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A Healthier View w/Hosts Beth & Dr. Clitheore and Special Guest Ian Farrar

Up2Me Radio

Welcome to A Healthier View with Hosts Beth and Dr. Scott Clitheroe and Special Guest Ian FarrarTopic:  Live Your Healthiest LifeIf we told you that greens are one of the most powerful and interesting foods on the planet, would you believe us? If we told you that greens were veggies superheroes, would you believe us? Join our healthier view conversation with Ian Farrar, from Purium, as we discuss the importance of eating healthy and how preventative care is your safe guard for optimal health.   https://ishoppurium.com/The opinions expressed during this broadcast are for information and inspiration.To learn more about the show, the hosts, guests and to subscribe visit A Healthier View's showpage at www.up2meradio.comA Healthier View starts with you,  consult and visit your personal physician!


3 Mar 2021

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The Essential Skills You Need To Be a Better Leader with Ian Farrar

Business & Lifestyle LEGENDS Podcast

"If you surround yourself with Yes-men, you’re only gonna ever do what you want with the business, your opinions are the only ones that count, and you have people around your table just agreeing with you, and that’s the worst thing ever."– Ian Farrar, Host of the Industry Angel Business Podcast and Founder of Far North Sales & MarketingHow important really is leadership? Join Ben Schneider and Ian Farrar as they discuss what makes a good leader, how to learn the best leadership style for your business, and approaching remote team management. Leadership and management go hand in hand. How you manage your team, whether remotely or in-house, reveals a lot of how good or bad of a manager you are. In this episode, you’ll learn how your approach in team management is crucial to your company’s success.Episode Notes:To find out more about Ian Farrar, click the following links:Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedInListen to the "Industry Angel Business Podcast" below:Podcast | Youtube | FacebookConnect with Ben on Instagram and on his website.For more information and to explore other episodes, click here. We'd love to hear from you! Leave us a rating and review!Shoot us a message and FOLLOW us on Instagram: @bllpodcastcomCalling ALL entrepreneurs and online talents! --check out the NEW job search platform Jobmofy.com to upgrade your business!*Questions or inquiries: hello@bllpodcast.com


3 Mar 2021

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Ian Farrar – Far North: Personal branding & the rise of the SME

The Fuel Podcast

Ian Farrar – Far North: Personal branding & the rise of the SME Ian Farrar runs a not-your-typical-run-of-the-mill sales and marketing agency called Far North and he’s brimming with confidence about the potential for business in a post-pandemic world. Ian’s company has been innovating, advising, consulting and implementing for SMEs as if there was no such thing as a slow-down. Why? How? Who? What? Where? We uncover Ian’s secret recipe for success as a business coach, speaker and social media influencer. Topics covered include: How to develop your own personal brand The basic rules of sales & marketing for SMEs Innovative coaching ideas Is TV advertising dead? Karma-driven business models Why the North East is the curry capital of the UK A scorching-hot interview, sure to spice up anyone interested in smart marketing ideas. Also Jeremy Davies follows up his GameStop piece with a tight 3 minutes on dead bunny mascots. Hop on board and enjoy the show! Show notes Ian’s company – Far North (https://far-north.co.uk/) The post Ian Farrar – Far North: Personal branding & the rise of the SME appeared first on Fuel Podcast.

1hr 8mins

7 Feb 2021

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[Ep.33] Ian Farrar: Building a Lifestyle Business around Fitness

Whole Health with Rob Carney Podcast

Ian Farrar joins the Whole Health with Rob Carney Podcast to discuss Building a Lifestyle Business around his love for cycling. Ian Farrar is a gold and silver medalist in the state of Connecticut, a founding brand partner of Purium Health Products and a network marketing professional. Ian shares his story on the path to success.Learn more about our Network Marketing business and our superfoods: https://isharepurium.com?giftcard=nutrition Get your Organic Superfoods here: https://ishoppurium.com?giftcard=nutrition Code nutrition to save $50 / 25% on your first order. CBD with $50 discount code nutrition: https://www.puriumcbd.com/ Learn about working with Rob: https://www.wholehealthconnects.com/ Try BiOptimizers products and use discount code wholehealth to save 10%. https://bit.ly/31rUWuP Organic Mushroom Tinctures https://www.mushroom-revival.com/ Code wholehealth to save 15% on EVERY order. Learn more about the BioLight and Red Light Therapy here: https://www.biolight.shop?ref=wholehealth Discount code wholehealth to save 10% on your BioLight! EMF Protection with Aires Tech: Code wholehealth to save 10% https://www.airestech.com/?ref=173 If you haven’t already I would much appreciate if you subscribe to the channel here and follow on Instagram: https://instagram.com/wholehealthconnections/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wholehealthconnections/


20 Oct 2020

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Ep. 138 - Purpose Filled Journey (w. Ian Farrar)

Awaken The Awesome

"Grind while they sleep" "Don't stay in bed unless you can make money in bed" "Sleep when you're dead" How many of these memes, quotes or photos have you seen lately glorifying the almighty "Hustle"? I sure have. I've even shared a couple myself. You guys know I never set aside the importance of having to put in the work and sacrifice to achieve your intended success. Today's conversation however, gave me pause as it left me full of respect, humility and hope. Thing is, my next guest, Ian Farrar, had experienced the ups and downs of an incredible career in a way that very few people can truly understand. As a sales professional, entrepreneur and founder of Far North Ltd and Carpeway Ltd, Ian has over 20 years in global business development roles.  With a strong, global network of influential contacts to call on, Ian has founded, scaled and exited companies in his native North East.  Ian also has impressive experience holding non-executive directorships for public sector organizations. As a self-confessed Social Evangelist, Ian embraces relationships across many social platforms.  Founding and hosting the UK’s top-ranking business podcast Industry Angel, saw Ian nominated for a 2016 European influencer award alongside juggernauts Gary Vaynerchuk and Tim Ferris. As an accomplished keynote speaker, Ian often shares his burn out experience that landed him pushing through business meetings with beta blockers and ultimately collapsing in the hospital.   Ian subsequently fired himself from corporate life in 2015.  With a calling to share his thoughts on culture and leadership, Ian speaks passionately about the need for leaders to protect their teams from workplace stress. In addition, Ian also explains his love of personal branding through content creation and calls for his audience to begin their own projects as "no one is coming to save you". This incredible conversation was a blessing in disguise. Ian's personal account was a welcome reminder that we have an inherent responsibility to take care of our mental health and that success, however that looks for you, should not come at the expense of your personal wellbeing.  You can connect with Ian via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube as well as his official website. You can download the MP3 for this episode by right-clicking here and choosing "Save As"


20 Oct 2020

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Ian Farrar - Purium

The Authentic Networker Podcast: Hosted By Richard Bliss Brooke

“If the pedals aren’t moving, you won’t get stronger over time.” Ian Farrar, a former full-time cyclist, is the founding distributor of Purium and has the largest organization in the company – a team of 10,000 active reps built over 17 years.  Ian originally took a look at Network Marketing because, as an athlete with a busy training schedule, he didn’t want the path of a 9–5 career. With his natural enthusiasm, he knew if he found a product he was passionate about, he could go far. But as many of us know, passion isn’t enough! Learn the two key principals Ian applied to build his record-breaking team, the smartest thing he ever did in this business, and his answer to Network Marketers who find themselves in the dreaded 5-year rut. Don't miss this Network Marketing Hero Interview to learn all of Ian's tips on growing your business.


9 Apr 2020

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#6: GROWTH - Ian Farrar

School For Fathers Podcast

Bottom line GROWTH isn’t necessarily the most important thing. In this ep I’m joined by Ian Farrar, self confessed social evangelist, professional speaker and Entrepreneur. From Mercedes to Subaru, Ian’s priorities have changed since his hustling lifestyle that led to burnout. We look into what the cost of hustling really is - to our health, personal lives and beyond.  Connect with Ian on his: Website ● Instagram ● Facebook ● Twitter School for Mothers Website


29 Nov 2019

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Ian Farrar - Dealing with Burnout, Accidental Entrepreneurship, & 101 ways to Volunteer - EP105

ROTG Presents

Ian is a man of many talents. These include Sales, Marketing, Digital & Business Coach, Podcast Hosting training, and helping other improve. That’s why I felt he was a perfect fit and guest on ‘1% Better’. We connected last year as we both presented topics on ‘International Podcast Day’ in September 2018 and we agreed to do an episode. I didn’t mess around too much with this one as I dived straight into Ian’s Entrepreneurial Journey and it flowed from there. As always, we cover a broad range of topics and share a number of practical tips, tools, insights that you could take something of value from. Full details & summary here - http://robofthegreen.ie/episodes/ianfarrar-dealingwithburnout-ep105

1hr 8mins

19 Apr 2019

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391: Identifying The Gears That Will Help You Build A Team With Speed by Ian Farrar

MLM Nation

There’s no shortage of people that need to take their life to the next level. Ian Farrar shows us that if you want to be proficient at something, you have to be all in. Also, why you need to get more no’s in order to get more yes’. Here’s your chance to finally own my most treasured collection of network marketing training... Reports, Checklists, and Implementation guides. Literally everything I use to grow and operate my network marketing business. Who is Ian Farrar? Ian Farrar has been in the network marketing profession for over 23 years. He’s currently a founding member for his company and a top leader. Ian is known as the Athlete’s Networker. He’s been an elite Cat 2 Cyclist for the past 23 years, and proudly states that he rides as fast as he builds his teams. Favorite Quote “There are no failures in life, there are only lessons. If you fail, it’s a gift, learn from it so you can take your life to the next level” “Winners never quit, quitters never win” Must Read Book As a Man Thinketh by James Allen As a Woman Thinketh by James Allen Recommended Online App Facebook Recommended Prospecting Tool Company App Meeting people one on one Contact Info Phone #: 914-393-9800 Facebook ifgreenincome@optonline.net What Did You Learn? Thanks for joining me on the show. So what did you learn? If you enjoyed this episode please share it on social media and send it to someone that needs extra motivation in their MLM business. Do you have any thoughts or comments? Please take 60 seconds to leave an HONEST review for the MLM Nation Podcast on iTunes. Ratings and reviews are extremely important for me to make this show better. Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes so that you get updates and new episodes downloaded to your phone automatically. Subscribe to our show  iTunes | Stitcher | Spotify | TuneIn | RSS


25 Sep 2017

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Business Coach Ian Farrar went from Burned Out in Sales to Fulfilled in Coaching - 071

Unstoppable Coach | Inspiring weekly interviews to help you start or grow your coaching business with Millette Jones.

Ian Farrar the 5-legged sales unicorn has over 20 years in global business development roles. Social evangelist Ian, founded the sales and marketing agency Far North and is the host of the UK’s number one diverse business podcast Industry Angel. Last year Ian was nominated for a European influencer award alongside Gary Vaynercuck and Tim Ferris and often speaks about his burn out experience that landed him in hospital and saw him fire himself from corporate life in 2015.


5 Sep 2017