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Grape Therapy: Past Life Regression with Elizabeth April

Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Intuitive psychic Elizabeth April (EA) joins Kaitlyn (who is all cozy in bed) to take her through a past life regression. You may be asking yourself, “WTF is a past life regression?” Don’t worry, you’re not alone! In today’s episode, Elizabeth walks us all through exactly what it is and how she developed her skills over the years to perform them on others. She also explains why she doesn’t use the term “twin flame”, whether we have free will or the universe already knows our path, and how recurring dreams relate to our past lives. Then, EA opens her third eye to tap into a couple of Kaitlyn’s past lives and to no surprise, Kaitlyn was quite the spitfire – always speaking her truth, paving her own path, and saying "f*ck it" to what society wanted her to do. Whether woo-woo sh!t is up your alley or unfamiliar territory, you’ll find yourself entertained by the stories of Kaitlyn’s past lives. Thank you to our sponsors! Check out these deals for the Vinos: HYUNDAI - Learn more at HyundaiUSA.com. EVERLYWELL - Everlywell is offering a special discount of twenty percent off an at-home lab test at everlywell.com/vine. VIZZY - Go to vizzyhardseltzer.com/VINE to find Vizzy near you.  

15 Sep 2022

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Interdimensional Light Beings with Elizabeth April

Life, Death and the Space Between

INTERDIMENSIONAL LIGHT BEINGS with ELIZABETH APRIL “The natural progression of humanity is that everything that is not working in the higher frequency, in the unified frequency, is breaking down naturally.” – Elizabeth April “Brian Weiss is like the gateway drug to spirituality, because he was so grounded in traditional psychiatry.” – Dr. Amy Robbins SUPPORT DR. AMY ROBBINS: If you’re enjoying the podcast and finding value in guest interviews, ghost stories, and the content I share, please consider supporting the show by becoming a Patreon member for as little as $5 a month at Patreon.com/DrAmyRobbins.  As a member you’ll get more say in the content we cover and exclusive access to behind-the-scenes goodness! Stay Connected with Dr. Amy Robbins: Instagram YouTube Website Facebook Episode Summary: What do you feel when you hear about aliens? Does the idea invoke fear? Does it maybe all sounds like nonsense? How would you like to hear from someone who regularly communicates with what she calls “off-planet interdimensional light beings”? Today we talk with Elizabeth April, clairvoyant, truth seeker, expert past life regressionist, intuitive psychic, quantum teacher, paradigm shifter, best-selling author, and badass millennial influencer. Above all, her mission is to help humanity awaken by expanding minds to the infinite possibilities of the universe, through private readings ranging from celebrity clientele to those among her 300K+ online community.  Most recently, Elizabeth brought her expertise to the small screen as a featured guest on Unidentified with Demi Lovato (NBC’s Peacock TV).  Prepare to have your mind blown! Topics We Discuss: [2:24] Elizabeth’s metaphysical abilities were apparent at a small child: hearing spirits, seeing ghosts, picking up peoples’ energy. BTW, she feels most all children have these abilities. [5:40] How a past life regression experience at age 16, followed by a fully conscious abduction by interdimensional beings at age 18, brought her current reality into clear view. [8:20] Elizabeth’s experience with off-planet interdimensional beings, aka aliens, aka extraterrestrials. The Galactic Federation. [12:35] Overview of off-planet beings who originate from “off-planet”. Elizabeth describes 12 dimensions of the universe. The ultimate goal of experiencing the 12 dimensions is returning to source.  [17:31]  Where Elizabeth believes the soul goes when we die.  She sometimes helps souls who are stuck in a purgatory type place. She says all souls meet with loved ones who have crossed over, their guardian angel and guides, and experience a life review. [20:09] Elizabeth’s experience with aliens of various dimensions, and what they look like to her. Source has no dimension. Dimensions are containers for an incarnated soul. [25:34] Angelic beings, angels in the 7th dimension. Just as a variety of plants, animals and humans represent 3rd dimensional beings, beings in the multiple dimensions are represented by vast variety. [27:24] Galactic Federation of Light – a universe-wide governing organization that keeps law and order based on universal laws. For example, the law of non-intervention. All dimensional beings are represented. Millions of councils are involved. [31:53] What the Galactic Federation of Light is saying about everything that is happening on planet earth. Between 2020 and 2024 Elizabeth expects an absolute collapse of the parts of the 3rd dimensional reality that are serving the 1%, versus all of humanity. She feels things may get worse before getting better. She expects that in 2025 solutions will emerge – solutions in the areas of energy, plastics, cancer… [36:10] Everything that is not working in the higher frequency, in the unified frequency, is breaking down naturally. Galactic Federation souls have been incarnating to help us – called star seeds, old souls, volunteers. These star seeds feel different. [38:16] Amy’s speed round questions: What is spirituality? What is something people don’t know about you? What is one thing you’re looking forward to right now? What’s one thing you’re deeply grateful for? What book is on your nightstand? What is your favorite spiritual or healing practice? What is the most spiritually transformative experience of your life? [41:17] How Elizabeth connects with other beings and dimensions by reaching a trancelike state of equanimity. FOLLOW ELIZABETH APRIL: Find Elizabeth and find out about her membership site on her website. Follow her on Instagram or YouTube. Her audio or physical book, “You’re Not Dying, You’re Just Waking Up” Amazon.  Life, Death and the Space Between is brought to you by: Dr. Amy Robbins | Host, Executive Producer PJ Duke | Executive Producer Andrej | Podcasticize | Sound Editing Mara Stallins | Outreach & Social Media Strategy Claire | Clairperk.com | Podcast Cover Design


15 Sep 2022

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#324: Alien Encounters + What It’s Like Being a Psychic w. Elizabeth April


Elizabeth April - the Best Selling Author, Clairvoyant and Intuitive Psychic - shares on how she got into this work, her experience with extra terrestrials, following your truth, “the matrix” and more.14 DAY FREE TRIAL on Superhuman Meditations^ Mimi’s guided meditation app designed to transform your lifeWelcome to MIMI — a weekly podcast show that will inspire you to become the ultimate version of yourself. Featuring segments on motivation + success, personal development, relationships, health and wellness, host Mimi Bouchard drastically revolutionized her own life and now shares her insight + teachings; leaving listeners feeling excited and determined to pursue their ultimate potential. If you're looking to upgrade your life in any way, you're in the right place.


14 Sep 2022

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Elizabeth April explains the energetic realm around us

Barely Famous

Elizabeth April is a public speaker, spiritual influencer and cosmic channeller. Elizabeth details how she became aware about her extrasensory abilities at a young age but ignored those abilities in order to fit it. It wasn't until she went through a past life regression and an alien abduction that she was able to tap into the energetic realm around us. Kail believes that her dog is a reincarnated being and that her son has experienced spirits in the house so she gets to ask Elizabeth about their meaning and how others can go through their own spiritual awakenings. Then they read stories from listeners who have had paranormal experiences.

1hr 8mins

5 Aug 2022

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Elizabeth April

Danica Patrick Pretty Intense Podcast

As a child, I was able to see ghosts and spirits, energies, auras, and even feel other people’s thoughts and emotions. I had a deep understanding of how vibrational frequencies affected me and others. But being raised in a Catholic family, accepting these abilities was difficult. The kids at school didn’t help. They made fun of me when I told them I was talking to things they couldn’t see. I was told that I was lying about what I was seeing to get attention – I still hear this, from people, even to this day. It wasn’t easy to be a young person with these poorly understood abilities. I was too sensitive to everyone’s energy and was unable to go out to restaurants and other crowded environments. Confusion from my Catholic upbringing and feeling out of place in this world combined to create a deep depression and anxiety. So at 10 years of age, I shut off my abilities. I devoted myself to sports. Since I became very good at any sport I tried, I ended up gaining acceptance. At 16, I began to question everything in my physical reality. Nothing made sense. I was extremely depressed and began seeking help. I went to see councilors, psychiatrists, asked teachers and parents, and even tried to find answers to my questions through religion. Yet nothing could give me the answers I was seeking. I mean, it’s kind of tough looking for answers when you don’t even know what you’re asking for! I knew something was still missing. This led me to my first past life regression. During this regression, I discovered I had lived many different lifetimes. In some lives, I was a monk. In others, I was a healer, a philosopher, or an oracle. Some lifetimes were difficult. I had been persecuted and enslaved. The storm of emotions that followed this regression helped me see I was so much more than who I thought I was. More than who society taught me I was. Thanks to this past life work, I started waking up. I began to finally receive the validation that there was so much more out there, and so much more within me. At the age of 18 I was consciously abducted by aliens. Yup, that's right, I said it… Aliens! Up until that point, I had never really considered the existence of aliens. After all, it didn’t seem that relevant to my life here on earth. Sure, I figured there was something more out there…I just didn’t think I’d come face to face with them! After the abduction, I first had to come to terms with the fact that “holy fuck, aliens actually do exist.” Then I had to accept through my own experience that not only do they exist, but they are here on Earth! Finally, through some vivid flashbacks, I began to recall myself as one of these alien beings. I finally broke through the last veil of this reality. I had to accept myself, once and for all, as one of these inter-dimensional beings. This newfound knowledge somehow reawakened my DNA. My psychic and clairvoyant/channeling abilities came back in extremes. I started astral traveling, lucid dreaming, reading minds and talking to interdimensional beings in my bedroom. This life, for me, would never be the same. My abduction was terrifying. Yet I give thanks for it daily, as it led me here today. Since then I have made it my mission to help others in awakening themselves to the infinite possibilities. I’m a cosmic channeller, public speaker, spiritual influencer and a celebrated artist. I have experienced the vibrational frequencies of truth and do the necessary karma of spreading it. I have never been so happy, fulfilled and excited for the future as I am right now. I am truly living my authentic truth and I intend to teach people how they can get here too.

1hr 28mins

28 Jul 2022

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The Beauty of Living in a Polarized Universe with Elizabeth April

Third Eye Awakening

In this episode, I’m honored to be sitting down with Elizabeth April! Elizabeth is a powerful spiritual teacher and gifted psychic. She grew up with extra-sensory abilities, able to see ghosts and spirits, as well as read energies from other people. Elizabeth’s insight will leave you feeling the limitless possibilities that are available to you each and every day! Elizabeth and I chatted about: -living in a polarized universe -growing up psychic - loneliness in awakening -community in awakening -spiritual bypassing -astral travel and remote viewing through lucid dreaming & past life regression …and so much more! CONNECT WITH ELIZABETH! @elizabeth.april Website, Programs, & Cosmic Society Membership You’re Not Dying, You’re Just Waking Up FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM! @cosmic.oracle JOIN PATREON! JOIN SOUL SPACE! VISIT MY WEBSITE! www.amybelair.com FOLLOW ME ON YOUTUBE! Buy The Priestess Transmissions Book Rate and review this podcast and take a screenshot before you submit it. Send me the screenshot and be entered into a draw to receive a 45 minute Akashic Reading to be aired on the podcast!

1hr 1min

31 May 2022

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You're Not Dying, You're Just Waking Up: Navigating a Spiritual Awakening with Elizabeth April

Break The Matrix: Wake up to your Dream Life with Tiffany Paul

Navigating a spiritual awakening can leave you feeling lost, confused and even hopeless. Today's guest has been my energetic guide throughout my awakening and it was my honor to have her on the show. We dive into the awakening process, aliens, breaking the matrix and manifestation. Elizabeth is a spiritual thought leader, cosmic channeler, host of the Expand podcast and author of the book You're Not Dying, You're Just Waking up.  Buy Elizabeth's book here + tune into the episode to learn how to grab a FREE copy!Listen to her podcast Expand with Elizabeth April hereSubscribe to her Youtube channel hereJoin her monthly membership or buy tickets to the GFL Summits hereFollow her on Instagram @elizabeth.april (beware of spam accounts, she will never DM you for a reading) Show Sponsor: Break the Matrix Agency, a product development agency for the awakened Apply to work with me at https://www.breakthematrixagency.com/xx


27 Apr 2022

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136. Awakening Tips and Interdimensional Intel with Elizabeth April

High Vibin’ It

Paradigm shifter and Extrasensory, Elizabeth April, joins us to talk about having psychic abilities, being abducted, all things alien, the Galactic Federation, the healing journey... and SO much more!This conversation is far out and extremely intriguing. If you’re on an awakening journey, wondering what aliens want with humanity, curious about the timeline of what’s happening on earth right now… this episode is for you!Elizabeth talks about…Her journey as a spiritual seeker and extrasensory kidHealing from depression and traumaHer alien abduction experiencesWhat aliens want with humans and planet earthSome of the different interdimensional species out thereWhat the Galactic Federation wants us to knowAnd more!Connect with Elizabeth: ElizabethApril.comRead Elizabeth’s Book, You’re Not Dying You’re Just Waking Up: https://amzn.to/3sfgF6YIn the extended version of this episode (only available on patreon.com/highvibe) Elizabeth tells us what our star origins are and where we are headed as a collective.Join Kelsey’s 2022 Radical Self-Love Retreat: kelseyaida.com/retreatJoin Lynnsey’s AYM membership: https://bit.ly/AlignMembershipSPONSORS AND PERKS: Get $7 off Leumineux’s non-toxic oral care products today: https://amzn.to/3h9kuECGet a FREE 1 year supply go Vitamin D and 5 FREE travel packs of Athletic Greens (with first purchase): athleticgreens.com/vibinGet $20 personalized skincare from Proven with code “vibin”: provenskincare.comGet 40% off Thrive Market and a FREE gift worth over $50: thrivemarket.com/vibin

1hr 1min

28 Feb 2022

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Ep.148 Do You Know What Kind of Starseed You Are? And Did You Come To Save Earth? Ft. Elizabeth April

Spiritual Shit

Clairvoyant, truth seeker, intuitive psychic, and best-selling author ELIZABETH APRIL (also known as EA) is here on a mission to help humanity awaken by expanding their mind to the infinite possibilities the universe has to offer. Through her online community, The School of Awakening, her Amazon best-selling book, You’re Not Dying You’re Just Waking Up, and her successful podcast, Expand, EA has brought her expertise to celebrity clientele like Demi Lovato, models, actors, and musicians such as Chris Daughtry... as well as her huge online community. Each week on her podcast, EA dives into topics like the matrix, simultaneous time, consciousness, quantum physics, spirit guides, aliens, awakening, the Mandela effect, and much more. With well over seven million views on YouTube, over nine million minutes watched every month and an Instagram community of over 100K, the world is listening to what EA has to say. EA has been featured on Vice, Bustle, and Gaia TV to name a few, and has spoken at world-renowned conferences across North America including the Harmonic Convergence Festival, Alien Con Toronto, and Wellness Expo Toronto. She has shared her expertise on numerous podcasts including Almost 30, The Balanced Blonde, Positive Head, Master Mind, Body, and Spirit among others. Most recently, EA was a featured expert on Unidentified with Demi Lovato (NBC’s Peacock TV). Elizabeth April is on a mission to help shift the world, the only question remaining is, are you ready to join her on this journey? Find her HERE ! ----------------------------------- Work with me here: Thelovelyalea.com Become a Patreon Member to get behind the scenes, extra content, and workshops. Become a $10 member for our monthly workshops and a $25 member to be a part of our mystery school community! patreon.com/thelovelyalea Follow me on Instagram instagram.com/thelovelyalea ( Remember I will never DM you for readings - watch out for Scammers ! ) Buy my Manifest Courses at manifestthem.com and my workshops at Spiritualshitschool.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thelovelyalea/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thelovelyalea/support

1hr 3mins

17 Jan 2022

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Out of this World with Elizabeth April

We Know Weho

We Know WeHo kicks off 2022 with a mind-expanding conversation with renowned cosmic channel ELIZABETH APRIL, also known as EA, who lives in (and loves) West Hollywood!  EA is a gifted thought leader who is a clairvoyant, truth seeker, intuitive psychic, paradigm shifter, and best-selling author.  Her ongoing mission is to help humanity awaken by expanding their mind to the infinite possibilities the universe has to offer.  Listen to what EA has to share with Tracy & Mikey about her story, the work she does, the Hollywood Portal, Aliens in WeHo, and her favorite spots to Eat Shop & Play in West Hollywood!  (Elizabeth April interview at 15 minutes) Guest Resources: Website: www.elizabethapril.com Instagram: @elizabeth.april YouTube:  Elizabeth April Podcast: Expand with Elizabeth April Book:  You’re Not Dying You’re Just Waking Up NBC Peacock Docuseries:  Unidentified with Demi Lovato Sponsors: Winter Highlights with David Stanko from B2V Salon (at 7:15 minutes) B2v Salon Instagram: @b2Vsalon David Stanko Instagram: @thedavidstanko SHOW NOTES & LINKS: Elizabeth April V Wine Room Weho Bistro Awan Vegan Ice Cream Bottega Louie B2V Salon Glossier Flagship on Melrose

1hr 3mins

16 Jan 2022