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Episode 46: Devil's Trail with Henrique Couto

At The Devils Ball

This week, we do another creator spotlight with filmmaker Henrique Couto, director of the film "Devil's Trail!" We ask him about production headaches, his prolific career (both behind and in front of the camera) and generally have a good time! Enjoy, and check out "Devil's Trail" on Tubi!

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21 Jun 2021

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Making Indie Films Your Own Way with Henrique Couto

Filmmakers On with The J. Horton

Today's guest is Prolific Filmmaker Henrique Couto. Henrique has a had a pretty special journey to becoming a self-sustaining independent filmmaker. From his childhood days running public access shows to his stint in distribution (which along with his mother, gave him a very strong sense of business and morality)He's movies stretch across many genres. He may be best known for his horror fare, but he's done some wonderful quirky comedies and dramas too. His non-competitive attitude towards filmmaking is refreshing and inspiring. But let's hear direct from the artist.  Enjoy the conversation.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/thejhorton)


17 Nov 2020

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The Thing (w/ Henrique Couto)

Luke and Matt's Sci-Fi Sanctuary

Here's the Thing. Like, literally - we're talking about the Thing. Y'know - for our spooky October. Luke has always seen it as a seminal sci-fi/horror, while Matt had been afraid to watch it, but now he loves it.Then there is Henrique Couto - director of spooky movies and narrator of spooky podcasts. He's got a fair amount to say about "The Thing," and if you need more, go here: http://hen.storenvy.com/Please do like, subscribe, and rate on all the things like Facebook, Twitter, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube. Wherever you happen to be hearing us, really.Luke talks to you about true PokeLove at Luke Loves Pokemon: https://twitter.com/lukelovespkmnAnd Matt’s music for today’s episode lives here: https://damagedtape.bandcamp.com/album/entoptic-visions

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27 Oct 2020

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#229 Quando bem arquitetados, indicadores são poderosos | Henrique Couto (Pixeon)


O marketing digital tem de ser preciso, exato. Dentro da Pixeon, empresa brasileira de software na área de saúde, as coisas são medidas com um jeitão de engenharia. Até porque o gestor de marketing e inteligência de mercado, Henrique Couto, é formado em engenharia de produção. Do papo com ele, extraí alguns insights. (1) A venda de serviço é uma venda consultiva — ainda que o termo esteja desgastado. Mas é isso mesmo. O marketing precisa funcionar, então, como um habilitador de vendas, especialmente quando elas são complexas. O marketing hoje tem um arsenal de indicadores capazes de entender o que acontece no processo de vendas e, quando bem aplicado, é capaz de criar ações para ajustá-las. É por isso que inteligência de mercado precisa andar lado a lado com a área de marketing de produtos. (2) Você precisa analisar os dados com profundidade antes de tomar uma decisão. Isso se aplica inclusive (ou principalmente) às famosas taxas de conversão do funil de vendas. (3) A qualificação do lead e a coleta de dados em bases externas são poderosas para ajudar a equipe comercial para que lá, no final do processo, o executivo de vendas trabalhe mais bem munido de informações. Ele pode, então, usar com mais eficiência uma técnica de vendas complexas como o SPIN Selling. (4) Em determinadas áreas, o conteúdo precisa ser feito não apenas com profundidade, mas deve ser produzido por profissionais da área. Por exemplo, para um médico respeitar uma empresa, o conteúdo precisa ser criado por outro médico. (5) Quando os vendedores são muito técnicos, ele precisa ser empoderado para trazer informações valiosas para o marketing. É preciso haver um fluxo para ele trazer insights e, com isso, ser gerado conteúdo. Por isso, deve existir uma parceria, um elo, entre marketing e vendas. Apresentação: Cassio Politi (Tracto). Convidado(a): Henrique Couto (Pixeon). Perfil do Henrique Couto no Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/henriquedcouto. Site da Pixeon: https://www.pixeon.com/. Livro do Martin Klubec sobre Métricas: https://www.amazon.com.br/M%C3%A9tricas-Martin-Klubeck/dp/8575222988. Música de encerramento: 'O Beijo e a Reza' (Skank). Para participar do grupo do Comunique-se no Telegram e acessar o podcast em múltiplas plataformas, o link é este: https://www.podcast-se.com.br/. Canal Papo Influente no YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/papoinfluente.


6 Jul 2020

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Indie Filmmaking w/ Henrique Couto, Director of Boggy Creek: The Series

Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael

On this edition of Parallax Views, we return to the world of true indie films with Henrique Couto, director of the recently released Boggy Creek: The Series. For the uninitiated, Boggy Creek: The Series takes it's name from a series of popular cult movies, starting with Charles B. Pierce's 1972 docudrama The Legend of Boggy Creek, about the Arkansas-based legend of a Bigfoot creature called the Fouke Monster. In this new series, a pair of investigators for "The American Yeti Project", Roger and Sarah, try to find the mysterious Beast of Boggy of Creek while also having various misadventures involving bandits, a serial killer, the town's alleged witch, and even a murderous supernatural scarecrow! Available now for streaming on Amazon, Boggy Creek: The Series was produced by prolific B-movie maven Fred Olen Ray and features a guest appearance from noted "Scream "Queen" Brinke Stevens and narration by Academy Award-nominated actor Eric Roberts. Sasquatch hunter Sarah and Roger (Joni Durian and Mike Hillinski) with Sheriff McCay (Joe Kidd) in Boggy Creek: The SeriesSara (Joni Durian) getting menaced by the legendary Beast of Boggy Creek"Scream Queen" Brinke Stevens makes a special guest appearance on the first episode of Boggy Creek: The Series as the town's alleged witchEric Roberts, who won an academy award-nominated actor and multi-time Golden Globe-nominee Eric Roberts provides the narration for Boggy Creek: The SeriesHenrique Couto, enjoying himself in between filming Boggy Creek: The Series In addition to Boggy Creek: The Series, Henrique Couto has also directed such features as the horror anthology Scarewaves, the neo-slasher movie Babysitter Massacre, the western Calamity Jane's Revenge (starring former WWE Superstar Al Snow), the family feature A Bulldog for Christmas, and comedies such as Depression: The Movie, Making Out, Awkward Thanksgiving. During this conversation Henrique discusses how he became involved in film at a very young age, being mentored by fellow indie filmmaker Andrew Copp, finding his voice as an artist, Boggy Creek: The Series, and much more. SUPPORT PARALLAX VIEWS ON PATREON! WHERE YOU CAN HEAR... PARALLAX VIEWSTHE WEEK THAT WASCURRENT EVENTSPROGRAM

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7 Dec 2019

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Cinema File: Henrique Couto talks "Boggy Creek: The Series"

Cinema File Podcast

After years of secrecy, "Boggy Creek: The Series" premiered on Amazon Prime to rave reviews, but also to the great relief of Ohio-based director Henrique Couto, who was hired by one of his b-movie heroes, Fred Olen Ray, to helm each episode. In this conversation, Couto goes in depth about how the whole thing happened, and his plans to make 3 sequels to his 2013 cult slasher favorite "Babysitter Massacre."See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


19 Nov 2019

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From The Proscenium Interview with film maker Henrique Couto

From the Proscenium

We sit down with local independent film maker Henrique Couto. Henrique is a writer, producer, director, actor, and much much more. He offers his experience with hustling to not only get movies made, but getting them seen. Henrique's current movie, Haunting Inside, recently had its world premiere and is screening the movie for only the second time at the Mayflower Arts Center in Troy, OH. Henrique will be at the screening and there's a strong possibility some of the cast and crew will be there as well. You can follow Henrique online. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/doomboy5 Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as Henrique Couto. If you are movie watcher, you'll enjoy his discussion of his movies. If you're a film maker, you'll learn how someone is out there in today's market getting movies made and seen. If you have comments or questions about the podcast, email us at podcast@prosceniafilmsociety.org. We are also on Facebook as Proscenia Film Society, and on Twitter (Dustin) and Instagram (Tim) as @ProsceniaFilm. Make it a point to be at the Mayflower Arts Center, July 13, 2019, to meet Henrique and watch his latest movie. 

1hr 40mins

10 Jul 2019

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Cinema File 463: Henrique Couto makes movies for a living

Cinema File Podcast

5 years ago, Henrique Couto quit his job and devoted himself 24/7 to making his own movies. And he did it by staying in Ohio, adopting two dogs, and working every waking moment of his life. In this interview he talks about how he did it, how he's been able to crank out film after film, and why an insane love of movies is crucial.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


5 Jun 2019

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Cinema File 463: Henrique Couto makes movies for a living

From the Newsroom: Athens Banner Herald

5 years ago, Henrique Couto quit his job and devoted himself 24/7 to making his own movies. And he did it by staying in Ohio, adopting two dogs, and working every waking moment of his life. In this interview he talks about how he did it, how he's been able to crank out film after film, and why an insane love of movies is crucial.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


5 Jun 2019

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Interview with Filmaker Henrique Couto

The Extra Unoridinary

Addison is back again with an interview with Dayton, Ohio filmmaker Henrique Couto. The two discuss Henrique's history with filmmaking, how he got to where he is today, and the future of the popular movie Babysitter Massacre.Your can find more of Henrique on Henflix.com and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @henriquecouto. You can find more of Addison on moonpossum.com and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @addisonoreally.

1hr 11mins

24 Mar 2019