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Luck Factor - Richard Wiseman


Dalam buku The Luck Factor ini, Dr. Richard Wiseman mengungkapkan bahwa keberuntunga itu sangat ilmiah dan dapat dipelajari. Wiseman yang merupakan profesor psikologi di University of Herfordshire mengambil kesimpulan ini setelah melakukan delapan tahun riset yang intensif mengenai faktor-faktor penyebab keberuntungan.


24 Aug 2021

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Resumen del libro 59 segundos de Richard Wiseman

Vivir en Armonía

En el día de hoy estaremos compartiendo el resumen del libro que estuvimos leyendo en el mes de Mayo 59 segundos de Richard Wiseman y nos despedimos del libro de JUNIO. La entrada Resumen del libro 59 segundos de Richard Wiseman aparece primero en Jeymi Febles.


1 Jul 2021

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21. Richard Wiseman (Professor of Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire)

Real World Behavioural Science

Professor Richard Wiseman has been described as ‘…one of the most interesting and innovative experimental psychologists in the world today.’  His books have sold over 3 million copies and he presents keynote talks to organisations across the world, including The Swiss Economic Forum, Google and Amazon.He holds Britain’s only Professorship in the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire and is one of the most followed psychologists on Twitter.Street Magician to Psychology Professor Richard starts the podcast by talking about becoming completely hooked on magic at a young age. Whilst working in Covent Garden as a street magician,  Richard happened upon a magic book which described the similarities between magicians and psychologists. So began his interest in psychology. After completing his undergraduate degree at University College London (UCL), he went to Edinburgh University to work on a PhD looking at psychics and mediums as the team wanted someone with a background in the psychology of deception and magic. Upon completing that, Richard accepted a Lectureship at the University of Hertfordshire where he is now a professor. Public Understanding of PsychologyThrough work for radio and the BBC around identifying truth and lies, Richard talks about meeting two people that hugely impacted his career; Roger Highfield, who was the Science Editor at The Telegraph at the time and now is heavily involved in the Science Museum, and also Simon Singh, author of Fermat's Last Theorem. Putting ideas to paperRichard shares what he learnt from some time working in advertising, how to reframe and the importance of authenticity as a writer. In line with this, he talks about his book, The Luck Factor, looking at the psychology of luck. From this, he identified that small interventions can have big impact, which evolved into 59 seconds; think a little, change a lot. Behavioural ScienceRichard discusses how all the talks he gives are essentially about getting people to change, through simple interventions or 'opening the door' in a fun way. From these concepts, he wrote 'Rip it Up' about lifestyle change and during Covid-19, helped design a game where the more you kept away from people, the more lives you saved called 'Can you save the World?'.Richard talks about 'being expansive', working with Derren Brown who takes the audience on a journey from what seems a small idea through to what becomes a massive conclusion enthralling an entire audience. Takeaway Advice Richard leaves us with advice to find your passionate, be authentic and have a big vision. Don't be constrained by what others have done in the past and fundamentally, if you have a great idea, it will sell itself.  Contact Twitter @RichardWiseman CBC profile


11 May 2021

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Best Of: Psychological Speaking Success with Richard Wiseman - 169

The Speaking Club: Mastering the Art of Public Speaking

This episode was originally released a couple of years ago, and it definitely meets my ‘best of’ criteria.  Richard Wiseman is a powerhouse in many different worlds from entertainment to academia. He’s a multiple best-selling author, renowned academic, global speaker, and youtube influencer, which really doesn’t even scratch the surface of what he does!  Suffice to say he’s a man of many talents…he started off in magic and still acts as a creative consultant to the world’s best magicians and illusionists, TV shows, and movies…and if he’s not advising on them he’s presenting them. He is a Professor of Psychology, and his research has been published across the world, alongside being a 12-time author of some of the most popular business psychology books today. His books have been translated into over 20 languages, and many of them explore the science of success, and focus on practical, evidence-based, techniques that improve people’s personal and professional lives. Alongside all of this he’s spoken globally for the likes of Google, Amazon, and The Royal Society, has two YouTube channels ‘In 59 Seconds’ and ‘Quirkology’ that have over 2 million subscribers and 500 million views. Described as one of the most “innovative experimental psychologists in the world today”, he’s clearly got lots to share on the secret of success, how to make your stuff, (even science stuff), engaging Enjoy! What are the genuine lessons of magic for performers and speakers Why you must understand things deeply to explain them simply Why speakers must find a skin they’re comfortable in How authenticity is a skill to be developed rather than a quality you have. Why you should throw your book away before you prepare a speech on it. How military tactics can be used as a planning structure for presentations. The most vital two minutes of your talk and tips for making this successful. The difference between performing and showing off and why this is important for speakers. How Richard uses humour in his talks, (including practical examples). Why the audience must believe it’s the first time you’ve done your talk… every time. How Richard adapts his talk depending on the audience. How to get the balance right between education and entertainment. A trick for getting people to remember the most important message of your talk or conversation. Richard’s top 3 tips for making your content engaging Why talks are like soap bubbles. All things Richard Wiseman: http://www.richardwiseman.com Quirkology - https://www.youtube.com/user/Quirkology In 59 Seconds - https://www.youtube.com/user/In59seconds Richard’s Books: The Luck Factor 59 Seconds Night School Quirkology How to Remember Everything 101 Bets You Will Always Win – The Science of the Seemingly Impossible Rip it Up – Forget Positive Thinking it’s Time for Positive Action Paranormality – The Science of the Supernatural Did You Spot The Gorilla?: How to Recognise the Hidden Opportunities in Your Life The As If Principle Shoot for the Moon The Little Book of Luck Other Resources*  Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill (Original) How to Win Friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking – Dale Carnegie Resources: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thespeakingclub/ https://www.saraharcher.co.uk/challenge https://www.facebook.com/SarahArcherSpeak/ https://www.storyledmarketing.com https://www.saraharcher.co.uk https://www.standoutpitch.com Thanks for listening!  To share your thoughts:                                                   leave a comment below. Share this show on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. To help the show out: Leave an honest review at https://www.ratethispodcast.com/TSC Subscribe on iTunes.


6 May 2021

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Summary of The As If Principle by Richard Wiseman

QuickRead Podcast - Free book summaries

The Radically New Approach to Changing Your Life. Everything you know about emotions and actions is wrong. It isn’t our feelings that guide our actions but our actions that guide our emotions. For instance, you aren’t laughing because you feel happy, you feel happy because you are laughing. This revolutionary theory about emotion and behavior was initially presented by Victorian philosopher William James, which led to the remarkable conclusion that, “If you want a quality, act as if you already have it.” Author Richard Wiseman builds upon James’s theory and confirms just how powerful our behavior can be in influencing our emotions. He goes on to illustrate how you can apply this principle in your daily life by doing small easy-to-implement tasks. As you read, you’ll see The As If Principle shows you how to smile to become happier, how to time-travel and feel younger, and how the principle can even make us healthier. Do you want more free book summaries like this? Download our app for free at https://www.QuickRead.com/App and get access to hundreds of free book and audiobook summaries. DISCLAIMER: This book summary is meant as a preview and not a replacement for the original book. If you like this summary please consider purchasing the original book to get the full experience as the original author intended it to be. If you are the original author of any book on QuickRead and would like us to remove it, please contact us at hello@quickread.com


21 Apr 2021

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The Luck Factor – Dr. Richard Wiseman

Danielle Lin Show: The Art of Living and Science of Life

The Four Essential PrinciplesGuest: Richard Wiseman, Ph.D. Do people make their own luck, good or bad? Why is it that some people always grab the golden ring while others struggle to ... The post The Luck Factor – Dr. Richard Wiseman appeared first on Danielle Lin Show.


17 Mar 2021

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59 Seconds | Richard Wiseman | Book Summary


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16 Mar 2021

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Using Dreams to Create Solutions and Creativity with Prof. Richard Wiseman

Shrinks on the Street

The Shrinks talk with legendary Prof. Richard Wiseman, author of "The Luck Factor" & creator of youtube's "Quirkology" with over 500 million views: Topics include paranormal activity, does prayer really work, the science behind religion, how to use dreaming to direct solutions and creativity, how our internal narrative directs our life, how we can change our own reality (NeumanMethod.com).


11 Aug 2020

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How To Make Your Own Luck with Prof. Richard Wiseman

Shrinks on the Street

The Shrinks talk with legendary Prof. Richard Wiseman, author of "The Luck Factor" & creator of youtube's "Quirkology" with over 500 million views: topics include how to make your own luck, are people naturally lucky, paranormal activity, world's funniest joke, and much more (NeumanMethod.com).


11 Aug 2020

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Richard Wiseman

What I Believe

In this episode, Andrew speaks to psychologist, author, and magician, Richard Wiseman about what he believes, from skepticism to making your own luck to not forgiving yourself.


8 Jul 2020