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278: The Wins Don't Always Come Easy and You Don't Always Win. With Bow Hunter, John Dudley

Jocko Podcast

0:00:00 - Opening0:03:40 - John Dudley. Bow Hunting and Life.1:54:49 - Final thoughts.2:51:44 - How to stay on THE PATH.3:19:28 - Closing Gratitude.Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/jocko-podcast/exclusive-content

3hr 22mins

21 Apr 2021

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Episode 63: School of Nock w/ John Dudley

Louisiana Bowhunter Podcast

We are joined by Nock On Archery founder John Dudley to give us some coaching, shooting tips, and advice on this episode of The Louisiana Bowhunter Podcast, present by Relentless Boats.

1hr 31mins

29 Jan 2021

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117: John Dudley from Nock On TV is on and he is hiring!

Redneck Tech Podcast

As most of you know we have been working with John Dudley or as we like to call him, Dud for about 3 or so years now. He has been an incredible client and more importantly a friend to all of at Copeland Creative. I wanted to get him sat down and talk about his perspective on outdoor content creation, the various platforms where he has content as well as how things in the outdoor content game have changes over time. We get to learn about how he got into filming his hunts and some of how he got to where he is today. Most importantly we put a challenge out there to you content creators who want to get into this business full time. Dud has been telling me he needs someone full time in Iowa for content creation for over 2 years. We just don't have the time and being located in GA it just isn't feasible to fly back and forth all the time. He needs someone full time in house and we are going to help him find that person. This is going to be a full time position with pay based on experience. Applicants need to know their way around a video and photo camera as well as how to edit and use the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of programs. If you listen to the podcast and feel like you are the guy or girl for the job then send your resume and examples of work to rednecktechpodcast@gmail.com. We are going to go through submissions and when we feel like we have some solid candidates, we will let Dud make the final call.Submissions to rednecktechpodcast@gmail.comSubject: Nock On Media Person

1hr 20mins

18 Jan 2021

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Episode 164 - John Dudley

Cleared Hot

John Dudley is a world-class archer and coach.  He is the founder of Nock on Archery, the one-stop-shop for information, equipment, and instruction for archers and bowhunters of all levels.  Ladder Life Insurance Express VPN Athletic Greens Better Help

2hr 33mins

18 Jan 2021

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John Dudley: Mule Deer Hunt


John Dudley joins the podcast to give a detailed account of his successful Mule Deer Hunt in Eastern Colorado. With days of zero wind we went back to traditional mulie hunting of long hours glassing open and bedding country. Thankful that @aron_snyder came over to glass with me on the morning that my buck was spotted. This bucks safe place area was super deceptive!! Although this looks like a flat tumbleweed pasture it was actually a diverse section with a lot of unseen pockets and rolls and drainages unseen to the eye. The section was filled with 2 year old corn stalks under the dead grass, volunteer dried wheat, thorns, sand burs, dried switchgrass and head deep entanglements of tumbleweeds. It was a mess. What made it worse is when I got close enough for a shot after hours of of a stalk I just couldn’t see the bucks vitals and arrow deflection was no doubt a problem. Getting archery close to this buck once with all the other eyes in the field or bedded animals you didn’t expect was hard enough. But I had to do it THREE times over two days. The key here was just be so methodical and take advantage of the brief pockets of wind gust. Honestly this is where I praise Yoga and ability to balance while crouched and on one leg for a long period of time while I would be slowly trying to weave my foot that was up in the air down to the ground through the mess without making a noise. I’m proud of this one because it was a level 10 chess match. Nock On Archery Kifaru Become a Patron!

1hr 19mins

15 Oct 2020

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Free Range American: Ep 045 John Dudley - Nock On Archery

Free Range American Podcast

John Dudley is hosted by Evan Hafer and Logan Stark in the great outdoors as they revisit the epic BC Moose Hunt of 2019 as well as trade "don't try this at home" pro-tips and morning routines, discuss the importance of prioritizing athletic recovery, father/son relationship building, and more in this episode of Free Range American

1hr 3mins

31 Jul 2020

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#93 John Dudley - Nock On Archery

Be Legendary Podcast

Sorinex's Bert Sorin sits down with Pro Archer and creator of Nock On Archery, John Dudley. Bert and John discuss their athletic pasts, and how being physically cultured not only allowed them to excel in their sports but also in archery/hunting.

1hr 17mins

15 Jul 2020

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John Dudley: Nock On Archery


John Dudley, with Nock On Archery, meticulously built a compound bow for Aron Snyder, and joins the podcast to discuss the nuances of different compound bow setups, as well as the changes John has made to his own bow. Nock On Archery Kifaru Become a Patron!

1hr 24mins

26 May 2020

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#109 - John Dudley: The beauty in archery, the love of practice, and a model system for life

The Peter Attia Drive

In this episode, professional archer, John Dudley, shares the many insights he’s gleaned through the process of not only becoming an elite competitor of archery but also an exceptional teacher. John describes how his desire for improvement has cultivated a sheer love of practice, and how pursuing mastery helped put into context how archery is an amazing model system for life. Additionally, John discusses the often misunderstood nature of hunting, but also makes the case as to why one should consider trying archery even if there is no desire to hunt.   We discuss: Why John loves archery, and what it means to be a professional archer [4:50]; How John’s love of practice and training led to archery [10:45]; How an intense desire to improve drove John to quit football and pursue archery [22:00]; A traumatic childhood event that changed John’s course from troublemaker to committed athlete [34:15]; The nuts and bolts of archery—Competitive events, types of bows, hunting, etc. [45:30]; The blissful nature of archery, and the uselessness of anger [57:15]; Hyper-focus and flow states—Did John’s ADD and task-driven personality give him an advantage? [1:07:15]; The common traits found in the most successful people [1:12:45]; The keys to maintaining credibility as a salesman—Integrity, honesty, and straightforwardness [1:18:45]; The coaching technique that makes John a great teacher [1:28:30]; Why you should consider trying archery (even if you never want to hunt) [1:36:15]; Hunting discussion—The morality argument, hunting vs. commercial farming, managing overpopulation, and the unique emotional connection [1:45:00]; Resources for those interested in taking up archery [2:12:00]; and More. Learn more: https://peterattiamd.com/ Show notes page for this episode: https://peterattiamd.com/johndudley Subscribe to receive exclusive subscriber-only content: https://peterattiamd.com/subscribe/ Sign up to receive Peter's email newsletter: https://peterattiamd.com/newsletter/ Connect with Peter on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.

2hr 16mins

4 May 2020

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197-Next Level Archery With John Dudley

Eastmans' Elevated

In this episode Brian sits down with John Dudley. John is a influential bowhunter that has been doing it for years. The guys talk about some of his resent coaching to guys like Joe Rogan and Jock Willink. John is a accomplished competitive archer and is a great resource for next level archery. The guys go deep down the rabbit hole talking about the nuances of archery and execution. A great podcast between a couple die hard bowhunters!

1hr 29mins

12 Dec 2019