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Episode 0002 - Optamiz Co-Founders, Heather Hackett & Dr. Ken Kaufman

Optamiz Your Health!

Optamiz Health co-founders, Heather Hackett & Dr. Ken Kaufman reveal their path towards establishing the impactful mobile app and program, Optamiz. Optamiz combines health and nutrition content with social connectivity. Optamiz is a community striving for optimized health through collaboration, motivation, and nutrition. With the Optamiz App, We help you make educated decisions on the food you eat, the supplements you take, your overall health and the impact you have on others. Support the show (https://paypal.me/Optamiz?locale.x=en_US)


3 Aug 2021

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Learn more about the role of CFO at a DSO. In conversation with Ken Kaufman from Community Dental Partners.

School for Healthcare Entrepreneurs by Emitrr

About Ken Ken Kaufman received an undergraduate degree in business from BYU and an MBA from the University of Georgia in entrepreneurship and finance. He has been in the dental industry since 2006. He was the President/CFO of the NOMAD handheld X-ray business and led the sale of that business to the Kavo Kerr Group. Since the beginning of 2016, Ken has served as the CFO of Community Dental Partners, a DSO supporting more than 70 locations About Emitrr  Emitrr is an Omni channel (Texting, Webchat, Missed Calls, Google My Business, and more) messaging platform for your business. Emitrr helps some of the largest brands reduce call volumes in the call center by converting calls to messages across different channels and helping grow revenue for businesses. Check us out at emitrr.com


18 May 2021

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Ken Kaufman - Scaling a remote finance team

CFO Leader

Episode Content Outline General Discussion Building a Remote Finance Team  Ken to give overview of structure of current team  Ken to talk through closing calendar structure How do you manage your close calendar? What are the critical monthly deadlines? When are the books closed?  The Virtual Assistant to the CFO  How do you currently leverage a virtual assistant(VA)?  Their duties/responsibilities?  Gaining trust with a new VA  When should a CFO hire a VA?  Effective communication with your VA Finding a VA  Project Manager  What is the purpose/role of the PM Structure Onshore vs Offshore  Which roles are better suited for Offshore/onshore? Issues to consider when choosing whether to find onshore/offshore remote talent.  Recruiting  Onshore How do you interview for remote finance hires?  What do you look for in a remote candidate?  What are the warning signs that a candidate isn’t suited for remote work?  What working hours expectations do you set with your teams? Especially offshore or people who are in different time zones?  What do you recommend for equipment policy for your onshore hires?  Offshore  Where to look when searching for Offshore help? Websites?  Tips for interviewing/etc.  Paying Offshore contractors/tax issues?  Using an agency vs direct contractor hire Using part-time contractors?  Onboarding/Training Once you have hired people, what advice would you give regarding the onboarding and training process in a 100% remote environment?  Maintaining Culture and Morale How do you build and maintain relationships with a 100% remote team?  What do you do for team building, etc?  How do you gauge if an employee is at risk of leaving or is having an issue with engagement? Is there an expectation to have the onshore team at the same place together at some interval (once or twice a year?)  Summary:  Advice for those building a team from scratch  Advice for those who are transitioning from a local team to a remote team  Running a Remote Finance Team  What is your meeting cadence with your team and how often do you touch base? Dealing with time zone differences  How do you keep on top of your team? How do you know if deliverables are being worked on, and your team is running efficiently?  What tools do you use to run your team? Task Management?  Communication?  Document/workpaper storage? Monthly Accounting Calendar?  Any other considerations?  Wrap UpWhat are your top “Do” and “Do not” regarding managing a remote finance team? Do  Do Not


26 Apr 2021

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Board Dialogue on Post-Pandemic Preparedness with Ken Kaufman

Governing Health

On this episode - the second in our new Governing Health special edition series - , Co-Founder and Managing Director of  Kaufman Hall and discuss a number of important post-pandemic developments, including:     Long-term impact of the successes and challenges of the COVID-19 vaccination process Strategic implications in transitioning beyond the worst of the pandemic Traits of healthcare organizations that will emerge from the pandemic stronger than before Appropriate board response to the mental and physical exhaustion of healthcare workers Corporate ESG reporting and healthcare’s role in the corporate social responsibility movement Guidelines for selecting board members and director compensation arrangements Appropriate responses to media coverage of health industry corporate responsibility, and potential for related government inquiry Anticipating and preparing for post-pandemic uncertainties   The pandemic has presented exceptional opportunities for growth and change in the healthcare world. Boards have been given the opportunity not only to look back on all that has happened but also where to go from here. Additional Resources:


14 Apr 2021

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687: The Room Where It Happened | Ken Kaufman, CFO, Community Dental Partners


Each Wednesday morning, as the CEO prodded his team for business projections and troubleshooting ideas, the midsize company’s top managers would huddle around a white board inside a glass-enclosed office. For 20-something Ken Kaufman, the management huddle was a silent spectacle—except for the occasional bouts of laughter that burst out from behind the glass. “The managers would always leave with this positive energy and always have new guidance for how the business could move forward,” explains Kaufman, who says that for him, over time the meeting became not just a source of weekly intrigue but also a career destination.   Years later, Kaufman recalls, when he was invited to join the huddle at another middle market company, the gathering generated little energy and was far less productive than what he had expected. “I finally made it into the room, and then we spent the entire time arguing over why certain numbers were wrong,” remembers Kaufman, who—now with a business degree in hand—then began to dig into the company’s financial statements. Subsequently, he was able to introduce some business modeling approaches that allowed managers to better understand the company’s pain points when it came to growth.   “I ended up sliding into the CFO role and ultimately brought the company into job costing and creating visibility that allowed managers to make decisions to build the business,” reports Kaufman, who adds that within only a few months the finance leader proceeded to ask him to take over the CFO role. –Jack Sweeney


31 Mar 2021

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Board Dialogue with Ken Kaufman - Episode 1

Governing Health

A Special Edition Governing Health SeriesThis episode - the first in our new Governing Health special edition series - features Ken Kaufman, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Kaufman Hall. Ken will join us as a co-host with Michael Peregrine for the Board Dialogue series, which will feature robust discussions of the governance trends and health industry issues of the day. On this episode, Ken and Michael cover the turbulence that has resulted from the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, the transition of the presidential administrations, and the larger issues of public discord and their resulting impact on healthcare. Their conversation highlights what exactly it will take to make 2021 the year of action and results in the healthcare industry.


2 Feb 2021

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98: Acquisition Secrets with Host Ken Kaufman

DSO Secrets

Listen in as Ken shares important secrets to consider when acquiring a dental practice. His number 1 go-to secret is the 12-month go-forward forecast for the acquired dental practice.


5 Jan 2021

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Ken Kaufman CFO of Community Dental Partners

Commercial Real Estate Secrets

Ken Kaufman, CFO of Community Dental Partners, has a resume filled with impressive accomplishments.  Ken put himself through school by starting his own business in the financial markets, but that business faded quickly because he failed to learn the needs of his customer.  He pivoted into a startup organization where he quickly climbed the ladder before getting started in his career as chief financial officer. We chat about how his greatest influences, his dad and his Mission President, helped shape who he is today. In addition, we talk as well what to look for in site selection and some operational tips for maximizing business. Listen along to hear his story and get inspired. Book Recommendation: The GoalTo contact Ken for questions about working with Community Dental, email kkaufman@cdp.dental If you need help finding the perfect location or your ready to invest in commercial real estate, email us at podcast@leadersre.com. Sign up for a FREE real estate portfolio analysis View our library on apple podcasts or REUniversity.org.Connect on Facebook.


17 Nov 2020

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95: HHS Payments Q&A with Host Ken Kaufman and Guest Preston Marchant, Director of Revenue Cycle Tax & Audit

DSO Secrets

Ken Kaufman interviews Preston Marchant, Director of Revenue Cycle Tax & Audit Community Dental Partners, on the topic of HHS Payments. Listen in as Preston tackles the questions on what the program is all about, its purpose, who does it apply to, and how to justify the expenses.


20 Oct 2020

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94: Chaos To Amazing Results Part 4 with Host Ken Kaufman and Guest Jodi Evans, COO of National Dental Partners

DSO Secrets

In this final episode of the series on turning Organizational Chaos into Amazing Results, Host Ken Kaufman interviews Guest Jodi Evans as she talks about how to create the most effective cadence and accountability with your teams. Additionally, Jodi makes it very clear that when a leader commits to a regular cadence of celebration it brings more confidence and momentum to your team and your company than almost anything else you can do.


22 Sep 2020