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CB17 - Bill Tanner - Rusmore

Out of Curiosity with kt mather

In this episode, we talk about women of the leisure class, kids with cholera, volunteerism, the movie Garden State (fast forward that part if you liked that movie 😬🤗), life low points, elected office, first heartbreaks, going to the movies (at theaters! during the day!) and eventually the movie that we both adore, Rushmore starring Olivia Williams, Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, and feat. my former student Kyle Swartz! 

2hr 5mins

15 Mar 2021

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Ep 15 | COVIDSafe App security and privacy teardown - with Bill Tanner, CIO of Allens

The Get Cyber Resilient Show

This week Gar does a deep-dive into the security of the COVIDSafe app with the CIO of Allens, Bill Tanner. Bill has over 12 years experience in the legal industry and has some unique insights on the COVIDSafe app that were gained from evaluating the app for his staff. Bill shares his thoughts and experiences from attending a recent app teardown session conducted by Geoffrey Huntley, who is leading a local research group on COVIDSafe security and privacy. Gar and Bill explore exactly what the app does and doesn’t do, the privacy concerns as well as the legal issues surrounding it. Security research on the COVIDSafe app: https://covidsafe.watch/ Links to some great articles and research from Allens on the COVIDSafe app COVIDSafe: What we now know: https://bit.ly/361Jozo COVIDSafe Bill: Good progress but theres more to do: https://bit.ly/2yWNrRu


19 May 2020

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CB12 - Bill Tanner - Harry Styles

Out of Curiosity with kt mather

Bill and I talk about his 80s brainwashing, how coronavirus is like Sandyhook (tw: very dark humor), putting your business in hibernation, Bellatrix Lestrange, rent in the time of pandemic, how Bill sometimes misses social cues and crashes your budding romance, filing for unemployment, Bill yucks my yum, and a deep dive into my hero of the quarantine, Harry Styles.

2hr 13mins

30 Mar 2020

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CB10 - Bill Tanner - Maiden

Out of Curiosity with kt mather

In this week’s episode of Out of Curiosity with kt mather, I Circle Back with fan favorite Bill Tanner for a typical kt and BT rambler. We discuss my week of small town power-politicking, Bill’s love for Nike Air Jordans (and his inability to give himself permission to buy them), unity amongst Democrats (not going well), color bravery vs  color blindness, accidentally watching Fire Walk with Me with your mom (and as Catholics), pin-up calendars, the great job assholes like Rush Limbaugh did making Feminism a dirty word (it’s still not going to stop us...), 80s hair and swimsuits, plus a deep dive into the Feminist sailing documentary Maiden about the first all-female crew in the Whitbread Round the World race. Note: do yourself a favor and watch the doc before you listen. It’s REALLY SO GOOD!!!

2hr 23mins

10 Feb 2020

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CB4 - Bill Tanner - Lester Bangs on Astral Weeks

Out of Curiosity with kt mather

BT and I chat about kitsch, Midnight Oil, a masculinity that draws us closer to humanity, Julia Roberts dancing to Brown Eyed Girl, using dark humor to cope with suffering, death, and Lester Bangs on Van Morrison's Astral Weeks.

1hr 38mins

29 Jul 2019

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CB3 - Bill Tanner - The Blow

Out of Curiosity with kt mather

BT and I talk Zuckerberg :: reptile, Notre Dame vs Tongass National Park, Tribe, old friends, Zuckerberg gullet deep in McConnell's guts like the fantastic Mr. Fox + Miranda July & Khaela Maricich on the Moon--it will fuck you up.

1hr 48mins

27 May 2019

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CB1 - Bill Tanner - How to Tell a True War Story

Out of Curiosity with kt mather

Episode one of Circle Back, the spin-off from Out of Curiosity with kt mather—where we skip straight to talking about, in this case, a short story. Bill Tanner and I get back to chatting, this time about one of our faves How to Tell a True War Story.

1hr 4mins

21 Mar 2019

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1 - Bill Tanner - Miracle

Out of Curiosity with kt mather

This week, the delightful Bill Tanner! We discuss sports, aging, shitty jobs, bbqs, coffee roasting, vulnerability, the fate of bananas, the difference between abuse and manipulation in coaching, and one of our fave ice hockey movies, Miracle.

2hr 4mins

18 Feb 2019