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Livin' that Cali life with DJ Drew Pierce of Direct Music Service

Sips & Ish, A Podcast for DJs

Join us this week as we sit down and sip some tequilas with DJ Drew Pierce.

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13 Jul 2021

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Interview with Brett and Drew Pierce (Directors of THE WRETCHED)

Spook Factory

In this very special episode of Spook Factory, the horror podcast run by kids, Henry and Keenan are joined by two very special guests: Brett and Drew Pierce, the duo behind last year's hit horror film The Wretched. Listen in for lots of insight on the filmmaking process, and much more!Email: spookfactorypodcast@gmail.comLetterboxd: letterboxd.com/spookfactory


7 Mar 2021

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January 2021 Music Picks with Brian B, Digital Dave, Jason Jani & Drew Pierce

The Travel DJ Blend with DJ Brian B

This is a once a month re-occurring series which Brian B, Digital Dave, and Jason Jani all co-host with a different special guest each month. For January 2021, we have Drew Pierce joining us. He's a programming monster DJ out of Long Beach, CA. We don't just play tracks...we talk more about the discovery process and how/where to use them. Looking for some of these tracks we talk about? I put a lot of them on my Spotify Music playlist and sometimes they make my seasonal playlist (links below). Music Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5il2NnXsKrkN1lycJ2khok?si=I7x6_nfNRMKEa3lIKXXebg My Personal Seasonal Playlist (Winter 2021): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3JCGSz64gE0x7zdgeSNpsM?si=mHoft6F8QSeLPsxYeVT8-w Have a topic you want covered? Drop me a DM at @thetraveldjblend. Has this podcast helped you? Share your thoughts by leaving a review on the Apple Podcast App. DJs: Interested in Heavy Hits Music Pool? Go to heavyhits.com For my podcast listeners only, enter promo code: BRIANB - it gets you a 30 day trial for $5. Try it now.


22 Jan 2021

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The Drive-In will Never Die (with guests Brett & Drew Pierce)


On this installment of The PAPER STREET Podcast, hosts Becky and Shawn touch on Paper Street's upcoming horror-western feature THE PALE DOOR, which releases on VOD and in select theaters August 21st! They're joined on this one by Brett and Drew Pierce, the enthusiastic filmmaking duo behind the feature films DEADHEADS and THE WRETCHED, the latter of which did gangbusters at drive-in theaters. The brothers discuss their DIY beginnings, influences, and the incredible success of THE WRETCHED. With varied backgrounds in production and animation, they also stress the importance of great visual aides to accompany your screenplays and pitches. Plus, a round of 'Rapid Fire 15' with the Pierce Brothers, great werewolf movies (or the lack thereof), Becky's Deep Cut Slasher of the Week, and more! For show notes and more on this and past episodes, please visit paperstreetpodcast.com.

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3 Aug 2020

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THE WRETCHED Directors, Brett & Drew Pierce [Episode 39]

The Nick Taylor Horror Show

Welcome to the Nick Taylor Horror Show! Brett and Drew Pierce, known in the industry as The Pierce Brothers, are the director duo behind The Wretched. Picked up by IFC Midnight, The Wretched is a contemporary witch story about a teenage boy sent to spend the summer working at a beach town marina only to discover something weird going on with the house next door. Turns out the neighbors are under the control of the spirit of a wicked witch from the woods!  The Wretched is another great entry into this new season of the witch era of horror, on par with Gretel & Hansel, The Witch and Hagazuzza.  The Wretched has also been in the news recently for breaking COVID-era box office records. As the result of a strategy from IFC Midnight, The Wretched was one of few movies that were released to audiences during the lockdown to the last safe bastion of public cinema, drive-in theatres. This strategy has allowed IFC Midnight to carve out a top position in box office charts during a time when just about all other studios have frozen their release schedules. To date, The Wretched has earned $660,000, which is so close to being 666 but I digress… Furthermore, The Wretched held a top box office position for about five weeks. Again, this is one of the only new movies being released and who’s box office numbers are being tracked right now, but it appears that horror on a big screen as a shared experience is still cherished even during these troubled times. All in all it seems Joe Bob Briggs was right, and the drive-in will never die! The Pierce Brothers grew up on the set of Evil Dead, since their father, Bart Pierce, was on the special effects makeup crew. So it’s clear that indie horror film-making is very much in their blood. We talked about their history, The Wretched, their first movie Deadheads, what they learned, how they pitched producers outside of the film industry and we geeked out about ancient witch mythology, all of this and so much more on this episode of The Nick Taylor Horror Show.  Here are some key takeaways from this conversation with The Pierce Brothers:  Develop your idea with mythology. When conceiving of the main idea behind The Wretched, Brett and Drew observed that witches were gaining in popularity but there were no hard fast, 'silver bullet,’ 'stake through the heart' rules about witches like there were vampires, werewolves and zombies so they invented their own. To do so, Brett and Drew looked into a number of lesser known but deeply fascinating witch myths like Black Annie and the Boo Hag, which they turned to for ideas and then composited their own witch concept by picking and choosing from ones that came before.  This gave their witch a deeply textured history that was grounded in established myths. This is probably why the movie was so resonant because the mythology was based on deeply rooted stories. Shoot in places where nobody shoots. Brett and Drew chose to shoot The Wretched in a little town in Michigan near where they grew up. They mostly shot in actual locations and hired local extras. As a result, their movie was such a spectacle that excited the local community and everybody eagerly wanted to get involved. People volunteered their houses and generally had a helpful attitude about the movie because it was so exciting.  The willingness of people to give them access to land, houses, vehicles, etc. significantly boosted their production value and the easy permits helped as well. If you’re working with a low budget, this is what you want, a helpful community. The fishing is best where the fewest go so consider shooting your movie in locations that don’t get a lot of production action. Clearly this has drawbacks in how there are no local crews and if you crack a lens it’s difficult to get a new one, but you take the good with the bad. A lot of states with fewer amounts of productions often have tax incentives as well, so look into those too.  Finish what you’re working on. Small note worth mentioning: the fact that The Pierce Brothers had completed their first film, Deadheads, on a very small budget indicated to producers that they were legit because they knew how to make a movie with very few resources. Having a history of completed projects or just one completed project that demonstrates your ability, is a big asset when it comes to raising money for your movie. So whatever you’re working on now, finish it - it can help you tremendously get the next project made.  Pitch the rich. The Pierce brothers pitched both of their movies to multiple people, many of which were not in the film industry; a lot of them were actually dentists. As Dov Siemen’s book Reel to Deel points out, dentists usually have a lot of money and frankly don’t know what to do with it, making them perfect people to fund your movie. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell did exactly that when they were making Evil Dead. They’d actually go to these dental industry dinner parties with a bunch of dentists and their wives and pitch them Evil Dead, and that’s how it got funded. So find some local dentists and pitch them what you’re working on; it worked for Sam Raimi and it worked for The Pierce Brothers. Books  In the Blink of an Eye by Walter Mirch ----- Produced by Simpler Media


3 Jul 2020

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Brett & Drew Pierce "The Wretched"

Film Forward

The Wretched has found a happy home playing at Drive-In movie theaters all across the country. It has been the #1 movie three weeks in a row. The Pierce Brothers discuss what it's like to release "The Wretched" smack dab in the middle of a global pandemic. We also do a deep dive of their impressive creature and their amazing practical effects.If you are into horror movies or the wonders of indie-filmmaking, this is the episode for you!


18 May 2020

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Where The Scary Things Are Episode 45: THE WRETCHED with BRETT and DREW PIERCE

Where The Scary Things Are

The Directors of The Wretched, Brett and Drew Pierce join the show to talk about the movie. A must see film that we thoroughly enjoyed. Muse talks best Witches in her the Sinister 6. HorrO discusses the Nightmare on Elm Street Remake. Chris gives us a stellar review of the Wretched. Support the show (https://linktr.ee/WTSTA666)

2hr 5mins

11 May 2020

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Episode 256 - Going Home For Feature #2 'The Wretched' with Brett and Drew Pierce

Making Movies is HARD!!!

This week Liz and Alrik are joined by brother directing duo Brett and Drew Pierce to talk about directing their second feature, The Wretched that hits VOD and select drive-in movie theaters on Friday May 1st! The brothers talk about how they got from their first feature to their second, what they took into their second film that they learned on their first and why they decided to go back to their home town in Michigan to make the film! The Player of the week Lex McNaughton also swings by to tell a story about working with a celebrity on set! Here is the link to the article  on deadline about filmmaking after the corona virus quarantine is lifted! Here is the trailer for Brett and Drew's The Wretched! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08I6e1eG08I Where to Find More About Brett, Drew and Lex! Watch The Wretched On Friday May 1st! Lex McNaughton on IMDB Brett Pierce on Twitter Drew Pierce on Twitter Thanks to Allison Stoney for Editing the Show! Big shout out to the editor of this week's episode Allison Stoney, thanks Allison! To learn more about Allison click on the link! Contact Liz & Alrik Send us an email You can find Liz Manashil @ www.lizmanashil.com You can find Alrik @ www.alrikbursell.com You can now find MMIH @ mmihpodcast on instagram! Leave a comment on our website Find us on our Facebook Community Page Contact us on Twitter and Facebook

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27 Apr 2020

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Ep 360: Brett & Drew Pierce

The Movie Crypt

Filmmakers Brett and Drew Pierce (DEADHEADS, THE WRETCHED) “virtually” join Adam, Joe, and Arwen from their Coronavirus quarantine to discuss their career journey so far. Growing up with a father who had not only worked in the industry but who worked on THE EVIL DEAD of all films, Brett and Drew were both bit by the entertainment bug as far back as they can remember. From realizing that they were simply better together… to making shorts for fun…  to their grass roots effort to produce their first feature DEADHEADS… to continuing on with the same family affair vibe for the production of their latest feature THE WRETCHED… the Pierce Brothers are a perfect example that sometimes two deadheads in the director’s chair are truly better than just one deadhead. (See what we did there?) Dr. Arwen provides emotional support for a patient suffering from stamina jitters, Joe spends the entire episode in his favorite wing of the ArieScope Studio, and the boys reflect back on Adam’s recent month-long “Coronapocalypse”daily live stream series. Become a Crypt Keeper today and fill your quarantine with hours and hours of bonus content at patreon.com/TheMovieCrypt!

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27 Apr 2020

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Episode 25 - Drew Pierce, Customer Support

Behind the Screen

In this episode, we talk with Drew Pierce, Director of Customer Success at Chicago-based Lightstream, an company whose mission it is to help empower gamers share their love of gaming with live audiences through powerful tools, integrations, and a feature-rich video production suite. Drew's journey in the games industry has taken him to many places, including EA, Trion, KIXEYE, and Humble Bundle, and along the way he's learned a ton working within and leading teams of customer support professionals.  We chat about what it takes to be successful and express both personal connectivity and professionalism in games in the customer support role, how Drew got to where he is today, and more.

1hr 15mins

17 Jan 2020