those conducting human resources "like a boss."  Watch the "HR Like a Boss" presentation at PHRA in 2019. About Dani Kimble Dani Kimble is the Chief Marketing Officer at O’Neill Insurance and works with her team to help thousands of businesses and families in Northeast Ohio protect their financial assets each year. She’s spent the last few years establishing the organization’s digital footprint through SEO, video marketing, social media, and content marketing. She’s also transformed the agency brand to center around its culture – and aims to humanize the brand experience through the power of digital marketing. Dani is also a passionate advocate for the customer – and is working alongside her team to enhance the customer experience through the organization’s communication efforts. Dani holds a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Akron and a Master of Education from Temple University. She lives in Doylestown, Ohio with her husband Zach, and their three children. To learn more about our services, visit: https://willory.com/services/--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/willory/message


9 Oct 2020

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E:20 - HR Talent & Insiders: Dani Kimble & Culture and The 8-Step Framework

HR Talent & Insiders with Gustavo Serbia

My guest this episode is Dani Kimble, Chief Marketing Officer for O'Neill Insurance; a company that offers benefits, business, home, and auto insurance located in Ohio.  Dani introduces us to The 8-Step Framework to culture, proposed by David Friedman in his book Culture By Design. Learn about Dani here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniellekimble/ Learn about O'Neill Insurance here: https://oneillinsurance.com/ Learn about The 8-Step Framework here: https://culturewise.com/culture-by-design-book/


18 Aug 2020

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From Dancer To CMO, Dani Kimble Has The Creativity And Drive To Make It Happen

Agency Intelligence

In today’s episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Dani Kimble, Chief Marketing Officer at O’Neill Insurance. Dani talks about the core values, culture, and business strategy at O’Neill Insurance and how they are helping their clients during the pandemic. Episode Highlights: Jason Cass introduces guest Dani Kimble. (2:11) Is Dani an Android or an iPhone user? (5:28) Does Dani love to win or hate to lose?  (5:35) What was the last app that Dani downloaded? (:) What does Dani attribute to her success, skill or luck? (6:23) Dani shares her background and the key to her success. (9:59) Dani shares that her professional title is the Chief marketing officer. (14:42) Dani says that in her perspective, every interview is like an audition. (16:06) Dani explains how her mindset was changed when she met the people at O’Neill insurance.  (16:50) Dani says that they have a set of behavior that they call fundamentals. (19:37) Dani shares how people at O’Neill insurance put culture at the center of their business strategy. (20:09) Dani says that Ron Kaminski helped O’Neill Insurance employees to put their culture at the core of a business strategy. (20:54) Dani shares the number fundamentals of O’Neill insurance is “do what is best for the client”. (26:33) Dani says that O’Neill insurance called their clients to check out how they’re doing during the pandemic. (26:54) Dani states that the main focus of O’Neill insurance is to embrace changes.  (27:20) Dani Says that it was challenging for her to work full time and homeschooling her three kids. (30:09) Dani makes sure that she is educating her children about what is going on in the world. (36:01) Key Quotes: “One of our main focuses right now is to embrace change and that's a core value of ours.” - Dani Kimble “Communicating sometimes, checking in on p


7 Jul 2020

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Dani Kimble - Dancing Her Way into Insurance

Liv Louder

This week Liv catches up with Dani Kimble.  She is proud wife, mom of 3 and the Chief Marketing Officer for O'Neill Insurance. Once a dance instructor, Dani found herself applying for a job at a local insurance agency almost 4 years ago and instantly fell in love with the culture.  Not only does she have killer dance moves, but she now channels that creativity once focused on telling a story through choreography into telling the story of O'Neill Insurance through brilliant marketing campaigns. In this episode, Olivia and Dani chat about: 4:00 - Mommin' it up in Quarantine 11:40 - What led her to insurance 21:15 - The person who has impacted her life the most 26:30 - Her biggest life lesson 30:10 - Painting the picture of women in insurance leadership 37:35 - Advice for her younger self 46:20 - Her walk-up song ...and much, much more. Be sure to connect with Dani on LinkedIn and follow her work: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniellekimble/ Check out b atomic and the b atomic airwaves: https://www.batomic.com/ https://batomicairwaves.libsyn.com/website 


26 May 2020

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Episode 036 Social Media with Dani Kimble

BLIP Podcast - Helping Agents Build Agencies with Josh Berg

Social Media (with Dani Kimble)From professional dancer/Instructor to the Chief Marketing Officer for the O’Neill Group Dani Kimble has made a name for herself in our industry.  In this episode we discuss how she got to where she is and what she’s doing now in her role. Welcome to Episode 36Although Dani loves to get down on the dance floor at weddings her passion has now transitioned to include marketing.With ZERO prior marketing experience she showed up to her interview prepared and was offered the positionWhat does a CMO at an insurance agency do?How do you quantify the value of marketing especially when it comes to branding?What’s step 1 when thinking of a marketing piece.Listen or watch and find out all these answers… My 2 biggest takeaways from this episode are:  With Social Media Marketing you have to show up with engaging content regularly.  Consistency is key. You can’t just go for the kill without bringing people into your story first. “Social media is a place where you should stay positive, but you don’t have to be fake.” (Dani Kimble – The O’neill Group) Watch the show below or catch it on our podcast all the way at the top.More EpisodesSchedule a CallLinks mentioned in this episode: BLIP Facebook Page Dani Kimble on FB The O’Neill Group on FB


18 Oct 2019

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#61: Live With Dani Kimble

Closing the Gap

Dani Kimble, O'Neill Insurance, discusses her story and the importance of culture during the first Closing the Gap episode in front of a live insurance agency audience.


11 Sep 2019

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How Dani Kimble Convinced Her Entire Office To Be On Camera

Agency Nation Radio - Insurance Marketing, Sales and Technology

It's not easy getting one person in your agency to participate in video marketing, let alone the entire staff.  Getting in front of the camera for the first time is awkward, uncomfortable and generally results in noticing undiscovered things about yourself. However, it certainly gets easier when results start to come in and people see what a powerful relationship building machine it can be.  Once it's become part of your agency's culture there's no telling how many people it can help know more about who you are and what you do.   That's what Sydney Roe talks to Dani Kimble, of The O'Neil Group, about how she got all that buy-in. 


13 Feb 2019

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Ep.50 - Content and Culture with Dani Kimble

The Insurance Guys Podcast

In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with Dani Kimble, the Chief Marketing Officer of The O'Neill Group. Dani discusses how she established the agency's digital footprint through video marketing, social media, and content marketing. They also dive deep on how to humanize your company through digital marketing. Dani is also a featured speaker at this year's Agent 2021 conference. 20% OFF Agent 2021 Tickets Insurance Guys Podcast listeners can get 20% off their Agent 2021 ticket by using the checkout code "insuranceguys" at agent2021.com Get Scott & Bradley's Spittin' Gold - 7 Things Your Agency Must Do in 2018 & 19   About The Insurance Guys The Insurance Guys Podcast is made and dedicated to agents by agents. Scott Howell and Bradley Flowers discuss all aspects of becoming an insurance agent and give real-life examples of their experiences in all aspects of hiring, sales and the day-to-day reality of running your own successful insurance agency. Please subscribe, review and rate our show on iTunes, SoundCloud, IheartRadio App, Spotify & Overcast.


9 Jan 2019