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Kasey Mathews & Andie Mathews: Preemie Doesn't Mean Small Forever

Mothers and Daughters Podcast

Kasey Mathews, was 25 weeks pregnant when she started to feel labour pains, only halfway through her pregnancy. A few days later, after a dramatic, and almost traumatising birth Andie arrived. She was 84 days old before she returned home to her family after spending that time in the NICU and special nursery at the hospital. Kasey had to jungle life as a mother of a newborn in the NICU and a toddler at home. She credits her husband, and the village around her to get her through. When Andie was first born, her doctors didn't give her much of a chance in her development, but Kasey and her husband chose another route, to let Andie forge her own journey in life. Thankfully they did! Because today, Andie turns 21, she's at university and thriving in life. Growing up, Andie was adventurous, reached milestone after milestone, despite her original prognosis. Kasey, after many years of feeling anxious, realised that she was holding onto her traumatic birth with Andie, so she decided to write about it, in 2012 she wrote Preemie: Lessons in Love, Life and Motherhood. The Preemie book conveys the universal message that adversity is often an opportunity in disguise and the opportunity to witness a life transformation as a result. Whether you’re looking for a preemie book for yourself or are searching for the best gifts for preemie moms, “Preemie” can offer inspiration and hope during hard times.Kasey is now an empty-nester, she continues to write and coach, while her children are at both University and flight school. Wishing Andie again a very happy 21st birthday! We hope you enjoy this weeks episode. If you have a mother/daughter story to share, please send a DM via Instagram or email mothersanddaughterspod@gmail.com. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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1 Nov 2021

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Awaken to the Magic That Exists in Your Life with Kasey Mathews

The Soulful Mind

Are you stuck?  Ready to discover what's next in your life?  Do you want to live a more meaningful life?  Kasey Mathews is here to share with us how to do just that. Begin awakening the magic that already exists in your life with awareness and without judgement.Podcast link. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-soulful-mind/IG: angelevangerfb: angelraleyevangerFind out you intuition SUPERPOWER!  Us this link:www.angelevanger.com/quizwww.angelevanger.com/meditationsKasey Mathewshttps://kaseymathews.com/https://www.facebook.com/kaseymathewsmagicalhttps://www.instagram.com/kaseymathews/https://twitter.com/kaseymathewshttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kasey-mathews-08b585a9/https://www.pinterest.com/kaseymathews/


9 Aug 2021

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#30 Live A Magical Life By Putting Yourself First Ft. Transformational Life Coach Kasey Mathews

Limitless with Emma Evelyn

Today's episode features Life Coach Kasey Mathews. Kasey is a transformational life coach, an inspirational speaker, and an author.  As a Reiki Master, Happy for No Reason Certified Trainer and with a Master's Degree from Boston College, Kasey has helped people around the world find more balance, magic, and purpose in their lives.In this episode, Emma +  Kasey discuss:Fight or flight feelingsCustom-tailored self-careDaily practices & feeding your soulPutting yourself first& more!✺ Get Involved With Our Community ✺Work With Emma 1:1 & Explore Our Programmes:https://emmaevelyncampbell.com/#ourservicesConnect With Emma:https://emmaevelyncampbell.com/https://www.instagram.com/emmaevelyncampbell_/Guest Links and Resources:Kasey's Website: www.kaseymathews.comA Mom's Guide to Creating a Magical Life: https://kaseymathews.com/moms-guide-to-magical-living/Instagram: www.instagram.com/kaseymathewsFree Daily Planner Download: https://kaseymathews.com/daily-planner-download/Check out the transcript for today's episode.(https://otter.ai/u/2L7VUFem1bEbmeY3k0rNxJisk1E)


4 Aug 2021

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Uncovering The Unconscious Beliefs Sabotaging Your Success With Kasey Mathews

Captivate + Convert with Christy Cegelski

“When we’re in the eye of our own hurricane, it doesn’t make any sense.”—  Kasey MathewsDo you make excuses every time an opportunity comes up that aligns with what you want for yourself?Why do we DO that?On this episode, transformational life coach Kasey Mathews is here to talk about who is REALLY running your business — you or your unconscious beliefs.Kasey teaches that behaviors are driven by beliefs. Your limiting beliefs and mindset heavily influence the way that you show up in your biz, without you even realizing it. “It’s like we’ve created this incredible recipe, we’ve put all these luscious, gorgeous ingredients into it… and yet you’re putting it on a plate that was never fully washed,” Kasey says. “It’s still got sticky bits and junk on it from those beliefs that live within yourself.” Those sticky beliefs can include thoughts like “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t have enough experience,” or “No one is going to want what I have to offer.”At some point or another, we all wind up feeling like we’re stuck in place. We seem to be doing everything right on the surface, but can’t seem to get the results that we want. In this episode, you’re going to learn how to identify and heal those sticky, negative thoughts that get in the way of you running your business the way you want to. Hit play and find a new way to work! In this episode, you’ll learn:How to turn on your awareness and tap into those unconscious beliefs  The common limiting beliefs that haunt entrepreneurs — especially women The #1 question to ask yourself in order to flip your imposter syndrome on its headSubscribe now and never miss a single episode!About Kasey MathewsKasey Mathews is a book-writing and transformational life coach, an inspirational speaker, and the author of Preemie: Lessons in Love, Life and Motherhood & Mom's Guide to Creating a Magical Life.Highlights:‌ ‌01:34  Meet Kasey Mathews04:46  The dish metaphor ‌06:53  ‌Belief-driven behavior09:18  ‌Becoming aware14:00  Common limiting beliefs 16:30  Reframing the issue18:28  ‌Healing your beliefs26:58  Magical Living daily planner ‌28:12  Worthiness‌30:11  Your business is your partner31:41  The Christy QuestionsPlease remember to subscribe, rate, and review!---------------------------KASEY MATHEWShttps://kaseymathews.com https://www.instagram.com/kaseymathews https://twitter.com/kaseymathews https://www.facebook.com/kaseymathewsmagical ---------------------------CONNECT WITH CHRISTY ON INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/christycegelskiQs about anything you heard on the show? Just want to continue the conversation? Join me inside The Copy Connection - my private Facebook community for women in biz. It's a place to connect, have the bigger convos around the challenges of building your business, get support, and of course, tips galore! https://www.facebook.com/groups/copyconnection 


19 Apr 2021

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'As a Model of 'Anything is Possible.'" Kasey Mathews

How Do You Want To Be Seen?

Is anything really possible.  Are some adversities just too much to make it through?  Listen as Kasey Mathews describes the journey her family faced when her little babe was born at 25 weeks.  Then read her book, Preemie Kasey's web site --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/lisa-arnold-being-seen/message


19 Feb 2021

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What Labels Are You Wearing? It Might Be Time to Ditch ‘Em with Kasey Mathews

Imperfect Party

Have you ever really thought about all the labels you’re wearing? All the labels you’ve been given, or have given yourself throughout your life? The good ones and the bad ones? What are the stories you’re telling yourself about you? Once you start thinking about this stuff it’s a total rabbit hole. Today I’m talking with Kasey Mathews all about letting go of those labels that are no longer serving you. It might be time to ditch ‘em. FB COMMUNITY: https://www.facebook.com/groups/imperfectparty INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/itsdeannaseymour EPISODE SHOWNOTES: https://deannaseymour.com/kaseymathews

21 Jan 2021

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Episode 19: Kasey Mathews

The Grace + Growth Podcast: Emerging Fearlessly From PTSD

Episode 19: Kasey Mathews by Crystal Farley


22 Sep 2020

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You Deserve a Break! A Conversation with Kasey Mathews

She Built This™

Today I have the pleasure of bringing you my interview with Kasey Mathews, an angel in human form. I had the luxury of having Kasey Mathews on the She Built This Pajama Panel Party back in March, and today we are going in deeper on her story, as well as talking about the importance of listening to our bodies, following our heart's calling, and taking a much-needed break.  Link to her 50 Ways to Take a Break from Work Guide: http://kaseymathews.com/give-yourself-a-break/ Kasey's Website: http://kaseymathews.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kaseymathews/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kaseymathewsmagical/ Kasey Mathews is a book-writing and transformational life coach, an inspirational speaker and the author of A Mom’s Guide to Creating a Magical Life: 8 Practical Steps to Feel Happier, Inspired, and More Relaxed and Preemie: Lessons in Love, Life and Motherhood. Both books won the Mom's Choice Gold Award and Preemie won the NH Writer's Project Reader's Choice Award. As a featured guest on Yahoo, NBC Tonight, NHPR, Doctor Radio and many more, Kasey strives to help others find more happiness, balance and purpose in their lives. She lives in the New Hampshire with her husband, two children, and their pup, Georgie Girl.


6 May 2020

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Level 10 Life Interview with Kasey Mathews- Transformational and Writing coach – Books – Inspiration – Magic

Level 10 Lifestyle | Inspiration | Motivation | Happiness With Success Coach Katie Maggio

Kasey Mathews is a friend and my writing coach- Kasey is a book writing and transformational life coach, speaker and author of A Mom’s Guide to Creating a Magical Life & Preemie: Lessons in Love, Life and Motherhood. Mother of 2 and lives in Wilton NH Kasey Mathews Golden Nugget – ” I want everyone to k now and understand that there is magic that we can tap into and then once we do LOOK OUT” ” You will see life can be effortless” “Awaken your magic” – Kasey Mathews“As yourself what do you need”- Kasey Mathewshttp://kaseymathews.com


11 Feb 2019

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9-16-18: Kasey Mathews, creating a magical life, www.kaseymathews.com

Inspirational Women

Kasey Mathews is an author, speaker, and Transformational Life Coach. Her life experiences have brought Kasey to the work she does today. In sharing this she inspires us to look at our life and find the magical to celebrate each day and our whole life. Kasey's new book "A Mom's Guide to Creating a Magical Life: 8 Steps to Feel Happier, Inspired and More Relaxed" can be considered a companion on our journey to this vibrant creation. www.kaseymathews.com


16 Sep 2018