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#3: 1100 Apps Later with Mobile Indie Developer Atley Hunter

The Solo Coder Podcast

I spoke with Atley Hunter. Atley is an indie mobile developer. He has created an impressive number of mobile apps: 1100! As a mobile developer he has build a good business for himself and we have discussed how he came up with ideas for so many different apps. Being an indie developer these days is not easy and Atley shared quite a bit of his experience with us during this conversation including how he is in the process of converting 500 of his apps to Android. Full show notes and links: https://SoloCoder.com/3


3 Sep 2019

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Atley Hunter on the Business of App Development - Episode 39

Azure DevOps Podcast

Jeffrey Palermo’s guest today is none other than Atley Hunter! Atley has been a developer for more than 20 years and has developed over 1200 publically released apps across many Microsoft platforms. In fact, he has published more apps on the Microsoft side of the industry than anybody else in the world! Atley is a driven creator who balances the practicalities of requirements with his vast knowledge of platforms, techniques, and a personal hunger for knowledge. He has also successfully led many Agile development teams using his long history of team development to improve processes, productivity, and quality. In this episode, Jeffrey and Atley are discussing the business of app development! Atley describes some of the first apps he’s ever developed, some of the most successful and popular apps he’s ever created, how he’s gone about creating these apps, and gives his tips for other developers in the space. Atley and Jeffrey also discuss why many develops don’t make a lot of money in the store, how he has found success with his app creation, best practices for code reuse, what a development environment looks like for a mobile app, tips and advice around creating an effective Xamarin app, and much more. Topics of Discussion: [:46] About today’s episode with guest, Atley Hunter. [2:05] Jeffrey welcomes Atley on the podcast. [3:22] How did Atley’s career unfold? When and why did he begin developing apps? [5:58] What were the first few apps that Atley developed? What were they about and what did they do? [10:43] Atley highlights some of his most popular apps for both Windows phones and the Windows 10 store. He also explains why many developers don’t make much money in the store. [14:38] Has Atley converted any of his apps to iOS or Android? Or has he stuck with just Windows? [15:46] Atley gives his tips and advice around creating an effective Xamarin app. [18:04] A word from Azure DevOps sponsor: Clear Measure. [18:31] Which flavor of Xamarin should developers reach for? [19:36] What are Atley’s favorite libraries? [20:06] General software best practices for code reuse. [23:25] Did Atley write many of his apps in Xamarin? [24:35] Atley describes what a development environment looks like for a mobile app and offers some of his tips for developers. [26:02] Atley’s opinion on Azure App Center vs. Azure Pipelines, and how the two come together. [31:09] Atley’s take on interacting with users who use his apps and how it helps him! [35:21] Resources Atley recommends listeners follow-up on. Mentioned in this Episode: Azure DevOps Clear Measure (Sponsor) — Reach out if you have a user group or conference and would like some free copies of .NET DevOps for Azure! Atley Hunter (LinkedIn) AtleyHunter.com The Watchbox App Xamarin Prism Library FlurryAzure App Center Internet of Things (IoT) Want to Learn More? Visit AzureDevOps.Show for show notes and additional episodes.


3 Jun 2019

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Episode 74: Atley Hunter

The Hello World Podcast

Atley Hunter is a passionate developer with over 20 years’ experience. As one of the most prolific Modern UI developers in the world, he has hundreds of unique apps in the running on millions of Windows devices worldwide. A Microsoft Windows Platform MVP, and Telerik MVP & Insider, he is constantly working with developers worldwide to improve both skills and the platforms themselves. Atley is always sharing his knowledge and connecting with developers through events, his blog, email (devMentor@outlook.com), Twitter (@atleyhunter), Skype (Atley.Hunter) and LinkedIn.


12 Sep 2016

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Monetizing Your Mobile Apps with Atley Hunter

The Tablet Show

While at the Philly Code Camp at Penn State, Carl and Richard talk to Atley Hunter about how he gets users to use his mobile apps and how he keeps them - and gets them to pay!


16 Dec 2013

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Atley Hunter Uses the Portable Class Library

The Tablet Show

Carl and Richard talk to Atley Hunter about his latest apps - yes, he is still building apps! Atley digs into how developers can build applications that run on Windows 8 and Windows Phone at once. The core technology is the Portable Class Library project. The conversation digs into the range of Microsoft platforms supported by the Portable Class Library, including XBox 360 and Silverlight! Atley also talks about his experiences around the success of phone apps vs tablet, different user experience approaches and why Visual Studio 2012 rocks!


13 May 2013

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Atley Hunter Built 40 Win 8 Apps in 10 Days

The Tablet Show

Carl and Richard chat with the ever-prolific Atley Hunter about his Christmas break, where he built 40 Windows 8 applications in less than two weeks! Atley talks about building almost 150 applications in 2012, and the differences between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 application design. Talk about an inspiration!


28 Jan 2013

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Atley Hunter Builds A Lot of Phone Apps!

The Tablet Show

At the Indianapolis stop of the .NET Rocks Visual Studio 2012 Launch Road Trip, Carl and Richard talked to Atley Hunter about his near compulsive habit of building Windows Phone 7 applications. Atley talks about how he maintains a list of hundreds of application ideas and since publishing more than a hundred applications, is straining the ability of the phone store to organize all of his apps under a single account! The conversation digs into what makes a great application, the revenue models that work, design choices and a look to the future of the app store model in Windows 8.


15 Oct 2012

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Atley Hunter Talks Windows Phone 8

The Tablet Show

Carl and Richard bring Atley Hunter back to discuss the hoopla that happened last Friday when Windows Phone 8 leaked to the press.


6 Feb 2012

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Atley Hunter Talks Android

The Tablet Show

Carl and Richard talk to Atley Hunter about his experiences building Android applications. Atley starts out talking about jumping head first from Windows Phone 7 development into Android. He talks about jumping to Java/Eclipse and the challenges there - apparently Studio developers have it easy! Atley also mentions the Azure Toolkit for Android, making it easy for Android applications to work with Azure. Finally, Atley digs into the truth that tablet applications are not big phone apps, and they also are not small PC apps!


5 Dec 2011