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The Case of Julian Assange — Live on the Fly hosted by Randy Credico with Srecko Horvat, Roger Waters, Steve Donziger and Angela Richter


Randy Credico hosts Live on the Fly with Srecko Horvat, Steve Donziger, Roger Waters and Angela Richter (DiEM25's Advisory Panel members). In this special episode they discuss Julian Assange's case on the third anniversary of his imprisonment in Britain's Guantanamo: Belmarsh Prison. 


11 Apr 2022

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The Voices of the Belmarsh Tribunal featuring Margaret Kunstler, Srecko Horvat, Chip Gibbons, Jeffrey Sterling, Deborah Hrbek, Nancy Hollander & Mohamed Ould Slahi

Primary Sources

When whistleblowers have been tried under the Espionage Act, the US government has successfully barred them telling the jury about what it is they are on trial for exposing. It’s clear the US government is afraid of juries hearing about the realities of drone strikes, mass surveillance, torture, and other abuses of power. When war crimes are exposed, the government puts the truth teller in jail. The Belmarsh Tribunal, named for the notorious British prison where Julian Assange is being held, puts the real criminals on the docket. On February 25, 2022,  the latest session of the Belmarsh Tribunal was held in New York City and featured Primary Sources host & DRAD policy director, Chip Gibbons, as well as Margaret Kunstler, Srecko Horvat, Jeffrey Sterling, Deborah Hrbek, Nancy Hollander & Mohamed Ould Slahi as speakers, among others. The event was sponsored by Defending Rights & Dissent, Progressive International, the Courage Foundation, The Intercept, and other organizations.In this bonus episode of the Primary Sources Podcast, hear the powerful voices of the Belmarsh Tribunal. To learn more about the Belmarsh Tribunal, visit https://progressive.internationalSupport the show (https://rightsanddissent.salsalabs.org/donate0)


22 Mar 2022

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Srecko Horvat im Gespräch mit Gesine Danckwart und Angela Richter – "Applaus Applaus" 1/3

nachtkritik podcast

Das Gespräch ist Folge 3 der 1. Staffel der Reihe "Applaus Applaus – 12 Gesprächsprints über die Liebe zum Theater und wie das Ganze auch ne Zukunft hätte" von Gesine Danckwart, Angela Richter und Sabrina Zwach. Drei Theatermacherinnen mit sehr unterschiedlichen Wegen begreifen den pandemiebedingten Einschnitt und hysterischen Stillstand als Chance um Nachzudenken und Gegenzufragen: Was muss eigentlich sein? Was kann auf den Prüfstand? Was brauchen wir so gar nicht mehr? Und was unbedingt. Wie lassen sich die Theater, ihre Berufe und Fertigkeiten, ihre Narrative, ihre Kunst, ihre Aktualität in gesellschaftlichen Diskursen nach Innen und Außen abbilden?Immer zwei Hosts befragen einen Gast: hier sprechen Gesine Danckwart und Angela Richter mit dem Philosophen SRECKO HORVAT über seine Utopien – und landen im Hain.Ein Podcast von Chez Company gefördert vom Fonds Darstellende Künste #TakePart, präsentiert von nachtkritik.de.


27 May 2021

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BONUS: Philosopher Srecko Horvat


Philosopher Srecko Horvat discusses the historical lessons we can learn from the guerrilla struggle against fascism waged by the Partisans in Yugoslavia during World War II. Horvat also talks about  the recent surge in extreme right-wing political forces in Europe and what that trend and Julian Assange’s case mean for the future of democracy.Intercepted is going on hiatus for the summer and will return with new episodes in September 2019. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 12mins

3 Jul 2019

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Poetry From the Future - Srecko Horvat and Brian Eno with Rosie Boycott


Revolution can’t take its poetry from the past – but only from the future.On 14th May, at EartH Hackney, philosopher and activist Srećko Horvat was in conversation with the experimentalist, activist and artist Brian Eno, to discuss Horvat's new book Poetry From the Future. Is a global liberation movement the only way to save humanity? Poetry From the Future draws on myriad sources from contemporary culture, historical archives and stories of resistance from Horvat's own island in Croatia, as well as the partisan liberation movements of Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia, refugee camps and political frontlines of 21st century Europe, to argue that we need to move beyond borders, national identities and the redundant narratives of the past. What is the role of the arts in how we understand politics or history? How can hidden narratives be brought to light? Are we as free as we like to think? How does film, documentary, art or music help us to see the world anew and how important is that now? Faced with our last chance, we urgently need a radical new vision for civilisation. An unmissable evening of debate, provocation and conversation, chaired by Rosie Boycott. ‘Infused with a contagious enthusiasm and optimism that never ignores the grim reality of our present, Poetry from the Future is a radical call for action.’ Alfonso Cuarón‘A compelling vision, an urgent necessity, and not beyond reach.’ Noam Chomsky5x15 brings together five outstanding individuals to tell of their lives, passions and inspirations. There are only two rules - no scripts and only 15 minutes each.Learn more about 5x15 events: 5x15stories.comTwitter: www.twitter.com/5x15storiesFacebook: www.facebook.com/5x15storiesInstagram: www.instagram.com/5x15stories ‏

1hr 30mins

25 May 2019

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Srecko Horvat on 'What does Europe want?'

Istros Conversations

Book launch event of 'What Does Europe Want? The Union and its Discontents'By Slavoj Žižek and Srećko Horvat (with an introduction by Alexis Tsipras)Publication Date: 31st October, 2013£12.00 ISBN: 9781908236166 Despite the fact that the European Union faces the biggest crisis since its foundation, on July 1st, 2013, a new state joined the club. For the foreseeable future, Croatia will probably be the last to join; at the same time creating a barrier between the once connected states of the Balkans. Paraphrasing Freud’s famous question - ‘What does a woman want?’ - one of the greatest European philosophers of our day, Slavoj Žižek, joins forces with the young Croatian philosopher, Srećko Horvat, to examine the burning question ‘What does Europe want?’.Instead of a peace-project, the European Union is increasingly turning into a warzone: whether it be the expulsion of immigrants or riots in Paris and London, or European interventions to bring “more democracy” to Libya or Syria. Instead of leaving Europe to the enemies, Žižek and Horvat reflect on the fight for a different Idea of Europe; one that embraces all its peoples equally.#Zizek #Philosophy #EU #Syriza #


31 Oct 2013