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AAPI Leadership + Inclusive Storytelling with Alex Ho (Terminix), Shiv Singh (LendingTree), Kelly Liang (Discord), Sunil Rajaraman (GoodRX), Amy Leung (BNY Mellon), and Rich Narasaki (Carbon)

How CMOs Commit with Margaret Molloy

Continuing our Inclusive Storytelling series, we honored Asian American Pacific Heritage Month with a Future of Branding panel on AAPI Leadership + Inclusive Storytelling. During the conversation, panelists discussed how their brands are celebrating AAPI Month, balancing authenticity with action, and cultivating inclusive storytelling all year long. Panelists also share their personal stories.


24 May 2022

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Episode 6: LendingTree CMO & Customer Experience Officer Shiv Singh | How Trust Builds Powerful Brands

Soul & Science

LendingTree Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer Shiv Singh joins Jason this week to discuss how he's harnessing the power of trust in our post-trust world. Shiv joined LendingTree in January 2022 from The Expedia Group, where he served as SVP and General Manager for the world-class travel brand, charged with driving brand loyalty and long-term customer value amid the coronavirus pandemic. Previously, Singh worked as CMO for med-tech startup Eargo, successfully repositioning the brand during a crucial high-growth period for the business. Singh's impressive career also includes senior leadership positions at Visa, PepsiCo and Razorfish. As an entrepreneur Shiv also had his own consultancy as well. Shiv has been inducted into the American Advertising Federation Hall of Achievement. He has been recognized by Forbes as a Forbes Next CMO, Ad Age as a Media Maven, Business Insider as a Payments Industry Game Changer, Adweek as a Top 50 Marketer (twice), and The Internationalist as a Top 100 Influential Leader. He is also the the author of two award-winning social media and marketing books, Savvy - Navigating Fake Companies, Fake Leaders and Fake News and Social Media Marketing for Dummies.  Brought to you by Mekanism


18 Apr 2022

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21: Shiv Singh - Your Why Is the Way

Uncage Yourself

OVERVIEW We're joined today by Shiv Singh, Founder of Emerge Management Consulting. Shiv is a compelling example of what it means to "look inside" and figure out what you've been put on this planet to do. We hear a lot about "find your why," but Shiv demonstrates how to put the concept into action — even if it requires going against societal norms. Lots to learn here, from both a career and life perspective. Tired of being "stuck" in your tech career? Try the Wednesday Wisdom newsletter. *** TAKEAWAYS "Early life" pressures (e.g., educational success) might be subconsciously driving your career and life choices — to your detriment. An overemphasis on external validation is dangerous; we must balance it with finding success internally. Your "why" is your compass (and your criteria) for making daily micro-decisions that add up to a meaningful, fulfilled life. Diving into entrepreneurship removes the safety net and forces you to gauge what you're truly capable of. Rather than fixating on an exact route to a single career destination, stay nimble and explore multiple paths that feel directionally "right." *** TIMESTAMPS [2:12] Pillars of life [8:12] Associating academic & career success [13:23] Striving for never-ending external validation [17:15] Taking a leap of faith “on myself” [22:20] The forcing function for your growth [26:28] Don’t obsess over goals; one meaningful step at a time [32:44] Joys & hardships of being on your own [34:38] The Pathless Path [37:09] Reconciling your professional & personal selves [41:10] Mental health in management consulting *** RESOURCES Related episode (#17): Self-Reliance Connect w/ Shiv on LinkedIn Check out Shiv's business: Emerge Management Consulting Connect w/ Matt on LinkedIn Follow on Twitter @MatthewRDoan Check the show on YouTube Subscribe to the Wednesday Wisdom newsletter


1 Nov 2021

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Ed Horne, Jessica Park, Shiv Singh & Xavier Gutierrez | Engaging A New Generation of Fans

Sponsor Talk

With only 53% of Gen Z identifying themselves as sports fans, guest host Brian Gainor (Vice President of Innovation, 4FRONT) dives deep with four leading executives to find out how their brands are engaging the next generation of consumers. Today's episode features Ed Horne (President, 160over90), Jessica Park (VP of Fan Marketing, NBA), Xavier Gutierrez (President, Arizona Coyotes) and Shiv Singh (SVP & GM of Brand Marketing, Expedia) as they discuss their approach to the evolving nature of consumer goods and sports marketing.

1hr 2mins

25 Aug 2021

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Career Day: Leaving Corporate to Fight Against Fake News - Shiv Singh // Savvy Matters

MarTech Podcast // Marketing + Technology = Business Growth

Today we rebroadcast our conversation with Shiv Singh, the Founder and CEO of Savvy Matters - a consultancy that advises startups and Fortune 500 companies on marketing, innovation, and digital transformation. In today's episode, we get an inside view into the lessons learned from a great marketer throughout the various stops on his career. Show NotesConnect With: Shiv Singh: Linkedin // TwitterThe MarTech Podcast: Email // LinkedIn // TwitterBenjamin Shapiro: Website // LinkedIn //  TwitterSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


18 Jul 2020

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Eargo’s Shiv Singh on How to Navigate with Savviness in a Post-Trust Era


Shiv Singh, Chief Marketing Officer of Eargo joins IAB’s Brad Berens on IAB THERE. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


6 Jun 2020

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Navigating The Post-Trust Era - Shiv Singh - ND3671

New Dimensions

In these days of fake news, it is more difficult to know whom to trust and what to believe. We have entered, what Singh describes as, a post-–trust era. Here we shine a light on how we can be more mindful of the role we play, sometimes unwittingly, in condoning and promoting fakery and how we can become more alert to how vulnerable we are to falling prey to fakeness. Shiv Singh's books include: Social Media Marketing for Dummies (coauthor Stephanie Diamond) (For Dummies 2014), Savvy: Navigating Fake Companies, Fake Leaders and Fake News in the Post-Trust Era (coauthor Rohini Luthra, Ph.D.)(Ideapress Publishing 2019).Tags: Shiv Singh, post-truth era, post-trust era, fact, fiction, Morton Deutsch, media silos, fake news, negative bias, Deb Roy, twitter, negative news, digital advertising, Edwin Rutsch, judgements, prejudices, newsguardtech.com, snopes.com, politifact.com, dog-whistling extremist points of view, artificial intelligence, AI, driverless cars, Media, Social Change, technology, personal transformation

5 Jun 2019

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How Business Leaders Can Stay Savvy to Leave a Better World to the Next Generation w/ Shiv Singh

Predicting The Turn w/ Dave Knox

On this episode of Predicting The Turn our guest is Shiv Singh, a former executive at Visa and Pepsi and Founder of Savvy Matters. Shiv talked about the responsibility we have as business leaders to leave a better world for the next generation. How do we do this? By staying savvy.


7 May 2019

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Episode #05 - Shiv Singh, co-author of Savvy

Culture, Comms & Cocktails

Pleased to be joined on this episode of Culture, Comms & Cocktails with Shiv Singh, co-author of "Savvy: Navigating Fake Companies, Fake Leaders and Fake News in the Post-Trust Era." On this episode, we talk about what the world of fake news has done to corporate communications and what internal communicators can do about it. Shiv shares what communicators should find as very inspiring advice for how they can lead communications at companies in the post-trust era.


12 Mar 2019

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ISM Episode 6: Shiv Singh, Pepsi’s Global Head of Digital

Inside Social Media: Small Business Social Media Strategies for Today’s Entrepreneur

Shiv Singh, Pepsi’s Global Head of Digital is my guest this week on The Inside Social Media Podcast. Click here to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes Pepsi is one of the more forward thinking brands when it comes to social media and tends to be on the cutting edge of real-time marketing, especially when it comes to pop culture. In my discussion with Shiv, we talk a lot about measuring your social media efforts including how Pepsi looks at the success of their Super Bowl campaign from this past February as well as their Pepsi Refresh campaigns from a couple years ago. Here are the top tips and strategies that Shiv and I discuss, that you can take and put into action immediately for your own business: Social media all starts with listening.  What are your customers talking about?  What are their aspirations, concerns?  Offer content based on that listening. Leverage social media to add more to the lives of your consumers while not interrupting them. Create unique/entertaining content for social platforms where your customers are.  For example, you could create one minute videos about some form of pop culture that your customers are interested in and post them to Twitter. Don’t expect to cover off on every social platform, though, it’s just not reasonable.  Pick and choose based on your brand’s strategy and how it aligns with a particular social platform.  If your customers are there, go deep on that platform. Do you have a goal in mind when beginning your social media efforts.  Otherwise, how can you measure what you’re doing? Have a pulse on pop culture and your customer base so you can act quickly, from strategy to implementation.  This is real time marketing. If applicable, make every effort to link your online social efforts to your offline efforts.  For example, if you have a retail presence. Just a heads-up, Shiv is on his cell phone so the audio quality in the first part of the interview isn’t as 100% good as you’ve come to expect of the show.  The audio gets better as the interview goes on, though, so stick with us. Right-click here to download the MP3 of this episode Links discussed during the interview Social Media Marketing for Dummies (book, affiliate link) Vine App Follow Pepsi on Twitter Follow Shiv on Twitter –> Give Shiv a shout-out on Twitter for sharing his insights by tweeting to him here! iTunes Review + Rating If you enjoyed this podcast, I’d be extremely grateful if you would take a second and leave me a review and rating over on iTunes.  Your taking a minute to do this allows me to help more people with this podcast, so I really appreciate it. Simply click here to leave a review and rating Transcript Click here for a PDF transcript of this episode  Thanks very much! Until next time, keep rockin’. -Rick The post ISM Episode 6: Shiv Singh, Pepsi’s Global Head of Digital appeared first on Rick Mulready.


22 Apr 2013