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What Happened at Devil's Den? What is a Dream or Reality? Terry Lovelace

Truth Be Told

Tony interviews UFO Expert and Abductee, Terry Lovelace, who is a six year veteran of the USAF. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a law degree from Western Michigan. His legal career began in private practice until his appointment as an assistant attorney general for the U.S. Territory of American Samoa, he also served as an assistant attorney general for the State of Vermont until his 2012 retirement.He and a friend were abducted from Devils Den State Park in NW Arkansas in June 1977 while remote camping. They were both on active duty at the time. What followed were 40+ years of nightmares, phobias and PTSD-like issues.In 2012 a routine leg x-ray discovered two anomalous objects in his leg. The x-rays are on his website at terrylovelace.com. That event was the catalyst to write the books and speak publicly about hisexperiences.https://contactinthedesert.com/speake...Please Subscribe and Share This Show! We appreciate your support!!! www.truthbetoldworldwide.com

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24 May 2021

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Terry Lovelace - Childhood Alien Abduction Experiences and Much More...

Everything Imaginable

https://www.terrylovelace.com https://www.amazon.com/Terry-Lovelace-Esq/e/B07BDMYSHJ?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1&qid=1620171225&sr=1-1

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6 May 2021

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The reckoning - Terry Lovelace

Peer Beyond The Veil

Last year, in the previous season of the show, we spoke at length to former Lawyer, Assistant Attorney General and Air Force EMT, Mr Terry Lovelace. The story of his encounter at Devil’s Den State Park, in Washington County, Arkansas, is one of the most thrilling, terrifying, saddening and entirely convincing tales in the annals of extra-terrestrial encounters. The tale of a young Mr Lovelace and his friend Toby, begins rather innocuously with a camping trip, but ends with two lives completely ruined and more anecdotal evidence of a governmental cover-up than you are ever likely to hear in one place. Both men are split up from each other, sent their different ways, and would never talk again. But the story does not end there. And nor indeed, does it start there either. After publishing a contact email address in the back of Incident at Devil’s Den, and asking those with similar stories to contact him, Terry was inundated with incredible tales from hundreds and hundreds of others who have had encounters with beings and entities of other worlds. And so, after compiling them together, he put pen to paper once more. He fleshed-out the original tale, reaching back into his own past to piece together some of the building blocks which prefaced his encounter at Devil’s Den, and shared some of the most incredible tales which had been shared with him. It is a great pleasure to welcome the fantastic Terry Lovelace back to the show again tonight to talk about the second book, The Reckoning, and to expand a little on just how many of you out there have stared at the stars in wonderment and terror, knowing that it is with some ease that we Peer Beyond The Veil.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/peerbeyondtheveil/support

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30 Apr 2021

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The terror of Devil's Den - Terry Lovelace

Peer Beyond The Veil

This world that we all obsess over, this world of paranormal and spiritual and extra-terrestrial research is filled with stories and anecdotes that either verify or nullify our beliefs. Many are hearsay, tales that are passed on from sources unknown, the details around them fluttering and changing like the winds. It is often hard to distinguish what is real and what is merely folklore. Then occasionally a story comes along that is different. A story that smacks you between the eyes, makes you question everything. It validates things you perhaps suspected may be true, but adds more questions to the ever-growing list. My guest tonight brings us his story and it is all of that. A story that begins, as most do, with an innocent event, an unremarkable day, an unsuspecting participant. But one that ends with the world on its head and lives changed irreparably. In an extended Halloween special, we change the format of the show slightly to welcome former Assistant Attorney General Terry Lovelace to the show to tell us the incredibly disturbing tale of what happens when you have no choice but to Peer Beyond The Veil.The full account is available in Terry's book here:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Terry-Lovelace-Esq/e/B07BDMYSHJ/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_ebooks_1 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/peerbeyondtheveil/support

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27 Mar 2021

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Mysteries and Monsters: Episode 116 Incident At Devils Den with Terry Lovelace

Mysteries and Monsters

June 1977 and two USAF EMT's have decided to spend a weekend camping in the Devil's Den State Park in Arkansas.   What was supposed to be a fun trip for two best friends to take in some wildlife and admire the clear night sky became a terrifying night that changed lives and relationship forever.    On this week's Mysteries and Monsters, I am joined by author and experiencer Terry Lovelace to discuss the events of that night in detail and the physical, personal and emotional ramifications of that incident.    Terry talks us through the build up to the event, the immediate aftermath and the myriad of unusual incidents that took place at both the hospital and his home.   This included strange visitors to his hospital room, mysterious nurses, unusual medication and a complete breakdown in his friendship with Toby, his best friend and companion on that night.    It's a compelling and emotional account and it was a pleasure to speak to Terry about the event and his life afterwards as he has battled to come to terms with what happened to him all those years ago.    Terry's website is here: Terry's books are here: A big thank you to Terry for joining me.    Our website is now up and running, you can find us here! Our Patreon is now live, with bonus content, early release of the regular show, articles and monthly prizes for everyone who signs up! Join here now for the flat fee of $4 a month which is a bargain!    Don't forget, you can now show your support with our Merchandise shop on Redbubble! Check it out here! We are also now on Vburl - check us out here: You can join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well.    You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel! Email us at mysteriesandmonsters@gmail.com with any feedback, guest suggestions or if you'd like to appear.    All artwork by Dean Bestall and the show was produced by Brennan Storr of the Ghost Story Guys.    Mysteries and Monsters is a part of the Straight Up Strange Network #UAPS #UFOs #DevilsDen #TerryLovelace #Aliens #Abduction #USAF #MenInBlack #Arkansas #Experiencer #Contact #IncidentAtDevilsDen #Disappearances #Missing411

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22 Mar 2021

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New Revelations on ET Abduction Encounters with Terry Lovelace

Passion for the Paranormal

Episode 72: On this episode author and UFO-ET Abduction Experiencer, Terry Lovelace, joins me for the second time on the show. Terry covered new details about his his 1977 ET Abduction Encounter at Devil's Den State Park in Arkansas and about the tragic life and death of his friend Toby, who was with Terry during the 1977 incident. Terry also talks about an ET mother like figure he referred to as Sue and later Betty, who revealed many interesting things to him during an 1987 incident where Terry was take aboard another ET spacecraft. He also talks more about his young abduction experiences and how his Cousin Gerald has similar experiences in what ultimately led to Gerald's untimely and tragic death at a very early age. Terry and I also discussed the current state of the UFO / UAP subject, with recent revelations about the UAP Task Force 180 day report, statement made by Retired Israeli General, Haim Eshed, about a Galatic Federation and much more. You can click on the link provided to purchase a paperback version of Terry's new book on Amazon at: https://amzn.to/2OdzAxw and the Kindle version at: https://amzn.to/3bbCdJvMusic by: Sergey Cheremisinov

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2 Mar 2021

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Terry Lovelace, Esq. | The UFO Incident at Devil's Den: The Reckoning | Part 1

VERITAS w/ Mel Hostalrich | [Non-Member Feed] | Subscribe at VeritasRadio.com to listen to all parts.

Terry Lovelace, Esq. | The UFO Incident at Devil's Den: The Reckoning

26 Feb 2021

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Edition 521 - Terry Lovelace

The Unexplained With Howard Hughes

Terry Lovelace in Texas on an alien abduction event he says happened in the late 1970s at an Arkansas State Park - and the deep and far-reaching effects it has had on his life...

23 Feb 2021

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Ep. #420: An Alien Reckoning w/ Terry Lovelace & Matthew Roberts

Into The Parabnormal with Jeremy Scott

Terry Lovelace shares candid memories from a lifetime of experiences with ET's and tales of encounters with the unknown from some of his readers including Matthew Roberts from the USS Theodore Roosevelt Strike Group.http://parabnormalradio.com/2021/02/13/ep-420-an-alien-reckoning-terry-lovelace-matthew-roberts/

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14 Feb 2021

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Terry Lovelace: UFO Disclosure Mandate, Mystery Monoliths, Ear Buzzing & other Weirdness

Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks

Terry Lovelace, author of Incident at Devils Den shares his thoughts on the High Strangeness in 2021 and BeyondWith the prospect of mandates for “Official” UFO Disclosure on our doorstep, thanks to a provision “tucked” into the new 2.3 trillion dollar stimulus package, the appearance (and disappearance) of strange and mysterious metal monoliths showing up all over the world with no explanation, coupled with bizarre experiences among the lay public including persistent ear buzzing, a thrash of repeating numbers haunting millions and other high strange activity on our planet, the question becomes, “What the heck is going on?” Moreover, who or WHAT is behind all of the weirdness happening right now?Terry Lovelace, an experiencer (of alien contact), author and “dot connector” has a lot to say about what may be behind it all.We cover the aforementioned subjects in great detail. And yes, Terry too has and continues to experience some of the physical “symptoms” many of you have been reporting. But the question is - who or what is behind this and could a non human influence be at the core of it all? This is what we’re discussing in this very exploratory and fascinating episode of Higher Journeys!Don't miss our OFF THE RECORD After Show "The Private Journey" with Terry Lovelace  exclusively for Patreon members!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mW91W-Fo4cRead a sample chapter from the latest book by Terry Lovelace - Devils Den: The ReckoningGet both of Terry's books on Amazon

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21 Jan 2021