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James Swanwick - My Mental Health Challenges

Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

In this episode, I share my mental health challenges. I have an awesome life, but there are times I find life very challenging. Listen and hear how I deal with it and get through with a smile. ★ - (Free Guide) The Alcohol Freedom Formula For Over 40s Entrepreneurs & Business Professionals: https://www.alcoholfreelifestyle.com/guide ★ - (Free 35-min Call) Book a complimentary booze-busting call with James’s professional coaches to see if, or how, we can support you in your alcohol-free journey: http://alcoholfreelifestyle.com/schedule ★ - (Liver Cleanse) Natural supplements to support you on your alcohol-free journey: https://www.swanvitality.com/collections/all ★ - (Positive Shift Journal) The gratitude journal James designed to help his clients reduce stress and anxiety: positiveshiftjournal.com


20 Jul 2021

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Alcohol-Free and Optimal Sleep | James Swanwick

Peak Performance Humans

James Swanwick is an Australian-American entrepreneur who helps casual drinkers reduce or quit alcohol. He is also an investor, speaker, journalist, and former ESPN SportsCenter anchor and Hollywood correspondent. He has coached thousands of people to improve their lives and performance by adopting an alcohol-free lifestyle. He is the author of The 30-Day No-Alcohol Challenge: Your Simple Guide to Easily Reduce or Quit Alcohol and the creator of Project 90, an online program providing support and coaching for individuals eliminating alcohol from their lives. He is also the host of the Alcohol-Free Lifestyle Podcast and the James Swanwick Show, with 330 episodes and 2million downloads. A sleep evangelist, James is the co-founder (with his brother Tristan Swanwick) of the popular health brand Swanwick Sleep, which produces blue light-blocking glasses to improve well-being and sleep quality. The “Swannies” glasses, which are worn by pro-athletes in the NFL, MLB and NBA. The product has been featured on the Kelly Ripa Show, the Today Show and in Forbes, and are recommended by some of America’s top sleep doctors.James Swanwick website:https://www.jamesswanwick.com/Swanwick Sleep:https://www.swanwicksleep.com/Alcohol-Free Lifestyle Podcast:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/alcohol-free-lifestyle/id1518416850**********I would really appreciate it if you left a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes!  It takes only a minute and I love reading the reviews! Sign up for Naeem's newsletter: https://sendfox.com/lp/1jj6n6 Interested in sponsoring the podcast?  Email naeem@naeemmahmood.com Follow Naeem: Twitter: twitter.com/NaeemMahmood Instagram: instagram.com/moodventures Facebook: facebook.com/iamnaeemmahmood YouTube: https://bit.ly/2P4EdWA Join the Peak Performance Humans Private Facebook Group -https://www.facebook.com/groups/362913535100673 About Naeem Mahmood:Naeem is a world renowned Peak Performance Coach and lifestyle entrepreneur.  He graduated with honors from NYU where he studied economics and played on the basketball team.  He started his professional career working in private equity and then at a fund of hedge funds on Wall Street in New York City.  From there he worked for a venture capital firm and then on a tech startup in Silicon Valley.  After realizing the traditional forms of success in the forms of money, status and prestige wouldn’t bring him the fulfillment he wanted he started studying personal development.  He worked for Tony Robbins as one of his top five national speakers and corporate business trainers.  While working for Tony he travelled all across North America meeting with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and companies such as Google, Salesforce, Berkshire Hathaway, JP Morgan Chase.  


25 May 2021

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Episode 15 – The 90 Day No Alcohol Challenge — With Guest James Swanwick

The OG Money Podcast

One drink a day is harmless, right? You might be more wrong than you think… Discover the consequences of drinking and the negative toll it can have on your health, sleep, career and lifestyle in this episode with Lonnie Ogulick and James Swanwick, Australian-American entrepreneur, investor, speaker, journalist and former ESPN SportsCenter anchor!  We discuss:  Project 90 and the initiative to help successful entrepreneurs remain healthy and alcohol-free Why it’s James Swanwick’s revolution and life mission to help others succeed  The importance of sleep, the research behind it, and how alcohol impacts your sleep James Swanwisk’s current and new ventures to look out for And more! Tune in now to get to know James Swanwick and his mission to help underperforming successful entrepreneurs prosper. Resources: Gordon Wealth | Lonnie Gordon Ogulnick | JamesSwanwick : 44222(QUITGUIDE) | Follow James Swanwick on Instagram | Follow James Swanwick on Twitter


5 May 2021

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James Swanwick ON: Alcohol Free Lifestyle, Blue Light Blocking Glasses & Sleep Hacks

Life on Purpose with James Laughlin

Learn how an alcohol free living can make such a difference on your lifestyle, and how bluelight from phones, computers and TV's are harming your vision and your sleep. You'll get a few sleep hacks and get a deeper understanding what Swannies bluelight blocking glasses are all about.James Swanwick is an investor, entrepreneur, speaker, health coach and former sports centre anchor on ESPN. He is the creator of Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses, and a 30-day No Alcohol Challenge. Plus, he was named by Forbes as one of the top 25 networking experts.20% OFF YOUR SWANNIEShttps://www.jjlaughlin.com​/FAVES--------------------------James Laughlin is a former World champion musician and now Success coach to CEO's, leaders and multi-millionaires.Check out James on IG: https://www.instagram.com/jameslaughlinofficialJames' Life on Purpose Website: https://www.jjlaughlin.comFree eBook: https://www.jjlaughlin.comThe Life on Purpose Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/jameslaughlin


12 Mar 2021

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How A Broke Alcoholic Sold $1 Million In Blue Light Glasses In 12 Months & Got Sober! JAMES SWANWICK

The Passionate Few

Enjoy this EPIC interview with James Swanwick, an Austrialian-American entrepreneur previously known for his role as an ESPN SportCenter anchor and Hollywood correspondent. As a sleep evangelist, James co-founded Swanwick Sleep with his brother Tristan and produces high quality blue light-blocking glasses that reduces eye strain, improves overall well-being and sleep quality. Swanwick Sleep has sold over 150,000 pairs of their "Swannies" glasses, which can be seen being worn by professional athletes in the NBA, MLB, and NFL! Get your pair of "Swannies" here: https://www.swanwicksleep.com/ Today, James Swanwick has coached thousands of people to improve their health and well-being by adopting an alcohol-free lifestyle. He is the creator of Project 90, "an online program providing support and coaching for individuals eliminating alcohol from their lives" and also the host of the "Alcohol-Free Lifestyle Podcast which can be seen in the link below: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/alcohol-free-lifestyle/id1518416850 Wanna Learn The #1 Strategy To Profitably Grow Your Personal Brand OR Business Brand In 2021? JOIN "THE PASSIONATE FEW ACADEMY" (FREE) ON-DEMAND TRAINING HERE: It’s totally free and you can sign up here to be the first to get notified now👉 https://www.tpfacademy.com/sign-up-v1 3 Ways You Can Connect w/ Omar & The Passionate Few Academy’s Team Further Wanna Ask Omar Your #1 Life, Business or Branding Question? 1) TEXT ME: +1 (310) 564-8140 (or join my community w/ 1-click here: https://my.community.com/omarelattar! ) Wanna Be Interviewed On The Show To Share Your Story & Business (Via ZOOM or IN-PERSON)? 2) INTERVIEW APPLICATION: https://podcastmastery.activehosted.com/f/10 (P.S. If Selected, Your Interview Package Would Help Us Feed 1 Million People In Our “1 Million Meal Challenge” Partnership w/ FEEDING AMERICA. Apply For More Info.) Wanna Get 1-On-1 Consulting To Grow Your Personal Brand or Business Brand Online? 3) CONSULTING APPLICATION: https://thepassionatefew.clickfunnels.com/4-survey (APPLY HERE FOR CONSULTING W/ OMAR’s TEAM & YOUR CUSTOMIZED CONTENT-TO-PROFIT COACHING PROGRAM) FOLLOW OMAR & JAMES SWANWICK ON INSTAGRAM HERE OMAR’s INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/Omar_TheRockstar/ JAMES SWANWICK'S INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/jamesswanwick/

1hr 9mins

21 Jan 2021

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Is That One Alcoholic Drink Innocent In Your Life with James Swanwick

A Lott Of Help with James Lott Jr

James Lott Jr reunites with his Austrailan American Friend of the show, James Swanwick. They atlak about his crusade to help people (especially entrpreneurs) quit drinking and lead highly productive lives. The COFounder of the Swanwick Blue light blocking glasses, James has the 30 day challenge, Project 90, the Alcohol Free Lifestyle Podcast! Text PROJECT90 to 44222alcohol Free=Massive Impact


24 Nov 2020

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Better Sleep For Dads with James Swanwick

The Fitter Healthier Dad Podcast

On today's show is James Swanwick from Swanwick Sleep. And we're going to be discussing about blue light and how this has a serious impact on our sleep and other areas of our health and well-being in 2015. James co-founded Swanwick Sleep with Brother Tristan and founded the Alcohol Freedom Formula, which produces programs including the 30 day No Alcohol Challenge and Project 90 to help people reduce or quit drinking.Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/fitterhealthierdad. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


2 Oct 2020

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EP37 Swannie's Sleep Hacks & Living Alcohol Free | James Swanwick

Roll With The Punches

Who is James Swanwick...  An Australian-American Investor, Entrepreneur, Print/TV/Radio Journalist, Reporter, Founder, Hollywood Entertainment Correspondent, and ESPN Sports Host, Media Agency Co-Founder, Founder of numerous health and wellness focused companies AND listed in Forbes as one of 25 Professional Networking Experts to Watch.What does James bring to the party in episode #37..?Well I know I'm not alone when I say that at times in my life, sleep has been the thorn in my side.James Swanwick specialises in helping people understand and optimise sleep.  From getting to sleep, sleeping deeper and countering the anti-sleep-conducive environment that is today's world.  We dive deep into how blue light effects our bodies natural sleep hormones and also how we can get back into the rhythm that nature laid out for us in the first place.We also explore the benefits to adopting an alcohol free lifestyle - say whaaaaat?  I know, crazy...  But you know what, there's a lot to be gained from our banter on this too!  James runs programs around reducing or even quitting alcohol for good, be sure to check out his links below for further info.If you're listening to this podcast in September and you're keen to jump on board for a little RWTP 30 day alcohol free challenge be sure to shoot me an email tiff@tiffaneeandco.com.au.www.swanwicksleep.com | www.jamesswanwick.com | @jamesswanwickwww.tiffaneeandco.com.au  |  @rollwiththepunches_podcast  |  @tiffaneeandco EPISODE SPONSOR: TRY escape Landscape Design & Construction | www.facebook.com/tryescape | @tryescape--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/roll-withthepunches/message


17 Sep 2020

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Network and Peak Performance Hacks with James Swanwick

The Kim Barrett Show Podcast

Resource Links: Your Social Voice Website (https://www.yoursocialvoice.com.au/) Become the Mogul of your industry (https://www.mogulcall.com) Join our Mogul Mastermind (https://www.mogulmastermind.com.au/) Swanwick Sleep Website (https://www.swanwicksleep.com/) Ever wish you could go back to being a toddler and be grateful for all of those naps our parents made us have?! It’s pretty common as adults for us to lack QUALITY sleep. With the stresses of life and the screens we’re all practically stuck to - a good night’s sleep seems few and far between, but today’s podcast guest has some tips to have you having consecutive restful nights ahead! James Swanwick, Owner of Swanwick Blue Light Blocking glasses, shares his hacks for peak performance and a routine that will increase your sleep time and quality in no time. We also learn more about his networking prowess, having interviewed big Hollywood celebrities like Jack Nicholson, Angelina Jolie, Hugh Hefner, and more. Ready to sleep a whole lot better and subsequently perform better? Tune in to this episode. What we discussed in this episode: Getting better sleep by blocking the blue light [01:21] Wearing clear lenses during daytime vs orange lenses during nighttime [03:32] The best time to wear blue-light-blocking glasses is 1 hour before bedtime [05:43] Helping people achieve peak performance through health and wellness [06:58] Persuasion is 7% what you say and 93% how you say it [09:04] In networking, once you’re in, proximity becomes power [12:19] There’s always a fear of the unknown, but don’t let it hold you back [16:05] The key to improving your performance is by putting yourself in a happy state [19:40] Getting quality sleep gives you an edge over most people [22:40] About James Swanwick James Swanwick is a man of many talents. He helps people reduce or quit their drinking habits and get better sleep, thereby improving their performance. Starting out as a journalist from Brisbane, Australia, he moved to Los Angeles, California and had his big break in Hollywood as an entertainment correspondent after interviewing two-time Oscar winner, Jack Nicholson. In 2010, he became an ESPN Sports reporter. In 2015, he was listed as one of the 25 Professional Networking Experts by Forbes. You can follow James on Instagram or join the 30-Day No-Alcohol Challenge. If you want to quit drinking, apply for his Project 90 program. To give yourself better sleep, go to Swanwick Sleep. Thank you so much for listening! If you liked this episode, please don’t forget to subscribe, tune in, and share this podcast. Connect with The Kim Barrett Show:  Subscribe on Youtube Follow Us on FacebookSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


8 Sep 2020

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Alcohol-Free Lifestyle with James Swanwick

Renee Belz & Lauren Sambataro

James Swanwick joins us to share the incredible health and lifestyle benefits from living an alcohol-free lifestyle, along with his favorite biohacks for optimizing sleep and circadian rhythm. Fact: you don't need to be an alcoholic in order for alcohol to negatively impact your life! James explains how to calculate the true financial loss from drinking, and how you can socialize without alcohol, and why your party host doesn't care if you drink or not.SHOW NOTES:1:20 Welcome to the show!1:31 James’ Bio2:16 Welcome James!2:54 Swannies Blue Light Blockers5:15 The problem with blue light at night7:29 Lauren’s experience with stage lights on Broadway8:20 How light has changed our health10:24 Candlelight & Melatonin11:33 The impact of social conditioning12:35 Renee’s sleep schedule13:04 Lauren’s sleep chronotype & hacks13:46 James’ sleep chronotype & routine16:15 His journey to becoming alcohol-free20:11 “You don’t need to be an alcoholic”20:35 The sneaky ways in which alcohol affects you23:56 Renee’s experience going alcohol-free25:06 The success of the 30-Day Program25:25 “Project 90” for Business Entrepreneurs28:38 Quantifying alcohol & sleep with the OURA Ring29:13 The health benefits of going alcohol-free29:53 James’ goal to touch his toes!31:03 The importance of tracking & quantifying31:58 What you’re not generating (lost revenue)33:28 The expense of getting sick36:05 Doing the math on productivity gained38:20 Social conditioning for alcohol & drinking40:17 "Smiling Assassins"43:17 How you can socialize without alcohol45:07 The only drug you need to justify49:22 Celebrities that don’t drink54:52 Why AA doesn’t work57:52 "Energy goes where money flows"1:02:14 His one piece of advice for takeaway1:03:36 Where to find James1:05:38 Thanks for tuning in!RESOURCES:3-Day Challenge30-Day No Alcohol ChallengeProject 90Swanwick GlassesAlcohol-Free Lifestyle PodcastOura RingRCVR Sleep Tincture - use code BIOHACKERBABE for 20% offConnect with James:FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeLinkedInSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/biohacker-babes-podcast/donations

1hr 6mins

24 Aug 2020