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Tim Mackie- Knowing the Real, Mind-blowing Jesus

All Things All People Podcast

ATAP is going back into our greatest hits and pulling out some of our favorite interviews while we're on hiatus. It is tough to not start with Tim Mackie! Listen in on one of our most popular episodes!--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


26 Oct 2021

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Setting the Table for Good Bible Reading w/ BibleProject's Tim Mackie & Jon Collins

The Bible Reset

Interacting with the Bible can be a confusing cross-cultural experience — where should you even start? And how can we overcome some of the conventions in modern-day Bible publication that can obscure the patterns and features of the original text, adding more layers of confusion? In our second episode with BibleProject co-founders Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, we zoom out from their story to talk more generally about the state of Bible engagement as a whole. Listen as they share the most important approaches and ideas they want people to walk away with when it comes to interacting with the Scriptures.Learn more about BibleProject: https://bibleproject.com/Become a ChangeMaker and support our work: https://instituteforbiblereading.org/changemakers/Check out Glenn Paauw's Seminary Now course mentioned in this episode: Reading and Living the Bible Well


22 Sep 2021

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The Origins of BibleProject w/ Tim Mackie & Jon Collins

The Bible Reset

BibleProject has become one of the world's most popular resources for learning about the sophisticated literary artistry of the Bible. So how did it get started? What were some of the fundamental questions that led to its creation?Co-founders Tim Mackie and Jon Collins join us to share about their personal history, how BibleProject was born out of their own journeys to make sense of the Bible, and how they hope their work helps others get swept up in the beauty and wisdom of the Scriptures.Learn more about BibleProject: https://bibleproject.com/Support our work, including the production of The Bible Reset podcast, by becoming a ChangeMaker: https://instituteforbiblereading.org/changemakers/


8 Sep 2021

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Best of ChurchLeaders: Tim Mackie and Jon Collins on Why It's Hard to Understand the Bible

The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast

Get notes on this podcast here:  https://churchleaders.com/podcast/376033-tim-mackie-jon-collins-bible.html BibleProject's Tim Mackie and Jon Collins say it's not surprising if people find the Bible hard to understand. "Most people," says Tim, "aren’t in the habit of reading ancient texts from across the planet from thousands of years ago, and that’s what the Bible is." ► Listen on Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-churchleaders-podcast/id988990685?mt=2 ► Listen on GooglePlay: https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Iycvfoqhkk6saen2hsbjw6yuz24 Connect with ChurchLeaders Online! ChurchLeaders brings you the latest headlines and expert tips on faith, ministry and leading the church. Subscribe to our channel for exclusive content. Visit ChurchLeaders Website: https://churchleaders.comFind ChurchLeaders on Facebook: https://facebook.com/churchleaders Follow ChurchLeaders on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChurchLead Follow ChurchLeaders on Instagram: https://instagram.com/churchlead/ Follow ChurchLeaders on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/churchleaders/


16 Jun 2021

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Tim Mackie- Knowing the Real, Mind-blowing Jesus

All Things All People Podcast

For the 52nd episode of the ATAP Podcast, we got one of our favorite communicators to come and be on the show, Tim Mackie! Tim is one of the founders of The Bible Project, whose videos are some of the best Bible teaching around right now. Tim has spent his years as an academic, a pastor, and a teacher trying to get people to understand that Jesus is the gateway to understanding our life's purpose and meaning. In this episode, Tim and Jeremy talk about Jesus and how every time they meet with Him it is like it is the first time. They also discuss the amazing new projects The Bible Project is working on and why you should be excited for them! Watch The Bible Project on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/jointhebibleproject Follow The Bible Project on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thebibleproject/ Follow Jeremy on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/allthings.allpeople/ Email ATAP: Jeremy@allthingsallpeople.org--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


14 Jun 2021

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John Piper and Tim Mackie Changed my Mind about Genesis|Genesis Series 1|BP Episode 18

The Belfast Podcast

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppaWVYGcK6g I've done content about how I think about the Bible, the formation of the text, and more or less a certain approach to the book as a whole, but what about the stories in the Bible? What about the first stories that a rife with controversy? Well, my mind over the past few years has changed dramatically on these stories, and I wanted to walk through the principle content that helped shape my thinking. Welcome to part 1 with reactions to Tim Mackie and John Piper.


17 May 2021

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Tim Mackie – From Skateboarding to Bible Scandals S2 E6

The Rabbi's Husband

Tim Mackie, Chief Education Officer at the Bible Project, joins Mark to discuss his Oregonian origins, talking Leviticus at the skate park, and the Biblical sex scandal that reveals how the outsider can shape insider culture. Here is the link to the verse on Sefaria.com: https://www.sefaria.org/Genesis.38


29 Apr 2021

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Speaking And Living The Gospel | Tim Mackie | LifeHouse Church | 18th April

Life House Church

Speaking And Living The Gospel | Tim Mackie

1hr 6mins

20 Apr 2021

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What Do We Do With the Bible? - With Tim Mackie

Rethinking Faith

This week we had the privilege of being joined by Bible Scholar Tim Mackie. Tim Mackie is the founder of BibleProject and the host of the Bible Project Podcast. We had an awesome conversation about this sacred book we call the Bible. We threw a wide variety of questions at Tim in regards to the Bible and what are we supposed to do with it. Enjoy! Resources: BibleProject.com

1hr 2mins

24 Mar 2021

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Tim Mackie on the Bible: the Wrestle to Understand It, Complexity of Teaching It and Power Within It

Canadian Church Leaders Podcast

In this episode Jason dialogues with Tim Mackie, the co-creator of the popular BibleProject Series. Their conversation dives into one of Mackie’s favourite all-time topics — the scriptures. Mackie unpacks his prior hang-ups about the Bible, ranging from textual variants in manuscripts, the violent, off-putting nature of many of the sacred stories, and the sometimes strange, unsettling, hard-to-understand God portrayed therein. Scripture is not a tidy, prepackaged encyclopedia of answers freshly stamped with divine approval. According to Mackie, our sacred texts are more of a venue for wrestling with God. Like Jacob in Genesis, we are invited to tangle with our Creator in hopes of leaving the encounter — perhaps with a limp in our step — but also with a burning love in our hearts that renames us and makes us new by constantly pointing us towards the person of Jesus. www.ccln.ca

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11 Jan 2021