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Episode 20~Typical Tendencies in Teens and Young Adults with Debbie Gilbert

Kingdom Mamas- Faith Community Encouraging Mothers to Raise Their Children in the Way They Should Go

Debbie Gilbert, LPCC, PhD Candidate, MA, BA  Debbie has been counseling since 2010.   She is a graduate of Liberty University with a Master's in Marriage & Family Therapy.   Currently she is working on her dissertation as a PhD Candidate.   She has been married 47 years, is a mom, and a grandmother.     Debbie counsels from a biblical worldview.   She believes that in order to enjoy overall wellness, one must be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy which takes consistent work on self in a very broken and troubled world.   Her philosophy is that nothing is too hard. Thank you for tuning into today’s show. God promises to bless our families for a thousand generations. Need encouragement and belief in that promise...take a little listen to this song that has brought me through some trying times...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp6aygmvzM4. If you have found this episode valuable please take a second and head over to iTunes and drop me a review. I cannot thank you enough for coming alongside me on this journey. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Have a kingdom daughter and looking to find love, support, and community...you can join my Facebook group that is solely for those mamas raising girls. https://www.facebook.com/groups/702674373886826 Learn more and connect with me at www.trudylonesky.com Want to connect on social… Instagram: trudy_lonesky Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kingdommamas Email: trudy.lonesky@gmail.com


20 Sep 2021

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S3 EP8 The Power of Awards with Debbie Gilbert

Lovelda Show - Women of Power Podcast

Never miss a show, get notifications direct to your inbox. http://bit.ly/TheLoveldaShow Covered in this Episode How to use awards to grow your business Keys to successful award applications What prevents women from becoming award-winning About Your Host: World renown Speaker Coach, Moderator, MC and Host.   Lovelda Vincenzi teaches female entrepreneurs how to secure game-changing paid speaking opportunities such that they can increase their impact, influence and income. As an MC and Moderator Lovelda has been trusted by organisers to introduce and facilitate conversations with political figureheads, Celebrities & Senior Executives such as Paul Polman (Former Unilever CEO), Monica Lewinsky, Kunal Nayyar (Big Bang Theory) & Margrethe Vestagar (European Commissioner for Competition). Featured on Business Insider, Psychologies and High Life Magazine, Lovelda is on a mission to unleash authentic powerful female voices. Connect with the show: YouTube:  www.youtube.com/c/LoveldaVincenzi Instagram:  www.instagram.com/loveldashow About our Guest Debbie Gilbert: Debbie Gilbert is a multi-award winning Entrepreneur. Over the past 24 years Debbie has built a reputation for being an excellent supporter of small businesses and startups. She owns a marketing and events agency and is the founder of The Best Business Women Awards, Mums UnLtd and The 3 Counties Expo. Passionate about business awards, she is the winner of 5 awards. Debbie speaks on a regular basis at events about business awards, marketing and social media and life as a Mumpreneur. Her book 'The Successful Mumpreneur' is an Amazon Best Seller. Debbie is proud of her track record of helping thousands of people work around their family doing something they love and celebrating the success of over 500 women since 2015 through the Best Business Women Awards. Connect with Debbie Gilbert Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/businesswomenaward LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/debgilbert/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bestbusinesswomenawards =================================================== Links shared in this episode > > > FREE Speaker Marketing Blueprint: Your guide to building speaker marketing assets regardless of if you are brand new to speaking or looking to ramp up: https://www.worldclassfemalespeakers.com/speakermarketingblueprint/ > > > BEST BUSINESS AWARDS: https://www.bestbusinessawards.co.uk =================================================== Disclosure This post may contain links to products or services with which I have an affiliate relationship and may receive compensation from your actions through such links. However, I don't let that corrupt my perspective and I don't recommend only affiliates.


24 Jun 2021

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058 - Awards are your Golden Ticket with Debbie Gilbert

The Wedding Pro Cast UK

Why are Awards so important for businesses?It gives you the opportunity to deep dive into your business and analyse what you're doing. Once you win no one can take that award away from you it is yours forever and it gives you instant credibility. Raises you to the level of expert in your industry.The feel good factor its nice to be recognised for all your hard work Publicity opportunity is enormous. It's great for team morale if you have a team.Are All Awards created equal?In my opinion no I'm a real fan of awards that are properly entered and go in front of a judging panel. In theory a business competition rather than a vote for awards which is more of a popularity contest rather than a credibility award.However, consumers generally gravitate towards businesses that have won awards so no they aren't all equal but when it comes from the consumer perspective they kind of are. Consumers are unlikely to do the research to see where the award came from and how it was awarded.Think also about what you want to be known for if you are a local business then entering local awards makes sense, if you're a woman in business, gender specific awards might be something you want to go for. Do your due diligence and research because remember you are giving your details to these companies so be aware. With vote for awards they are usually getting all the data of the voters too so think about that too. Make an informed decision, some awards are purely traffic building exercises for the companies hosting them. Some even contact you to tell you you have won an award you just have to pay £500 for the logo be aware there are scams out there. Go with awards you can verify (list of opportunities below). There are awards you can enter for free but paying for entries is common in the industry. The Best Business Women Awards has a nominal fee to cover our admin costs we have a lot we have to go through also having the fee stopped people just entering because it was free and not filling in the application properly. Adding a fee got rid of 200-300 entire but these were people who weren't putting the effort in. So a fee also helps ensure on the whole that people will put in a full entry. It just depends on the awards I believe the Times awards are £250 per category but they are aimed at large corporations to who this fee isn't a big deal.Don't forget to factor in the extra costs, is there an awards presentation event will that need transport etc. Also, look at what you get and if the answer is if you are not a winner you get anything, no award no certificate no logo not recognition then is it worth it for you to enter it? How much publicity do the awards company give their entrants, how active are they on social media, do they help with press releases? Way up the cost vs what you get out of it.What are the PR opportunities how do we leverage the awards?You automatically go up in the pecking order with journalists because you have credibility. But you have to put yourself out there, press won't come to you. You can look to get press coverage from a number of sources here are some of the press winners of the Best Business Women Awards have secured:Sky NewsBBC NewsThe Victoria Derbyshire ShowTrade MagazinesNational MagazinesLocal Radio I advise people to work with a PR Agency.Local press can be picked up by the national press so don't overlook local press. Added bonuses it will also help with your SEO and often the awards will give you a backlink to your site. For more info listen to the podcast or head to the website Support the show


3 Jun 2021

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Ep 21: Recognising exceptional global female entrepreneurs in The Best Business Women Awards - with DEBBIE GILBERT.

Winning Awards with Donna O'Toole

In this episode, Donna talks with Debbie Gilbert - a multi-award-winning Entrepreneur and owner of Viva Business Support, a marketing and events agency. She is also the founder of Mums UnLtd, a networking company aimed at mums in business which provides support for mums in business. Her book ‘The Successful Mumpreneur’ has been a global success, which shares her knowledge on growing a business around a family.Over the past 20 years, Debbie has built a reputation for being an excellent supporter of small businesses and start-ups. Growing a solid network has been her priority, which has been integral to her business success.Debbie founded The Best Business Women Awards in 2015 and she reveals more about this annual event, which recognises and rewards outstanding female entrepreneurs from across the globe. Her motto is ‘When you reach the top of your mountain – throw down a rope and help someone else up’.Donna O'Toole is the Founder of August, and she has had the pleasure of supporting entrepreneurs, business leaders and teams to win the most prestigious awards in the world. She has seen, first-hand, how receiving awards and recognition has motivated teams, solved problems, supercharged brands and raised their profiles, helping businesses to grow and do even more good things for their employees, their industry and their community.


17 May 2021

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The Power Of Business Networking And Awards With Debbie Gilbert

The Smart Connector

Multi-award-winning Entrepreneur, Debbie Gilbert has built a well-deserved reputation for being a powerful champion of UK small businesses and startups. She has built a large network of contacts in this sector. Her portfolio of businesses range from marketing support, social media training, event management, and large scale networking events. Debbie is owner of Viva Business Networking and Mums UnLtd, both networking companies for small business owners, and organiser of The 3 Counties Expo and The Best Business Women Awards. Business networking skills training is something she is very passionate about and she loves sharing her knowledge and experience with others. Her book: The Successful Mumpreneur, How to work flexibly around your family doing what you love is an Amazon multiple bestseller and has inspired women across the globe. (Entrepreneur Spotlight) ABOUT THE HOST: Jane Bayler is a serial entrepreneur, investor, speaker, event host and business scale up expert. She had a 20 year history in global media and advertising, before becoming a serial entrepreneur herself, with multiple businesses in real estate, marketing and education. Having grown and sold a £6M brand identity business to US communications group Interpublic, today she is most passionate about and committed to serving other entrepreneurs – helping them grow their businesses and achieve their best lives.  Enquire about working 1:1 with Jane, book a call here: https://bit.ly/2Z07DML Discover Jane’s Ideal Client Success Accelerator Programme here: www.idealclientsuccess.com/masterclass


20 Aug 2020

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Episode 5 Lovelda Show - Women of Power Podcast with Debbie Gilbert

Lovelda Show - Women of Power Podcast

“”A lot of people have this thing that being powerful is all about being gutsy and telling people what you think.  If I told people what I really think … I wouldn’t be in business.  Power is not about throwing your weight around.”  - Debbie Gilbert This Episode Covers: What the 2% of businesses have that allow them to be successful over time Productivity tips and tools to get things moving Why Debbie turned down a paid speaking gig for an unpaid one and would do it again in a heartbeat Never miss a show, get notifications direct to your inbox. http://bit.ly/TheLoveldaShow Connect to the World Class Female Speakers Community https://www.facebook.com/groups/WorldClassFemaleSpeakers/ Remember to subscribe and drop us a 5 star review on iTunes. About Your Host: Entrepreneur & international MC, Moderator & host, Lovelda Vincenzi has been speaking and performing on stages since the age of 13 (www.lovelda.com). On a mission to unleash authentic powerful female voices, Lovelda runs World Class Female Speakers supporting women to get found, booked, and paid as speakers. As an MC and Moderator Lovelda has been trusted by organisers to introduce and facilitate conversations with political figureheads such as Margrethe Vestagar (European Commissioner for Competition) & Toomas Hendric Ilves (Former President of Estonia). In addition to celebrities such as Monica Lewinsky, Kunal Nayyar (Big Bang Theory), Andy King (Netflix Documentary Fyre Festival) and Business Executives and Entrepreneurs such as Paul Polman (Former Unilever CEO), Karan Bilimoria (CEO & Founder Cobra Beer) and Daniel Priestly (4-time best selling author and founder of Dent). Connect with Lovelda: YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/c/LoveldaVincenzi FB Community:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/WorldClassFemaleSpeakers/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/LoveldaVincenzi/ Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/loveldavincenzi/ Resources for Speakers CLICK HERE to download your free copy of the Speaker Marketing Blueprint About our Guest: Debbie Gilbert is a multi award winning entrepreneur and author. Specialising in Marketing and events. Connect with Debbie Gilbert: LinkedIn:   https://www.linkedin.com/in/debgilbert/ Facebook:  www.facebook.com/bestbusinesswomenawards Instagram: @bestbusinesswomenawards Disclosure This post may contain links to products or services with which I have an affiliate relationship and may receive compensation from your actions through such links. However, I don't let that corrupt my perspective and I don't recommend only affiliates.


29 May 2020

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S2E3 - Rosehill Heights Development in Barrie, Ontario, Canada with Debbie Gilbert

Maria Rekrut and All Things Real Estate

My guest Debbie Gilbert will share her very innovative real estate investment strategy that she's using with Rosehill Heights. This is certainly "Out of the Box Thinking!"  She is Founder at Rosehill Heights, and Principal at Antrim Capital, Real Estate Investments Inc.   She's offering Rosehill Heights for senior women who want to live together in a home setting instead of living in a senior complex.   --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/maria-rekrut/message


10 Jan 2020

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Episode 53 - Shared Housing For Senior Women With Debbie Gilbert

Real Talk With Gary - Real Estate Investing

This was an important podcast to me. My hat goes off to Debbie Gilbert for taking on this type of investing but more importantly truly trying to help seniors in her community one property at a time. Debbie is the owner of Rosehill Heights, shared housing for senior women. One of the things that really hit me was that there are so many seniors living alone.  This can create social isolation for them, which leads to physical and mental health issues.  In fact, some studies have shown that social isolation can have a more negative effect on longevity than smoking 15 cigarettes a day! What Debbie is doing is incredibly important to her community and I truly respect the work she’s doing to help. Have a listen, she's looking for investors to help her important cause. What you’ll learn on this call; How using your car as a moving library can change your life. Why getting your hands dirty in the beginning can be a game changer? What is shared housing for senior living and is it a good investment opportunity? Why this type of investing strategy can save hundreds, maybe thousands of lives. Do you need a transition team and the important role they play? Is this a difficult investing strategy to implement and how do you get started? In 2030 25% of our population in Canada will be over the age of 65. What type of zoning is required for this type of investing? What is the golden Girls Bill and its importance to this type of investing strategy? Why shared housing is going to be a growing trend moving forward. Bio: Debbie Gilbert was born and raised in Barrie.  Her career has been varied including running her own business, owning and operating a franchise, Executive Director of a local charity and working senior administrative positions in education and family mental health.  She believes all her work and life experience have developed skills that have brought her to her current career as a Real Estate Entrepreneur. In 2015 she was downsized and outsources out of her J-O-B, and decided to get some formal education in real estate investing. She wasted no time in starting to build wealth through real estate. She remains a full-time investor who self-manages the properties in her portfolio which consists of several duplexes and student rentals in Barrie and Orillia. Debbie has done some coaching, some speaking, some writing and is a familiar face at many of the real estate investment groups in this area. A difficult personal experience with an older person in 2017 inspired her new project, Rosehill Heights, shared housing for senior women.  She tells the whole story on a video on her website. Website: www.rosehillheights.com Phone: 1-833-456-7673


27 Nov 2019

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Episode 014 Debbie Gilbert

Last Week Out Podcast

This week Debbie shares about how she's managed to continue bringing positivity and support after experiencing a tragic loss. She shows us how one of the most effective tools in dealing with grief is the sharing of that experience and helping someone else

1hr 3mins

8 Jul 2019

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#31: LIFT – Debbie Gilbert

School for Mothers Podcast

Other women are not your competition. However many people work in your industry, there is only one you. My special guest this week is Debbie Gilbert, a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and author of The Successful Mumpreneur, who loves to support other business women on their journeys. We explore a range of topics related to how you can successfully grow your business through networking, a positive attitude and collaborating with other women within the same field as you. In business, people will gravitate towards you if you’re positive. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be honest and direct - you just have to do this with a positive attitude and the intention to help those around you succeed. Debbie advice is no nonsense and entirely focused on LIFTing women up. As she says “everyone can be successful in business given the right support and right tool to do so. Attitude is everything” Not only does this success draw from your attitude, but also from you recognising your shortcomings and seeking help in those areas. Deep collaboration with other women is key to forging ahead and thriving as an independent businesswoman, as well as seeing the women around of thrive. This episode is a must listen for any entrepreneurs, filled with all the guidance you need to take yourself and your business to the next level. Read the full show notes over on our website School for Mothers Website ●  School For Mothers Private Facebook Group ● School for Mothers Instagram

1hr 5mins

29 May 2019