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Episode 5: In Conversation with Dr. Julie Chan

Plant-Based Canada Podcast

In this episode we talk to Dr. Julie Chan, a plant-based Naturopathic Doctor, Registered Acupuncturist, and Founder of Liberty Wellness Clinic in Markham, Ontario. The focus of her practice is to provide individualized, functional, integrative medicine to her patients. Combining modern medical diagnostics, her extensive knowledge in pharmacology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Homeopathy, and Nutrition, she provides evidence-based therapies to help promote optimal wellness and disease prevention.  Julie is also a passionate food, climate and animal activist and spends much of her spare time doing non-profit work as she believes human health is intricately connected to planetary health. We hear about Julie's personal health journey, and explore her evolution to being a plant-based health practitioner. We talk about her passion for education, her on-line course on plant-based nutrition at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and her upcoming talk at our conference, the Canadian Plant-Based Nutrition Conference in May 2021.  We discuss Julie's philosophy on the interconnected of individual health, planetary health and our treatment of non-human animals, and her non-profit Peace Fur Paws. Finally we talk about Julie's love of baking and volunteering at one of our favourites, the Vegan Danish Bakery. Julie's passion , clarity of purpose, and compassion shine through. You can find details of Julie's practice and contact at: www.libertywellness.ca and the non-profit Peace for Paws at https://peacefurpaws.org/The episode is hosted by Dr. Zahra Kassam, co-founder of Plant-Based Canada


13 Apr 2021

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Self Made Girl Boss Interview With Julie Chan Beyond The Book

Self Made Girl Boss Interviews

Self made girl boss, Joanna Lopez talks to Julie Chan about aspirations to be an news anchor, her interviews with authors, particularly Andrew Morton, author of Princess Diana's autobiography 'Diana.'


16 Jun 2020

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E64: Dr. Julie Chan


Dr. Julie Chan is a plant-based Naturopathic Doctor, a Registered Acupuncturist, the Founder of Liberty Wellness Clinic located in Markham, Ontario the founder of a nonprofit organization called Peace Fur Paws and the Toronto leader of Animals Asia.Website: www.libertywellness.ca and www.peacefurpaws.org Follow on IG @drjuliechanNews of the DayExcuse of the Day: My muscles are bigger than yours!The Livegan Podcast Patreon Page The Livegan Podcast Facebook PageThe Livegan Podcast Instagram Page

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20 Feb 2019

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059 – Julie Chan and Rob Sanchez – Finding What You Want In a Relationship

All Possibilities with Julie Chan

In her first show back after giving birth to her son Jonathan, Julie Chan invites her husband Rob Sanchez into the studio to discuss the story of the path of their relationship, how they almost didn’t have one, why they are the only people they’ve ever had a long-term relationship with, and going after what you want…Rob Sanchez (CEO, Mouth Media Network) joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios, powered by Sennheiser. The two explore a new format to ask questions of each other, and sharing what they’ve learned in order to empower othersIn this episode:Being on a similar spiritual path for 14 yearsHow Rob grew up in fundamentalist Christian family, very spiritual, dealing with things he didn’t understand, being on the Autism spectrum but how he didn’t understand at that timeRob going into college, wanted to find someone who was a match spiritually and emotionallyHow Rob wanted to be in a relationship that was meaningful but filtering it in the way he was brought upRob met Julie but she didn’t match what he thought he was looking for related to spiritual and structural ways, but felt like he was supposed to be with her – which was a lot of deep thinking for a college studentPivotal moments in Rob’s life, afraid of everything and living a small life, how he decided in one moment in high school to sign up to run for class office as a way to do something drastic to move forward, started tackling fears such as swimming, and how the first time he swam a full lap was in a competitionHow it is much easier to make a decision and stick with it than to change decision laterHow Rob made decision earlier on never to take drugs or drink, and to only be intimate with someone he was supposed to be withDeciding who Rob will be in the world, creating a framework to exist in and go from thereFull ideas popping into his head all Rob’s life, claircognizanceWhen the struggle is not making a decisionThe first time Julie noticed Rob was at a launch party, when Rob refused to accept an alcoholic drink , thus giving Julie an epiphanyBeing clear what Julie wanted in a relationshipHaving stereotypes in mindHow the beginning of their relationship very awkward, and how technology created a neutral ground with one as an introvert and one on the autism spectrumGoing for it if interested in something, especially if you don’t have anything to loseHow Rob knew if he had a relationship with Julie he would marry her, thus initially hesitatingWhy Julie asked Rob to a dance and he said no began a relationshipBeing clear with what she wanted, being open and tell other people, and putting herself out there and accepting the consequences without letting rejection hurt youThe energy of looking vs. the energy of having or finding, being focused on the lacking of somethingThe difference between being happy and then getting married vs. getting married to be happy, band aids for being happy, not depending on another person in order to be happyRob introduced Julie on the book of the law of attraction, Rob was more open to spirituality, what experience would come he would explore it fullyForming a worldview that everything was the sameDeveloping a very deep relationship with booksDiscovering books, and an encounter with an author while doing yoga at the top of a mountain, both of which that set Julie on a pathA moment of alignment and  realization at The Grand CanyonSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


14 May 2018

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Ep 7 – Julie Chan – Purpose Psychic

Purpose Up Podcast: Purpose | Inspiration | Leadership | Service

Julie Chan, an intuitive and founder of Being My Purpose, shares her story of leaving her successful career in Urban Planning to follow her spiritual calling to help people find their purpose. She helps people by consulting with the Akashic records, and delivering the answers she receives back to her clients. We discuss her rational past, prestigious […] The post Ep 7 – Julie Chan – Purpose Psychic appeared first on Purpose Up.

14 Nov 2016

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66: How to Find Your Purpose and Trust Your Intuition with Being My Purpose Founder Julie Chan

Support is Sexy Podcast with Elayne Fluker | Interviews with 500+ Successful Women Entrepreneurs!

Julie Chan did everything she was supposed to do. She grew up on New York's Lower East side with hardworking parents who were immigrants from China and very focused on education for their children, so Julie studied hard and went to Yale University and graduated with a B.A., and then went on to MIT a graduated with a Master's degree in City Planning. She got a great job working with the city of New York. But still, "something was missing," and she had a sense that whatever that was, she'd have to create it for herself. And that meant finding her true purpose.A self-described introvert, Julie went through her own transformation -- and tons of resistance -- of becoming more in touch with her gifts, her calling to speak (and sing!) in front of audiences, and eventually the creation of her business, Build My Purpose, where she helps her clients find their purpose and tap into their own intuitive senses. On this episode, Julie talks about the spiritual experience that pushed her to ask all the deep questions and why being clear on our purpose helps us move forward with important clarity on decisions in our businesses and our lives. And hey, you may feel this is a little too woo woo for you and you might be skeptical -- I understand -- that is until Julie gave me a personal reading of my own, which I included in this episode. Let's just say I'm a believer. Check it out!On this episode you'll learn...How to tap into your power as an introvert.The importance of realizing and acting upon your purpose.Giving yourself permission to pursue your purpose.Realizing only fear and resistance is holding you back.Defining what you want to share in the world.Aligning your purpose with your vision for your business and your life.Getting over your ego mind and self chatter.Why tapping into your purpose helps you make important decisions about future projects.Why your expression of your purpose evolves.5 Ways your purpose affects your life.Thank you for listening! If you love it, please leave us a Rating & Review on iTunes!Show notes, links, contacts and resources from this episode may be found at http://supportissexypodcast.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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3 Oct 2016