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Dean Somerset and Tony Gentilcore | Shoulder & Hip Blueprint...and much more!

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Shoulder & Hip Blueprint...and much more by Dean Somerset and Tony Gentilcore! About Tony When he’s not picking things up and putting them down, he trains top-level athletes and clients in Boston, MA, contributes to the top fitness magazines and websites around, and sets up a camera in his garage to record his lightsaber skills.   About Dean I’m a personal trainer from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Well, technically I have some more impressive sounding titles, but they all just mean the same things. I help people get strong, fit, flexible, and enjoy fitness as much as possible.


13 Jan 2021

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Training Management with Dean Somerset

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Listen to a great presentation by Dean Somerset about: a PTs view on back pain, Deans top exercise for management and prevention for back pain, and his top tips for getting your patients to do home exercise.


12 Jan 2021

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All about Mobility with Dean Somerset

The Fit Geek Show

We have been blessed to listen and learn from such knowledgeable and enterprising educators and experts on The Fit Geek Show! Our next Guest Speaker was Dean Somerset @dsomerset1 who joined us all the way from Alberta, Canada. Dean talked about one of the most hot and famous topics in the fitness industry, Mobility, which also happens to be one of his areas of specializations! In this podcast we will learn about the concept of mobility and a researched evidence based perspective towards it.


3 Oct 2020

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Why Stretching Is Wasting Your Time (ft. Dean Somerset)

Total Fitheads

Dean Somerset is a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, kinesthesiologist, exercise physiologist, medical exercise specialist and meathead. We ask him about mobility, warm ups, activation, recovery, deload weeks, joint health, flexibility, foam rolling and more. The coolest part is that this podcast proves women are better at lifting than men.

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2 Sep 2020

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Episode 49 - Dean Somerset

ROAR Knowledge Podcast - Fearless Training

Fearless Training Roar Knowledge Podcast Episode 49: Dean Somerset - Getting Strong, Fit, Flexible & Not Taking Yourself Too Seriously.   Welcome back to the Fearless Training "Roar Knowledge" Podcast where we talk everything; Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle.   ABOUT:    I KNOW, right? You DO look exceptionally good today. Are those new pants? No pants? Well, you smell terrific so you have that going for you. Give yourself a high five.   If you’ve come this far you know I’m a guy who has his own website, and in this crazy mixed up world, that says something. I don’t know exactly what it says, but it’s right there being said. If you need more information, I’m happy to oblige, but it’s going to be kind of weird, me sitting here telling you stuff about me while not knowing anything about you, other than you aren’t wearing pants and smell amazing. If you’re into that sort of thing, I don’t judge. At least not out loud.   I’m a personal trainer from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Well, technically I have some more impressive sounding titles, but they all just mean the same things. I help people get strong, fit, flexible, and enjoy fitness as much as possible... Continued   Website: https://deansomerset.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dsomerset1/ Follow Along For More Here:   Fearless Training United Academy : http://fearlesstrainingunited.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fearless_training_/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FearlessTraining/?ref=bookmarks Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFaAxEHPYiM2ucqUs4-z54A?view_as=subscriber Coaching/Business Inquiries: alex@fearlesstraining.org   Stay Fearless!


2 Jun 2020

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#14 Dean Somerset: Words of wisdom from a pretty awesome and clever guy!

The Grafters Podcast

Dean Somerset is an amazing personal trainer based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. He has an incredible amount of knowledge about the body and works with clients varying from; post-surgical joint rehabilitation, neural impairments, spinal cord injuries, cancer patients, elite runners... the list goes on! It's clear that this guy is awesome and knows a lot about the body! In this episode Chris and Reanne interview Dean to find out about his practice as a coach, how he helps clients manage pain plus much much more. To find out more about his work and read up on lots of free content make sure you visit his website https://deansomerset.com/

1hr 1min

16 Apr 2020

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Ep. 59 - Stretching, Mobility & Rehab (ft. Dean Somerset)

Iron Culture

Ten years ago, any supposedly knowledgeable PT would be making judicious use of the friendly blue foam roller with clients. Ten years later, the blue idol has fallen out of fashion and we've seen a trend towards minimalism. Stretching is overrated. Doing a squat will prepare you to squat and that is the end of the story. Or is it? Co-owners Eric Helms & Omar Isuf are joined by veteran personal trainer and gym owner Dean Somerset. Dean has been successfully navigating the realm beyond simply counting 3 sets of 10 for almost 20 years and his approach is an exemplary model for aspiring trainers to follow. By the end of this episode, you will learn that the blue cylinder is neither friend nor foe but a tool whose utility depends upon the context of use. Spoiler Alert.

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23 Mar 2020

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RPR Episode 21: Dean Somerset

Rebel Performance Radio

Dean Somerset, mobility sage, joins the show to talk about all things training, mobility, how to provide a great service as a trainer, understanding your role, and staying open minded. Dean found his way to fitness through the desire to do something that doesn’t feel like a job while being able to pursue his passion of fitness, diving deeper into the science of training, and helping people. After considering physiotherapy, Dean wanted to stick to the gym and create a hybrid of strength and conditioning with physical therapy. Dean believes movement and mobility are inseparable from strength training, and likes to investigate why clients are feeling certain things in training and daily life. He now does personal training, online coaching, as well as putting on workshops to help other coaches integrate strength training with mobility work. Dean’s onboarding process is unique in that most of his clients are by referral, so they are already bought in to what he practices. He takes a complete medical history, including any relevant doctor’s notes and scans for specific injuries & illnesses. The goal of his screening process is to determine if he can fix the issue with fitness if the individual needs more detailed therapy. More importantly, he screens what is important to the client, what is relevant to their goal, and what needs to be done to circumvent the issue so that they can get on with what’s most important - actual training. Dean’s also not afraid to admit that sometimes a client’s problem isn’t up to him to solve, and is a believer in referring out when necessary. We then discuss Dean’s course Scientific Application of Mobility Training. There’s so much research on mobility, but few look at evidence and make suggestions on how to use it. Dean gives us a breakdown on static stretching and the threshold for adaptation, which turns out to be extremely high and thus a low return on investment. Dean’s course includes applications for real world mobility and the reasoning behind each of the exercises with definitive finite variables. This leads us to a discussion on mobility and the top down approach Dean takes towards it. The first factor is whether bones and joints are actually allowing range of motion to occur. Second, is your body putting the brakes on for something, or protecting itself from something? There are many things that can cause these restrictions and Dean gets down to the bottom of this cause in order to correct it with the appropriate intervention.We then dive further into muscle tightness due to neural signaling. The main component being the muscle spindle, it’s sensitivity, and level of neural integration. When introducing co-contractions with other muscles, it can override this spindle, let that muscle relax, and reduce the threat scenario that’s causing the hypersensitivity. The goal with this work, as always, is to get to the point of being able to do more of the stuff we want to do in the gym (like lifting heavy weights).We then discuss the integration of respiration into this concept and how it can contribute to mobility. Through understanding anatomy and biomechanics, Dean believes that we can influence mechanics by putting the muscles in a position to exhibit the greatest amount of torque possible. This leads us to discuss how mobility work fits into the bigger picture for programming. The first step here is looking at the client’s main goal, which may not be fitness related at all, highlighting the importance of using the right tool for the job and meeting the client where they’re at. Finally, we get into some of the resources that Dean has particularly enjoyed over the last several years, including the work of Dr. Andreo Spina and Dr. Stuart McGill due to their “if that, then this” systems that they have in place to catch red flags and determine the skill set needed to help the client. Enjoy and hit that subscribe button if you learned a thing or two.Episode Highlights:4:30 – Dean’s background9:30 – Dean’s onboarding for new clients24:00 – Dean’s course Scientific Application of Mobility Training30:00 – A top down view on mobility41:30 – Blending mobility into a larger program49:30 - Dean’s recommended resourcesLinks and stuff:Dean Somerset: www.DeanSomerset.comScientific Application of Mobility Training: https://deansomerset.com/scientific-application-of-mobility-training-seminar/Kyle Dobbs:  @compoundperformance_Matt Domney:  @mattdomneyJames Cerbie:  @jamescerbieTRAIN:  https://train.rebel-performance.comSilverback: https://www.silverbacktrainingproject.comFRA Assessment Course: https://functionalanatomyseminars.com/Mcgill’s Seminar: https://www.backfitpro.com/clinicians/courses/


9 Mar 2020

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Dean Somerset EP 121: Giving Dynamite To A Child

Lift Free And Diet Hard with Andrew Coates

EP 121--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thefitnessdevil/support

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17 Jan 2020

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High-Performance Coaching ft. Dean Somerset

The Michael Caz Podcast

Stretching is bullshit.  At least, according to renowned strength and conditioning coach Dean Somerset, it is. You might recognize his name from his many contributions to popular fitness platforms including Men’s Health and Bodybuilding.com, but today, he’s adding to the list with a guest appearance on this week’s Brute Podcast.  In this episode, Dean admits that from the start, becoming a strength and conditioning coach was rough. Listen as he dives into his early career, shares advice for building habits, the implications of artificial intelligence in the fitness industry and ultimately, why he thinks stretching is utter bullshit.   Topics: 09:46 – Starting in strength & conditioning 25:52 – Empathy as a skill 35:30 – Building clientele as a trainer 42:00 – Having broad interests 45:20 – Resilience & habits 54:30 – Stretching is not beneficial 58:30 – AI & the fitness industry Links: ruthlessmobility.com waitbutwhy.com deansomerset.com Instagram Facebook Twitter YouTube Reviews: If you like this podcast, please click HERE to leave us a review. It energizes us to keep doing these as well as pushes us higher in the rankings. Thank you all for the support! Follow us on Instagram: @brute.strength

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2 Sep 2019