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INTERVIEW: Corey Berrier - More Context...Not Content

The 10 Minute Entrepreneur

The author of 9 Simple Steps to Sell More $H!T!, Corey is trying to bring the human element back to sales.  www.coreyberrier.com www.thetradeschools.com


13 Oct 2022

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Ep 118 The Money Doesn't Flow Until The Sale is Made with Corey Berrier

Profit Answer Man: Implementing the Profit First System!

Hi, I'm the Profit Answer Man Rocky Lalvani! I help small business owners simplify their financial reports so that they can make more informed business decisions with fewer hassles. We utilize the Profit First system created by Mike Michalowicz Effortless Cashflow Course: http://bit.do/effortlesscashflowcourse Schedule your free, no-obligation intro call: https://bookme.name/rockyl/lite/intro-appointment-15-minutes More about making profitability simple: http://profitcomesfirst.com/ Bio The Sales CEO has over 25 years of experience training individuals and teams on high performance sales processes. The Sales CEO is a boutique coaching firm specializing in sales development with a focus on ADHD. Using his ADHD superpower Corey  has developed systems and processes that allow Business owners to maximize employee experience and revenue.   Corey uses a proprietary system to guide businesses to higher sales results, focusing on every aspect of the process. A hands-on approach is used, with feedback provided throughout the entire process, which helps clients to achieve results faster. Our proven results have helped hundreds of professionals across multiple industries achieve improved sales results.     Corey is a Keynote speaker, International Coach and Consultant and hosts the Top Rated podcast “Successful Life Podcast” and he co hosts the only ADHD sales Podcast in the world called “ADHD SALES LEGENDS', with Callye Keen.     Corey is writing a book on ADHD Sales and Entrepreneurship that will be out later this year.   Links: https://coreyberrier.com/ https://www.instagram.com/coreyberrier/ http://www.linkedin.com/in/coreysalescoach https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrPl4lUyKV7hZxoTksQDsyg Questions: questions@profitanswerman.com Email: rocky@profitcomesfirst.com Profit Answer Man Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/profitanswerman/ My podcast about living a richer more meaningful life: http://richersoul.com/ First 2 chapters of Profit First: https://sendfox.com/rocky This episode is part of the SMB Podcast Network. Find other great interviews from around the internet just like this one at https://www.SMBPodcastNetwork.com Music provided by Junan from Junan Podcast Any financial advice is for educational purposes only and you should consult with an expert for your specific needs.


5 Jul 2022

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ADHD Journey with Corey Berrier!!

Talk Shit With P

Corey Berrier suffers with ADHD & he is here to share his journey & some gems on ADHD BUT Corey is also a subject matter expert in sales systems and processes. Corey currently consults with businesses in 9 different countries. Corey has grown multiple businesses and consulted countless organizations with expertise in body language, nonverbal communication and a Master Personal Trainer. Corey will install systems and processes that will grow your business 25% or more, guaranteed. He says everyday you ain’t using his system, you’re losing 20%THE SALES CEO IS A BOUTIQUE COACHING FIRM SPECIALIZING IN SALES DEVELOPMENT. COREY BERRIER HAS OVER 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE TRAINING INDIVIDUALS AND TEAMS ON HIGH PERFORMANCE SALES PROCESSES. THE SALES CEO USES A PROPRIETARY SYSTEM TO GUIDE BUSINESSES TO HIGHER SALES RESULTS, FOCUSING ON EVERY ASPECT OF THE PROCESS. A HANDS-ON APPROACH IS USED, WITH FEEDBACK PROVIDED THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PROCESS, WHICH HELPS CLIENTS TO ACHIEVE RESULTS FASTER. OUR PROVEN RESULTS HAVE HELPED HUNDREDS OF PROFESSIONALS ACROSS MULTIPLE INDUSTRIES ACHIEVE IMPROVED SALES RESULTS. You can reach him through Instagram @coreyberrier & show some love, get some knowledge and seek his services!!******#Podcasting #Podcaster #InstaPod #IGPod #May #Minipod #MentalHealth  #Community #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #Awareness #Mental #Health #Healing #Mind #Wellness #Anxiety #Adhd #Depression #BiPolar #Theraphy #SelfLove #SelfCare #Healing #Meditation #Growth #Support #Trauma #Love #Mentalillness #Recovery #PsychologySupport the show

1hr 17mins

10 May 2022

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How Corey Berrier Got His ADHD in Business and Sales Consulting

The Faster Than Normal Podcast: ADD | ADHD | Health

Corey Berrier- The Sales CEO has over 25 years of experience training individuals and teams on high performance sales processes. The Sales CEO is a boutique coaching firm specializing in sales development with a focus on ADHD. Using his ADHD superpower Corey has developed systems and processes that allow business owners to maximize employee experience and revenue. Corey uses a proprietary system to guide businesses to higher sales results, focusing on every aspect of the process. A hands-on approach is used, with feedback provided throughout the entire process, which helps clients to achieve results faster. Our proven results have helped hundreds of professionals across multiple industries achieve improved sales results. Corey is a Keynote speaker, International Coach and Consultant and hosts the Top Rated podcast “Successful Life Podcast” and he co-hosts the only ADHD Sales Podcast in the world called “ADHD SALES LEGENDS', with Callye Keen. Corey is writing a book on ADHD Sales and Entrepreneurship that will be out later this year. Today we learn how he’s begun using his ADHD superpower, better. Enjoy! In this episode Peter and Corey discuss:  1:40 - Intro and welcome Corey Berrier! 2:16 - Corey, why..why why why are companies so stupid?! 5:30 - How can you now better things for clients via your, and possibly their, ADHD? 7:20 - Tell us what it was like growing up as a kid, where you’re from, when you were diagnosed? 9:15 - After a few minutes into an interview, do you ever ask clients “so.. are you ADHD too”? 12:21 - On rejection sensitivity 14:04 - How can people find more about you and what you’re doing? www.CoreyBerrier.com and on the socials @CoreyBerrier on INSTAFacebook YouTube and https://www.linkedin.com/in/coreysalescoach/ on LinkedIn Also via his podcasts: “Successful Life Podcast” and ADHD SALES LEGENDS 14:54 - Thank you Corey! Guys, as always, we are here for you and we love the responses and the notes that we get from you; so please continue to do that! Tell us who you want to hear on the podcast, anything at all; we’d love to know.  Leave us a review on any of the places you get your podcasts, and if you ever need our help I'm www.petershankman.com and you can reach out anytime via peter@shankman.com or @petershankman on all of the socials. You can also find us at @FasterNormal on all of the socials. It really helps when you drop us a review on iTunes and of course, subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t already! As you know, the more reviews we get, the more people we can reach. Help us to show the world that ADHD is a gift, not a curse! 15:25 - Faster Than Normal Podcast info & credits — TRANSCRIPT: Yo, yo, yo what's up! Welcome to another episode of Faster Than Normal! My name is Peter Shankman. This is the one day a week, but I try to do as many interviews as I can because ADHD. I don't know, interviews and in the middle of that, and I'm answering emails. I get an email from someone who says hey, sorry for the slow reply. Um, we're pausing for now. So we'll be in touch. This is a client, this is a company who I've been trying to hire, not to give me money. I wanted to give them money, right. And after like two weeks, three weeks, four weeks of back and forth of contracts and everything, Hey, we're pausing guys. If you're an entrepreneur and you run your own company, there's absolutely a reason you can make money. All you gotta do is be slightly, slightly better than idiots like this. What I'm trying to give you upwards of 500,000. And you're gonna pause. You're a moron. Okay. I got that in my system. Anyway. Literally it just happened like 30 seconds before I started this call so hey, got it out of my system with apologies to Corey Berrier who's our, who's our guest today who did not sign on to hear me ramble, Corey- thank you for being here. Corey started his business coaching in 2014. When he got tired of business, struggling to make sales and not have the ability to offer solutions. It's all shit. I have a company you should probably talk to; I just got off the phone with them. Anyway, Corey, working with his training clients who owns a small plumbing company and the owner asking you to talk with the sales team. That led to where he is today. He's based in Raleigh. He was diagnosed at age 8 and his services extended to wherever he's needed, whether it be online on the phone. Corey has excellent guidance and excellent coaching and he is going to talk about his ADHD journey starting right now. Corey welcome! Sorry about that random intro, but oh my God. Why are companies so stupid? So it's a great, great question. Peter you're so right. You have to be a little bit better, right? You just have to be a little bit, so you're you're right. Your company does need to talk to me because they're making very bad decisions, but a lot of companies do that. Peter. I’d love to start this out by tying this to exactly why we're on the call, which is, you know, I've, you know, the thing that you ran out about me is changed just a little bit. So I don't work just with plumbing companies now I work with, well, I work with a lot of different companies. I work with consultants all over the world, and I also work with a lot of trades companies, but here's the. Really the biggest thing that I want to drive home. And why I'm on this call with you is, you know, about five months ago I realized I had no fucking idea what ADHD really meant for me. And I've been taking medicine Peter for 36 years, 36 years. And so I just, I had no idea that, you know, I forget shit all the time. I, you know, I lose stuff; my phone's in my hand and I'm looking for it. Like all the things. I you thought that, you know, I burnt my brain up doing drugs years ago or drinking. That's the truth. That's what I thought for years. And so when I, so one of, in one of my entrepreneur groups, I noticed, I noticed a guy did a post in the word he used the word neurodivergent. I have never seen this word in my entire life. And when I saw it, I'm like, damn, that is such a cool looking word. That was the first off. And I'm like, I got to figure out I'll let me just ask the guy what it means. Well, he didn't answer me. And so I'm not certainly not going to wait for him to answer me. So I just went and figured it out myself. Of course. Yep. So I Google it and it takes me to YouTube. So I like, okay, well I'll just watch one of these videos and see what it is. This guy is literally talking about me! And I'm like, holy fucking shit. What the fuck is going on? How I just, how am I just now understanding this. And the truth of the matter is, is guess what he was like. I didn't have a reason to look at. I didn't know. I didn't know. You know, you never put two and two together, right? Yeah. And so the reason that I believe I am so much better in my job now at working with these companies is because you know] this; most people are ADHD. Business owners, most people that are sales, right? Those are the two people I worked with. So imagine how much more money they're going to make. If I can shore up those areas where they don't even see the problem. In other words, if they've got half her and she's not following up well, you and I both know the reason for that, but he may not. He or she may not know the reason for that. And if they do know that. What's that going to do for their business. Holy cow. Right? It might, it blows my mind. It really does. No, you look at, and then look, there there's two types of, of, of, of sort of companies that are mistaken, right. Because the type of companies just take it because exactly what you said, they don't understand how to better target their brain, how to better use the functions they have. Those are the ones that you can help. Then there are companies that are just stupid because they're idiots, right. And, and they just don't see the value they are leaving on the table. And Unfortunately, I think it's a lot, a lot more of them, a lot more out that they're just run by idiots. But no, I think that, you know, one of the things when I went out on my own as an entrepreneur, probably 20, 20, whatever years ago now, um, you know, I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew there was something I could do. And that's, I think a key thing that.. like, you realize the same thing right. In that, in that you're not sure what it is, but there's something out there there's some way that you can better things. Right. So give us some examples of that. Well, I think this, I feel like this is the example, and I'll tell you, Peter, for years, I've been, you know, I've owned multiple businesses and I've done great, but some of them, and I had failed miserably with some of them. And at the end of the day, like here's the deal. I went through all of those businesses and all of those things. To lead me to where I am today because I can serve the people that I work with at such a higher level, because I understand the things that they're going through. I understand I can look at somebody. I can ask, you know, this people, you can ask somebody one or two questions and, you know, If they're not just like you are not right; by the way they answer. And so that's where I feel like my superpower lies is that I've taken my love for sales. I've taken my ability to connect with people and to connect people with other people, collaborations and harnessed that into I guess you would say the 88, I guess you would say that I use my ADHD to yeah, to better serve the people I work with because I can see things they can't Tell us about when you were diagnosed. Tell us what it was like growing up as a kid. How, how did you grow up in South Carolina, where are you from? So I'm from North Carolina. That's a great question. I'm actually from Mayberry, Peter. Yep. Yep. Good old freaking Mayberry going up, you know, I didn't have a bad childhood. I didn't, um, And in ADHD, where now looking back where it affected me was, you know, I made terrible grades. I hated school. I would rather be doing anything other than that. Outside of that, I mean, I was never put into a special ed class, which I've, I've interviewed now. I'm writing a book about this, uh, ADHD sales and entrepreneurship. And so I've interviewed, um, close to 50 people now that are professionals in the field. And. And what I'm finding is there's a lot of people that do get put in special education classes, they get put in, you know, they get labeled and I'm sure I got labeled, but I never got labeled quite like that. And so you didn't really ask me that- you asked me how my childhood was, was pretty good. I mean, I think it was a good childhood. I got into a lot of trouble. I mean, I was constantly doing something. But, you know, but I'll tell you what, I think one of the things that I think would have helped me more than anything I think is probably if they, if, if teachers then could have understood what they understand now, I think, I think my journey with school would have been a little easier. I think. I don't know that for sure. No, I believe it. I believe it. There's definitely a, a, you know, there's a level of, I sort of the same way and that in that, you know, sit down and you disrupt the class disease was not what I had, but it's, it's what teachers knew. It's all the teachers. Right. And, and, and to, to an extent it's crazy as it is, it's something important. Unfortunately, it's still going on that way. Right. There's still, it's not as, I mean, there's a little bit more understanding, but it's not as big as it ever was. You're right, Peter. So let me ask you this. You're a perfect person to ask this question to. So when I bring this up to people, um, you know, when I, when I'm talking to another entrepreneur or business owner that I'm starting to have conversations to work with, how would you, you know, if you've noticed this about somebody, is it something that you would bring up in that setting? Well, you know, I can tell immediately if someone's ADD or ADHD and I call it ADHDdar, right. It's similar to Gaydar. Right. I, I also believe that, um, you know, there are a lot of people who don't appreciate it to the same level that I do. I have this, you know, I love my ADHD. Right. I think my ADHD is the greatest thing in the world and I love what it can do for me and how it can help me. (I didn’t get the entire phone ring removed). But there are a lot of people who have not had that experience yet. And so they sit there and they're kind of like, uh, this is the worst thing in the world. So I don't necessarily bring it up unless the conversation brings itself or lends itself to that. I think a lot of times there, you know, until you know, that answer. Until, you know, that answer. I tend to be a little quiet. But not labeled probably because there is, I mean, you know, this was a lot of into negative labels around ADHD and delight you because I understand my ADHD it is a super power because I understand what I really suck at. I'm getting what I am just not going to need no matter what, the reason behind it, there are certain things, Peter, I'm just not going to do period. No, a hundred percent. And I think that we get used to what we know and used to what we're good at. And, and we learn to be what were we learned to do what we're good at better and ignore, you know, or, or in this case pass off what we're not good at. But you know, so my wonder and I'm, like I said, I've interviewed a lot of people and I, I found, and this is just my observation, that a lot of people in a lot of people that I interviewed, just feel like that the information they have about ADHD is really not worth a whole lot because they have ADHD themselves. And I think it's a common misconception also outside that with salespeople is same thing. Right? A lot of people think that salespeople are shady or shitty or are slimy or whatever you want to call it, but that's just a common misconception. That's just not the truth. Well, except, I mean, there are certain, there are look there's there's truths to every reality and there's false. There's falses in every reality right? There are a lot of people there a lot. I've met a lot of sales guys who are incredibly slimy and I wouldn't wanna work, but I've also met some of the nicest people in the world. So I think it's the same thing with ADHD. I mean, I've met people who use ADHD to their advantage and they’re still assholes. I think people use. Right. So it's, you know, there's two sides to every single conceivable coin in the world. I think that that labeling people in any capacity, right. Call me ADHD, but I'm so much more than just that. Right? I think everyone is so much more than just that. So at the end of the day, you know, I don't know if the labels help. I don't know either, but I tell you one label that did help me and you'll find, you might find this interesting is; when I uncovered what rejection sensitivity meant. And I didn't know that that's not even a, I saw even a medical term. I don't believe, uh, I don't think it's in. I don't think you would know the answer to that. I would not. I identify with that shit boo, big time, big time. I don't, I don't get to, I'm not a victim, but I understand now why sometimes I might receive what, what Peter says to me, to hurt my feelings. So to speak. And if I know that, guess what, I can be prepared for that and I can handle it with more emotional intelligence. I agree. I agree. I think a lot, again, also understanding sort of the way the brain works in that regard. Not everything is going to be an insult, or even meant as an insult. And there've been countless times when I have been in situations where I'm like, okay, I think I, a couple of. Um, I'm walking down the street. I'm not feeling great about myself and I, I I'm looking at my phone. I could see me as I passed some guy. I don't even look at him and him go Jesus. And my first thought is, oh, wow. He really saw how fat I feel today. Right. That's ridiculous. It totally didn't happen. But our brains are designed in such a way that yeah, we're gonna go to the worst possible. So, no, that's not always the case. Yeah, that's, that's a great point. That is a great point. And you're right. There are always, everything is subjective, right? It just depends on who's looking at it and how they're looking at and how they're feeling that day. It could always be a different answer, you know? A hundred percent, a hundred percent. Very cool. How can people find you and get more about you? www.CoreyBerrier.com and on the socials @CoreyBerrier on INSTAFacebook YouTube and https://www.linkedin.com/in/coreysalescoach/ on LinkedIn Also via his podcasts: “Successful Life Podcast” and ADHD SALES LEGENDS— Sure. So you can go to my website, CoreyBerrier.com. You could follow me on all the social channels @CoryBerrier And I'm going to, uh, I'm going to send you a link. Uh, Peter, I don't know if it's okay. I need to ask you before. If we can, if I can send you a link to a download it all it is it's just a competence is for ADHD people just to help your confidence. That's all it is. It's as part of the stuff that I work with people on, uh, it's a very, very small part of what I work people with people on, but I would also argue that it's maybe one of the most important things that I work with people on. Please do. We'll we'll include it in the show notes. Sure. Thanks my man. Well, Peter, thank you so much. I really appreciate this. It's been great. The pleasure was mine. Corey, thank you so much for taking the time. I appreciate it guys….leave us a review. If you think you want to be on the podcast, shoot us a note peter@shankman.com We will see you next week with a brand new episode. It's so great to have you. And it's so great to be back recording again in the studio. Talk to you guys soon, take care. — Credits: You've been listening to the Faster Than Normal podcast. We're available on iTunes, Stitcher and Google play and of course at www.FasterThanNormal.com I'm your host, Peter Shankman and you can find me at petershankman.com and @petershankman on all of the socials. If you like what you've heard, why not head over to your favorite podcast platform of choice and leave us a review, come more people who leave positive reviews, the more the podcast has shown, and the more people we can help understand that ADHD is a gift, not a curse. Opening and closing themes were composed and produced by Steven Byrom who also produces this podcast, and the opening introduction was recorded by Bernie Wagenblast. Thank you so much for listening. We'll see you next week!


20 Apr 2022

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Arrest, Lawsuit, and a Battle with Mental Health with Corey Berrier

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A misunderstanding can ruin anything--a business, a relationship with others, or even yourself. Corey’s calling is to help people avoid this by combining perspectives to solve problems; he gives companies a unique, full 360-degree view of their operation and brings understanding and cohesion to everyone he meets. Corey Berrier is a renowned sales consultant who’s sold everything except houses and cars. He works hard to help companies achieve their fullest potential through accountability and perspective. With his guidance, businesses can marry the views of all their employees to reach much further than before. He’s here today with Lisa to discuss his entrepreneurial journey and experiences in investments, adversity, and comebacks.  On this episode of Direct AF Sales, Lisa steps through Corey’s business ventures, from his newspaper business to his current sales consultancy.  Because of his calm demeanor and work ethic, he’s come back many times--after an arrest, a lawsuit, and a battle with mental health, to name a few. Tune in to hear his take on beating the odds to successfully learn, grow, and ultimately make it and land his goals. What You’ll Learn: What microdosing is, and how it helped Corey get back on his feet after several setbacks How to overcome control issues to let the full effect of life take you to new heights Why it’s so important to overcome your inner insecurities to see your self-value, attain a state of patience, and do what you want to do And so much more! Favorite Quote: “You’re here for you. Who gives a sh*t what they’re doing? Pay attention to you.” Corey Berrier How to Get Involved:  Find Corey on his website. Win A Free Copy Of Direct AF Sales Find Lisa on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. This podcast is all about unapologetic, honest, and raw discussions. Tune in for ideas, strategies, and guests who share their ideas for individuals with side gigs or full-time careers in sales. Every week, find a new episode full of action plans to help you find what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive selling and consuming environment. We sincerely hope you enjoyed the episode. If you still have an appetite, hop over to Apple Podcasts for more. Like and share to help spread the word. We appreciate your support—and we hope to return the favor. Leave a rating and a review to let us know what you thought. Your feedback means the world!


7 Mar 2022

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Episode 17: Corey Berrier - Reinvent Your Sales Process

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We all want to be successful and make the most of our lives. If you're one such individual, I'm sure that there's nothing more important than making money - especially when it comes down right at this moment in terms of what we need for ourselves or those around us who rely heavily on financial support from someone else’s wallet! In this episode, Corey will provide some tips on how exactly can help boost your earning power so much clearer faster- without having too much work put into finding new ways. Corey Berrier is the Sales CEO, and he helps struggling entrepreneurs and business owners expand their businesses as a sales consultant. He assists them with their sales staff and sales process, ensuring that they meet their goals within a year. In this episode, we’re gonna hear about Corey’s story and how he got into sales and everything else and he is going to bring us some tools and tips so we can make more money! What You’ll Learn: How to effectively follow-up with your clients Have a realistic expectation of the sale process Mastering the art of negotiation and staying motivated throughout the sales process Understand the psychology of selling and develop a powerful sales pitch And so much more! How to get involved: You can follow Corey on his socials https://coreyberrier.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/coreysalescoach/ https://www.instagram.com/coreyberrier/?hl=en https://www.coreythesalesceo.com/ If what you heard resonated with you, you can find Jeff on Instagram, Facebook, or his Website. And don’t forget to visit us on Apple Podcasts to leave a review and let us know what you thought! Your feedback keeps us going. Thanks for helping us spread the word!


17 Jan 2022

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The Sales CEO, Corey Berrier, Guarantees a 5X ROI In 90 Days!

The Sales Podcast

Performance Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast... Grew up in Mayberry Not a tradesman Helps plumbing companies 5X their ROI in the first 90 days Build rapport and trust with the technicians at his client shops Would ride in the field with his clients for three days at a time Keep it simple The phone still works." Coach on what you're good at Most don't do follow-up the right way Not hesitant to branch out into other industries The phone still works He's buying lists and 7 out of 10 are answering their phones Nobody likes cold calling...but you gotta do it A confused mind says 'no.'" You can buy lists and reach out to them A confused mind says no Your salespeople need to follow the playbook How to make a prospecting call Should your B2B business be on social media? If prospects complain it gives you data points and areas to improve People want to be heard Actively listen Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast Get your sales coaching from Corey Berrier Get the Objection Crusher cheat sheet


13 Jan 2022

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E55: Corey Berrier - The Power of “I Am”

Good Dudes Grow

Psilocybin has the power to help anyone, from first responders to business strategists. Trauma can affect everyone differently, and a microdose of psychedelics is a big first step towards healing those traumas. Take it from Corey, who used magic mushrooms to beat two addictions and become an award-winning entrepreneur. Corey Berrier is an internationally-recognized sales consultant and lead strategist who’s sold everything except houses and cars. He works hard to help frustrated business owners achieve their company’s fullest potential through accountability and perspective. With his guidance, businesses can marry the views of all their employees to reach much further than before.  He’s also the host of the Successful Life Podcast. On this episode of Good Dudes Grow, tune in for a conversation about decision-making and pathfinding in a tough world. By rebranding himself after an addiction to opiates and alcohol, Corey has managed to find a new life for himself–one that includes helping others seek out six- and seven-figure revenues.. Listen in to today’s episode for a blend of interview, business strategy, and psilocybin testimonial, and come away with a better sense of the different ways that alternative medicine can impact your life.  What You’ll Learn:  How microdosing psychedelics and using cannabis helped Corey beat his addiction, depression, and negative self-talk Why asking for help from trainers, coaches, strategists, and even friends will help you become a better business owner and human What changes in your life when you swap an unhealthy addiction, such as alcohol, for a healthy habit. And so much more! Favorite Quote:  “I don’t know why microdosing worked. All I know is that it opened up a door in my brain that was shut, and it changed me for the better.” Corey Berrier How to Get Involved:  Check out Corey’s website to learn more about his CEO Syndicate. You can also find him on Instagram. Gary Roberts is the founder and CEO of Pure Body Zen, a company based around creating and selling high-quality CBD products that work to heal mind and body alike. Gary considers hemp-based medicine a calling, and his organization, along with the world-class team that runs it, reflects his passion. You can learn more about Pure Body Zen on their site, on LinkedIn and on Instagram. If you enjoyed this episode, don’t forget to visit the show on Apple Podcasts and leave a rating and review! We love hearing from you! -- We bring unbiased content from opposing views to give you nothing but the facts about Hemp CBD and Cannabis. Helping people understand the benefits of Hemp CBD and Cannabis, removing the fear of the unknown, and dispelling myths and presenting facts. Are you unsure about Hemp-Derived CBD and Cannabis but are interested in learning more about the benefits of this alternative solution to big pharma? We will step out into the unknown to have a clear understanding of what is and isn’t possible with Hemp CBD and Cannabis through success stories about health, business and more.


5 Jan 2022

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074: The Key to Unlocking Your Business’s Full Potential with Corey Berrier

The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show

“If you do your business for the money, your success is going to be short-lived.” - Corey Berrier Have you reached the results you’ve been working for yet? In this episode, Daniel and Corey Berrier, The Sales CEO reveal the secret to a successful, resilient business.  With over two decades in the sales industry, Corey learned the key ingredient to a successful business- happiness. Unhappiness negates all your efforts. Tune in as Corey expounds more on this intriguing topic along with practical tips on leadership, handling adversities, consistency, and putting your customers’ best interest. Success is about keeping a positive outlook and loving what you do. The key takeaway: Happiness leads to success. Be Inspired! with Daniel:  Website Email Facebook Facebook Group Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Episode Highlights: 03:39 Ingredients To Success 09:16 Handling Adversities To Become Stronger 17:35 How To Properly Lead 20:15 Consistency Towards Success 22:14 Go Above And Beyond 24:25 Assess What You’re Doing: Put The Best Interest Of Your Customers


14 Sep 2021