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Episode 3: Rebecca Rusch & Meg Fisher

Ride Buddies

In the third episode of the Ride Buddies conversation series, Rebecca “The Queen of Pain” Rusch and decorated paracyclist Megan Fisher share the harder side of (sporting) life — as well as some hearty laughs, too!These two incredible women have spent their careers redefining what people are capable of. Together they share a lengthy palmares of world titles, Paralympic medals, Guinness world book records and, even, an Emmy Award.Rebecca and Meg talk about overcoming obstacles, finding strength in the struggle, Betsy the wonder dog, winning races in order to eat, and crushing a male ego or two.Get the full episode recap here: https://ridewithgps.com/ride_reports/5451-ride-buddies-episode-3


23 Aug 2021

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42 | Sun Valley, ID with Rebecca Rusch: Running in My Private Idaho

Suite Run

We are so excited to welcome professional athlete Rebecca Rusch to the Suite Run Podcast! Not only is Rebecca a professional athlete, she is also an Emmy winning filmmaker (check out her riveting film Blood Road), a best selling author, activist and keynote speaker.A 7x-world champion and celebrity in the ultra adventure/endurance realm for nearly 3 decades, elected to the prestigious international Mountain Bike Hall Of Fame, her status as a fierce competitor and inclusive influencer motivates millions. Recognized by Outside Magazine among the Top 40 Women Who’ve Made the Biggest Impact, and by Men’s Journal with the 25 Most Adventurous Women, she’s a maverick characterized by her grit, determination, and perseverance. It is indeed an honor to sit down and chat with Rebecca about her love of sport, biking, the outdoors and of course running. Rebecca then gives us a glimpse of her life in gorgeous Sun Valley, ID (her home of 20 years) and she shares with us great places to RUN, where to stay, awesome recommendations for dining out and so much more.Enjoy our conversation!Click HERE for the complete show notes.This episode is sponsored by:InsideTrackerInsideTracker is a personalized health and wellness platform like no other.What’s their secret? First, InsideTracker uses its patented algorithm to analyze your body’s data and offer you a clearer picture than you’ve ever had before of what’s going on inside you. Then, InsideTracker provides you with a concrete, science-backed, trackable action plan for reaching your performance goals and being your healthy best.  InsideTracker is offering 25% off its store for our listeners and let us recommend the Essentials Package for just $189! It's perfect for runners to elevate their training. Just visit insidetracker dot com slash SUITE RUN.Where to find Rebecca Rusch:Rebecca Rusch WebsiteRebecca on InstagramBe Good FoundationRebecca's Private IdahoRebecca's Giddy Up ChallengeWhere to find Natalie and Jerold:Natalie's InstagramSuite Run InstagramNatalie's TwitterSuite Run TwitterNatalie's FacebookSuite Run WebsiteSuite Run Facebook


5 Aug 2021

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How to do the Most Good with Dr. Josh Greene and Rebecca Rusch

Roam from Home

This week, Harvard Psychology Professor, Dr. Josh Greene joins us and guest co-host Rebecca Rusch to give us a lesson in moral cognition and effective altruism. What motivates people to do good? How have the greatest impact in our charitable giving? What makes an effective non-profit? His work answers these questions and more. He also talk about his latest project, The Giving Multiplier, which helps us make wiser, more impactful donations. Giving Multiplier: https://givingmultiplier.org/ Be Good Foundation: https://www.rebeccarusch.com/be-good-foundation This season is sponsored by the Adventure Activist (@TheAdventureActivist) and Roam Academy (@Roam). Theme music by Greta Van Fleet.

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15 Jun 2021

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How to Master The Art of Lifelong Elite Performance - Rebecca Rusch | Flow Research Collective Radio

Flow Research Collective Radio

Steven Kotler’s new book, The Art of Impossible, is out.It’s $27.99 everywhere books are sold BUT you can only get the book and a battle-tested set of Free Peak Performance Tools and Trainings at 👉 https://www.theartofimpossible.com --- "My mind has control of how I respond to things. I can respond to that nervous energy at the start line or I can have the anticipation of 'this is exciting' and reframe that conversation in that way." ~ Rebecca RuschABOUT THE GUESTRebecca Rusch is the “Queen of Pain” with a heart of gold. Whether she is on a cycling expedition in a remote part of the world or teaching others at her namesake gravel bike academy in Idaho, she inspires people to be their best with energy, positivity and passion. A 7x-world champion and celebrity in the ultra adventure/endurance realm for nearly 3 decades, elected to the prestigious international Mountain Bike Hall Of Fame, her status as a fierce competitor and inclusive influencer motivates millions. Recognized by Outside Magazine among the Top 40 Women Who’ve Made the Biggest Impact, and by Men’s Journal with the 25 Most Adventurous Women, she’s a maverick characterized by her grit, determination, and perseverance. Known for seeking the toughest challenges imaginable, pushing herself into unknown territory has yielded Rebecca a first female ascent on Yosemite’s 3000-ft. El Capitan Bermuda Dunes route, a first descent river boarding 300 miles of the entire Grand Canyon in 18 winter days. On two wheels, she is the only female competitor to win the iconic Leadville 100 four times and has won the renowned Unbound gravel grinder in 6 of 7 attempts (including the notoriously demanding 350-mile XL). She is a two time, first female finisher at the Iditarod Trail Invitational, pedaling 350 self-supported miles through the Alaskan wilderness.  Most recently she completed a previously unattempted North to South route traversing Iceland in winter by fatback alongside Chris Burkard and Angus Morton. She led a charitable cycling expedition up and down Mt. Kilimanjaro, and perhaps most notably, was the first person to ride the entire 1,200-mile length of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, documented in the Emmy-winning film, Blood Road. Even with all of these accolades under her belt, her inimitable brand and redoubtable resumé continue to expand. Combining ongoing athletic pursuits with entrepreneurial endeavors as CEO of Rusch Ventures, she oversees an impactful network of events, products, and experiences designed to elevate possibilities for people and their bikes. Whether through print like in her best-selling autobiography Rusch to Glory, or on the trail, via her popular digital platforms or even as a highly requested keynote speaker, Rebecca inspires and emboldens countless fans. Her marquee event, Rebecca's Private Idaho, is ranked a top 5 gravel event by Global Cycling Network, and one of the top 25 rides in the world by Outside magazine. Her Rusch Academy full-spectrum cycling retreats boost skills, confidence and performance and her MTB Lao adventure travel excursions expresses Rebecca’s desire to use the bike as a catalyst for healing, empowerment and evolution. Above all else she is the proud founder of the Be Good Foundation. Established in memory of her father, Rebecca’s Be Good Foundation focuses on UXO mitigation in Lao, protecting public lands for recreation, and partnering with bike-centric nonprofits to fund meaningful change. To date, her efforts have raised over a half-million dollars in support of select nonprofits. --- If you order Steven's new book, The Art of Impossible, right now, you’ll get $1,500 of free bonuses immediately dropped into your inbox. They include secret chapters he has never released, masterclasses on key skills to help you jack up motivation, heighten creativity, and accelerate learning. You’ll also get an entirely free training to help you fight distraction and spend more time in flow. So click the link here, snag yourself a copy of The Art of Impossible, and let’s get after it. 👉 https://www.theartofimpossible.com/ 


3 Jun 2021

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Ep. 70 - Rebecca Rusch, Queen of Pain

Bikes or Death

Today's episode is with a true living legend. Rebecca Rusch has had a long and successful career spanning many different sports, but in the past 15 years has dominated the mountain bike scene, which as spilled over into bikepacking and gravel racing as well. She's been referred to as the Queen of Pain since at least 2004 and she was inducted into the MTB Hall of Fame in 2019. Here list of accolades and victories is as long as her storied career. On this episode we get insight into some of the wisdom that she has gained through her career. Her perspectives are deep and well thought out. You can tell they've been forged in her mind over the years and countless endurance endeavor that have pushed her to grow and challenge who she is as a person. For the uninitiated, here is a very brief history of Rebecca Rusch. She began her career as a professional athlete in Adventure Racing, which was popularized by the Eco Challenge and the subsequent TV show produced by Mark Burnett. She competed at a high level, often on the winning team or threatening the lead, from 1997-2006. She faced a pivotal point in her life and career when one of her teammates, Nigel Aylott, died in an adventure race in front of her and her team, the same year they lost their major team sponsor. With some time left on her Red Bull contract she decided to give MTB a shot. In 2006 she signed up for, and won, the USA Cycling 24-Hours MTB National Champion in the Women's Solo category. But she didn't just win her field, she had the fastest time out of all participants, women and men! And this was in a discipline that she said in her own words was her worst sport. This win catapulted her fully into the MTB world where she continues to be a real threat any time she signs up for a race. Her accomplishments are not limited to the mountain bike. She also won the ITI 350 in 2019 and 2021, She is the Smoke n' Fire women's record holder, Unbound Gravel XL 350 winner in 2018, and she held the FKT on the Kokopelli Trail until just recently when Kait Boyle took it away by a meer 13 minutes. Her list of accomplishments is much longer, but I hope this paints the picture that Rebecca is a lifelong endurance athlete who has been competing at a very high level for a long time. In those years she has gained a rich understanding of human powered movement in the outdoors. For me it's daunting to put keys to pad and conjure up words to describe someone who has been a personal source of inspiration for me. Luckily, we recorded a podcast so you can hear directly from the Queen of Pain herself! These episodes aren’t possible without your support. Thank you to our newest supporting Patrons! 🖤 🖤🖤🖤🖤 Denise Brodigan James Vineyard Charles Gurrey Rick Stinson Joseph Lowhorn Damián García Crispin Hoult Mikey Hanrahan 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 🚨 ADnouncements 🚨 Jefe.bike – Patrons receive 10% off Arkansaw High Country Race - Registration Opens June 1st East Texas Showdown – Presented by Bikes or Death

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28 Apr 2021

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152: How to Effectively Modify Your Training and Racing as You Age, with Rebecca Rusch

Fast Talk

They say age is just a number. That’s exactly it: Age is nothing more than digits, and certainly shouldn’t be seen as a barrier or a dirty word. We can age successfully, but it requires changes to how we train and perhaps to the types of races we target.  Of course, there are some physiological changes—you might call them declines—that come with age. Yet, there are also things that improve as athletes get older. Sometimes they are truly physiological and psychological adaptations, and at other times they are a matter of perspective, mentality, or choice. We begin the episode with a deep dive by Trevor into some recent research on the effects of age and performance. Then we jump into a great conversation with the timeless Rebecca Rusch, a seven-time world champion, mountain bike Hall of Famer, and ever-evolving, age-defying cyclist and adventurer. As we speak, the 52-year-old Rusch is taking on her third Iditarod Trail Invitational in Alaska. In that conversation, we touch upon everything from training changes to nutrition tips, from off-the-bike work to the work it takes inside the mind to stay motivated, energized, and ready to push. We also hear from Dr. Andy Pruitt, the world-renowned sports medicine consultant, and Colby Pearce, coach, athlete, bike fitter, and host of the Cycling in Alignment podcast. All that and much more, today on Fast Talk. Let's make you fast!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 14mins

25 Feb 2021

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Episode 3 - Rebecca Rusch “North to Alaska, We’re Going North the Rusch is On” with The Queen of Pain


Rebecca Rusch is a professional athlete, 7x World Champion, Mountain Bike Hall of Famer, author of Rusch to Glory, Emmy Award Winner (Blood Road), and Director of the Be Good Foundation. She’s also a darn good person and friend. Travis and his dad, Mark “Mace” Macy talk with Reba about their long friendship; Rebecca Rusch Version 5.2; the Iditarod Trail Invitational; Reba’s ultrarunning goal; Rebecca’s Private Idaho; Dirt Dharma; the BaseCamp cycling training program; what it means to be professional; what we can learn from big, uncertain challenges; and more.http://www.travismacy.com/

1hr 10mins

1 Feb 2021

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Rebecca Rusch - 7X World Champ, Author-Rusch To Glory. Emmy award winner-Blood Road

The Greg Bennett Show

In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg has a delightful with Rebecca Rusch.Rebecca Rusch is one of the world's greatest ultra-endurance athletes.Her career has spanned numerous adventure sports including rock climbing, adventure racing, whitewater rafting, cross-country skiing, gravel biking, and mountain biking. She was nominated to the International Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 2019, owns seven World Championship titles in multiple disciplines.Author – her book Rusch to GloryEmmy award winner for her documented cycling expedition on the Ho Chi Minh trail - Blood Road. Motivational speaker and Event promoter – With Rebecca’s Private IdahoShe’s contributing to the greater good and giving back with her foundation “Be Good”.In this episode, Rebecca discusses her journey and the importance of the documentary film - Blood Road. How rather than closing a door to a part of her life it opened her life to so much more.The thing that becomes clear in this episode is Rebecca's ability to adapt and become stronger under difficult circumstances. This is true for her life, her career as an adventure racer and professional Mountain biker.Be sure to listen to this one until the end... simply so many fantastic stories and takeaways from one of the world's truly great inspiring people.Discount Codes and DealsAthletic Greens - a FREE year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase by visiting athleticgreens.com/gregHyperice - get an additional 10% off with code GREG10 at hyperice.comFormSwim Goggles - formswim.com/greg for $15 off - The coupon will be automatically added to the cart. Or use code GREG15 at checkout.Vital Choice - https://www.vitalchoice.com/ use promo code: 1welllbalanced5 at checkout

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1 Feb 2021

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Never Retire with Rebecca Rusch (Episode 2)

Hit Play Not Pause

Traditionally athletes in their 40s (and certainly their 50s) are supposed to retire and find something else to do. Not seven-time world champion Rebecca Rusch, who didn’t even start racing professionally as a mountain biker until age 38, and proceeded to rack up national and world victories, win Leadville 100 four times, DK200 three times, and crushed the first 350-mile DKXL gravel race at age 50. Talking menopause for the first time, Rebecca Rusch reveals what her transition through “the change” has been like and what she prioritizes now to continue hitting personal bests and pursue her passion. She’s living proof that midlife can be a time when women can truly hit their stride.Follow Rebecca on Instagram @rebeccarusch and visit her website at https://rusch-wear.myshopify.com/collections/books-and-film to purchase her book Rusch To Glory, co-authored by Selene Yeager.


7 Oct 2020

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Rebecca Rusch, Lessons from the Queen of Pain | Koopcast Episode 47


Rebecca Rusch, otherwise known as the Queen of Pain, is an illustrious endurance athlete. Among her many accomplishments is begin a 7-time world champion on the mountain bike, cross country skis and gravel bike, 4 X Leadville Trail 100 MTB champion, 2019 mountain bike hall of fame inductee, and has won the Dirty Kanza 6 times, including the 305-mile DKXL. Rebecca is known as the ‘Queen of Pain’ and in this podcast, we discuss how she lives up to that moniker. SOCIAL MEDIA- @RebeccaRusch● Instagram● Facebook● Twitter● YouTube

1hr 5mins

1 Oct 2020