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Ep. 113: Injury Risk Roundtable w/Quinn Henoch, John Flagg, & Judd Kalkhoven

Philosophical Weightlifting Podcast

Judd Kalkhoven is a researcher at the University of Technology Sydney, where he specializes in muscle-tendon structure and function. Quinn Henoch is a DPT located in southern California, specializing in the care of weightlifters and other barbell athletes. John Flagg is an athletic trainer, powerlifting coach, and the owner of Rebuild Stronger. Join us as we sit down to discuss the acute:chronic workload ratio, the monitoring of training load, what constitutes work capacity, and the variables influencing injury risk. Enjoy.Follow Quinn:https://www.instagram.com/quinn.henochdpt/?hl=enFollow Judd:https://twitter.com/kalkhovenjudd?lang=enFollow John:https://www.instagram.com/john.rebuildstronger/https://www.rebuildstrongeronline.com/

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26 May 2021

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Is Weight Lifting, Powerlifting, & CrossFit Safe In Pregnancy or Postpartum? Starring John Flagg

The Strong Moms Fitness Prenatal and Postnatal Podcast with Daisy Bravo

Today we are talking all about how to stay healthy as a lifter all while gaining strength with our guest Powerlifter John Flagg.In today’s episode, you are going to bust some myths and empower pregnant or postpartum moms that it is ok if you want to lift weights for the joy of it and how to do that safely.You are also going to learn about misinformation out there when it comes to pregnancy and postpartum workouts and how you can ensure that you are doing what is best for your body in the moment.  BY THE TIME YOU FINISH LISTENING, YOU’LL LEARN/DISCOVER/FIND OUT: What you need in order to keep up with the workouts you love if you are pregnant or postpartum.Why it is important to check your ego at the door and do what is best for you and your baby at this moment in time. Why women have the wrong expectations when it comes to pregnancy and postpartum workouts and how can we adjust these expectations to make them more realistic.How you can be that badass woman in the gym….if you are pregnant or postpartumWhen you finish listening, I'd love to hear your biggest takeaway from today’s episode. Take a screenshot of you listening on your device, share it to your Instagram stories and tag me, @STRONG.MOMS.FITNESS ! While you’re there, make sure you follow me on Instagram so you can see behind the scenes of how I help women stay fit and strong during motherhoodLinks:CONNECT WITH JOHN FLAGGINSTAGRAM | | WEBSITELEARN MORE FROM DAISY @ STRONG MOMS FITNESS:WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | PINTEREST | YOUTUBEOTHER LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Coaching Options with JohnProgram for Coaches Certification Daisy’s Links:Fit After Pregnancy ChallengeRebuild After Baby: Get back to the gym after baby the right way! Prenatal Power: Fit Pregnancy ProgramTime Crunch 5-Minute Workouts


20 Apr 2021

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RTL43- Building Resilience w/ John Flagg

The Resilient Training Lab Podcast

This week Paul and Ryan are joined by John Flagg, who is a team member at Clinical Athlete and online coach through Rebuild Stronger. The episode covers physical, mental, and emotional resilience, and what goes into building it. @paul_resilient@ryan_resilient@john.rebuildstrongerwww.resilienttraininglab.com


13 Jan 2021

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Powerlifter Mastermind John Flagg Discusses: The Essentials of Powerlifting, Programming for Powerlifters, Common Mistakes Coaches are Making, the Drawbacks of Only Bench Press, Squats, and Deadlifts, the Importance of Unilateral Training to Build Abs, an

The Project: Kuwait

In this episode we talk about a lot  of bout powerlifting and it’s benefits and drawbacks. We also discussed unilateral training and how beneficial that could be for developing strength and stability through core movements.John also breaks down the fundamentals of programming for a power lifter and how important it is to put in some variety and novelty rather than just sticking to the big three movements. Support the show (https://www.instagram.com/p/Bl8NPB2H4Mf/?igshid=1m9w8d28oarlu&utm_source=fb_www_attr)

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22 Nov 2020

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John Flagg: Meet The Creator Of The Clinical Athlete Powerlifting Certification

Better Coaching

John is the Owner of Rebuild Stronger, an online coaching service for strength athletes.  He also works alongside Frank Benedetto at the HoneyBadger Project coaching healthcare providers and fitness professionals build the businesses they want.  Current projects include the CALU Summit, an healthcare education experience from Clinical Athlete and Level Up Initiative, and The Clinical Athlete Powerlifting Coaching Course that he is taking completely ONLINE starting in October.What We Talked About:Being a generalist vs. being a specialist - John's take on my podcast about being a generalist.How we need to educate ourselves across multiple areas to do our jobs better... But also to when it's time to refer out.The Clinical Athlete Powerlifting Certification, and how John is applying things like Motivational Interviewing, psychology, and more to help coaches make an impact on the lives they touch.Get In Touch With John And Sign Up For The Clinical Athlete Powerlifting CertificationFollow John on InstagramEnroll In The Clinical Athlete Powerlifting CertificationListen to John's First Episode On Better Coaching


5 Oct 2020

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Episode 2 - Life on the Line ft. John Flagg


local linesman John Flagg joins Jimmy and Paul to talk about video games, trapping licenses, and Richard Jewell


23 Aug 2020

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John Flagg: Client-Centered Coaching

Better Coaching

John is the owner operator of Rebuild Stronger an online coaching service for strength athletes and the lead instructor of the Clinical Athlete Powerlifting Coach course.In today's episode, we cover...Taking a client-centered approach to both coaching, and building your businessHow to create content that speaks to the types of clients that you want to work withThe importance of networking - and how to do it the right wayWhat it really means to be a life-long learningAdditional Resources:Follow John on InstagramListen to the Clinical Athlete Podcast

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14 May 2020

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John Flagg - Cueing and Coaching

The Knowledge Exchange Podcast

John Flagg is Clinical Athlete educator and owner/operator of Rebuild Stronger - online coaching service for rehab and performance of athletes involved in strength sports.We discussed:Past failures along his journey.Most valuable types of cueing.Biomechanical and structural considerations for powerlifting.How to coach towards more efficient movement paths.The rehab and performance continuum.Find John at rebuildstrongeronline.com and clinicalathlete.com.

22 Feb 2020

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Ep 03: The Importance of Variation and Smart Training Decisions w/ John Flagg

The New World podcast

Welcome to the New World Podcast! In today’s episode, we talk with John Flagg all about the importance of variation and smart training decision. We get deep into the conversation and it takes some twist and turns along the way! www.newworldtrainingandrehab.com Mark’s Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/mark_newworld/ Nick’s Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/nickceff_newworld/ John Flagg- https://www.instagram.com/rebuildstrongeronline/ and https://www.rebuildstrongeronline.com/ Clinical Athlete’s YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCli_B0jDSZhqI2hLxNyq2cw Kettlebell Article- https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21997449


19 Dec 2019

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S2 E4 Painstakingly Postulating Paradigms On Performance ft. John Flagg ATC, USAPL1, USPA

The Movement Docs

In this episode, Mike and Jake sit down with John Flagg ATC, USAPL1, USPA to talk about John's journey through the field of Athletic Training as well as his experiences in the world of powerlifting. Often referred to as "The Gregor Mendel of American Powerlifting" due to his propensity for programming squats until your quads get so big they can no longer fit in your genes - John is a fantastic clinician and human being, a co-host of the Clinical Athlete Podcast, and will be heading up the Clinical Athlete Powerlifting Course. Our Show Notes can be found here:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1La55uVN_ZH8A8liFr23gZnAmCsfUE1muIr4Yit2zC-8/edit?usp=sharingReferences:Notable Quotables:“There’s a difference between being adaptable and being a chameleon.”John FlaggJohn’s Contact Info:Insta:@rebuildstrongeronlineFacebook: John FlaggEmail: John@clinicalathleteMedia: Girlfriend Voice SNL SkitIf you sign up for Clinical Athletes mailing list, we are currently doing a Myth Busting segment for powerlifting.Communities:The Level Up InitiativeClinical Athlete

1hr 18mins

28 Mar 2019