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Building Resilience To Navigate Change - John Hotowka

The Hack Podcast

We're back and have the wonderful John Hotowka joining Leon, Paul and Dean in the studio. John is a motivational speaker who enables individuals and teams to build resilience and manage change to become even more productive and effective. How? He talks about life experiences, shares proven practical insights and tools that can be applied immediately bringing comedy and magic into his talks so people can learn through relatable fun! What's Discussed? Audiences love John’s unique ability to make them laugh while delivering powerful messages that resonate long after his talks are over. He doesn’t just motivate people – he equips them with the mindset, skillset and toolset they need to navigate change. John’s talks are based on his life experiences and proven practical insights from the University of life! John talks about how change can be challenging, but we all must go through it. He shares some tips on how to deal with change, how to stay positive when things get tough, and the importance of having a support network. The guys talk about focus; if we have a challenge or a problem we're often focusing on, we need to change that thinking to focus on the solution. We all have challenges in life. John describes how the majority of his challenges have been self-made because of how he thought. We often know this, we know what we need to do, but do we put it into action? "One of the greatest talents we have as human beings is forgetting." The one book that started everything for John was Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz; it was the very first, first help book he read. And it was brilliant because it talks about visualisation and the power of the mind. And that's when he realised that for us humans, "it's what goes on between our ears", which makes the difference. The Power of the Mastermind After a crisis in confidence, John explains how he realised he needed a team of people around him, a support group of some sort. He read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which talks about the power of the mastermind and subsequently formed a group that meets every six to eight weeks.  Members each bring issues, challenges, and opportunities that they might have and need to discuss and put into perspective. It is easy to focus on the negative when things are not going our way, and the brain is looking for threats and trying to protect us. But if we take the time to focus on what is going right in our lives, we will be much happier and more productive overall. Surrounding yourself with a group of people who will challenge you in a supportive way often gives you the reality check you need. Check Out The Full Blog at Think Cloud


30 Jun 2022

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Season 2, Ep 4 Wellbeing Week interview with John Hotowka and Ricky Locke

The Secret Diary of Marie Jenkins 47+

In today's episode we interview 2 incredible guests; John Hotowka from Achievement thinking and Ricky Locke. In this episode: In conversation with...., we explore the following topics: *What's new in the world of Wellbeing? *How can we live well in an ageing population? *Have we got the basics right in terms of Wellbeing for our society? John Hotowka is a business keynote speaker, humourist and magician. In 2002 he suffered a crisis in Confidence and nearly lost everything and now he speaks about achievement thinking and Resilience to inspire audiences all over the world. Ricky Locke is a speaker and award winning magician of The Magic Circle and host of the Unlocked Podcast. He wants to help inspire others to UNLOCK their full potential and live extraordinarily lives. If you want to get intouch with John or Ricky click on this link. https://youtu.be/phaSGEWy9o0


24 May 2022

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A Journey in Resilience - John Hotowka on Newton's Nuggets

Newtons Nuggets

John Hotowka was a successful international magician, who turned to being a public speaker talking about resilience. John gives a very candid account of his journey, as well as some very real advice for business owners and their views on their performance. And what better a subject at the moment than resilience?!Check out John on:www.hotowka.co.ukCheck out John on Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/c/JohnHotowkawisdom--------------------------------------------------------------------------Not Really Sponsors!This week we haven't been sponsored by anyone, but we do want to give a shout out to a couple of legends!Step By Step Listening7 days access to one of the best motivators around who will help you unravel what is 'really' holding you back and set you with clarity and confidence in your next best step.https://stepbysteplistening.com/7-day-make-it-happen-motivator/SC23 CreativeSimon Clements of SC23 has done loads for us, including designing the logo, the upcomin Paul and Jesse graphics, and even some of our advertising. If you need branding help, look up Simon:https://www.facebook.com/SC23creativeBecome a sponsor of the show:https://www.newtonsnuggets.com/sponsorship--------------------------------------------------------------------------To be a guest on nuggets, sign up here: https://www.newtonsnuggets.com/guestBuy the MentalTheft book from here in the UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/MentalTheft-Your-mind-weakest-link/dp/1838254102Anywhere else in the world, go to Amazon as usual and search MentalTheft (one word).Thanks as usual to Jesse for making the magic happen: https://www.jlawrence-photography.co.ukCheck out Paul on: https://www.mentaltheft.co.uk#newtonsnuggets


8 Sep 2021

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July Housing Week interview with John Hotowka from Achievement Thinking.

The Secret Diary of Marie Jenkins 47+

In today's episode we interview John Hotowka from Achievement Thinking. John is a business speaker, humourist and magician. He created his achievement thinking methodology to equipe people with the tools they need to build Resilience, manage change and boost performance.


20 Jul 2021

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#8 - John Hotowka - Founder of Hotowka; Achievement Thinking Speaker - Providing the tools and insight to acquire the mindset to achieve their goals.

Pocket Mentors Podcast

Born in West Yorkshire, UK to two immigrant parents, a father from Poland and an Italian mother, John learnt that he shared his parents values but not necessarily the same beliefs.    John trained as an optician and after several redundancies, he made a decision to turn his hobby, a magician, and a member of the Magic Circle into a career.  He moved into the world of Corporate Magic and began to build on some incredible skills including networking and public speaking.  He realised very quickly that this was no longer about himself, but it was about the people, he was here to serve and to entertain.     Although John still continues to practice the art of Magic, he has since made in roads as a Motivational Speaker and has since been awarded the Professional Speaking Award of Excellence – the highest accolade a professional speaker can be awarded in the United Kingdom.    John is a strong believer in self-help, mindset, authenticity and honesty, especially with yourself.  You need to truly honour your emotions to be free from the metaphorical shackles that can so often hold you back.    Website - https://www.hotowka.co.uk/ Twitter - @johnhotowka  LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/hotowka/


25 May 2020

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Derek Arden Web Chat – John Hotowka – Resilience

Negotiators Podcast

ResilienceJohn Hotowka - Interviewed by Derek on Resilience. John talks about how the work of Kubler-Ross on the grief cycle impacts resilience and the quicker you can handle the five stages the more effective it will be. Derek talks initially about the power of taking a time out, a break, going to the balcony with conflict and negotiation


15 May 2020

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Ep20 - A fun episode with Lee's speaker friends David Hyner, Nathan Littleton and John Hotowka

Get Good At Presenting Podcast with Lee Jackson

Ep20 - A fun episode with Lee's fellow speaker friends David Hyner, Nathan Littleton and John Hotowka. At the end of a day at his Speakers Mastermind* group, Lee interviews his friends and fellow speakers David, Nathan and John. They tall about their best and worse gigs and also give some presentation skills and marketing tips too. Enjoy the fun, fast-paced episode. Links: David Hyner https://www.davidhyner.com/ Nathan Littleton https://www.nathanlittleton.co.uk/John Hotowka https://www.hotowka.co.uk/ *A Mastermind group is a business peer group where individuals learn from each other, get advice and also be accountable to each other to help grow their business. 


18 Mar 2020

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Ep5 - After dinner speaking, a magic trick, gig prep and the business of speaking with John Hotowka

Get Good At Presenting Podcast with Lee Jackson

In this fun interview in Asda's very posh car park (!) Lee talks about the business of speaking with John Hotowka FPSA PSAE - they talk about after dinner speaking, magic, marketing and preparing for a speaking gig. Learn the questions to ask an event organiser and a lot of other things in this videoed interview. The video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVXSAvLS6sM and John's website is www.hotowka.co.uk  Please leave a 5-star review on iTunes and your podcast app - thank you. Got a question, contact us via Lee's website www.leejackson.biz  


19 Nov 2018

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JOHN HOTOWKA - Motivational Guest Speaker

Impact Makers Radio

John is often summed up by his clients in three words – insightful, motivational and energising. Not only is he humorous and visual in his approach as a speaker, he delivers practical, easy to implement content that gets results. As an added bonus, you’ll also laugh while you learn.In June of 2015, he celebrated 26 years in business as a professional speaker, humourist and magician.Apart from running a successful business single handed, one of his recent personal achievements is losing 7 stones, that’s just shy of 44.5 kilograms of excess weight.His specialist topic is the mind-set needed to achieve, build resilience and manage change and he’s certainly no stranger to challenge and change himself.To learn more visitors should visit: http://www.Hotowka.co.uk


23 Mar 2016

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The Business Elevation Show with Chris Cooper - Be More. Achieve More

In today's environment, many people are struggling to find the strength to flourish. My intention with these shows is to invite leading thought leaders who can help us work on our inner strength and also share valuable business content. To achieve more, we have to look inside and become more. John Hotowka is a speaker, humourist and magician. He is also brave in admitting that in 2002, he suffered a serious crisis in self confidence. Today he is bringing practical inspirational thinking combined with humour and magic to audiences around the world. Recently, I saw him steal the show as he educated and entertained some of the top people in the speaking world. I am delighted that he is joining us. On this show we will discuss the key learnings and recommendations that John applied to get him back on his feet. If you want to flourish, join us for what I am sure will be an educational, humourous and magical show!


2 Mar 2012