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Improve Your Memory, Get Better Results With the International Man of Memory, Chester Santos

Grow Law Firm

On this episode, host Sasha Berson welcomes Chester Santos, otherwise known as the International Man of Memory. They discuss techniques for improving your memory and Chester runs through a real-life example of memorizing 13 objects with Sasha.Sasha and Chester talk about:- The events that led up to Chester becoming the 2008 U.S. Memory Champion.- How anybody can improve their memory at any point in time.- 3 overarching principles that can help you achieve a better memory, the first of which is turning something you want to remember into a picture in your mind.- If you want to remember that somebody is called Mike, you might want to picture a mic, or him singing into a mic to create an effective visual.- The more senses you involve, the more your brain will be activated.- Chester’s Memory School, which teaches you the methods he used to become a national memory champion.References:Chester Santos Website - https://www.internationalmanofmemory.com/Chester Santos Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TheInternationalManofMemory/Chester Santos Twitter - https://twitter.com/ChesterJSantosChester Santos YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/IntlManofMemoryMemory School Website - https://www.memoryschool.net/Sasha Berson LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/aleksanderberson/Grow Law Firm Website - https://growlawfirm.comDavid Pogue Website - https://davidpogue.com/Eric Kandel  Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine - https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/medicine/2000/kandel/facts/#LawyerWebsite #LawyerSEO #LawfirmMarketing


4 Jan 2023

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090 - Improving Our Memory with Chester Santos

Center Stage

Use it or lose it! That's what International Man of Memory Chester Santos believes will happen to our memory skills if we don't keep them in shape! Join us this week as Chester talks about memory skills and walks us through an exercise in memory.To learn more and to get free enrollment (a $200 value!) in Chester's memory course, visit www.memoryschool.net and use promo code CS


5 Oct 2022

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EP498 Habit of Memory with Chester Santos

Habit Based Lifestyle

Today I'm joined on the show by the incredible Chester Santos.  Chester is a U.S. Memory Champion, an author, and so much more.  In today's episode, we dive into techniques and tricks to help master and retain information.  Chester explains why memory skills make you look like an expert in your field, setting yourself apart from other professionals.  Find out how a simple visualization technique can help you cement names, words, and phrases in your memory.  If you'd like to learn more about Chester and connect with him, visit his website at https://www.chestersantos.com -- Are you looking to connect with a group of like-minded habit hacking people? Join my private Facebook group along with 100's of others in my habit-based lifestyle secrets page https://www.Facebook.com/groups/307809586529906/ where I'll be dropping daily habits, tips, and tricks every single week.   Want additional information on our programs and other ways to get involved, check out my website http://jesseewell.com/ or www.Habitbasedlifestyle.com


10 Jun 2022

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#48 - Chester Santos: The International Man of Memory

Rebuilding The Beast

Our guest today is Chester Santos! Chester is the “International Man of Memory”, also regarded as one of the leading memory experts in the world! After winning the U.S Memory Championship back in 2008, Chester decided to use his skills and help others with their memory. People in business, actors, politicians, and so many more have reached out to Chester to be coached and now he’s here, giving us a full breakdown on Rebuilding the Beast! Today, we cover a variety of different subjects.How Chester realized he had an amazing memory from excelling in school and decided to try out for the USA Memory Championship after scrolling through the TV.After winning, Chester wanted to use the momentum of the attention he was receiving to create a business, but due to the recession in 2008, struggled to even make a profit. But then, he talks of the moment he realized this job could sustain him.We also talk about the improvements he has seen from his clients and now the school he’s forming online to reach out to more and more people.And finally, Chester puts our memory skills to the test by doing an interactive exercise! I’ve always considered myself to have a terrible memory, but let me tell you, Chester is the real deal! This is a fun episode everyone, please enjoy! If you’re interested in learning more about Chester, check out his website! Want to join Chester’s school, use code FESTUS and the first 50 people will get a free enrolment! Sign up here. Want to follow Chester on LinkedIn? Message him saying you listened to the Rebuilding the Beast podcast! Follow Chester on Instagram!Be sure to rate & review the show on Apple Podcasts!  It will really help us grow & reach more people!Follow us on Instagram for daily inspirational stories!Or check out our YouTube & website!Want to connect with Festus directly? Hit him up on Instagram!


23 Mar 2022

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How to Remember EVERYTHING with Chester Santos

The Winning Zone


28 Feb 2022

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U.S. Memory Champion Chester Santos on Memory Skills For Success!

The How-to Entrepreneur

World's Leading Memory Skills Expert and Author of "Instant Memory Training for Success". Chester has helped millions of people around the world to realize the benefits of an improved memory and sharper mind. He's been coach to some notable celebrities, politicians, professional athletes, high-powered executives, and as of late... The How-to Entrepreneur. The art of the deal and persuasiveness heavily relies on a convincing display of confidence and tact when delivering your message. Chester helps professionals in all industries and spaces accomplish the memory skills that enhance the speaking skills required to be on top your game not only in business but all areas of life. Leave Some Feedback: Who should we have on the show next? Please let us know in the comments below Did you enjoy the episode? If so, please leave a short review. Connect with Us: TheHowtoEntrepreneur.com Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Today's Sponsors: JavaPresse Coffee Company - #1 Rated Coffee Grinder on Amazon (Free Grinder in Link) SANESolution - Harvard Medical endorsed body & mind health framework American Dream U -  Transitioning veteran professionals 


7 Sep 2021

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How to Improve Your Memory - Chester Santos

The Mark Struczewski Podcast

U.S. Memory Champion, Chester Santos - “The International Man of Memory” is the world’s leading memory skills expert and founder of MemorySchool(.)NET.  WHO IS MARK STRUCZEWSKI? Mark “Ski” Struczewski (Mister Productivity) works with executives to help them gain control of their time by taming distractions so they can experience less overwhelm, feel a sense of freedom, and enjoy their lives. In addition to being a productivity coach, Mark is a speaker, host of The Mark Struczewski Podcast, and author. His strategies have guided CEOs/Executive Directors, business owners, business corporate specialists, and entrepreneurs to get back control of their time. You can find out more about how to connect with Mark and his mission to create confident leaders at MisterProductivity.com. Does your to-do list have you overwhelmed? When you join my Digital Productivity Coaching (DPC) Program, you’ll learn how to get and stay focused, become untangled from the chaos of your to-do list, experience less overwhelm, and have time to do what you really want to do! Find out more and sign up today at MarkStruczewski.com/dpc Get instant access to The Basics of Productivity Course at MarkStruczewski.com/bofp Let's talk about the show. Join our podcast Telegram channel. Become a Mark Struczewski Insider and get productivity tips and exclusive content that I only share with email subscribers. Follow Mark on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. 


7 Jul 2021

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Ep.509 ~ Memory is Essential as an Entrepreneur - Here is How to Maximize It ~ Chester Santos, US Memory Champion

The Business Method: Interviewing Billionaires, Founders of Billion Dollar Companies & the World’s Most Successful People 🎧🔥

Chester Santos, is "The International Man of Memory", he is one of the world's foremost experts on memory training. Chester is the U.S. National Memory Champion.  He's helped thousands of people around the world to realize the benefits of an improved memory & a sharper mind. Chester has appeared in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, USA Today, PBS, & CNN. Chester has also spoken at Berkeley, Stanford, & Harvard universities, & at many Fortune 500 companies, including various other television, radio, and print media all over the world.  To win the U.S. National Memory Championship, Chester had to memorize an unpublished poem, recall the names of 99 people whose photos were shown to him 15 minutes earlier, & remember a list of 20 numbers wide and 25 lines long. He can correctly name each person in an audience of 200 people after hearing their names just once, memorize an entire deck of cards in order in 90 seconds & perfectly recall all of the Kentucky Derby results since 1875! He has also memorized details about every single member of the 535-person United States Congress, including each Senator's and Congressperson's first name, last name, state, district number, assigned Congressional Committees, and special positions held within those committees. That totals over 4000 pieces of data. On the show today we will learn how to unlock your mind's hidden power to easily remember names, facts/figures, presentations, processes/procedures, famous quotes, foreign languages, exam/training material, & much more.  04:05 Who is Chester Santos? 13:25 Memorizing the 535 Members of Congress 16:00 Techniques to Improve Your Memory 20:40 How Chester Keeps His Brain & Memory Sharp 28:20 Three Principles to Massively Improve Your Memory 39:35 Applying Memorization Techniques for Business 53:45 Chester’s Peak Performance Habits for Memory & Brain Function Contact Info: Use the Code ‘Chris’ for a $200 Discount https://www.memoryschool.net/ Chester on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/chestersantos Chester on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ChesterSantosMemory Chester on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ChesterJSantos YouTube: http://youtu.be/XjaYuoCUs30 Subscribe to the Podcast:  🎧 Website:  https://www.thebusinessmethod.com/ 🍏 Apple Podcasts:  http://bit.ly/TheBusinessMethod 💻 Google Podcasts:  http://bit.ly/TheBusinessMethodGooglePodcasts 🎙Spotify:  http://bit.ly/SpotifyTheBusinessMethod Follow Chris Reynolds on Social Media: Instagram: @chrisreynoldslive Facebook: @chrisreynoldslive YouTube: @chrisreynoldslive

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23 Jun 2021

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Chester Santos - International Man of Memory

Work From Your Happy Place with Belinda Ellsworth

“The International Man of Memory” has left an impression on all corners of the earth. With his unique ability to not only demonstrate extraordinary feats of the mind, but also educate others to do the same, this U.S. Memory Champion is widely regarded to be the world’s leading memory skills expert. Through his entertaining & educational television and movie appearances, professional seminars, and best-selling books, Chester has helped millions of people around the world to realize the benefits of an improved memory and sharper mind.He is highly sought-after by the media for his exceptional skills and expertise. CNN, ABC, PBS, NBC, CBS, BBC, and the Science Channel have all featured Chester and his memory building tips for viewers. When newspapers and magazines need memory improvement tips for their readers, they also seek out Chester Santos. He has been quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, and most recently, TIME Magazine featured his advice for remembering numbers in a December 2018 Special Edition entitled, “The Science of Memory”. The 2020 documentary film, "David vs. Goliath" features Chester Santos and his memory skills training.


7 Jun 2021

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237: The Marvels of Mastering Memory: Chester Santos

STaR Coach Show

One thing we all need to improve is our memory skills. How important is it for a coach, leader, business owner, or entrepreneur to have sharp memory skills? How can these skills increase your value and profitability? Does it take superior intelligence to sharpen your memory, or are there practical techniques that anyone can learn? Join us as today’s guest answers these questions and more!Chester Santos, “The International Man of Memory,” is the world’s leading expert on memory training. He’s a bestselling author who has helped thousands of people worldwide realize the benefits of improved memory and a sharper mind. There are many things we can do as human beings, business owners, coaches, entrepreneurs, and leaders to add value to our lives as we apply some of Chester’s concrete strategies. He is a highly sought-after guest on numerous media outlets for his exceptional skills and expertise. Through workshops, corporate training, speeches, and presentations, Chester has developed a knack for passing on valuable memory techniques that are easy to understand and retain for years to come. He has inspired millions to develop their memory, and he’s here today to inspire each of us to remember more.Show Highlights:●     How Chester became “The International Man of Memory”●     Three main principles of memory skills:○     Visuals--Turn what you want to remember into a picture in your mind.○     Additional senses--The more senses you use to encode information into your brain, the more your brain is activated to remember.○     Psychological aspect--We remember things that catch us by surprise and are unexpected, so attach something extraordinary to what you want to remember.●     Chester’s memory technique called the “story method”--and how to use it●     The practical application of memory to business success in remembering names:○     Repeat the person’s name when introduced.○     Ask them a question using their name.○     Connect the name to something familiar.○     Say goodbye to the person using their name.●     How memory skills benefit someone who is giving a presentation (Use mental picture clues instead of notes!)●     How to remember the things you have to look up repeatedlyResources:Memory School Use the promo code STAR to remove the fee for the first 50 listeners!Twitter: ChesterJSantosLinkedIn: Chester Santos Facebook: TheInternationalManofMemoryMentioned in this episode:Join the Star Coach Masterclass!Learn the 6 C’s to your Coaching Masterplan.Star Coach Masterclass


19 May 2021