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Dr. Dan Bai, Founder of Close for Chiro

The Chiro Compass

#011 Today we’ll be talking with Dr. Dan Bai, Founder of Close for ChiroDr. Dan graduated from Life University in 2001 and now practices in the Chicago area. On this episode, we’ll hear about why he started in chiropractic school, how he secured his first job out of chiropractic school, and his best advice for students and new graduates.To reach Dr. Dan, or to find out about his Masterclass, he can be reached at:www.closeforchiro.com And as always, for more info about us at the chiro compass visit:chirocompass.comPlease subscribe so you don’t miss any future episodes.And finally, please share this with your classmates so we can help as many future chiropractors as possible.–Thanks for listening!


8 Mar 2021

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Dr. Dan Bai is bold, successful and funny, he goes to the point and gets results and for that, I LOVED this interview..

The Get Naked Show with Dr. Aura

Dr. Dan is currently the highest paid sales trainer for the chiropractic profession.  His NO BS approach to helping chiropractors reduce rejection and optimize their incomes, has catapulted him to one of the most sought after names in the industry.  He is responsible for having helped thousands of chiropractors over the last 10 years reach incredible success.  Dr. Dan is the CEO and founder of CloseForChiro, a company that teaches the best Day1 Day2 in the profession.  Dr. Dan is also in full time active practice in order to stay current with the ever changing marketplace and he brings this experience straight to his clients on a daily basis. Although his work is serious, his approach to teaching it is always funny and compelling.  All this clients find him easy to learn from and there is never a dull moment.     You can contact him  at: www.closeforchiro.com Thanks for listening and rating my podcast. It is my true pleasure to bring you innovative interviews with success stories for you to keep getting naked to live your best life.  If this resonates with you and you would like to know if my online or personal programs are right for you, message me at www.Dr-Aura.com. Love and appreciate you, stay Naked and true to yourself, Dr. Aura


9 Sep 2019

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RDL #111: Dr. Dan Bai

Rockstar Doctor Life| Chiropractic Life & Practice

Are you chasing success or fulfilment? In this conversation with Dr. Daniel Bai we discuss why 'authenticity is the new currency', what common mistakes many Chiropractors make in running an effective practice, and why it's important to work 'on' your life rather than 'in' your life to find greater happiness. We also discuss some of the key strategies he teaches Chiropractors to improve their communications and support business growth.   Contact Dr. Melissa Longo to find out about mentoring, group programs or just to offer your ideas here Join the Rockstar Doctor Mom community on Facebook here About our guest: Dr. Bai (pronounced BAY) is the Founder and CEO of CloseForChiro, a company dedicated to teaching chiropractors how to Get The YES with LESS Stress.  He is a 2001 graduate of Life University and currently practices full time in the Chicago area.  He has an awesome wife and 2 boys. Find out more about the CloseForChiro Master Class in April here Connect with the CloseForChiro Facebook page here


26 Feb 2019

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Anthony Iannarino - with guest host CloseForChiro's Dan Bai


Eat Their Lunch Winning Chiropractic Patients Away From Your Competition


29 Oct 2018

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052: Dr. Dan Bai: Everest Co-Founder Continues to Give Back!

The Chiropractic Philanthropist with Dr. Ed Osburn

Dr. Bai has always thought of himself as a teacher. As the co-founder of EVEREST he has worked with countless colleagues helping guide them through almost all practice situations.  Even though he has never formally thought of himself as a coach, it was in his DNA.  Dr. Bai has a passion for perpetuating the chiropractic profession by helping one chiropractor at a time.  He feels that his current experience in a successful modern chiropractic practice gives him a birds eye view of the profession and his clients need.  His teaching style is straight up without adding frills.  He fully understands that the people that ask for his help don’t have the luxury of time and the aggravation of “yet another thing that didn’t work”.  Chiropractic needs a “translator” and Dr. Dan has taken it upon himself to teach the modern chiropractor how to “speak” to their community.


17 Nov 2014