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Be The First with Caroline Flanagan

Clowning Around Podcast

Join Em Stroud and her clown Barbara as they chat all things Be The First with Caroline Flanagan.  What does it mean to Be the First?  How can you Be the First?  What is the mindset required to Be The First?  How is Barbara the first in her world?  How has Caroline found the courage to be the First and much much more Follow Caroline: www.carolineflanagan.com Twitter : @flan_caroline Linkedin: Caroline Flanagan Instagram: caroline_flanagan_ About Caroline: Caroline is an inspirational keynote speaker, transformational coach, two times author and host of the Caroline Flanagan Podcast. Caroline works with international law firms, banks and global organizations to increase the number of women and people of color in leadership. Caroline’s mission is to empower minority individuals to defy the odds, triumph over adversity and to win battles they think they cannot win. She is a recognised expert on Imposter Syndrome and work life balance. Caroline has worked with some of the most recognised law firms and organisations in the world, included Latham & Watkins, Kirkland and Ellis, Weil Gotshal and Manges; Morgan Stanley, Google, Accenture and Shell. Caroline is also the author of BabyProof YourCareer: The Secret to Balancing Work and Family So You Can Enjoy It All. Her second book-Be The First: People of Colour, Imposter Syndrome and the Struggle to Succeed in a White World, is published on 26 February, 2021


6 Jul 2021

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Wednesday Warrior - Wexford's Caroline Flanagan on the A-D Caller campaign

Beat 102 103

This week Shonagh spoke to Caroline Flanagan from Wexford about A-D Caller which is an idea that came to her during lockdown. The campaign enables people with disabilities to make sure their voices are heard.


23 Jun 2021

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S2 Ep1 - Solving the Imposter Puzzle with Caroline Flanagan

WorkJoy Jam with Beth Stallwood

Caroline’s mission is to empower minority individuals to defy the odds, triumph over adversity and to win battles they think they cannot win. In this episode we talk about how to work out the puzzle of imposter syndrome.  Caroline's Website - https://carolineflanagan.com/


13 Jun 2021

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Imposter Syndrome: Caroline Flanagan and Sajna Rahman

The Connected Leadership Podcast

In a fascinating conversation, Andy Lopata explores the concept of Imposter Syndrome with Caroline Flanagan and Sanja Rahman. The belief that any success you have, where you are now, is all down to luck and not your own ability. The fear of being exposed as the fraud you think you are. Sanja takes this a step further seeing the Imposter Monster, the inner critic appearing at important moments in career growth. To overcome this you need reminders (receipts) of success and a support network. Imposter Syndrome is more destructive than self-doubt. Caroline and Sanja have both experienced being women of colour in a white corporate world and found the turning point is belief in yourself; when you go from being the only one in the room, to being the first in the room. Imposter Syndrome doesn't go away, but you find tools to manage it. Leaders need to recognize the struggle and encourage the conversation in order to help.


19 Apr 2021

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Beating The Imposter Syndrome with Caroline Flanagan #81

The Nicole Bremner Podcast

EP81: “Imposter syndrome is that feeling that you’re a fraud, that whatever success or achievements that you’ve had are down to luck and the fear that any minute now someone is going to tap you on the shoulder and expose you as the fraud you think you are."Imposter Syndrome can be totally debilitating but it can also be used as a force for good. In this episode of the Nicole Bremner podcast, I explore this subject with my guest, inspirational keynote speaker, transformational coach, author and fellow podcast host, Caroline Flanagan. Caroline was the only black student in an all-white school, was one of a tiny minority of students of colour at Cambridge University and one of the only people of colour at two of the world’s most prestigious law firms. She now works with some of the most influential international global organisations including Latham & Watkins, Kirkland and Ellis, Morgan Stanley, Google and Shell, to increase the number of women and people of colour in leadership.Caroline talks about her new book Be the First: People of Colour, Imposter Syndrome and the Struggle to Succeed in a White World and how she has used Imposter Syndrome to fuel her own success and improve diversity in the workplace.   “The bit that I want to help us all individually repair is the perception of that aspect of ourselves as a weakness, when actually that is the root, the seeds, of our strength.”We also speak about: Marginalisation of minority groups, particularly people of colour, and the struggle for better diversity in the workplace and beyondTerminology surrounding ethnic minority groups – what language should we use?Meritocracy and systemic bias.The ethnicity pay and ‘stay’ gap.The secrets to balancing a career and family explored in Caroline’s first book Baby Proof Your Career. You can follow Caroline on Instagram @flan_caroline and Twitter @caroline_flanagan. Listen to The Caroline Flanagan podcast on all iTunes. About The Nicole Bremner Podcast: Nicole Bremner is an investor, speaker, writer, and podcaster. After a successful decade building a multi-million property portfolio in London, Nicole was forced by a number of external obstacles to stop, take stock and figure out what really matters in life.  Following a period of healing and reflection, she discovered that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and, so very often, setback is followed by real success. On The Nicole Bremner Podcast, she speaks to others who have triumphed in the face of adversity and explores the lessons they have learned along the way. To find out who’s coming up next on The Nicole Bremner Podcast, follow Nicole on Instagram @nsbremner and facebook or subscribe to her YouTube channel. DisclaimerThe views and opinions expressed in this podcast belong solely to the host and guest speakers. The view and opinions of the guest speakers do not represent that of the host. Always do your own research. Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/NicoleBremner)


2 Mar 2021

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The Caroline Flanagan Podcast

The Caroline Flanagan Podcast

Welcome to….. the Caroline Flanagan Podcast! This is a special episode to announce that I’m renaming the podcast. From today, what was previously known as the Babyproof Your Career Podcast, will now be called the Caroline Flanagan Podcast. In this special episode I explain the reasons why.


29 Jul 2020

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Practicing Failure with Caroline Flanagan

My Perfect Failure

Discussion with Caroline FlanaganPracticing Failure with Caroline FlanaganAbout CarolineOn this episode of My Perfect Failure (Practicing Failure) we are joined by Former International Banking Lawyer Caroline Flanagan who has successfully transitioned to become a successful Professional Coach as the founder and Creator of her Coaching business Babyproofyourlife.  Caroline combines these duties with being a Wife, Mother, host of her own Podcast as well as an Author of her debut book Babyproof your Career.On this episode of My Perfect Failure Caroline provides insights into what inspired her to launch Babyproofyourlife and how she is using this platform to now help others achieve their professional goals.  Caroline also explains how she has set herself the challenge to Fail One hundred times this year.  Some of the areas we cover. ·         Caroline explains her Journey to Founding and Creating Babyproofyourlife.·         Caroline tells us about her challenge to fail 100 times this year.·         We discuss how Caroline breaks Failure down into 2 categories. Task Failures and Identity Failures.·         We discuss Mastering Failure. Caroline’s book Babyproof Your Career·         https://www.amazon.co.uk/Baby-Proof-Your-Career-Balancing/dp/1781331618 Babyproof Your Life: Looking to hire Caroline·         https://www.babyproofyourlife.com/ Podcast Episode from Caroline. Fail again. Fail better. Why you should give yourself permission to fail·         https://www.carolineflanagan.com/episode4/Please leave a reviewPlease if you can leave a review at  https://www.podchaser.com/MyPerfectFailure or the platform of your choice that would be greatMy Perfect Failure contact me Work with me: paul@myperfectfailure.comMPF Website: http://www.myperfectfailure.com/ Insta: follow: https://www.instagram.com/padsmpf/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/failure_perfect  Facebook MPF Private Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/377418129517757/ 


24 Aug 2019

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#29: PROOF – Caroline Flanagan

School for Mothers Podcast

Is HAVING IT ALL a privilege? A luxury for the elite few? This week, Caroline Flanagan, aka ‘The Babyproof Coach’, joins me to discuss her take on this big old debate that’s defined conversations about working mothers forever. But what is this debate really about? AND do we need to flip this script and adopt a more inclusive attitude? We also cover that all too common feeling of fraudulence in our life. Caroline offers a fresh and honest take on the realities of imposter syndrome and we chew over loads including the message that the thoughts we have about ourselves are just that, thoughts. Read the full show notes over on our website School for Mothers Website ●  School For Mothers Private Facebook Group ● School for Mothers Instagram

1hr 7mins

15 May 2019

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How to baby-proof your life with Caroline Flanagan

Lolly and Molly talk Money

Caroline Flanagan, the author of babyproof your life looks at how to overcome the pitfalls of working motherhood, whilst improving your motivation, building your confidence and taking better care of yourself. Caroline is passionate about empowering woman to make themselves vital to their employers and industry, so they don’t get side-lined on their return to work. So Caroline offers advice for women who want to babyproof their career – before or after having children! Whether you are a single parent or not, we have got your back!


23 Apr 2019

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Caroline Flanagan on How to Baby Proof Your Career

Quarter Life Living

Should you baby proof your career? Should I have kids? And just how much is it gonna f*ck up my life and career? Somehow this is a question that seems to be popping up more and more often the closer you get to the age of 30. We’re living in an age where both women and men want to have both, career and a family – but how the heck are we going to do it? When I found Caroline’s Book, Baby Proof Your Career, she answered a lot of my questions. So I decided to invite her on to the podcast. Listen in to hear about: Why should I baby proof my career How is having a baby going to affect my career Caroline’s story of how an unintended pregnancy impacted her career Deciding whether you want kids at all? When is the best time to have a kid? Caroline is the Babyproof Coach, on a mission to empower and support female lawyers to progress their career and plan, start or grow a family at the same time. She is an international keynote speaker, author, and host of the recently launched Babyproof Your Career Podcast and also the mother of 4 boys. As an ex-City lawyer with 9 years’ experience at Allen & Overy and Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton, Caroline Flanagan knows exactly what it’s like to want a successful legal career and a family, and feel anxious about how to make the two work. Caroline draws on her legal experience, her 15 years’ experience as a working parent and her 11 years’ coaching and speaking experience to bring you tools, strategies, and insights that will help you thrive at home and at work. If she doesn’t have the answers, I don’t know who does. Follow Olivia the Quarter Life Living host: Instagram: @quarterlifelivingpodcast My blog & podcast feed: www.quarterlifelivingpodcast.com Follow Caroline Flanagan: Instagram: @thebabyproofcoach Caroline Flanagan’s Book Baby Proof Your Career: The Secret To Balancing Work and Family So You Can Enjoy It All Caroline Flanagan’s Website www.babyproofyourlife.com Der Beitrag Caroline Flanagan on How to Baby Proof Your Career erschien zuerst auf Quarter Life Living Podcast.

1hr 18mins

16 Apr 2019