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28 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Nik Sharma. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Nik Sharma, often where they are interviewed.

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28 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Nik Sharma. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Nik Sharma, often where they are interviewed.

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Nik Sharma - DTC Expert on how to Market Your Product

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Nik Sharma is the creator of Sharma Brands - a team comprised of digitally-native operators with strengths in revenue optimization and growth strategy. They work with founders and executives to enhance their vision and unlock potential for scale. In this podcast we dive into the lessons he has learned and how you can apply it to your own brand!

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Welcome to That Creative Life, hosted by YouTuber & creative entrepreneur Sara Dietschy. On this podcast you will find candid conversations with the best artists and business professionals in the world. Artists, YouTubers, CEOs and everyone in-between. More information and content from the podcast can be found on Sara Dietschy's YouTube channel, Twitter & Instagram (@SaraDietschy) and also @ThatCreative.Life on Instagram, @thatcrtvlife on Twitter.

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Aug 10 20201hr 16mins
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Nik Sharma: How to navigate the DTC world

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Today's episode is with Nik Sharma, Nik is an omnipresent figure in the DTC ecosystem. He is the founder of Sharma Brands, investing and advising multiple DTC companies like Judy or Twice toothpaste. We sat down with Nik to discuss his strategies and thinking when working with brands, how vital eCommerce is right now and how brands should use SMS.
Jun 09 202035mins
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Nik Sharma: Forbes 30 Under 30, world class DTC marketer

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Nik Sharma is the CEO and founder of Sharma Brands, a company that specializes in advising and investing in Direct to Consumer companies. Prior to this Nik was the Head of DTC at Hint Water as well as VaynerMedia. Nik is also a member of Forbes 30 Under 30 and while still in high school was managing social media for the likes of Pitbull and Priyanka Chopra.

In our conversation today we discuss Nik鈥檚 career, his approach to Facebook Ads and influencer marketing, as well as the DTC industry as a whole. We wrap up the conversation with a discussion around the importance of writing and how Nik grew his personal brand using Twitter.

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0:00 - Intro
1:34 - Getting into sales and marketing, starting two businesses in high school and managing socials for Pitbull, Priyanka Chopra and deciding not to go to college
13:56 - Hint Water + influencer marketing
27:44 - Joining VaynerMedia as Head of Direct to Consumer
34:07 - The DTC Industry
43:28 - The importance of writing & growing a personal brand

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May 11 202054mins
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Nik Sharma鈥檚 Playbook For Launching A DTC Brand

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Nik's team recently launched a new brand, JUDY, with the endorsement of none other than Kim Kardashian. Let鈥檚 face it. The man knows how to make a splash with a launch. He shares:
  • How he tests brand ideas.
  • How he went from working on social media strategies for celebrities to building a brand for himself around DTC as a 23-year-old.
  • The 4 channels every brand needs to focus on.
  • His favorite brands for everything from website design to social media.
Show Notes & Links:
May 01 202042mins
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0104 Nik Sharma - How To Build and Invest in Great DTC Brands

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Today's topics: (12:24) Nik gives his background, hes an investor in a handful of DTC startups. He鈥檚 hands on, does something for each brand every week聽 (14:20) Getting domain names and handles for a startup. Nik just paid low 5-figures for (16:00) Moiz talks about how he came up with the Native name and dealing with trademark issues. Had to pay high 6-figure to get native trademark. (19:10) Talks about Nik鈥檚 brand Judy. Disaster kit - launched recently. Talk about founders and their backgrounds. (22:40) General talk about state of DTC today. Brandless shut down, Outdoor voices issues. And how will economic down-turn affect this? (31:15) Blowback around Outdoor Voices and Away. Moiz says he was Joe Exotic when running Native (37:00) Native got huge publicity once, but only drove an extra $25k in sales. Why court press then? (40:00) Talks about how to get press coverage (44:00) How to find good agencies (marketing, pr, etc)? (49:34) What agencies do you (Nik) recommend? (54:40) What are other industries that need to be disrupted? (55:50) What DTC brands do you (Nik) admire right now? (1:00:00) Discuss how much of your budget should be allocated to brand versus performance. (1:08:00) Moiz discusses subway ads Native was supposed to run on NY subways this summer. Bc of covid, ridership down 90% (1:12:20) How can someone starting out today learn about DTC advertising? Nik says he just talks to a lot of people. Looks at what other brands are doing. (1:20:04) They discuss the possibility of brands cutting acquisition costs by sharing audience

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Apr 30 20201hr 2mins
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EP. 3 - Nik Sharma - "The DTC GUY" - How To 10x Your DTC Brand & What He Learned from Gary Vee

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Nik Sharma - "The DTC GUY" - 聽How To 10x Your DTC Brand & What He Learned from Gary Vee 聽| Brought to you by Mallama

Widely known as 鈥The DTC Guy鈥 on the internet, a Forbes 30 Under 30 member, AdWeek鈥檚 Young & Influential and resource brands and investors turn to for growth, Nik is a 23-year old DTC investor, advisor, and operator who has both assisted and led revenue growth at multiple organizations, including hint water and VaynerMedia. Nik worked on social media campaigns for A-list celebrities including Pitbull, Priyanka Chopra, MAGIC. Today, Nik words alongside brands and publishers to execute ROI-positive campaigns through cohesive digital strategies using paid, earned, and owned media properties.

Enjoy this powerful interview with Nik Sharma aka "The DTC Guy" as he shares insights, skills, stories & strategies that took him from Teenage Social Media Manager to working with emerging brands like Brightland, JUDY, & Haus! It鈥檚 a roller-coaster of an interview where rish questions them him on all the topics you could ever dream of - including career building, 2020 Commerce trends, Gary Vee & Vaynermedia, Brand building & everything in between! It is jam-packed with life-changing wisdom that will be sure to Maximize all areas of your brand and career immediately!

So with no further ado, sit back, relax & enjoy! :)

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Twitter: @MrSharma

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Apr 22 202024mins
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Meatloaf, Every Which Way + Nik Sharma (Rebroadcast)

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Faith and the gang celebrate that ol鈥 American classic, meatloaf. Whether you like 100% beef, a meaty blend, or a meatless meatloaf, there鈥檚 a recipe idea here for every loaf lover. (Check out Yankee Magazine鈥檚 Meatloaf in a Brown Paper Bag!) Plus, food writer Nik Sharma joins the party with an Indian-spiced international meatloaf, as well as other recipes from his beautiful cookbook, Season. Nik shares recipes for Margherita Naan Pizza, Sumac-Seared Scallops, and Spicy Chocolate Chip-Hazelnut Cookies.聽

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Mar 04 202049mins
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Judy鈥擭ik Sharma

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In this episode, we talk to Nik Sharma. If you don't know him, here's a quick intro: He started handling social strategy for major celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Pitbull鈥攁t 15. He's one of AdWeek鈥檚 Young and Influential, and helped build the Cha Cha Matcha and Hint brands. This episode is especially exciting because we're catching him on the heels of the Judy launch.

Wondering how it went? It 鈥渁bsolutely crushed,鈥 and has had great traction. The platform is going live with unboxing videos rolling out. Everything is really coming together.

The interesting thing about launches is that, internally, it bunkers you into the office where the team becomes a mini-family for a few days. That鈥檚 the best part.

Externally, Sharma and his team had great press with celebrities like Chrissy Teagan and Kim Kardashian posting about the product. He鈥檚 never been part of a launch with such high calibre celebrity star power, so it's interesting to see the effects. Considering founder, Simon Huck鈥檚 relationship with them, Nik was confident celebrity endorsement would come. But, he did not know when or what the influence would be in terms of revenue and influence

The OG way is to pay somebody with X amount of followers to post and tag you with a link involved, which doesn鈥檛 really work anymore. When Nik was at Hint, they found Influencers to partner and grow with, not just hire. Nik and the Hint team sent a influencer named Sara Dietschy around 100 bottles of water in the mail randomly. Dietschy opened it and the video ended up on her Youtube channel.

Sharma understands the fit between creator and product, and started a conversation about creating content that can last. That works organically as well as for a paid鈥擭obody at the time was running content through influencer handles using a brand鈥檚 media dollars, so it launched a new level of influencer marketing.

Nik thinks the worst influencer marketing examples are those that are so obvious that it's a completely sponsored post. More and more, consumers dig deep to find out if creators are only doing it for the money. It always comes down to authenticity.

Simon and his cofounder are very much experienced operators, so Nik was extremely excited to work with them to learn something from them.

Nik is a huge advocate for text. if you follow him on Twitter you can find his own personal text line. He is also a fan of really good copy dedicated to this channel. With Cha Cha, it was more about:

  • How do we incentivize reorders?
  • How do we make it easy to order?
  • Text with SMS allows brands to do that because anyone with a flip phone to an iPhone 11 has the ability to do it seamlessly .

With Judy, they鈥檙e using text like a broadcast system, it would have anything from your standard alerts of post-purchase and shipping. What they鈥檙e seeing, though, is that consumers are responding, whether it's for a customer service inquiry, or a question they have that they need answered.

He takes some time to unpack what he calls, 鈥淧erformance branding.鈥 It鈥檚 building brand equity on the back of your working media dollars. How do you take your paid media, and create ads that sticks with people? Not necessarily just like an ad that says: 鈥淐ome buy this; get X percent off.鈥

If you follow @mrsharma, you know he tweeted something recently that caused some stir.

Back in the day, you鈥檇 create this insanely large funnel where you try and convince people to buy things. There was so system of tracking or attribution, which was why AIDA was really invented. The tweet came in from frustration and working with a client with terrible media plan. They wanted to bring people to the site and then retarget them via email, but Nik wanted to run a full funnel campaign with the goal to take cold traffic and convert them on first try/. This required really good creative, experiences on the page, and audience selection. Nik calls this the Ace Model. It is performance branding. It is how well you can tell the story so you don鈥檛 have to keep convincing somebody to buy something.

917-905-2340. This is Nik鈥檚 public texting number and has been a really cool experiment for him. This is where he chats with founders, operators, and VCs. He also sends out DTC tips and tricks regularly.

Text the number.

Thank you for listening. This is the DTC Growth show.

Feb 06 202021mins
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Ep. 27 -- Nik Sharma's Passion Fruit Pavlova Doughnut

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Nik Sharma is the award-winning author of the cookbook "Season," the creator of the pioneering food blog A Brown Table, and a regular recipe columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle. In today's session, Nik talks about his recent move to L.A., how the food scene here compares to the food scene in San Francisco, growing up in India, his early interest in science, how science impacts his cooking, and why he detests turnips. We also talk about his coming out, how it was a criminal offense to be gay in India, his family's reaction, his moving to the States to go to grad school, and how and why he quit his PhD program to become a food writer.

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Feb 03 20201hr 12mins
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DTC Maven Nik Sharma Talks Entrepreneurship and Getting Paid What You're Worth

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Nik Sharma is on this week, chatting about his experience in the DTC [Direct-to-Consumer] field and why he thinks that space is important for Gen Z, getting paid what you're worth, and managing celebrity social media accounts at age 15.

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Dec 13 201923mins