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S4 E44 - Fully Functioning Eyes (with Chris Stark and Olivia Attwood)

Love Island: The Morning After

Rumour has it they're clearing a space in the National Portrait Gallery for Tyler's drawing of Kaz as we speak. Chris Stark is joining Kem and Arielle for our morning Love Island debrief today! We could talk to him all day and we're glad, because we've got a lot to discuss and dissect ... it was a pretty tense one. Hard to watch at points - and that was just the talents! First off, we had to deal with the fallout from the compatibility vote. Some of the Islanders got their investigation hats on and worked out who had voted for who - and let's just say not everyone was happy about it. Things got quite heated and there was a biiiit of shouting :( Hey guys, please can we all be friends - there's only one week left! Nothing lifts the mood like a talent show, does it?! Our Islanders took part in the annual Love Island Talent Show - and, wow, what a bunch. We had everything from Tom Jones to Carol Vorderman. THE RANGE! Our resident agony aunt Olivia Attwood signs off for the series in the final edition of Liv Island - but somehow we've had ANOTHER email from Mallorca?! We really should have worked out how all those emails were getting through by this point... If you want to get involved - you can still tweet us on #LoveIslandPodcast and we might read your tweet out on the podcast! Does anyone want to call Ed Sheeran to ask if he wants Millie to do keys on the new album? Cheers.


18 Aug 2021

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S4 E38 - Good Times, Good Vibes and Finding Wives (with Yasmin Evans, Nick Bright and Olivia Attwood)

Love Island: The Morning After

Starting a petition to get Sir Tom Jones sent in as a bombshell for Liam...Yasmin Evans and Nick Bright are in the driving seats of the podcast today while Kem and Arielle are away. Are they the coolest supply teacher duo ever? Most definitely. Can they help Kem and Arielle understand what the NVQ system really means? Absolutely not. Ok, we're gonna cautiously say that everything seems, like, really happy and settled in the vill- oh, wait there's been a bombshell sent in there to shake everything up, never mind. The peace and quiet never lasts for long in there... Although - there wasn't much peace and quiet in the bedroom last night. Is that a round of applause we can hear? Aw - it's nice to know that everyone's cheering each other on. GET THOSE NVQS! Last night we saw our boys compete in the Sex Gods challenge - whether you loved or hated those lil gold pants, we can all agree that seeing Jake stuck in the lava was *priceless*. It's just a bit of cornflour, babe! Got a life dilemma that needs solving? Well, Olivia Attwood is your woman - get your emails in to us on themorningafter@itv.com and we could get her to solve your problem right here on the podcast. We're biased, but her advice is ALWAYS on point. Right, off to the bank to see if we can get a Business Loan to start up a sweet treats brunch place - a menu of grapes, fizzy sweets and unpeeled carrots jammed in some hummus. Who wouldn't want to invest in that?!


11 Aug 2021

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S4 E32 - Bad Boys For Life (with Jason Okundaye and Olivia Attwood)

Love Island: The Morning After

It seems that the memory of Kem being the villa's resident barber is *fading* into the distance....His Twitter commentary has been on fire all summer and now he's on the podcast - Jason Okundaye is here with Kem and Arielle today for our morning debrief! Nothing says time to party like a recoupling right?! Last night - the girls got to choose in the recoupling. It resolved some of the drama from Casa Amor, but it has ratted a few more cages... it's never simple is it? And last night we had the Spotify Summer Party - Mabel was in the villa (but don't worry - Toby didn't try to couple up with her) and she was absolute fire. Our Islanders really deserved a treat didn't they? Liam even provided us with a cheeky encore. Wish he'd had backing dancers too, tbh. Last night we voted for our favourite couple on the Love Island app - and we're going to be on tenterhooks all day waiting to see the results of the vote on tonight's episode. It's going to be sad saying goodbye to any of our Islanders, but at least it might resolve the weird beds in the living room situation... It's Wednesday, so Olivia Attwood is here to solve all your problems. If you have a problem that's playing on your mind, you can email us on themorningafter@itv.com. We've had fades, friendship bracelets AND Kem's catchphrase... what's next - Toby scoring the winning goal at Soccer Aid?!


4 Aug 2021

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S4 E26 - Kissing Millie With An L (with Honey Ross and Olivia Attwood)

Love Island: The Morning After

Maybe it's NOT a postcard and it's just a leaflet for an mega cheap tapas place? Honey Ross is here this morning with Arielle and Kem - and we're so glad she's here today, because we NEED her help in unwrapping day two of Casa Amor... look we knew it was going to inject the drama... BUT NOT THIS MUCH ALREADY! The Raunchy Race should really be rebranded as the Prang Parade because there is nothing quite like that game to get our Islanders feeling paranoid about what their partners are doing in the other villa. We all know there was some serious snogging - but did you see them all jump into the pool wearing their trainers? No running by the poolside guys!!! The sleeping arrangements in the main Villa were pretty simple - none of the OG girls stayed in the bedroom with the new boys. Meanwhile, in Casa Amor... there were... cuddles. That was only night one, what's going to happen if that brand new hideaway is open? Liv Attwood is here to solve your life dilemmas in Liv Island - and while she's here we have a little reminisce about Kem's time in Casa Amor (and what it was like from the other side) Can anyone hear a camera rustling in the bushes? If you need Liv to solve a love or life dilemma for you - email us on themorningafter@itv.com. At least we know the mosquitos of Majorca are gonna be eating well tonight with all those girls sleeping outside...


28 Jul 2021

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S4 E20 - I Feel Like I'm From The Future (with Elz The Witch and Olivia Attwood)

Love Island: The Morning After

It would have been *way* more romantic if Teddy had given Faye a backie on that cycling date... Popping her The Morning After cherry today is Elz The Witch! She's here for all the drama and none of the snogs. We're going to be saying goodbye to another two Islanders tonight! But it won't be quiet in the villa for too long, because three new Islanders are heading into the villa. SOMEONE GET THOSE BEDSHEETS IN THE WASHING MACHINE PRONTO! The dust around Toby and Kaz's beef has been well and truly unsettled - it's all been squashed now but some cages were very much rattled. It's all been solved now (after Toby tried approximately 50 times to pull Kaz for a chat) - as Kem would say, always apologise! Some of our Islanders have been getting busy playing football (or have they been at college earning some qualifications?) - either way, it's nice to see everyone getting to know each other so well. It's Wednesday morning so Liv Attwood is here to solve all your dilemmas. Today's advice is TOP NOTCH - so if you want to get some of your own, you can email us on themorningafter@itv.com. We all got well into the 70s vibe by the end of that episode, but they didn't have podcasts or Love Island back then - so actually, let's stick with 2021.


21 Jul 2021

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S4 E14 - No Hashtags (with Josh Jones and Olivia Attwood)

Love Island: The Morning After

Anyone else thinking about applying to nursing school after watching that episode?! What a day for Brad and Lucinda - they finally went on their first date (he wore his lovely dove shirt too!) but now they are going to have to make a heartbreaking decision... one of them will be leaving the villa. Whichever way it goes, it's going to be an emosh one tonight when we find out who will be leaving. Lovely Josh Jones is spending the morning with Arielle and Kem today to help us untwist ourselves after that mega-cliffhanger... Some of our Islanders are getting proper loved up though: Liberty and Jake are catching the feels, Chloe and Toby like each other (even though she was beating round the bush when she was telling him) and Millie and Liam got steamy in the hideaway. Meanwhile, on Friend Island Hugo is still putting a shift in as the villa's top waiter... he is good at it to be fair. Would deffo leave him a good tip. Also, we might be solving some of your dilemmas because we will be getting the ferry over to Liv Island this morning. If you have a problem that you need Liv to solve - you can email us on themorningafter@itv.com and we will sort your life right out. Keep tweeting us during the show on #LoveIslandPodcast and we might read them out on the podcast! Does anyone know what Teddy and Faye were giggling about in bed? Share the joke with the whole class next time guys.


14 Jul 2021

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S4 E8 - The Eagle With The Broken Wing (with Lewys Ball and Olivia Attwood)

Love Island: The Morning After

Never before has an MMS caused so much chaos. Lewys Ball is here this morning! It's his fourth time on the podcast - it's almost the longest relationship that any of us have ever been in. The girls went to bottomless brunch, and surprisingly none of them had a bottomless hunch that there were going to be two bombshells in the villa waiting for them when they returned... Lucinda and Millie are smoking hot and it looks like they might have piqued some of boys' interest. Anyone order scrambled heads for breakfast?Hugo had a barney with some of the girls over his answers in 'Knowing Me, Knowing You'. Nobody wants to see our islanders upset, but they managed to patch things up in the end. Shame that in the preview for tonight's episode we have seen some tears from Rachel - guess we're just going to have to tune in tonight to fine out... Weirdly, we've had another anonymous problem sent in from someone in Majorca, luckily our resident agony aunt Olivia Attwood drops in to solve all of your life dilemmas - so if you have a problem that you just can't wrap your head around, pop us an email at themorningafter@itv.com and Liv might solve it for you next week. Is Joey Essex going to get any royalties from last night's episode? He probably holds the copyright to 'don't be jel be reem'... get the lawyers on the phone, Joey.


7 Jul 2021

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S4 E2 - Baby Honey Princess (with Lauren Mahon and Olivia Attwood)

Love Island: The Morning After

It’s coming home (and by it’s we mean drama, and by home we mean into the villa) Now, it wouldn’t be Love Island without a cliffhanger - but that one last night was FILTHY. Chloe spent the day pulling the boys for chats because at this point everything is to play for… but it’s still scrambling a few heads. We’ll find out tonight who she’s going to choose to couple up with and by the looks of things, there are going to be a few consequences. Eek. Our bestie Lauren Mahon joins Kem and Arielle on the podcast this morning to chat about Chloe’s date with 5 guys, those saucy confessions and all those snogs. And that’s not all - our resident agony aunt Olivia Attwood is here for our first ever trip to Liv Island. If you need Liv to answer any of your dilemmas - email us on themorningafter@itv.com and she will sort you right out. Remember, you can now watch us on ITV Hub every day - but brace yourself, even though it’s early in the morning - we’re super fit. Err… can anyone give us directions to Hammond Road?


30 Jun 2021

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Olivia Attwood: I finally found something that set my soul on fire

PLT: Behind Closed Doors

To follow on from last month's 'be strong' theme, we are now turning the conversation to confidence. We welcome back our host Nat O'Leary as she chats to Love Island and TOWIE star, Olivia Attwood. Olivia explains how she has built her confidence over the years, her rise to fame, and the journey to getting her own TV show 'Olivia Meets Her Match'. This episode was recorded following COVID-19 guidelines and safe distancing measures.


3 Nov 2020

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S3 E30 - Welcome To The Breakfast Club, Ched (with Olivia Attwood)

Love Island: The Morning After

Who cares about The Crown Jewels? Someone needs to put Siannise's paper crown into the Tower of London. Kem and Arielle have been reunited, and Liv Attwood is in the studio. What a treat! Prepare yourself for a lot of giggling (and Liv digging Kem out about his antics in the villa)We've said goodbye to Shaughna! It's fair to say a couple of weeks ago, we would not have expected that... but was it her time to go? We caught up with her after she left the villa to see how she felt about being a single pringle. *OFFICIAL COUPLE KLAXON* Siannise and Luke T have made it official AND on Valentine's Day! Someone call Richard Curtis and tell him to make their love story into a rom-com, please? But most importantly... was Kem impressed by Luke's "proposal"? We'll be back with you on Monday morning, but if you miss us in the meantime, tweet us on #LoveIslandPodcast and join our Crush Club by emailing themorningafter@itv.com That tandem bike looked cute on the date - but it would be less cute on our commute down the A10. We'll stick to the bus, thanks.


15 Feb 2020