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EP 6: Nate Bailey - Leadership To The Extreme

The Tactical Entrepreneur

We all have witnessed nearly impossible feats being achieved by incredible individuals. They seem to push the standard, raising the bar for what we once thought possible. These sort of individuals possess the necessary mental toughness that doesn’t allow quitting to be an option. Nate Bailey, an Army National Guard Veteran, is no stranger to the discipline it takes to do it all. He is an extreme endurance athlete, coach, trainer, “Surviving Mann” reality t.v. contestant, author, podcaster, and passionate leader in helping others become champions of their own lives. He firmly believes that we can do so much more than we realize...“That’s why I do what I do… to help others see a different perspective.” On this episode of “The Tactical Entrepreneur,” Steve and Nate dig deep into the tactical preparation it takes to be an endurance athlete. They discuss how challenging our comfort zone is key, why who we surround ourselves with matters, and how being impeccable with your word leads to success! Tune in to hear more about Nate’s coaching business, and how to rise above the rest. What You’ll Learn: Why being an endurance athlete teaches you about who you really are. What being in the 1% looks like just by signing up for endurance races, and that looking at the positive side of each failure can help you to stay focused on your goal. How being in past races has prepared Nate for the challenges he would face on “Surviving Mann”.  And much more! Favorite Quote: “Change your level to the level of those around you...you start seeing people living at a high level, you either catch up or you get left behind.” Nate Bailey Connect with Nate: Coaching with Nate Surviving Mann TV Show All Secure Foundation Championship Leadership Podcast How to Get Involved: Steve Schabaker is the co-founder of Sheepdog Firearms and an entrepreneur, bestselling author, and marketer. Between his business and his content, Steve is educating firearm owners and armed professionals and setting a new standard for shops and training centers in the industry. You can visit Sheepdog Firearms online or reach out directly to Steve at sschabacker@outlook.com.Check out this podcast on Apple Podcasts - don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review!


21 Jun 2021

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056: An Interview with Nate Bailey

The Made Over Podcast

In today's episode, Nate Bailey, a coach, husband, father, former 1st Lt in the US Army for 15 months, and now running a coaching business guiding former athletes and military men to the life they have always desired without having to experience many of the pitfalls that he himself experienced along the way, discussed why entrepreneurs tend to revert to their old selves and pull back to where they were, forgetting about their goals and visions, and how important it is for you - as an entrepreneur - to have a mentor or coach. Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode: Identify the killer of your success and learn why you should stop allowing THIS to destroy your vision. Discover how Nate Bailey got to where he is now in his business and in his life. Learn more about the importance of having a coach or mentor.


16 Jun 2021

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Episode 18 - Nate Bailey - Championship Leadership

The Leadership Mastermind Podcast

On this episode of The Leadership Mastermind Podcast we sat down to chat with Nate Bailey about Championship Leadership.  This is a must listen episode.  Challenge yourself to break through the barriers you place on yourself.  Nate Bailey is a bestselling author with 3 books as well as an entrepreneur.  He has built multiple successful businesses in the insurance and real estate.  He recently fulfilled his lifelong dream of selling his insurance agency to follow his dream of being a full time coach.  Coach Nate is also known as LT Bailey.  Due to his commitment to serving our country in the US Army.  Nate has a simple philosophy on life, live you what you teach this motto truly makes Nate a one in a million coach and implementer.  Nate sees what needs to be done and he does it.  He pushes his teams to the max and he makes sure he’s always leading from the front by pushing himself one step beyondSupport the show (https://cash.app/$MitchellAPeek)


29 Apr 2021

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Breaking Patterns with Nate Bailey


On this episode of Money Savage ENGAGE, we talked about how it’s all too common to get stuck in daily routines that don’t serve us, the role exercise and physical stress can play in behavior change, and how the time to act is now with Nate Bailey, experiential leadership coach and podcast host.  Listen to learn how to break free of negative patterns and how to begin moving towards the life you want!   For the Difference Making Tip, scan ahead to 18:27! You can learn more about Nate at NateBailey.org, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Learn more about Money Alignment Academy and bringing Financial Wellness to your organization.   We’re honored to have been named one of the top podcasts from investing! George is honored to be included on Investopedia's list of the Top 100 Financial Advisors for 2020! Have George speak to your organization. You can learn more about the show at GeorgeGrombacher.com, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook or contact George at Contact@GeorgeGrombacher.com.  Check out Money Alignment Academy as well!


28 Mar 2021

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The Mindset of Leadership - with Nate Bailey

Scale Up Your Business Podcast

In this week's show, Nick talks to Nate Bailey, a leadership expert and coach, about the mindset you need to nurture and develop if you want to be the most effective leader you can be. KEY TAKEAWAYS Those in search of a leadership mindset are people looking for ways in which to maximise their abilities - to make the most effective use of each and every day. If the right balance is struck, then the results increase exponentially. By focussing on physical and mental wellbeing, we become more present in our work, and in our personal lives. How we present ourselves in any given situation, should reflect how we enter any situation. How we show up when it matters, is a true picture of how we show up in anything. "Extreme" for someone is always different for others. If we push harder and reach further, we excel in all areas, but do not compare your goals to other people's. BEST MOMENTS 'It forced me to be committed. It forced me to be intentional' 'I want to help them live to their fullest' 'You have to prepare to not quit - to continue to persevere' 'How you show up in anything dictates what you do with everything' VALUABLE RESOURCES Scale Up Your Business – scaleup.vip/podcast Join the free Scale Up Your Business community: scaleup.vip/community Take the Six Peaks of Value Creation Scorecard, to measure your current business performance and show you where to focus to get to where you want to be: https://scaleup.vip/sixpeaks Nate Bailey - https://natebailey.org Nate Bailey Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/coachnatebailey/ Nate Bailey LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/coachnatebailey/ ABOUT THE HOST My name is Nick Bradley. I’m an entrepreneur, author, speaker and investor. My background is in growing and scaling VC and Private Equity backed businesses. Having successfully built, bought and sold a number of companies, and removed myself from day-to-day operations, my focus now is on helping entrepreneurs get to where they want to be, in business and in life. As well as investing in growth businesses and backing turnarounds - with the ultimate aim of creating value from significant capital events. I’m passionate about personal and professional development - showing up and being the best version of myself ... every day. My bigger vision is to help bring entrepreneurial skills, experience and mindset to people in developing nations - so they can follow their dreams, live life more on their terms - utilising entrepreneurship as a global force for good. CONTACT METHOD Nick’s Facebook Page: https://scaleup.vip/FBNick’s LinkedIn: https://scaleup.vip/LINick's Instagram: https://scaleup.vip/IGScale Up Your Business website: www.suyb.globalSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


4 Mar 2021

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Nate Bailey

The Small Business Surgeon

In this episode, Samuel is joined by Nate Bailey over Zoom. Join them as they discuss the mental side of running a business and overcoming the obstacles presented along the way.


15 Feb 2021

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Nate Bailey - Leadership & Mindset Keys to Winning Entrepreneurship

Life After Addiction And Indictment

“Who do you need to become?” That’s what leadership coach Nate Bailey wants to know, as he guides you through not just the strategies, but the transformation required for personal development and success.   Nate Bailey is a leadership trainer, executive coach, veteran army lieutenant, and author. He hosts the podcast Championship Leadership and runs Unleash the Leader Within—a 5-day leadership development program. But Nate doesn’t just talk the talk, he runs the run: Nate has run three 50ks, two 100ks, and a 100 mile run in the last few years.  On this episode of Life After Addiction and Indictment, Nate and host Steve Cloward talk about  Nate’s long-distance running, his most recent book, 100 mile mindset, and what we can learn about business leadership from Nate’s extreme sports addiction. Listen in for entrepreneurial  wisdom from a man who knows the true meaning of perseverance!  What You’ll Learn: How Nate’s long-distance running helps his professional life What strategies to employ for managing depression  Why positive self-talk really works Favorite Quote: “There are lots of opportunities for you to quit and go home or you know, because it's painful, you're tired. It's a long way. . . So you’ve got to be addicted to the work that's required and the work that's required isn't always the most satisfying in the moment, right? There's plenty of other things I could probably think of that I would rather do. But what's what's the pain or the cost or the consequence down the road?” — Nate Bailey Connect With Nate: Natebailey.org Championship Leadership podcast FacebookLinkedin How To Get Involved: Find Steve on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, or on the Life After Addiction and Indictment Facebook Group.  Enjoyed the episode? Hop over to Apple Podcasts for more! Like and share to help spread the word. We appreciate your support—and we hope to return the favor: Leave a review to let us know what you want to hear from Steve next. 


8 Feb 2021

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Episode 110: Nate Bailey (Perspective Series)

Dynamic Power

In this Perspective Series episode, we talk to Nate Bailey: Nate is a natural leader and a speaker who knows how to impact and reach an audience. He is a best-selling author with three books as well as an entrepreneur. He has built multiple successful businesses in the areas of Insurance and Real Estate. He recently fulfilled his long-time dream of selling his insurance agency to follow his dream of being a full-time coach. Nate was a Lieutenant, serving our country in the United States Army. As a Platoon Leader during the Operation Iraqi Freedom, Nate was charged with the safety and leadership of 42 soldiers as they served our country in Kuwait. Nate has a simple philosophy on life - "live you what you teach." Nate sees what needs to be done and he does it. He pushes his teams to the max and he makes sure he's always leading from the front by pushing himself one step beyond. Connect with Nate: NateBaileySpeaks.com 100MileMindset.com NateBailey.org IG: @coachnatebailey CoachNatebailey@gmail.com Nate@NateBailey.org __________ Let us know what you think of this or any other Episode by joining our Team Dynamic Power Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/teamdynamicpower/?ref=bookmarks Grab some Powerful Mindset Apparel: (code PODCAST15 saves you 15% off your entire purchase)  https://powerfulmindsetapparel.com Warrior Greens: https://www.warriorgreens.com/?ref=jeremyclark3 The Beard Struggle: (code: POWER15 saves you 15% off your entire purchase) https://www.thebeardstruggle.com/


25 Jan 2021

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Nate Bailey - Unleash the Leader Your Life and Business Needs

End Hype: Product Entrepreneurship For Impact

How can we become championship leaders inside of our lives?Here’s a tough truth: doing hard things makes you a better leader. Have you ever done a challenge that tests your mental and physical toughness? Are you always striving to become the best version of yourself and lead by example? Are you prepared every time you show up? True leaders lead by example. On today’s episode of End Hype, Callye and guest Nate Bailey dive head first into all these questions.We are all leaders. Our family, team members, clients, friends, and associates are always watching. To build leadership, you have to “do the thing” instead of just talking about doing the thing. On this episode of the show, Callye is joined by Nate Bailey. Nate is the creator of the https://www.100milemindset.com/optin30624563 (100 Mile Mindset Challenge) and https://natebailey.org/programs/ (Unleash The Leader Within). He is a world-class coach, speaker, author, and veteran dedicated to driving people towards their highest potential and the impact they’re striving for inside their lives. Tune in and discover how to be a champion leader!What You’ll Learn:How to always be a leader inside of your life and why that is so important to your success (9:37).How great leaders get others to inspire other people around you to do above and beyond what is expected (14:04).What makes professional athletes and military special operators different than the average person (35:34).And much more!Favorite Quote:“We are all leaders, whether you like it or not. You are always communicating a message that shows you as a powerful leader or a non-powerful leader. You are either an effective leader, or a non powerful leader. We are always, at all times, leaders. It is not what you say, it is what you do. Our kids are always watching what we do, not what we say… Our actions will lead them to show them how they should show up.”Nate BaileyConnect with Nate:https://natebailey.org/ (Nate Bailey’s Website)https://www.100milemindset.com/optin30624563 (100 Mile Mindset Leadership Event)How to Get Involved:Follow Callye onhttps://youtube.com/redbluecollective (YouTube)http://instagram.com/callyekeen (Instagram)https://www.facebook.com/redbluecollective (Facebook)About Callye Keen and Red Blue CollectiveThrough collaboratively developing and manufacturing 100s of products, Callye Keen saw a massive range of strategies, tactics, successes, and failures firsthand. He packaged this experience into the Red Blue Collective framework coaching physical product entrepreneurs from idea through development, manufacturing, launch, and growth.Callye has presented at national events, spoken at universities, and run successful incubator programs. He has sold millions in products and services each year for more than a decade. Clients have built 7-8 figure businesses, raised investment, and sold products around the world.Learn more at https://www.redbluecollective.com/ (Red Blue Collective).


1 Jan 2021

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TGL033: The 100-Mile Mindset with Nate Bailey (Personal Development)

The Good Life Podcast with Sean Murray

Today’s guest is Nate Bailey. Nate is a former leader in the army, a successful real estate investor, the host of the Championship Leaders podcast and, the author of the book, The 100 Mile Mindset.In the book, he tells the story of his multiple attempts and eventual success at running 100 miles. To complete a race at that distance he had to develop a mindset of resilience, and in this episode, he shares what he’s learned about that mindset and how it can help us in investing and in life. He also talks about what he calls, "Championship Leadership," and how we can cultivate that in ourselves.IN THIS EPISODE, YOU'LL LEARN:What is the 100-Mile Mindset?How to develop resilienceWhy the conversations we have with our self, and the words we use, are so importantWhat is Championship Leadership?Why ownership and accountability are so critical to leadershipHow we can become Championship LeadersBOOKS AND RESOURCESChampionship Leader’s PodcastThe 100-Mile Mindset – The book is available as a free download.Protect your online activity TODAY with ExpressVPN, the VPN rated #1 by CNET and Wired.Capital One. This is Banking Reimagined. What’s in your wallet?Get the most competitive rate if you’re looking to get a mortgage or refinance in Canada with Breezeful. Plus, get a $100 Amazon.ca gift card at your closing.Browse through all our episodes (complete with transcripts) here.Support our free podcast by supporting our sponsors.CONNECT WITH NATE BAILEYNate's Facebook AccountNate's Instagram AccountGET IN TOUCH WITH SEAN MURRAYSean's Twitter AccountSean's LinkedIn AccountEmail: Sean@TheInvestorsPodcast.comWebsite: RealTime Performance, Inc.Weekly Newsletter: RealTime Performance NewsletterHELP US OUT!Help us reach new listeners by leaving us a rating and review! It takes less than 30 seconds and really helps our show grow, which allows us to bring on even better guests for you all! Thank you – we really appreciate it!See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


12 Oct 2020