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Bring Back Economic Vibrance with Tosin Oduwole

Weiss Advice

Starting his investment company while still in university almost 10 years ago, Tosin is Part of the new generation of Private Equity, using technology as a medium to provide value to the marketplace. He has facilitated business development for several companies in the real estate space helping them run more efficiently, raise capital, and nurture long-term relationships with their clients. In 2019, he launched BAP United, a $100 Million Dollar Regulation D fund focused on acquisition and development of Chicago's southside. [00:01 - 05:55] Tosin of Chicago and St. LouisLet’s get to know Tosin Oduwole“I never saw my parents work with a set schedule.”[05:56 - 25:06] Bring Back Economic VibranceWhat is affiliate marketing?Tosin’s Secret to Raising $100 Million Alone, I can’t change a whole city Customer Service ManagementTosin talks about buying URLsRevitalization and redevelopment with BAPUnitedMother and son duplex in Lagos, NigeriaBe a part of the country’s change[25:07 - 35:11] THE FINAL FOURWhat's the worst job that you ever had?Jack in the BoxWhat's a book you've read that has given you a paradigm shift?The Corner OfficeWhat is a skill or talent that you would like to learn?UnderwritingWhat does success mean to you?3 Meanings of SuccessPutting actions behind your wordsConnect with Tosin. Links available belowResource Mentioned: InfusionSoftTweetable Quotes:“To succeed long term, you do need to have a track record of integrity.” - Tosin Oduwole“In order to better serve a community or serve a customer, you have to know them.” - Tosin Oduwole“Every five years, what we want, and who we are, is going to change.” - Tosin OduwoleConnect with Tosin through tosin@bapunited.com, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Visit their website https://www.bapunited.com/. LEAVE A 5-STAR REVIEW by clicking this link. WHERE CAN I LEARN MORE?Be sure to follow me on the below platforms:Subscribe to the podcast on Apple, Spotify, Google, or Stitcher.LinkedInYoutubeExclusive Facebook Groupwww.yonahweiss.comNone of this could be possible without the awesome team at Buzzsprout. They make it easy to get your show listed on every major podcast platform.Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/weissadvice)


13 Jan 2022

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Six Figures In Six Months with Affiliate Marketing - Tosin Oduwole ( Episode 189)

The Millionaire Talk Show

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative business. It allows you to make money selling online to millions of potential customers without creating a product. On this episode I speak to Tosin Oduwole who is an EXPERT at Affiliate Marketing. We talk about how he finds leads, how he adds value, how he converts that value into cash and how you can do the same thing! We also talk about how he launched his own real estate fund, the intricacies that come along with that and he even drops a gem on how he was able to get his lawyer fees for a fraction of the cost. Tune in for this and much more! Find Tosin on IG: @tosin_oduwole You can get all of Tosin's products here: Real Estate Investors Cheat Sheet (Every Contract Template You'll Ever Need): https://gumroad.com/a/613192819/kmwyt The Secret To Raising Money To Buy Your First Apartment Building!: https://gumroad.com/a/613192819/scSlT Middle Eastern Directory of High Net-worth Investors : https://gumroad.com/a/613192819/abwdDl Todd on IG: @toddbillion Todd Capital on IG: @todd.capital Sponsor Fam: @todd.capital: https://linktr.ee/toddmillionaire Todd Capital Options Course: https://gumroad.com/l/bOUnl Todd Capital Vending Course: https://gumroad.com/l/EwSkk Todd Capital - gumroad.com/toddcapital TC Options and Wealth Community: launchpass.com/p/tcinvestmentclub Invest with Teri - www.investor101.org Notary: millinotarypromo.com Charm City Buyers: charmcitybuyers.samcart.com/referral/sl…0LTkir6iaRh Hood Estates Trucking: bit.ly/2JQQnlZ Hood Estates Elite Real Estate: bit.ly/2HCXD25


6 Sep 2021

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The Road To My Own Real Estate Fund with Tosin Oduwole

Econix Talks

Today we had Tosin Oduwole, real estate fund manager of BAP United. We get into the nitty gritty of his come up in real estate. Tosin opens up about his experience and his winding path to his very own real estate fund. He breaks down whole selling and goes in great depth about how this sector of real estate gave him the foundation he needed to branch out into more complex deals. This interview is certainly one for the those interested in breaking into real estate with little money. Tosin does an amazing job of giving us a behind the scenes look at what building a real estate portfolio actually looks like. Check out his links below!Tosin Oduwole Links https://www.instagram.com/tosin_oduwole/Link Tree: https://www.linktr.ee/tosin_oduwoleEconix Websitehttps://econix.coFollow us on Instagram! https://instagram.com/econix_Follow our Medium Blog!https://medium.com/econixFollow us on twitter!https://twitter.com/econix_

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8 Jul 2021

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African American Repair Curriculum - Commercial Real Estate - Tosin Oduwole

The Tosin Oduwole Podcast!

African American Repair Curriculum - Commercial Real Estate - Tosin Oduwole  How to invest in Commercial real Estate!   ____________________________________________________________________________________ Below are our recommended vendors for many products and services offered to you via our affiliate links at NO additional cost to you!  ↓↓↓ Business Resources (VERY IMPORTANT) ↓↓↓  Accept Payments at Your Online Store: http://bit.ly/OnlineStoreSetup  Start an LLC for Cheap: http://bit.ly/EasyLLC  Custom Bank Checks: http://bit.ly/Things4YourBusiness  Search Engine Optimization : http://bit.ly/SearchEngineListings  Create Your Own Online Course: http://bit.ly/CreateAnOnlineCourse  Affordable URLs & Websites: http://bit.ly/CheapURLs  Track Who Comes To Your Website: http://bit.ly/VisitorTracker  Virtual Phone Numbers: http://bit.ly/VirtualPhoneNumber   ↓↓↓ REAL ESTATE ↓↓↓  Number 1 Real Estate Deal Finder: http://Your7DayFreeTrial.com   Property Management Software: http://bit.ly/PropertyManagementServices  Easy Tenant Screening: http://bit.ly/BestTenantScreening   ↓↓↓ Safety & Internet Security ↓↓↓  Hide Your IP Address : http://bit.ly/HideYourIPAddress  Protect Your Identity from Fraud: http://bit.ly/ProtectYourIdentityToday  ↓↓↓ ADULTS ONLY ↓↓↓  18 Bottles of Wine for $99 : http://bit.ly/18Bottles  Liquor Subscription Service: http://bit.ly/CocktailsByMail  Specialty Wines: http://bit.ly/WineByMail  Condoms In Bulk (PRACTICE SAFE SEX) : http://bit.ly/BulkCondoms    ↓↓↓ Personal & Self Development ↓↓↓  MasterClass Courses: http://bit.ly/MasterClassCourse  Lose 8 Pounds in 8 Days: http://bit.ly/Lose8Pounds   ↓↓↓ Sports Fans ↓↓↓  ALL YOUR FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM GEAR: http://bit.ly/FanChest    🚨🚨🚨All Off Market Real Estate related deals featured were found using Propstream! Sign up for at http://www.Your7DayFreeTrial.com for free for 7 days to have access to any and all off market real estate deals around the country! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/toxicmasculinity/support


14 Jul 2020

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Investing in Multifamily Real Estate with Tosin Oduwole

Mission Matters Money with Adam Torres

Investing in multifamily real estate has been the path many have taken to achieve financial success. Have you considered if multifamily real estate investing is right for your situation? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Tosin Oduwole, Founder & CEO of Building AQuisition Partners United, explore investing in multifamily real estate and what it takes to succeed.  Follow Adam on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/askadamtorres/ for up to date information on book releases and tour schedule.Apply to be interviewed by Adam on our podcast:https://missionmatters.lpages.co/podcastguest/


16 Jun 2020

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The Tosin Oduwole Podcast! (Trailer)

The Tosin Oduwole Podcast!

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5 Jun 2020

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The Journey of a Fund Manager w/ Mr. Tosin Oduwole

Black Equity Podcast w/ D.J. Moultrie

Black Equity Premium Sneak Preview - On today’s episode we talk to Mr. Tosin Oduwole, CEO & Founder of Building Acquisition Partners United. We discuss his journey to becoming a fund manager, the wisdom he learned along the way, and his current vision for his newest venture. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU'LL LEARN: • • How strategic partnerships can be a huge advantage. • How to properly manage relationships and connections on your journey. • How to connect with Tosin • How to Partner w/ BAPU. • What is the future of BAPU. BOOKS AND RESOURCES • IG: @Tosin_Oduwole & @BAPUnitedFB: Tosin OduwoleText - +16692382434 to join our Digital Network to revive updates in opportunities for access to capital, strategic partnerships, and to invest. Join our Black Equity Premium Community for more in-depth and high level content like this one by clicking here - https://www.patreon.com/BlackEquity. Ready To Learn How To Trade Options? Options Bootcamphttps://bit.ly/2RwYIhKOptions Bootcamp + Financial Astrologyhttps://bit.ly/2RPJZyDOptions Mastery Membershiphttps://bit.ly/2Vrf8t6--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/blackequity/message

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5 Apr 2020

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Straight Up with Tosin Oduwole, Brandon J. Wigley and Safiya J. Nurse

The Tosin Oduwole Podcast!

We kick off our new web show Straight Up where we discuss current events, politics, and everything relevant to modern times!  Please subscribe & share!   *****Below are our recommended vendors for many products and services offered to you via our affiliate links at NO additional cost to you! ↓↓↓ REAL ESTATE ↓↓↓   Number 1 Real Estate Deal Finder: http://Your7DayFreeTrial.com Property Management Software: http://bit.ly/PropertyManagementServices Easy Tenant Screening: http://bit.ly/BestTenantScreening ↓↓↓ Safety & Internet Security ↓↓↓   Hide Your IP Address : http://bit.ly/HideYourIPAddress Protect Your Identity from Fraud: http://bit.ly/ProtectYourIdentityToday ↓↓↓ ADULTS ONLY ↓↓↓   18 Bottles of Wine for $99 : http://bit.ly/18Bottles Liquor Subscription Service: http://bit.ly/CocktailsByMail Specialty Wines: http://bit.ly/WineByMail Condoms In Bulk (PRACTICE SAFE SEX) : http://bit.ly/BulkCondoms Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/toxicmasculinity/support


2 Mar 2020

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"RAISING $10 MILLION IN CAPITAL & meeting key mentors & partners" - Tosin Oduwole EP #58

Real Estate Experiment

GUEST BIO Tosin steps into the lab today as a true practitioner that has always surrounded himself with key partners and mentors that have aloud him to get a lead in all the business ventures he’s had a chance to be a part of at a young age of 34. This then later lead to a strategic partnership as he sits on the advisory board of the well known Tulsa Real Estate Fund. As the host of the daily hustle, Tosin steps into the lab with us to share more than the daily insights of the ‘hustle’ but rather the journey that took place to lead to where he is today. THE REAL ESTATE FOUNDATION 1:47 Background Story 8:29 Transitioning to Real estate 9:45 What is the draw to MultiFamily and Commercial 13:13 Meeting a Partner/Investor 19:18 What did the pitch like/ proof of concept look like? 22:18 Advice you can give not to be taken advantage of 33:42 How fund is run and how it works? 42:33 Difference and Similarities in Syndication and Funding Model 47:20 Build Equity and Cash Flow KEEPING IT REAL 57:15 Biggest mistake/problem you've made in real estate 1:08:10 Worst Advice ever received 1:11:37 Most influential person for achievement (MyGrandfather) ANSWERS TO THE RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS IN THE SHOW 1:14:11 Favorite book - The Corner Office: Indispensable and Unexpected Lessons from CEOs on How to Lead and Succeed Book by Adam Bryant 1:14:41 Best Habit that serves you everyday. 1:16:05 Best Tool that helps you excel throughout your day. 1:16:53 One 300 unit apartment building or 3 apartments of 100 units - One 300 unit apartment building 1:20:13 Self Manage or Outsource - Outsource 1:20:21 If you had to have one superpower in real estate what would it be? - To be able to negotiate anything at 20% ARV 1:20:45 If you could describe a successful investor in one word, which one would you pick? - Resourceful 1:21:53 If you can make one thing easier in your day to day what would it be? - Managing Communication with my leads BOOKS MENTIONED IN THIS SHOW   Shut Up and Listen! Hard Business Truths That Will Help You Succeed - by Houston Rockets Owner Tilman Fertitta The Corner Office: Indispensable and Unexpected Lessons from CEOs on How to Lead and Succeed -  by Adam Bryant NOTABLE QUOTES (KEY LESSONS): “People who are really doing it, they don’t need to hide anything from you, because there’s enough money.” “Stepping out and putting your name and your face on something, and being confident in what you’re doing.If you don’t wanna put your name and face on something that means deep down inside you don’t standby and you’re able to dash and run away when things go wrong.” “You cannot be self made” CONNECTING WITH THE GUEST Instagram: Tosin_Oduwole Facebook and LinkedIn: Tosin Oduwole Web Series - The Daily Hussle #ExperimentMultifamily

1hr 28mins

2 Dec 2019

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Buy The Hood (Ep 27): The Daily Hustle with Tosin Oduwole ( @Tosin_Oduwole )

Buy The Hood

In episode 27 we talk to Real Estate Developer, Investor, Business Development Consultant, and creator of The Daily hustle YouTube series Tosin Oduwole ( @Tosin_Oduwole ) We talk about his journey to becoming a developer, his influences, his work with The Jay Morrison Academy, and The Tulsa Real Estate Fund, and his transparency on The Daily Hustle Show. This was an inspiring episode.  Don't miss it!  **Video** YouTube: bit.ly/BTHYoutube **Audio Podcast** Spotify: spoti.fi/2VV8BF6 Apple Podcast: bit.ly/BTHApple Google Podcast: bit.ly/BTHGoogle Pocketcast: bit.ly/BTHPocketCasts **Recommended Books** http://bit.ly/BTHBooks **Follow Us** Buy The Hood: https://Instagram.com/BuyTheHood Jimmy: https://Instagram.com/JWTheBlueprint Corey: https://Instagram.com/AboveAvgSavage Tosin: https://www.instagram.com/tosin_oduwole/ Daily Hustle : https://youtu.be/QPt5a6FJVVQ Prop Stream: Your7DayFreeTrial.comBuy Own Your Time And Space: http://OwnYourTimeAndSpace.com http://BuyTheHood.com --------------------------------------------


13 Nov 2019