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Lee Taft: Breaking Down Basketball Speed

Resilient Performance Podcast

On today's episode, Trevor is joined by Lee Taft to discuss basketball speed.


20 Oct 2021

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Episode #21 | Lee Taft - Multi-Directional Speed Guru

The On Track & Field podcast!

This week's guest, Lee Taft, known as the "Speed Guru," is highly respected as one of the top athletic movement specialists in the world. Lee is a master for teaching multi-directional speed to all ages and abilities. You can catch Lee at the TFC 2021 in December as he's one of their featured presenters. TFC 2021 tickets are on sale now and you can get them here...https://trackfootballconsortium.com/. 


19 Oct 2021

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Ep 083 | Lee Taft | Enhance Your Team’s Speed & Agility

United Basketball & Champions 101

Lee Taft, known to most simply as “The Speed Guy”, is highly respected as one of the top athletic movement specialists in the world. In the last 30 years he has devoted the majority of his time training multi-directional speed to all ages and abilities. He has spent much of this time teaching his multi-directional speed methods to top performance coaches and fitness professionals all over the world. Lee has also dedicated countless hours mentoring up and coming sports performance trainers, many who have gone into the profession and made a big impact themselves.Use code UBC2021 to get 15% of any FastDraw and Fastscout Products.Get a 10% discount right now. KlipDraw Motion, reveal the game today.Use Promo Code: zjxWKgnv0wPurchase steaming video of the Hoosier Gym Clinic | 7 Speakers | 10 Sessions | 8+ hours of content https://unitedbasketball.podia.com/21-hoosier-gym-coaches-clinic/buy


17 Sep 2021

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Strength Coach Experience Episode #44 Lee Taft " Reinventing your business and the new direction of Coaching Movement "

Strength Coach Experience

In this episode we welcome back One of the best in the business when it comes to movement, Lee Taft Owner of Lee Taft Athletic Consulting. Join us as cover a wide range of topic, starting with how to adjust your business in the current situation, to the injury epidemic that is taking over professional sport, and what we must do to fix it.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/strengthcoachexperience/support

1hr 6mins

13 Jul 2021

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Ep191 – Speed Training Made Simple with Lee Taft

The Lifetime Athlete

Coach Lee Taft returns to the show. Today, Lee and I discuss the concept of speed training made simple. Lee defines speed and its value for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels. We cover common misconceptions about speed, and offer a number of suggestions and tips to help you to safely and effectively incorporate more speed into your training…


9 Jul 2021

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Episode 9: Interview with Sports Performance Guru Lee Taft

No Risk Business Performance

Sports Performance Guru Lee Taft is on the episode today and he will be talking about what he perceives are the struggles that he sees many sports and fitness businesses make, his ideas on how this can be fixed to make gym owners more successful, as well as some of his products which he offers to help fitness and sports performance coaches capitalize on their time and increase their audience. Website: https://leetaft.com/Instagram https://www.instagram.com/leetaft/Book Recommendation7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleMake it Stick


28 Jun 2021

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Episode 39: Medicine Ball Throws (With Lee Taft)

Tennis Speed Show

One of my pet peeves is the use of medicine ball throws to simulate ground strokes with sloppy form, too heavy of a med ball, and too demanding footwork. The goal of a performance coach is to improve athletic ability so the tennis player can use that improved athletic ability on the court. We are not trying to make them excellent at difficult to perform drills that do not transfer. Medicine ball training can either support performance or hinder performance. Choose wisely! 


31 May 2021

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362 - Mechanisms for Speed with Lee Taft

Barbell Life

On this episode, we talk with renowned speed expert, Coach Lee Taft. These podcasts are some of our favorites because speed work is just so fascinating – so listen in to hear about mechanisms for speed, creating the perfect drills for the individual, and enhancing neurologic response.

1hr 4mins

26 May 2021

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Lee Taft on Assessing and Coaching Speed Effectively

Physical Preparation Podcast – Robertson Training Systems

To me, Lee Taft is more than a highly-respected and world-renowned athletic movement specialist: He has been a constant mentor and role model who helped shape my thoughts on speed training. A former physical education teacher, Lee began his career in the world of physical preparation in 1989 and has since been helping people take their speed to the next level. In addition to his work as a coach, speaker, and consultant, Lee has also created numerous books, videos and courses on speed development, including Complete Speed and The Speed insiders Academy. Lee is a thought-provoking individual who continues to contribute and facilitate educational progress in the world of physical preparation and remains as one of the most influential people in my career today. Lee joins me today to discuss how to coach speed effectively. He describes the process he uses to evaluate athletes and how it has evolved through the years. He talks about the role of mistakes and failures in athletic development and underscores the necessity for competition in speed training. He shares guidelines on effective speed training and discusses why coaches shouldn’t cue athletes on the first rep. And last but not least, he highlights the importance of understanding intent and shares his advice to young coaches who want to get serious about training athletes for speed. Ensure that athletes understand their intent. With multi-directional speed, ensure they understand where to apply force to move their mass to where they want to go. – Lee Taft This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast: The seven patterns of movement and Lee’s big rocks in assessing an athlete What Lee’s evaluation session looks like and the first assessment he learned to facilitate Lee’s general rules on coaching speed training The difference between “low-functioning” and “dysfunctional” issues and how to approach them Why coaches shouldn’t cue athletes from the get-go The role of failures and mistakes in learning and success How conscious effort can often get in the way of skill learning Lee’s perspectives on speed correctives and how he applies them to his system The tendency to over-complicate things in the world of coaching Why young coaches need to understand the basic laws of physics The value of being a generalist when it comes to athletic movement Related Content: Lee Taft Talks Training Adults, Combines, and Strength Training for Speed Lee Taft on the Biggest Coaching Mistakes in Speed Training Lee Taft on Program Design for Elite Speed and Agility Connect with Lee Taft: Lee Taft Official Website Lee Taft on LinkedIn Lee Taft on Instagram Lee Taft on Facebook Lee Taft on YouTube Lee Taft on Twitter EMAIL: LT@LeeTaft.com IFAST University is BACK! Are You In? Are you ready to take your coaching and training career to the next level? You need to find great mentors to guide you along your journey – to help you find the blind spots in your own training programs and improve your skills as a coach. But… mentorship can be expensive, and unfortunately, it’s not always feasible for some budgets. That’s why Bill Hartman and I developed IFAST University, an online curriculum and mentorship program designed exclusively for fitness trainers, coaches, and rehab professionals. We want to help every trainer and coach in the industry improve their training techniques and write better training programs for their clients. By becoming a member of IFAST University, you’ll receive: Hundreds of hours of members-only exclusive content, Monthly updates and tips to help you improve your skills and programs, Group Q&A sessions to answer your specific questions, and Access to our Facebook group, where you can learn from other dedicated professionals such as yourself This blend of content and Q&A is specifically designed to help make YOU the best fitness trainer you can be. To learn more or to join IFAST University now, visit https://ifastuniversity.com/ Subscribe, Rate & Share! Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of The Physical Preparation Podcast with Mike Robertson – your one-stop-shop for fitness trainers, coaches, and athletes. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Google Podcasts and leave your honest review. I’d also love to connect via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit our website. And last but not least, please don’t forget to share your favorite episodes with your friends on social media. Thank you! The post Lee Taft on Assessing and Coaching Speed Effectively appeared first on Robertson Training Systems.


19 Mar 2021

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Strength Coach Experience Episode #28 Lee Taft " How Do we Move"

Strength Coach Experience

In this episode we welcome Lee Taft, one of The Pioneers of movement in the field of strength conditioning. We dive into how years of experience, and countless hours of coaching helped him develop his groundbreaking system. To teach our athletes not only how to move better, but to also understand the intent of each movement.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/strengthcoachexperience/support

1hr 2mins

16 Mar 2021