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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jack Askew. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jack Askew, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jack Askew. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jack Askew, often where they are interviewed.

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43. Building a Scalable Online Teaching Business with Jack Askew

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What strategies do you need to build up not one but two successful language businesses? One of the best people to ask is Jack Askew, the founder of To Fluency and Teaching ESL Online.

Today we’re talking to Jack about some savvy ways to find customers and build your online language business.

In this interview you’ll learn:
- How Jack fell into teaching language in Spain
- Short-term and long-term strategies to find students
- The all-important call to action
- Why Jack recommends starting on Instagram
- The importance of making connections
- Can you really make a living from language teaching?

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Sep 11 2020 · 55mins
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09 Fluency - Interview with Jack Askew (ToFluency)

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Today I am talking to Jack Askew from www.tofluency.com. Jack was very kind to answer my questions about the concept of fluency and how it works for Intermediate English learners. He has a course which helps achieve fluency in English. Visit Jack's website (www.tofluency.com) to download his ebook and more information on the course we discuss in the episode.

I see a problem with fluency these days. When I read forums and social media I see that learners tend to overuse this very word ‘fluency’ and often misuse it. It has become such a popular goal which everybody talks about achieving, but there is no clear understanding of it.

We are sharing a teacher view on fluency in the podcast. Jack mentions that fluency seems to be one of the most favourable learning outcomes for many people because it means confident use of the language. Many people, though, don't realise it's a long-term goal which needs determination and clear vision.
We give some tips on how to form a clear understanding of your goals and achieve fluency in English. We also discuss how online courses work for both teachers and learners on the way to this goal.
The episode is packed with useful tips! Don't miss it!
Feb 15 2017 · 20mins

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Mansion Interviews Jack Askew from tofluency.com and teachingeslonline.com

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Puedes contestar las preguntas de comprensión y obtener ayuda con el vocabulario difícil en esta entrevista en inglespodcast.com    You can answer listening comprehension questions and get help with difficult vocabulary in this interview at inglespodcast.com


urge = deseo, impulso stipend = beca funky (bars) = de moda, en la onda it rings a bell = it seems familiar (insurance) policy = póliza to set up = instalar, montar to struggle (to have difficulty) = costar risky = arriesgado/a to own = poseer, ser dueño de to put (something) off = posponer to go all in = echar el resto, ir con todo, apostar todo overlap = coincidencia to outsource = subcontratar to scale = modificar la escala deadline = fecha tope, fecha límite to procrastinate = posponer, dejar para después to run into someone = tropezarse con, encontrarse con 

Dec 08 2016 · 48mins
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#050 Jack Askew on Discovering Your Path TO FLUENCY

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Get the free transcript --> www.feelgoodenglish.com/member Jack Askew is the creator of To Fluency. and a certified English language teacher and language lover. He has helped many English learners reach a high level of English. He's originally from the UK, but now lives in the mountains of North Carolina in the US. He then started teaching English lessons one-to-one online before finding his passion: language acquisition and English language coaching. He realized how powerful English language learning coaching can be. He researched this topic, applied the methods to his own language learning, worked with learners from all around the world, and saw some incredible results. All his experience and knowledge is at To Fluency Get the transcript --> www.feelgoodenglish.com/member

Aug 12 2016 · 31mins

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AEE 102: Secrets to a High Score on the IELTS with Expert Jack Askew

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Do you want to know some awesome secrets to a high score on the IELTS exam? Today we have IELTS expert Jack Askew on the show and he is going to give us 3 tips to help you pass the IELTS in order to achieve... Read More

The post AEE 102: Secrets to a High Score on the IELTS with Expert Jack Askew appeared first on All Ears English Podcast | Real English Vocabulary | Conversation | American Culture.

Apr 23 2014 · 9mins