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34: Ola Possible Creators Jami Morton & Mary Olson

Untrained Wisdom

Jami Morton and Mary Olson live in the same neighborhood in Washington state. But their friendship began with sharing a love of music through jam sessions with other neighbors and eventually morphed into one-on-one conversations about what life has to offer – specifically for perennial women like them. Driven by a desire to inspire others of their generation, the two friends created Ola Possible as a place for women to look forward to their next chapter in life, "break down the stigma around aging, and believe in what IS possible." In this interview, Mary and Jami share about how Ola Possible began, as well as the other women involved as partners and what they offer. In addition, the two friends talk about their hopes for expanding their community. Ola Possible can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. View PDF TranscriptMary's Recommendation:- Play a musical instrumentJami's Recommendation:- Maui- The 5AM ClubFind these recommendations and others on the Untrained Wisdom Pinterest page. If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts.Interested in starting your own podcast? Sign up here for your own Buzzsprout account.


18 May 2021

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UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty- Entry Into Force w/ Pat Marida & Mary Olson

GrassRoot Ohio

Carolyn Harding with Pat Marida and Mary Olson, advocates for the United Nations Treaty banning Nuclear Weapons, Enters into Force Today, Friday, January 22, 2021.Pat Marida has worked to stop the threats posed by nuclear weapons since the 1980s, as a volunteer with the Ohio Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign and the Sierra Club. She served as an Executive Committee Member of the Ohio Sierra Club and is currently a Core Team Member of the national Sierra Club’s Nuclear Free Campaign. As a pharmacist, she well understands the deadly effects of ionizing radiation on people and other life forms. Pat lives in Columbus.Mary Olson is Acting Director of the Gender and Radiation Impact Project. She served as Staff Biologist and Senior Radioactive Waste Policy Analyst at US-based Nuclear Information and Resource Service. Her work on radiation education lead her to thequestion of whether biological sex is a factor in radiation harm. Her paper, ‘Atomic Radiation is More Harmful to Women’ was featured at the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impacts of Nuclear Weapons; the UN Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review; the International Committee of the Red Cross Asia meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia and many other conferences. She is currently raising funds to support a 2021 project to define a new, gender-inclusive basis for radiation protection standards to help prevent unnecessary radiation exposure and reduce radiation harm.https://www.genderandradiation.org icanw.org https://www.hiroshimanagasaki75.org/partnersWe just witnessed the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to take the leadership and unify the United States of America. And today, January 22, 2021 The United Nations Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty, a landmark Treaty, Enters into Force.GrassRoot Ohio, Conversations with everyday people working on important issues, here in Columbus and all around Ohio.Every Friday 5:00pm, EST on 94.1FM & streaming worldwide @ WGRN.org,Sundays at 2:00pm EST on 92.7/98.3 FM and streams @ WCRSFM.org, and Sundays at 4:00pm EST, at 107.1 FM, Wheeling/Moundsville WV on WEJP-LP FM.Contact Us if you would like GrassRoot Ohio on your local station.Check us out and Like us on Face Book: https://www.facebook.com/GrassRootOhio/Check us out on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/grassroot_ohio/If you miss the Friday broadcast, you can find it here: All shows/podcasts archived at SoundCloud! https://soundcloud.com/user-42674753GrassRoot Ohio is now on Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/.../grassroot-ohio/id1522559085This GrassRoot Ohio interview can also be found on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAX2t1Z7_qae803BzDF4PtQ/Intro and Exit music for GrassRoot Ohio is "Resilient" by Rising Appalachia: https://youtu.be/tx17RvPMaQ8There's a time to listen and learn, a time to organize and strategize, And a time to Stand Up/ Fight Back!


23 Jan 2021

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The Coping Podcast - A Daughter's Decision w/ Mary Olson


In this episode I sit down with my mother Mary Olson and discuss the passing of my grandmother, her mother, Sheila Diviney. My mother shares the struggle of dealing with parents in denial, dealing with Alzheimer's, and having to make one of the most difficult decisions of her life. Enjoy! Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Coping-Podcast-With-Brendan-Olson-107089941015950/


15 Jul 2020

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Gender & Radiation: The Hidden Nuclear War Against Women & Little Girls – Mary Olson – NH #383

Nuclear Hotseat

Mary Olson is Nuclear Waste Specialist at NIRS (Nuclear Information and Resource Service–) and Acting Director, Gender and Radiation Impact Project. She has addressed the United Nations and other international bodies on the disproportionate impact of nuclear radiation on women and children, especially little girls.


7 Nov 2018

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Nuclear Hotseat #62 - Mary Olson on Nukes in Hot Water

Nuclear Hotseat hosted by Libbe HaLevy

Mary Olson on nuclear reactors in hot water and what it really means; How To Be a Homebound Activist (hint: Yes You CAN); Hanford leaking; NRC just might decide to maybe study health risks for those who live near nuclear reactors; SCE letting 730 San Onofre workers go "beause Unit 3 is unlikely to produce power any time soon" (Let's retrain them to work in solar!); Kucinich demands NRC investigate its own handling of Davis Besse restart; mutated worms and eggplant in Japan; radioactive fish 258 times higher than Japanese government deems safe found 12.5 miles off Fukushima; and Pennsylvania gives free potassium iodide tablets to anyone living near Limerick NPP - the question being: WHY???


21 Aug 2012

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Nuclear Hotseat #61 - Mary Olson of NIRS.org

Nuclear Hotseat hosted by Libbe HaLevy

Interview w/Mary Olson, Director of the SE office of NIRS.org, on what the June 8 DC court ruling means to the battle against nuclear waste production (meaning reactors and their radioactive legacy). PLUS: 82 year old "terrorist" nun breaks into Oak Ridge nuclear facility armed w/a Bible, candles and spray paint - embarrassing the National Nuclear Security Administration for their ridiculous lack of security for 100 tons of highly enriched uranium (Jellyfish*, meet Numnutz**); on a scale of 1-7 for nuclear disasters, Fukushima now ranks at an 8; mutated butterflies in Japan; "suspicion of cracks" in Belgian reactor; Republican VP nominee's wife lobbied for Vermont Yankee; and new NRC Chair Macfarlane wonders how quake-proof all those nuclear reactors really are (heck the latest "quake-proof" rankings at www.NuclearHotseat.com/blog).*Jellyfish - Nuclear heroes - that's the nun** Nuclear Numnutz - Just what it sounds like.


14 Aug 2012

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Interview w/Mary Olson of NIRS.org

Nuclear Hotseat hosted by Libbe HaLevy

Interview w/Mary Olson, Director of the SE office of NIRS, on increased radiation risks to women and children as well as national perspectives on the anti-nuclear movement; San Onofre problems continue (SEE: Nuclear Hotseat Special Report); Fukushima 2 reactor increasing heat while TEPCO injects borax; radiation cloud over New Zealand; fire at a nuclear research center in Moscow; nuke accidents in France, North Anna, radioactive fish in Vermont and dying birds at Fukushima.


7 Feb 2012

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Open Dialogue Alternative: Mary Olson

Madness Radio

Is a ‘psychotic’ crisis inside one person’s mind — or does it happen between people, in their relationship? Can therapy untangle the web of madness by addressing the family, providers, and entire social network? Smith College social worker and Fulbright scholar Mary Olson discusses the innovative work of Jaakko Seikkula and colleagues’ Open Dialogue Approach in Finland, which has achieved dramatic success helping people through extreme states labeled ‘psychosis’ and ‘schizophrenia’ — while relying much less on medication and hospitalization. http://www.dialogicpractice.net http://beyondmeds.com/2010/01/04/alternative-for-psychosis http://www.willhall.net/opendialogue


19 Apr 2010