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How Ben Schott's Bestselling Book 'Schottenfreude' Inspired Brown University Composer Eric Nathan to Write an 84-Minute Magnum Opus

Classical Post

There’s a zany book published several years ago by British author and photographer Ben Schott that has “invented words” using the German language. This book — Schottenfreude: German Words for the Human Condition — inspired composer Eric Nathan (who teaches at Brown University) to write an 84-minute magnum opus — Missing Words — that now has its world premiere recording. Released on New Focus Recordings, the album and how it came to be is quite out-of-the-box with a synergistic collaboration between many artists and ensembles such as the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, American Brass Quintet, cellist Parry Karp and pianist Christopher Karp, International Contemporary Ensemble, Neave Trio, and Hub New Music. Both Ben Schott and Eric Nathan join me on the Classical Post podcast to discuss how this project came to be, along with random miscellany that is delivered with witty charm. — Classical Post explores the intersection of classical music, style, and wellness, diving into meaningful conversations with leading artists in the world today. Based in New York City, Classical Post is a touchpoint for tastemakers. Visit our website for exclusive editorial and subscribe to our monthly newsletter to be notified of new content. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok. Classical Post is an ambassador for NED, a wellness company. Get 15% off their products like CBD oil and many other health-based products by using our code CLASSICALPOST at checkout.


24 Mar 2022

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08 Jeeves and the Leap of Faith By Ben Schott

The Book Lover Show

This month we talk about a book by Ben Schott called Jeeves and the Leap of Faith, if you want to follow Ben on Twitter please do @benschott.Thanks for listening.

1 May 2021

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Episode 3 - Director of the National Weather Service in New Orleans Ben Schott

The David Bernard Podcast

David speaks with Ben Schott who is the meteorologist in charge for NWS New Orleans about the 2021 Spring severe weather season. There's also a discussion of recent major tornado and flood events in 2016 and 2017 and how that has changed the way we warn the public.


3 Mar 2021

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“Adorkable” Brands, Blands, and CARLY (feat. Ben Schott, Bloomberg)

Future Commerce Podcast: eCommerce, DTC and Retail Strategy

What Are Blands? What are Dazzle Brands? What are Adorkables?“Blands are the identikit army of disruptive direct to consumer startups.” - Ben SchottBlands are DTC brands that all have a neutral and friendly aesthetic, who claim to be unique, but are all the same in terms of their identikit formula, business model, and tone of voice.In WWI, a british artist created a new form of Marine camouflage called Dazzle Painting, which didn’t aim to make anything hidden, but to make it difficult to target.Ben correlates this to brands that distract consumers: persuading consumers that bad is good (potato chips), that good is bad (margarine), or bad is bad (Death Cigarettes).“Adorkables are a growing gang of disruptive brands that definitely target Gen Z with a jarring, visual aesthetic and authentic emotional appeal.” - Ben Schott“While Blands seduce millenials with an ever receding notion of self-actualization, Adorkables double down on Gen Z’s internal conflict between self-consciousness and self-promotion.” - Ben SchottPunks and Posers of Gen ZBen theorizes that big brands will absorb the culture of Gen Z brands: “That’s exactly what big brands do. They look for the marginal edge trends and they devour them.”In much of the way that punk rock killed disco deliberately, Ben wonders how much Gen Z is faking its aesthetic - because Gen Z brands are naturally ‘rebellious,’ but are run by the establishment.There’s a dissonance between the target market of CARLY (Can’t Afford Real Life Yet) brands and the actual price point of those brands - which moreso matches HENRY (High Earner Not Rich Yet) brands.Gen Z has a link with impermanence - renting, subscription services vs. buying products directly, etc. This impermanence “changes your attitude towards saving, towards money… [it becomes] about experiences… That instant surge gratification you get from consumption, that then leaves you empty. By that stage, it’s time to consume again.” - Ben SchottOn a positive note: “Experiences are very important. It’s not just pure consumption, but it’s about living in the moment.” - Ben SchottLinksFind Ben Schott on Bloomberg!Read Ben’s recent article, “Generation Z, You’re Adorkable,” on Bloomberg. If you have any comments or questions about this episode, you can reach out to us at hello@futurecommerce.fm or any of our social channels. We love hearing from our listeners!


19 Feb 2021

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28 - Ben Schott, Author of "Bland New World" in Bloomberg Talks Blands, Brands & Consumerism

the Eco Echo

Our take on the world of sustainable, conscious, better-for-you brands and marketing. We welcome the fabulous Ben Schott, author of the article had that the CPG, DTC and design worlds talking. And wondering whether they were part of the bland. And if you haven't read it, find "Welcome to Your Bland New World" on Bloomberg now, as well as his other pieces on tech, business, politics, ideas and finance.Tell us if you think the BLAND world is over - or too big to go away. Support the show


28 Sep 2020

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MDPodcast 071 EXTRA – Over Jeeves and the King of Clubs / Ben Schott

Modern Dutch

Deze week een extra aflevering van onze podcast t.g.v. de voorjaarsbijeenkomst van de P.G. Wodehouse Society bij Szmulewicz in Amsterdam. Op die bijeenkomst houden we natuurlijk de traditionele sterke verhalen-wedstrijd, maar dit is echt waar: eindelijk is hier een aflevering van de Modern Dutch Podcast zoals die in feite ooit bedoeld was, met iets inhoudelijks rond Wodehouse enzo – hoewel toch ook niet zonder een spiksplinternieuw (vertaald en) voorgelezen fragment!


8 Feb 2019

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Ben Schott - Creator of the world famous 'Almanac and Miscellanies' on his debut novel, diving into the world of Wodehouse and the imperfect writing routine.

Writer's Routine

Ben Schott designed 'Schott's Original Miscellany' as a whimsical Christmas present to his closest friends, and after much pushing and prodding, finally published it to the world. Over the next few years, he had created a series of bestselling works providing an entertaining and informative analysis of the year's events.He's releasing his debut novel 'Jeeves and the King of Clubs', an homage to PG Wodehouse - a writer many see as the greatest comedic novelist of the 20th Century, perhaps even of all time. We talk about how he braced himself to write for the characters of such a legendary literary icon, and how he designed the best chance to do him justice. Also, we learn about how Ben dealt with the language and plot that Wodehouse dealt with so creatively, why there's no perfect writing day, and how the initial idea for his story came on a long train journey, while musing about Donald Trump.We'll get a top writing tip from one of the most successful authors still working today AND you can win $2000 worth of book marketing.PLUS... save 20% on Scrivener, the writing software that makes telling your story soooo much easier.@writerspodwritersroutine.com Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


23 Nov 2018

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Ben Schott

Better Known

This week, Ben Schott discusses six things with Ivan which he thinks should be better known. Stud cufflinks www.trendhim.co.uk/articles/the-cufflinks-your-ultimate-guide Polari https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polari The photomontage artist John Heartfield www.moma.org/calendar/exhibitions/393 The graphic design of movie poster billing blocks https://archive.nytimes.com/www.nytimes.com/interactive/2013/02/24/opinion/sunday/ben-schott-movies-billing-blocks.html?hp The "Celestial Empire of Benevolent Knowledge” https://garagemca.org/en/event/lecture-by-andrey-velikanov-jorge-luis-borges-the-garden-of-forking-paths-the-analytical-language-of-john-wilkins-chora-the-archaeology-of-knowledge The secret codes of calling cards http://www.faena.com/aleph/articles/on-victorian-cards-for-secret-flirtations/ This podcast is powered by ZenCast.fm


18 Nov 2018

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Ben Schott: Jeeves and the King of Clubs

The Book Club

In this week's books podcast Sam talks to Ben Schott. The author of Schott's Miscellany, Ben's literary productions have taken an unexpected turn with the publication this week of his first novel. Jeeves and the King of Clubs is a tribute or companion piece to P G Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster novels, published with the authorisation of the Wodehouse estate. What the hell was he thinking? Ben comes clean -- and also talks about the joys of nerdiness, the difficulty of living up to Plum, and the Spectator's role in the whole story. Presented by Sam Leith.


1 Nov 2018

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Design Matters from the Archive: Ben Schott

Design Matters with Debbie Millman

Debbie talks to Ben Schott about the importance of failing early in one’s career, about how to take a politician’s picture, and about writing and designing his own books.


30 May 2016