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Sheriff Troy Dunn announces Interim Sheriff and more

1080 KYMN Radio - Northfield Minnesota

Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn announces new interim sheriff, provides tips about fire safety and fall driving precautions, and planning for the new jail facility.

7 Oct 2021

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How the Courage to be Vulnerable Leads to Success feat. Troy Dunn

Fortunately Relatable

I have a treat for you. Like a biiiiig treat. Usually, you listen to me go on and on about my own thoughts and feelings, but I decided that it might be nice to introduce you to some insanely amazing people that I admire, worship in some way, or find totally refreshing.  And today, I’m sharing a very, very special guest with you. His national media spans over 25 years and includes starring in three primetime hit TV shows, hundreds of national and international media appearances, multiple best-selling books, podcasts countless sold-out speaking engagements.He’s been interviewed by some legends like Oprah, Barbara Walters, Dr. Phil, and more.He’s reunited over 40,000 families through his hit show, “The Locator”Now, he’s consulting and helping others who have their own important work and message to get out to the world by creating rich content, leveraging your media assets and relationships and helping clients get their content distributed successfully.And on top of that, he’s also a husband to his high school sweet heart of thirty years, and a father to 8.  I was so humbled by our conversation, as Troy dives deep into why vulnerability is the key to fulfillment, why "fake it until you make it is a lie," and what his favorite "f" word is. Please welcome, my super human guest, Troy Dunn.xo,Lauren🎧- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -For more episodes:➡️https://www.laurenlavender.com/fortunatelyrelatableFor one on one coaching:➡️➡️https://www.laurenlavender.com/fortunatelyrelatableFor growth marketing strategies:➡️➡️https://www.laurenlavender.com/Let's chat! Seriously, reach out:➡️IG: https://www.instagram.com/laurenmarielavender/ For one on one coaching: ➡️CH: @laurenlavender


10 Aug 2021

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Troy Dunn: World's Best Bull Rider

From the Saddle

You don't become a world champion cowboy without nerves of steel. But what happens when fear creeps in? Find out in this compelling conversation with Australia's best-ever bull rider Troy Dunn, where he reveals the time he believed his beloved sport was going to kill him. This is our last episode for Season 3!Host: Scott KeoghProduced by: Jessica Howard & Joe MaloneyThis episode is brought to you by Australian Performance Horse Magazine


3 Jul 2021

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He had 3 primetime TV shows & interviews on all major networks? Troy Dunn shares his media methods.

The Justin Brady Show

Troy Dunn has been interviewed on all the major TV networks, created three prime-time top-rated shows, and has been interviewed by Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Phil. I asked him to share his media methods and insight, and he didn't disappoint. Dunn explains the power of a story, how to craft one, why press releases are completely useless, why PR folks suck, and how to get top media coverage even if you're not an expert or superstar. Go to https://justinkbrady.com/troy-dunn to sign up for his next media training course. To download my free PDF guide to get more press in 10 days, go to justinkbrady.com/access. 


20 Jun 2021

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189. Looks Like It Wasn't Xenu - The Murders Of Penelope Edwards And Troy Dunn

Just The Tip-Sters: True Crime Podcast

Penelope Edwards had all but put her life back together in March 2012.  After years of struggling with addiction and psychological problems – so bad that she had turned temporary custody of her two children over to her sister Gloria – Penelope was now sober, working  through therapy, had her children back and even had a new boyfriend – Troy Dunn.  By all accounts, Penelope, Troy and the two kids were living a happy life in Prescott Valley Arizona.  But on March 16, 2012, evil visited that happy home – when Kenneth Thompson, the husband of Penelope’s sister Gloria – after driving 25 miles from his home in Missouri, took a hatchet to both Penelope and Troy in an attempt to “rescue” Penelope’s children from what Thompson believed to be a dangerous environment.  Dangerous how?  Well. It seems that Penelope not only had herself in therapy – her daughter was also seeing a therapist  and her young son, who had been suffering with a severe psychological disorder, was under both therapeutic and medical treatment.  And all of that was working – and contributing to the healing and happiness in the Edwardsd/Dunn household.  Um.  Again: Dangerous how?  Turns out it was dangerous solely in the mind of Ken Thompson – who decided on his own that because the niece and nephew of his wife were being exposed to psychiatry and psychotherapy, they were being, effectively, brainwashed and damaged.  Because that was Thompson’s interpretation of his religion’s belief.  And his religion was The Church of Scientology.  Fortunately, both of Penelope’s kids were away from the house when Ken Thompson made his deadly visit, but her murder, and that of Troy Dunn – who had vowed to raise Penelope’s children as his own, changed those kids’ lives forever.  Join Melissa as she traverses this difficult case of an evil man fraudulently using his religion as a defense against the horrible act he himself committed – and an examination of Melissa’s own experience as a friend of a Scientologist and the question of religious freedom versus religious advocacy.

1hr 4mins

27 Apr 2021

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Sheriff Troy Dunn on Theft Ring Bust

1080 KYMN Radio - Northfield Minnesota

Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn discusses the recent bust of a significant theft ring in the area that resulted in two individuals from Faribault being taken into custody.

3 Dec 2020

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1348: Troy Dunn is the Founder of Branded Title Marketplace

Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Troy Dunn is the Founder of Branded Title Marketplace, the world’s only website dedicated exclusively to branded Title vehicles. Branded vehicles are those that have experienced an insurance incident and are then reconditioned. Troy is known to millions of TV viewers as “The Locator”. He has been on national TV for over 28 years and he along with his team have reunited over 40,000 families worldwide. He has made over 500 appearances on national TV and been interviewed by Oprah, Barbara Walters, and Dr. Phil. With a deep appreciation for rebuilt cars and trucks, Troy is setting out to change the narrative around branded vehicles. Through podcasting, magazine, and television he and his team are working to celebrate and elevate the value of salvage vehicles and the talented people who rebuild them.


1 Aug 2019

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Episode 44 Troy Dunn


In episode 44 Matt visits with 1998 PBR World Champion and who some consider the toughest man on the planet. Troy has a unuique and admirable outlook on life, and his appoach to his career as bullrider.


6 Feb 2019

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The Jungle of Parenting and Family with Troy Dunn

The Dannie De Novo Podcast

How do you know if you're being a good parent? Mommy guilt may be the strongest forces out there! Dannie talks about her battles with parenting and the realization that she can't make decisions for her daughter. All she can do is give the tools to combat the world and then other days learn to embrace it. So what do we need to teach our kids to navigate through the jungles of life? Today's guest is Troy Dunn, an American television personality, producer, and public speaker best known as "The Locator", reuniting lost loved ones. He talks about how he parents his 8 kids, the trials he must overcome and great advice on how to be the best parent you can be!


7 Mar 2018